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REVIEWS OF The Ohio State University College of Dentistry IN Ohio

Kajal Patel

Chuckie Pinch

Incompetent!!! terrible communication ...terrible customer service.. incompetent dentistry .. worst dental experience of my life .. fails to return calls left on voice mail ..Two Dental surgery’s because of surgical malpractice ! .. might have had better work taking a mule kick to the face !

Nichole Harrison

I was there on Friday 10-27-17 this place was extremely terrible I had 8 people in front of me and still ended up waiting over 4 hours. Once I got taken back to the room the lady informs me that the surgical part closes at 1:30 p.m. mind you I didn't get back to the first room until after noon. The lady says she'll see what she can do to get me in there if not I'll have to come back in Monday morning mind you my pain level was on a 10. They finally get me back there to have the tooth taken out and they were so rough the one lady doing it had no clue what she was doing. She ripped part of my gums on my palate. She also stuck gauze down my throat to the point where I was about to throw up because she didn't know what she was doing I will never in my life go back to this place I was there for over 6 hours for one tooth!!!!

William Chambers

Excellent care and the only place I trust anymore. Students may not be prefect but they're far more willing to ask questions than grizzled veterans.

Salena Thrasher

paige wright

I had an amazing experience... I went in to the emergency dental clinic... It was a student who done all my work which made me kinda nervous because im already terrified of the dentist... But she was very gentle the asst even held myhand lol... They may have actually erased my fear of dentist... All the staff was very friendly... And the prices are super affordable...i highly recommend this place

Christi Wooten

Dani Gardner

This was the worst dental experience I've ever had. Not only would reception never return voicemails, the oral and maxillofacial department overcharged me a year ago and I am still waiting for a refund. Do NOT go here.

Terry Hartman

Christina Magyar

Both times I've had to go here, I received absolutely excellent care. The students who have worked with me have always been incredibly kind, understanding, and competent. It's important to know that if you're going here for emergency, you'll want to arrive as early as humanly possible. There are a limited number of slots and they fill up quick. Showing up 10-20 minutes after registration begins will mean long lines and the potential of not being seen if it's a busy day. You do have to pay for all services up front. With Delta insurance it's only a copay, but pretty much every other insurance company it seems to be a reimbursement plan, so be prepared for that. The first time I had to use the service for an extraction, the total was just under $200, about $80 of which is just to be seen. Not sure how much these prices change as my second visit was with insurance but it's still far less expensive than other options I've looked in to. I really cannot stress just how well I have been treated by every person working there. In the case of my second visit, I had absolutely been negligent and put off coming in until the last possible moment. No judgment or lectures, straightforward or otherwise. They explained every step of the exam/procedure and checked in constantly on my comfort. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience, given the amount of pain I was in.

The 6 Nuriso

hassen hassen

Bad services

Randy Hoye


I would give no stars, but it wouldn’t let you. Here is my story, my now 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with TMJ, she can’t eat, she’s lost 40 pounds and is in constant pain. She was referred here by her family dentist back in September of 2017. I called them to see if they can schedule an appointment for her, they told me the dentist office had to send over a referral. I call the dentist office and tell them. They fax over the referral. I call back to OSU oral surgeon office, no answer, I leave a message with my information. No phon call back. I called again, no answer, left my information, no phone call back. I call again, they answer and they tell me it has to be sent out to another department for approval. ( I hav no clue why because the guy never told me anything other then that.) He tells me, they will call me within a week. I got no phone call. I called yesterday to find out what is going on. I did get an answer and was told they did not receive an approval yet, they don’t know what’s going on and I am to call the department it was sent to for approval. I called, no answer, left a message, NO CALL back!!!! Today, I call again, leave my info and I do get a phone call back, from the other department that is supposed to “approve” for my daughter to be seen. (They haven’t even seen her yet.) The lady informs me, she doesn’t have anything on my daughter and I need to call the oral surgeon office back and make sure they have the right number to fax it to. I understand they are busy, but DOES IT LOOK LIKE I WANT TO SPEND MY WHOLE DAY PLAYING PHONE TAG WITH THESE PEOPLE???? I’ve got to work too!!!! So I do call the oral surgeon’s office back, speak with a rather rude lady who informs me, my daughter was denied treatment, can’t tell me why and that they have a 2 year waiting list. Hahahaha!!! I wouldn’t take my dead dog there after this. And I will NEVER refer anyone there. I even went so far as to call our family dentist and let them know.

