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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma City Community College IN Oklahoma

Ashley Wilson

Great place to get your education. So may options available for class times and style. I chose to do majority of my classes online and they have been so helpful at walking me through my classes and everything I need to do to get on track for graduation. Also a great place to work, extremely friendly staff

Koda M.

Okay let me explain my review and rating. Most people we came across was pleasant, however most seem incompetent; they lost my wife’s VA paperwork or shall I say misfiled it, the academic advisors and VA counselors don’t seem to understand work load/hours for adults who have families and work full time. They will enroll you in 15 more hrs so that you’re able to get the full VA benefits, don’t listen to them and take your course hours slowly at your pace and don’t overwhelm your workload. The online courses is way over curriculum, read 4 chapters in a week, do responses to other students, summit essays, etc and this is for most other courses. It’s absurd that this online curriculum is required, how do these educators expect married adults who work full time to complete this..? I might add my wife had emergency hip surgery and couldn’t even remember where she was for 3-4 days after surgery and when I contacted the college and emailed the professors, they didn’t seem to care. Shame on them. I do not recommend this college for any online education, especially for the working married adult.

Michael Thornton

Did 2 years of schooling here. Love Oklahoma City Community College! Always felt like a safe campus, police are always active on this campus, all of my professors were very nice, intuition isn't that bad. The basketball gym is a great place to meet new people and the college is beautiful all together! The library is big and useful as well! Really enjoyed my time at this college!

Zaila Russell

I’ve had the most horrific experience with enrolling & actually registering for classes. Upon enrollment I guess I parked in the wrong parking lot (first time ever being on campus) and received a parking ticket. I went in two months in advance to enroll & register for my classes, just to find out a month later the advisor I spoke with never registered me for the classes. As I tried logging in to my online account, I had trouble due to them putting the wrong social in the system for me when they took a copy of my social. In order for them to change it, I had to bring another copy of my social. After bringing them a copy of my social and taking school picture, I decided to get a print out of my schedule. I was still unable to log in to my account to do so. When they finally got into my account I had a hold on my account for the $15 parking ticket. That’s when I notched I wasn’t register for any classes & the classes I thought I was enrolled in were full. I only had one class available or an online course that I could take. I was sent to the security office to pay the ticket only to find out they don’t tame payments & I would have to go to the bursars office to do so. I went to the bursars office to pay the ticket only to find out they don’t take cards & I would have to log in online to pay the ticket but the online account is locked due to the social. I shouldn’t have to pay a ticket from the start if I didn’t know where to freaking park. All in all I had I horrible experience with OCCC and the staff is very unorganized. I went in a month in advance to enroll & register for my classes so that I wouldn’t have to go through this around the time school starts. Because of this I do not trust them & I will not be attending this college. I will further my options & look else where and if I could rate this college a zero I would! I have never written a review on anything not a business, school, job etc ever but today I did!

Savannah Disterlic

Tiffany Hicks

Nicole Burton

Chad Stephenson

Ashlee Shepherd

I just completed my first year here at OCCC. When I applied, I got accepted right away. The first steps in the enrolling process is to come to the orientation. Then they walk you through enrolling into classes. Having a major in mind does help out a lot! My first semester was wonderful, 15 credit hours, and I never once felt stressed out. The professors here care for the students. They are willing to help you whenever you need them. My second semester has been just as great! Once again, all the professors I have had are wonderful! I may have had the lucky draw, but I have had a great experience! The tutoring centers here are a nice resource if you are struggling in a class! I recommend utilizing the labs for printing! Each lab has a printing limit, so it is helpful to use all labs!

Adelina Argumedo

(Translated by Google) In this school I took my free English classes. They have different services to the community. As the bookstore, you can use computers for up to two hours. (Original) En este colegio tome mis clases de inglés gratis. Ellos tienen diferentes servicios a la comunidad. Como la librería, puedes usar las computadoras hasta dos horas.

