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REVIEWS OF Ohio Christian University IN Ohio

Brittany Lynn

Slopest school ever. They never inform you of anything regarding your education your just suprised. Take loans on your behalf without your permission. I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Add classes on without informing student. Never talk to an adult who doesnt go to the school. Advisors are always on break when they messed items up and you need to talk to them. Some teachers take forever to grade so you dont know your grade until the class is over. No good through communication that gets anywhere. Do not graduate when they say you will find extra classes out of nowhere. Save your money go to a different school if you want a Christian education it is not worth it here. They stress you out so much for no reason. Plus they are more expensive than other schools so save money and stress go somewhere else

John Egbo

Quiet place to go to school and acquire knowledge.

Michael Smith

I received my degree in leadership and ministry from OCU. Before this, I attended a couple other online institutions and OCU was, hands down, the best online school for the working adult. I plan to pursue my masters in the near future and would not even consider another institution.

Andrew Higdon

Heather Ward's and Rhayanna Chandler's reviews criticizing Ohio Christian University's accreditation are 100% NOT true. Ohio Christian University is regionally accredited through the Higher Learning Commission, the same agency which accredits highly rated and renowned public and private universities such as Purdue University, The University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Drake University, DePaul University, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Creighton University, University of Arizona, Oberlin College, Marquette University, University of Wyoming, and University of Nebraska - Lincoln. That list is only a small selection of major universities accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Regional accreditation, which Ohio Christian University holds, is the gold standard of accreditation in the United States. To further emphasize the importance of regional accreditation, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton are all regionally accredited. Ohio Christian University is rated as a top-tier university by the US News College Rankings for 2016 and is ranked as #62 for regional colleges in the Midwest. I am a proud alumnus of Ohio Christian University and I graduated in April 2016 with a BA in Business Management. I felt it necessary to present the facts about Ohio Christian University and its regional accreditation, which is NOT religious accreditation. Both Heather Ward and Rhayanna Chandler are clearly inaccurate in their reviews of the university. As a matter of record, Ohio Christian University is ALSO accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education simply because it is a Christian university. Being a regionally accredited university, I do not believe Heather or Rhayanna when each state they are dead in the water and credits do not transfer. The only reasons a course from Ohio Christian University would not transfer to another regionally accredited college or university are as follows: Either the receiving school feels that certain credits they took are credits from courses which are a duplicate of other courses they took or the courses do not apply toward their major at the new college and they already have enough elective credits. That is the case any time a student transfers from one regionally-accredited college to another. I personally have researched MBA programs at other colleges which all are willing to accept Ohio Christian University's credits in full from my BA in Business Management degree program. Heather and Rhayanna are correct that the university requires books to be purchased at the Tree of Life bookstore. However, I find that to be very convenient because I do not have to pay for the books out of pocket, since financial aid covers the books to begin with, and because I do not have to search for the books elsewhere because the books are automatically shipped to the student for each course. The only books which I found to be expensive are the math books which had to be purchased as brand new. For most courses the student can either lease the books or purchase used books to keep costs down. In regard to the devotional requirements, most Christian colleges require some sort of chapel attendance or that religious courses to be taken as part of their degree programs. Typically, students choose to attend a Christian college because they want to have that experience.

Right 2 Liberty

Dan Johnson

I guess I will try and give an actual review verses the stupidity of most of the other reviews. EVERY University has drama and issues if you don't realize that, you haven't been out in the real world enough. The question remains: does it prepare you for the real world and what the real world demands? I wholeheartedly believe it does. I have been a student for 2 1/2 years and am going all the way to my Master's in Psychology. I have taken classes at 4 other colleges including a community college and OCU is head and shoulders above a community college and the other three colleges as well. If you can not tell the difference, the problem remains with you and how prepared you are to take actual college-level work. Not everyone is cut out for college and if you can't handle it or are not ready, by all means drop out and pursue a field that requires less education. To quote the movie Caddyshack "The world needs ditch diggers too". There is no shame in not going to college whatsoever. The only shame would be if you weren't ready to begin with and then bashed whatever university for drawing that to your attention. At OCU the instructors truly care, encourage and even demand critical thinking, insist on professional standards, and promote a Christian worldview at every oppurtunity. Remember, it is called Ohio CHRISTIAN University. If that offends you, please go elsewhere just don't expect the standards to change just for you. If you are a Christian, desire to expand your education, and can handle actual college-level classwork please seriously consider this awesome school! Even if you are not a Christian, but desire to learn more about the faith and the Bible this college is especially for you. If you feel entitled and want an easy diploma-mill level school that will hand you a reward whether you deserve it or not then please pass this one by.