Mohamed Shabana

The time they take as students and faculty to explain procedures to you. The price quoted for a crown is about half of that quoted by a regular dentist. Would love to see parking rates go down, or discounted by them somehow in line with other OSU clinics.

Jackie Mohr

They accept no insurance except Delta Dental. They want all co-pay upfront. Their procedure wasn't covered (though they acted like it would be) - the total bill is $7,100 - because it's being done in sections, my first payment cost me $3,000, almost half the bill.

paula moreno morelos

5 years ago I hot my crowns for my teeth

Jeff Winkle

I am so happy with how I have been treated. The dental office downstairs found my original problem. The Advanced Endodontics team did an amazing job of getting me out of pain. I was ready to give up on life it hurt so bad. Double five stars and a round of applause is in order. They deserve this and more.

east side

Does anyone know how much it is to get a tooth pulled

Sawn Cook

Rulanda Johnson

Sandra Naylor


Gina Nichols

love the students. had evaluation with the restorative dental instructor. I thought he was going to pull my lips off of my face. His bedside demeanor and exam techniques were inhumane. I will be filing a formal complaint. He should be in another profession; one that does not require human contact.

Adriannah Greyson

I called to schedule a consultation and was given adequate directions. When I arrived my directions were good until I got inside. To get to ortho you have to go around, down. Left two rights, blah blah blah. You and up passing multiple check in desks and when I asked for helo, they provided poor directions. Needless to say I got lost and eventually found where I was going by myself. I went to check in and there are 2 desk. The guy didn't even look at me, he sat there lost in his own world. So I went to the desk beside him and was helped. She was pretty nice. I did know that my insurance doesn't cover braces before arriving. I didn't wait long at all to be seen. The doctor that worked with me was really really sweet! She even put transformers on for my son to watch. She was quick, to the point, and nice. My type of person. Braces were still more expensive than I would have liked and i was told I qualified for the retainer alignments. Which are half the price. I went to schedule an appointment and that's where it got confusing. I was told I had to wait 2 months or more before a new class of students came in. Also the process seems long. You have a consultation, an evaluation, and like 4 other steps before reaching your goal. It seems overwhelming. Also I hate having to pay to park here. Overall a good experience!

Carlos Campbell

Sam Adn

Yvette Dawkins

Love the work they did too my teeth.

Ben Steed

I went to OSU Dental about 3 months ago. They were more focused on cleaning my teeth then fixing what was needed. In fact it took me going in due to really bad tooth pain to get anything done. And when I tell them the tooth that needs the work because the one next to it needed pulled they claimed it was that one. Now I have a missing tooth and still in the same pain. I have had teeth pulled before and i know the difference. How this university has any license to perform let alone teach dentistry I have no idea. Now i'm going to be out two days work, the cost of pulling a tooth that could have waited, and the cost to repair the problem tooth in the first place. I am never going back to this place ever. I would sooner give a friend a knife and have him cut out the tooth first.

Tao Ma

Charmagne Hough

I find the College of Dentistry, to be and interesting and fun place to get dental work done, The students especially the ones that I have worked with are nice, knowledgeable and well trained. It is fun helping them by let them use their well learned skills on me. Their teachers and other folks that work in the college are pleasant and helpful.

Desiree Writesel

I had the best experience here, I now live in Florida and I need 2 more wisdom teeth pulled, I may have to fly back to Ohio just to afford this....any places like your practice in or around Naples, Florida?

Randy Darst

Good luck talking to someone.

Brandy Sansotta

Hate the whole experience. Can't even call to leave a message to schedule an appointment. Supposedly open at 730am yet at 830am get hung up on when the voice recording comes on. I definitely will not come here and will ask my dentist to refer me some place else.