Twyla Paris

Ashley Guyer

Great experience. Interactive teachers who have your best at heart. Great campus and activities. Be sure you get an advisor IN YOUR DEGREE FEILD. This would be an actual professor in your field. The advisement office is mainly for beginning only. Financial aid keeps good records, but as always, it is your responsibility to keep track of finances, just as you would with banking. Also, if you happen to have a professor that isn't up to par, rate them! Do your evaluations each semester so information is known, both for great and bad. I Love it!

Andrew Lemons

Debi Gordon

Donovan Chapman

Elizabeth Vandergrift

Some of the professors and classes are fine but the administration will ruin your credit and screw you out of classes.

Michael Chase

Chi Pham

I enrolled to this school for the Nursing Program and got accepted. So far, I am happy with whatever they’re doing to start the program, very organized and professional. Hopefully, I am going to have great experiences since I have been studied here.

Summit Ghimire

Did my associates there. Good college and not very expensive.


this school is just another school scool is not for the weak of heart it for the ones with the money

saydee saydee

School is OK if you pick the right professor. The math lab SUCKS. I mean SUCKS BAD. Tutors help who they want and how long they want and have bad attitudes. It used to be good until the good tutors quit..°> shame on them..

Miheret demissie


Jakob Walser

Great education and teachers

Wafi Talukder

Hello, Is there any transportation system from college to Midwest City ? i don't have driving license and i won't be able to drive their myself

Bianca Gtz

Carly Corrotto

Love this school.

Daniel M.

J Ar

Most of the staff have demonstrated a very poor work ethic. Many are lazy and irritable all the time. They act like we are imposing on them and their time. They are paid to assist the students but it rarely seems that way. Jason

Steven Nguyen

Maria Gaytan

real reviews

hahahahahah community college offftttttt ahaha

Raven-Lockie Diaz

Tori Saffell

I took an online course here. Getting enrolled was extremely difficult, and every time I had to contact the school for any reason, I was given the run around. Every process was difficult with them, and I often found myself wondering why I was paying money to a school that was so unhelpful. The admission, enrollment, and transfer processes were confusing, and every employee I talked to gave me contradicting information. It may be a great place as a full time student, but as someone just trying to take a simple online class, I was very frustrated.

Nicholas Townsend

Edwin Artunduaga

Kyra Oliver

I have had nothing but issues from the moment I applied to OCCC. Beaide the professors, the employees there are insanely incompetent. They will tell you the wrong information, lose your information, not give you the correct paperwork, just to name a few of the things I've been through. The overall lack of compassion that is inside of the building is astounding to be in the sort of business that they are in. I have now spent so much money due to the shortcomings of this establishment, that I might as well have gone to OU or UCO.

Justin Ory

I have a PhD from a tier 1 research institute, and have had the pleasure of mentoring undergraduates at OCCC and other institutions. The expectation for a community college is more individualized instruction from professors who are focused on student learning, rather than their research productivity. In my experience, class requirements are well beyond any other college or university’s comparable leveled classes. As an example, the Freshman art appreciation class required four 500 word essays in addition to five 30 question essay exams requiring “eight good sentences” per question. Additionally, the quality of instruction is poor. One mentee’s class was taught by an instructor who had been working on his PhD for 10 years (most PhD programs have a 7-year time limit to finish them. He did not understand the course material, and could not demonstrate how to work basic problems in class. Another professor changed his syllabus three times during the course, and when students objected, berated them. He did not teach the following semester, but the students who took his class were not supported by the department. Based on my experience, I would not recommend anyone attend this college.

De'Andrea Freeman

David Smith


Ro Thang

Ty Mauldin

Great school with great teachers

Berkley Beard

J Filip

Samantha Meza

Marissa Wolf

Took some summer classes here while home from OSU. The trig night class teacher was awesome - I wish I remember his name. I also had a great photoshop professor, she was really attentive to all of the skill levels in the class. My dad used to teach here and I know he loved it too. Great place that supplemented my time at home during the summer!

chris simpson

Falcon One

Erick Larson

This school delivers a solid educational experience ... If you put in the work. I took chem 1,2 and physics 1,2 here. I am now in OU med school. OCCC did well for me.