Adrienne Cormier

The best school for so many reasons. OCU provides a challenging education, compassionate and knowledgeable professors, a variety of classes and majors to choose from, quality books and materials with superior shipping, and a staff of professionals that cannot be beat. If you are looking for a sound education, look no further. Apply, begin, and succeed.

Pastor Cheryl Collins

This is now my Alma Mater, I just completed my Master's Degree and was challenged, and motivated all at the same time, and met some incredible people in my cohort group. The instructor's were knowledgeable in their subject matter. The staff were all professional and I had an overall spectacular time at Ohio Christian University. I can't wait for graduation day May 2nd 2015 when I will consummate the entire process! I finished with a 4.0 GPA I thought this was a spectacular accomplishment OCU felt it was my reasonable service in the Master's Program. They are serious about your achievements. Still praying they set up an Honor's Program for the Master's Program level. MA's need some acknowledgements too. My purpose for choosing a Christian University was because of my thirst for more knowledge of The Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and I also desired to be around people of like precious faith! I received it all at OCU. Let me also say they have a reasonable tuition plan which was a plus also. You will be pleased if you are looking for a Christian environment.

Romayne Martindale

Shemena Conley

This is a wonderful place to attend to further your education. (Morrow Georgia)

Gene Mattox

Savannah Bender

Darma Johnson

Parker Brown

Shaunie Wright

Chad Laurain

Beware if you are going to school online, No one will call you back except you recruiter. I have been waiting 5 days for a call back or a email from student adviser Seth Brisker Not sure if he still works there, I'm personally thinking about going to a different school.

Gordon Belin

joe dtv

nice and quiet rv park . close to everything. but when it rains u have 3" inc. of water and mud everywhere. water doesn't drain that good. I would stay here again.

Aziza McKee

A decent school that allowed me to take one class at a time which is hugely beneficial to me since I have to help my parents out. But at one point I started to not do so well because of the mental illness (depression) that I suffer with and other things in my life had started getting in the way of my work. I sent in an appeal and it was rejected, I was kicked out and I don't think that I was given a fair chance. Other than that it is a good school for others who can only do one class at a time.

Steve S

you can never get a straight answer when it comes to getting YOUR money, try to change the very definition of participation to suit their needs. call center is rude and very unprofessional. and this is coming from a current student

Sandy Farrell

Two of my sons graduated from Ohio Christian University and it was a wonderful experience for both of them. The knowledge they received there as graduates has resulted in both of them owning and operating very successful businesses. Most of all, they we're loved and cared about by friends and staff alike. I had reservations at first but it was the best place they could have gone and now the university has grown by leaps and bounds. They both received encouragement and support throughout their time there over all. Most of all they we're encouraged in their walk with the Lord and are young men seeking after Jesus and doing their best to live for Him and care for their families while serving others and giving back to their communities in many ways. I have a great respect for this University.

Yvette Munoz

I emailed to let the school to let them know that my father was in hospice and that I was in no shape to complete my class. The only option they gave me was to get caught up in two weeks when I asked to withdraw prior to the class starting. I was told that since I had signed into my student account that I was responsible for the full course. Additionally they gave me an F and not a withdrawal. This is supposed to be a Christian school but has no compassion. I have tried to no avail to get them to remove the F at the minimum. I told them they could keep the 1500.00. Unfortunately still nothing. Sad that they claim to be Christian but won't do the right thing.

Taylor Lynn

The best school ever...