Holly Dyer

Three weeks after my doctor faxed the first referral to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, they let me know my insurance was out of network and the appointment would cost $410.

Jade Hammond

Can get help.

Pastora Marisol Fernandez

Joan Rowe

Worst medical experience ever! 12:30 Arrived 30 minutes early, drove around looking for a parking spot/garage. 1:00 Found a parking spot on the 5th floor of the Hospital garage 1-2PM Attempting to check in. Ignored by staff at the multiple sign-in locations. Finally, a student notices me and helps me find the right place. 2PM I'm in the chair, but apparantly not checked in. Staff figures it out and student begins work. 2-3PM Student fumbles with new system and slowly checks out my teeth 3PM I'm sent to x-ray people. I recieve an extra blast of radiation because someone forgot to plug in the probe 4PM I'm told we're done for the day, and I can schedule to finish. I scheduled a cleaning, and in the 3 hours I was being seen, I did not recieve a cleaning. I ended up having to pay $10 for parking, for nothing. I will never go back, and I'm reconsidering switching my GP to OSU.

Justin Smith

I went to the dental emergency clinic and registered at 9:00am. By 11:00am only three people had been taken for treatment from the waiting room. If you don't have an appointment, don't go here.

Blessed By Faith

When I was first referred to Osu I was extremely excited about getting my teeth Finally Fixed! It was the only thing I really wanted was for my teeth to be perfect! My Insurance approved that I could get my braces I nearly lost it! Once I got them I LOVED them. I Loved my doctors, I loved the student assistants. The front desk was terrible but i didn't pay much attention to it because I just wanted my teeth straightened, They will ignore you while your standing there, act like they didn't see you walk up and was just very slow! Somehow they always seemed to be on the phone but I swear everytime that I called it literally took forever to get a answer. I would have to call for a week straight. Long story short, I had my braces on for 2 years and i got them off a week before I left for college! They gave me a PERMANENT retainer! Then when we tried to schedule a follow up appointment, I SPECIFICALLY let my doctor know that Its my first year in school I am not sure how much free time i will have to be driving back and forth home being 2 hours away but when I figure it out I will let them know! Summer of 17 the cement from my PERMANENT retainers began to fall off and of course it took me weeks to get in touch to try to schedule an appointment. Then when i actually did get to schedule an appointment I came home to that appointment for the examination and they said that I was going to have to get braces all over again and said that the school should be able to cover it and they got my hopes up because they wanted like 2,000 dollars if not more because they retainers aren't as permanent as they are supposed to be and i was never gave the non permanent retainers just so i could have prevented my teeth from doing what they are doing now! Now my teeth are still shifting and I cannot do anything about it because insurance only covers braces once in a life time and I'm in college I don't just have 2,000 dollars sitting around for braces I have enough to worry about! I don't even take selfies anymore because I now have a overbite that is so noticable! I had to argue with some lady on the phone she was doing reversicology on the phone insulting me concluded with them being able to do it for 1,000 which Once again I don't have 1,000 dollars just sitting under a pillow or anything! I mean I can go on and on about this experience I really loved Osu and would hear so much good about them, that is why I came but they have really showed me how things work! Now I'm back to square one I would've kept my gaps over these overbites that I have. I really wish they would have just owned up to their mistakes and just Covered it themselves like they made it seem like they were going to do but whatever, I'll just keep not smiling.

Beyoutifully. .Unique

Jessica Lawson

Terrible, I highly suggest avoiding this place.

lydia kirk

After reading these reviews I've totally changed my mind. Called and canceled my appointment. With the service and dentistry and phone call complaints. I dont wanna go there. Wow sorry I've wasted my time and there's. OSU DENTISTRY you need better reviews. Thank You for your reviews.

Marissa Nichole

I've called more than 10 times to reschedule an appointment and still no answer, worst customer service ever.

Miss Lillian

Extremely disappointed in their lack of service and organization. What should have been completed long ago is still not done and now another one of my teeth has abscessed!! Have left two messages over the last week and they were ignored. I will not use the student dental clinic again.