Rudi Pennington

I'm really glad I decided to attend this school for my associates degree instead of starting at OU. The campus is beautiful, the staff and instructors are really great, and I especially enjoy the classes I'm enrolled in. This is really a terrific place to start.

Kobe Harrison

Michelle Stevenson

Melody Curtis

My Son and I have been up do OCCC many times over 2 months speaking to each department, taking tests, providing income verification, signing form after form. Provided them with 16-17 FASFA approval and 18-19 FASFA approval and have told them from day 1 that the EMT course is what he will be taking, we also provided Fasfa application with OCCC as the school and the Emt being the class. He was approved for 5900. and the cost is something around 2500. I took 2 days off of work using my vacation hours to get this completed. We enrolled him into the course and got his ID and he has a required pre class mid May he must go to for more details on uniforms or material needed for course. I am him mother they have just as much info about me as him due to him living at home still but have emailed my son yesterday a month after enrolling and testing and such and advised him they spoke to director and Fasfa doesn't cover this course!! So I called the Financial Aid office and they refused to speak to me with out my sons authorization are you kidding me but they want me to be responsable and provide income verification for my SON to get inrolled but refuse to speak to me about his FASFA?? So I asked them if it was FASFA or them that decided 2 months later that the course he was taking from day 1 wasn't elegable for FASFA and the lady told me that it was up to FASFA!! So I called Fasfa to confirm this info that OCCC financial aid had advised me and spoke to a young lady that informed me this is grant money and the final decision is up to the school not to FASFA... so I was lied to waisted my vacation hours and time enrolling my son for them to decide after we were in that office 2days speaking to each department and NO ONE COULD TELL US THAT THEN??? This is BS I am a single mom of 3 we got qualified for FASFA for a reason due to low income but Occc want to run us through the ringer

komal Kalaria

James Urso

Great place.

Sonya Bernay Languis

Even though I graduated, this is still my go-to library (no kids allowed). Just use my ID and they give you a pass to use the computers!

ricky walker

I have wonderful teachers who help me so I can succeed thank you OCCC everytime I set a goal here at OCCC I have met those goals. My writing Professor Kuhlman said that I have been the hardest working student she as ever had. Ricky

Sam M

Stephanie Webb

The advisor that "helped" me was VERY misleading and unknowledgeable! I have had a lot of trouble getting reliable information from this school. Terrible first impression to say the least!

Carmen C Hussey

Life's Journey

Cody Hawkins

Tina Sullivan

Katherine Bird

Paola Celestino

adrien ngassa

Excellent studies environment

Cameron Thrash LiL CT

That's my mom School

Eric Rumainum

SF Guy

Eunice Choi

Leroy Malone

The front desk receptionest is very beautiful. i love her she is from az

Everton Henry

Was worth going

Rick Jenkins

Attended a Piano Concerto of Michael McHale. What an amazingly incredible experience. Excellent acoustics, exceptional performance Superior sound quality. Thanks Shalom

kilíto kíloto

The world's at your fingertips

Melody nejad

Rube Smith

Great school with great staff. Classrooms are small so you can actually get the help you need to learn.

Billy Kidd

Don't go to school there... you will owe More than you think.. also its too many rude people out their.


Great new facilities, top of the line programs.

Dryden Rose

David McGill

Great school...good cafeteria and they serve Starbucks made the right way.

joo juu

The worst college ever

Brendan Cummings

Its. A. Great. School. Oklahoma city. Community. That. Really. Care

Little Daris

Francisco Quintero

Awesome college

Moneli Rodríguez

Most of the teachers are really professional and a great teachers. I had a bad experience with one from Child Development and a businesses math. Horrible teachers.


I've never been to an institution before where I was so poorly treated. It took 3 months to process an application for enrollment and they aren't even a high credited college or university. They cancelled my application three times because at first they stated I didn't list my high school when actually they didn't process my colleges. They never informed me of a cancelled application and thanks to them with the late enrollment I wasn't able to start the semester without any financial aid. The staff at this school are really disrespectful and uncooperative, that don't know how to do their simple jobs whatsoever. They're asking themselves and calling other people for things they don't know how to do themselves with very simple tasks. So if you're planning to go to this college, brace yourself for having to deal with children, because that's exactly the kind of service that you will get.