Rhayanna Chandler

Heather Wards comment is actually spot on. I personally have a love/hate relationship with this college. Like Heather said the books come from Tree of Life and they’re VERY EXPENSIVE and you have absolutely no choice but to receive them from there and like Heather I also found the exact same books that they issue out brand new for 1/4th the cost. As far as the professors and financial aid they’re very helpful and professional and I’ve had no issues with receiving answers and help. Once again like Heather said the school’s degrees are useless unless you’re attending ministry. This is a Christian school which I am fully aware of but I’ve learned more about Christ than what I’m actually supposed to be learning which is Human Resources. I am currently in the process of switching schools mainly due to how overpriced OCU is and changing my major but I recently found out that all my credits are useless therefore I’m 9,500$ in debt to a college that ripped me off and like Heather I’m in dead water. The courses are extremely easy! Honestly too easy none of the courses are challenging. Like Heather said there is lots of bible study assignments and devotionals which I could get at church and not get charged for it I don’t feel as if I should be getting charged for biblical courses and biblical books when I’m supposed to be studying HR. My biggest issue with OCU though is as I’m transferring they’re holding me hostage demanding I pay 100$ to leave the school as if I signed a contact with them this is not to release my transcripts as I have already paid the 10$ to have them sent to my new school.

Savanna Rochelle HarloW

Ohio Christian University is an outstanding school that has captured my heart. My whole family goes there!


Reputable, accredited, professional and qualified professors, reasonable tuition...a great Christian based University for traditional and non-traditional students.

Ray Whittaker

Having the opportunity to attend and complete a Master of Arts in Ministry at Ohio Christian University was totally a God thing. Even though the university is not one of the United Methodist Church's approved schools, I was permitted to participate with some of my credits going toward the UMC Course of Study. The VA has payed for my education here and I will be graduating in April. The graduate education I received here was much more rigorous than my undergraduate nursing education...and that is saying a lot. (Just ask any RN about the difficulty and time spent in preparation to become an RN.) The staff and professors have always been professional and courteous, returning calls and emails in a timely manner. This 18 month experience has also proven to be an extremely spiritually formative period. I am thankful to my cohort group who contributed to my education as well. Thank you OCU!

H Ward

Very disheartened. The books are VERY expensive - math book was almost $300. No option to purchase books elsewhere, they are contracted with Tree Of Life Book store and ALL students MUST pay their prices. Found the same books for 1/4 of the cost many other places brand new. Issues with a professor were handled appropriately on my end, no complaints there. My biggest complaint is that I found out their degree's are not worth the paper they are printed on unless you are going into ministry, which I am not. I am working on a business management degree. My credits DO NOT transfer to a traditional community college. Their accreditation are not through higher education organizations, they are through religious organizations making those credits worthless to any other college or university and I am not over $10000 in debt. I have spoken to several colleges and I am dead in the water with over 1 year wasted. I emailed the school 2 days ago, but have received no response. Course work, aside from Algebra, were not difficult or challenging. Just a lot of writing and a template to put it all in. Lots of devotionals and Bible study though, but I can get that at church. Was looking for a challenging school, Christian based, that I could possibly transfer to a local college at a later date. This is not it. feeling deflated.

Marka Retherford

awesome place

David Dean

Cheryl L Collins

Magnificent School, finished my Masters Degree, pursued my Doctoral Degree and now I am Dr. Cheryl L Collins I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Paul Bailey

This is a terrible place for higher learning. All they want is your money. My daughter went there for 1 year before switching to another college. Most of her credits wouldn't transfer because they weren't even necessary for what she was studying. Their cost of books were way out of the norm and was intentionally made so that they had no value for classes coming up behind you. Therefore you couldn't even sell them to other students. The female students are treated much different than the male students. They even suggested that the females were there to meet their mates while the males were there to study. My daughter went on to get her Masters from the other college she attended. But she owes this college a third of her debt for just that one year. Let's not forget all the buildings that this place is adding while they over charge and under educate their students. In my opinion and from what I myself witnessed I'd say they should stick to just teaching kids to become pastors. They are also extremely right wing politically and discourage any sort of free thought. I myself am a moderate and a Christian and I raised my children the same way. We encourage free thought, charity and true Christianity. This place is nothing but greed. They paid Ben Carson an obscene amount of money to speak there while they took the money from their students. That money could have gone for much better use. As a fiscal conservative I find this college to be extremely liberal with the students tuition money. I'm not even going to mention the scandals in recent years, But I will say I'm not surprised by them one bit.

Ashley Zuidema

Looking forward to this opportunity and I have to say that this sounds great!

Brian Harris

Zack Wall

Attended this school for two years. It was basically a $20,000/yr summer camp for adults. Drama, a divided campus, scandals, corruption, security team on steroids, ludicrous rules, and empty promises. The makings of an HBO Special. 10/10, would camp again.

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