Jeramie Howard

The student was amazing. The faculty were not. I was sent there by my local health department for an emergency extraction. There was infection built up so bad that I was losing vision in my eye. They refused to do the extraction unless I paid up front. No option for payments, no option to bill me later. The student was even dumbfounded that they would not let him pull it.

Shantail Hillman

i had 2 teeth pulled short notice i waited like 20 minutes. Overall was satisfied and i am going back to have other wisdom teeth removed as well. Good job OSU. Now just open on weekends!!

Bibash Ghimire

The worst place to make a appointment. I am trying to call to make an appointment and its been 24 min and i am still trying but there is not any response. I am writing this review while i am calling still there is not any response. Such a bad customer service. I have never seen this level of bad customer service in my life.

kali anderson

I love this place and affordable more affordable than with insurance

Mateo Williamson

Nice and cheap

Anthony Shaw Jr

SUCKED They had A student and Licesened DENTIST in the office.charged me for an tooth exam basically so the student can see my teeth through an exam(THOUGHT THATS WHY THE STUDENT PAY TO BE SCHOOL) WHY IS THE PATIENT PAYING FOR A EXAM FOR THE OSU STUDENT. Ive already knew i needed a tooth pulled from a Free tooth exam i had a couple days before on top of a parking rate...STRAIGHT REPOFF!!

Lorissa Shute

A great place to go for your dental needs.they do everything here from cleaning, two teeth repairs, crowns, just about everything you need done with your dental work. And as a plus, you help students who are learning the trade of dentistry. They accept most if not all dental insurance plans, and are very reasonably priced.

Tori L. Wheeler

Terrible, such a ripoff, first of all it took over a month for her to finally talk to someone, she called numerous of times and kept leaving messages and no-one ever calls you back and when she finally talked to someone to get in she has 4 different dental insurances and they acted like everything would be covered and now I get a bill for almost 200 and they claim none of the insurances is in there network when they told her they we're in person and now they are trying to act like we are responsible for the bill, she would of not been seen if they would of told her that when she was there so I would not recommend no-one goes here because they are such a ripoff and a scam to try to get money out of people, so pathetic

Karen Hagans

Great service! Friendly staff! LOVE IT.

Noelle Jones

EDIT: I have been personally contacted by my doctor apologizing for the scheduling error due to misidentification of the severity of my issue. I am happy to report that the medical issues are being properly addressed. I would be happy to recommend OSU College of Dentistry, though being firm with the scheduling team may be necessary if they do not at first understand what you need. Every patient should advocate for him/ herself if something doesn't sound right. ***To be clear, I do not place blame on the doctor, residents or nurses. I was upset with the scheduling staff for not understanding my issue, the emergency, or the necessity of seeing someone (resident, nurse, anyone) immediately.*** ........................................................................................................... ORIGINAL: My initial appointment and wisdom tooth surgery went well. I was happy with the doctor, anesthesiologist, and supporting nurses. however, I went in today for an emergency post-op appointment (3 weeks after surgery) because I am suddenly having problems. I was told I could come in any time, as it was an emergency. So I went in, they put me on the "schedule," and I sat for over an hour waiting for this "emergency" appointment, which never came. I finally inquired about an ETA for the appointment, and the lady informed me that I didn't have an appointment, but that I was simply on their schedule and the doctor would see me when she had time between appointments. The lady also said that Mondays are the doctor's busiest days (meaning I won't be seen for many more hours) and that the doctor only works Monday and Fridays. Not being given an appointment with the doctor or the emergency nurse (which is who I would have rather seen anyway) and being made to sit, wait, and wonder, is ridiculous. I left the office, called back and scheduled a call with the emergency nurse because I did not have time to sit around all day and wait for a fully-scheduled doctor to become available. Post-op appt = 2 star. Prior wisdom tooth extraction = 5 stars.

Joy Gresham

This place is huge like omg and u get to watch TV while they clean your teeth

Ldani Torrico

It takes to long to try to get in contact with them. Also, the hours are horrible for people who work.

Luis Berlanga


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