Akash Patel

I'm very thankful for my education at OCCC and for working for this amazing institution.

Andrew Phelps

Justin Wood-lee

Kyle Harkness

Adreanna Flores

Lincoe Nebran

Nobody really knows what's going on at this school as far as the academic advisors, financial aid and student employees go. Most of the professors I've had were alright. Most of the faculty though acts annoyed and put out even if you give them the slightest glance. I'm pretty disgusted with how rude everyone is at this school.

Rashele Shoun

Nice college!


Meets educational expectations as well as any university. Same great focus as OU. Only wish it was a 4 year institution instead of 2.

Abood Hannoon

Joseph Rodgers

Great school and great staff. They really care about your learning experience.

Dilisha Upadhyaya


Horrible. Horrible experience.

Bao Ngo

Brenda Gonzalez

Thankful that my child has the opportunity to go to pathways middle college, the director and teachers do a great job involving then self on Evey step that the students take.

Zabrina Antry

Sandra Duckett

The customer service in the admissions office is horrible. Not customer friendly at all. Very hands off. Everything is by computer. Do not have a problem with that, however, when you submit your question in writing via email they are supposed to respond back in 3-5 days. I am clocking days 7. There is no excuse for poor service. Their website is very limited and does not answer all questions. Spent a lot of my time trying to get answers. They like passing you from one department to another. Very disorganized- can't say I've seen anything like in my life. Wow! Update- 8/16/17- still no response!! I even sent another email.

Kpd Kpd

Very friendly and hospitable. I was very impressed with the layout and curriculum for such a small college.

Marcia Clemmons


Cutey San

I've never had any bad experience here at OCCC and I've been a student here for almost 1.5 years now. The staffs were/are always friendly and nice. Good classes and beautiful campus. All the instructors I've met or taken classes with, are really great. The tuition fee is inexpensive compared to other institutions around and still the best education.

Kimberly Naquin

Great grants from highschool state funded program an other grants they have to help better theese students.....

Garrett Poindexter

Awesome engineering department

Selena dance

Heather Servais

Rian Peters

Duncan Kitson

This is the worst college in Oklahoma. I've been to UCO and my expierence was great. I'm currently a student at OU and it's been great. But I come to OCCC for a couple of summer classes and it's been a struggle. This school literally scammed me out of my money. I got dropped out of one of my class because I wasn't participating.. This was false because I Skyped with the profesor, signed a sheet the day before for a Skype the meeting, and did a couple of assignments the day before. This all happened in the first week of classes. They weren't helpful when I tried to get just some of my money back after they dropped me. And the dean of the college I got dropped from said "I guess this is just a pricy lesson that you learn from." I can say they made it clear to me that I'm never taking another class her again. Beware of them taking your money for "not participating."



Samantha Snyder

Kara Young

Mario Fernandez-muruato

Brittany Gove

Jesse Williams

Amazing school everyone is so nice and helpful

Andrew Stites

Sid Burgess

Sean Payne

Amazing school. It has it's issues but it's still the best Community College in Oklahoma. Though that sounds like faint praise haha.


The older lady that works in the testing center is VERY rude. I was sent there to test for points, never gave an attitude, but she was unpleasant with me. Her and the other staff in there were not very helpful at all, especially of ur a new student and don't know how they do things there. I couldn't take her being so mean, so I left. OCCC you need to hire more friendlier and helpful staff when it comes to administration and the testing center.

Sarah Didion

Emily Animas

Zac Harnett

They are cheap for a reason.

Daniel Smith

McKenna Marlow

HORRIBLE customer service. You will get the run around. One of the employees in the testing center is particularly unpleasant as well. The website is not user friendly and the people on the phones have no idea what they are doing. Do not call and expect to get answers. 90% if the time it is a student worker who will just direct you to another line the other 10% it is an employee who still can’t help.

Austin Lindsey

Ridwan Ahamed

Anna Hutcheson

Prepared Grunt

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