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REVIEWS OF Oberlin College IN Ohio

Dougie Freshh

Unless you're a far lefter who's formal attire consists of flannel, this school is truly toxic. Zero open discussion about different ideals. It's narrow minded values and hate filled antics are bully-like. Many better options out there for a sound, healthy and pleasant educational experience. So glad I left.


racist pro-crime school!!! do not let your child go there!!! oberlin clollege is best known for running down the local community and producing the dreggs of society! ohio will be a better place with out this school!!!

Mark menak

You guys believe in freedom of speech? That's more like the freedom of spreading lies and hate!

James M. Day

Oberlin College continues to be one of the jewels in the crown of the world's finest academic institutions. Combining one of America's most vibrant intellectual climates, finest library systems, art museums, and an internationally acclaimed conservatory of music, in a progressive, safe, green, small town where there are more bicycles than cars, mature, 21st century, Oberlin, is an extraordinary, and edifying, place to visit, or to attend college.

Abbey Rd

Avik sen

N Pirro

I applied to this school and got in not knowing how hostile the students would be at this “institution”. Not open for any form of high level discussion over economics, race, politics except for their own narrow minded ideas. I believe a important aspect in higher education is getting to understand new and other ideas, even if I don’t believe in them. Overall, I am glad I am going to Columbia University and not this overpriced, pathetic excuse of a school that boasts how “open minded” they are.

Sarah Johnson

beautiful town, lots of tree lined streets, great downtown with lots of fantastic restaurants and bars! I don't know what all these one-star reviewers are complaining about... most of these comments seem to be a little outside the purview of a Google review in the first place. Great place!

Darren Patterson

What a joke this school is . Sad pathetic trash that supports criminals .

Lynn S

A great school, especially for studying music. If you're a liberal arts major who plays an instrument, it is a fantastic place to be -- many opportunities to join bands or musical groups. Beautiful campus, good professors, a quality education whether you go for the conservatory or for liberal arts.

christi hovater

Guillermo Pecoraro

Ben Strehlow

Pierre Dragicevic

Google "ideology and facts collide at oberlin college"

Jonathan Kuzmanko

Wisdom Okwen

Charlie Guile


Itzel Mejía-Menéndez

Trevor Lawrence

Hurts small businesses to protect violent thugs.

John Carter

Great place for students, Horrible for towns people. They are not friendly if you are not a student. You are not allowed on any of their property or you will be arrested and placed on the trespassing list.

Ann Halteman

My home! I’m in love with Oberlin

Linh Tran

Cyrus Thelin

Jeffrey Stevens

A bastion of 3rd wave feminism and other disgusting, vitriolic ideologies.

Ted Warner

Susan McLaughlin

I graduated 30 years ago so this may not be indicative of Oberlin today. But there were strong positives and negatives when i was there. Academics, range of classes, opportunities to try something new and proximity of faculty were all 5-stars - as was the musical and cultural programming on campus. Best experience of my life was study in Japan as a junior. But some big negatives too: very small and rural, town had little to offer, and student body lacked much diversity of thought. The school was dominated by very lefty students from the northeast US - i happen to fit that description too, but the lack of tolerance for different views really turned me off and i found most of the people i met there to be really pretentious and close-minded. I grew a lot personally and intellectually at Oberlin, but it sure wasnt much fun...i hope it has changed today but would advise anyone considering a small school in the middle of nowhere to take a close look to try to determine if the student body exhibits the values you want. I hope the quality of life has caught up to the academics.

James Koblenzer

Went here and had one of the worst experiences of my life despite enjoying my first two years thoroughly, graduating last year. Selectively excellent in (certain) academic fields, but very lackluster in others. Key point is total unpredictability: you might end up with a passionate, diligent scholar as a professor who pushes you to work harder and with more direction; OR you'll end up with a nearly-drooling old hippie / radical left-wing ideologue who trails off mid sentence and occasionally goes on nonsensical rants about the Jews. Students are... eerily suggestible. Also no manners whatsoever, don't count on hearing common courtesy greetings. In fact don't even expect eye contact. Glad the weak president has resigned. However, I got my diploma so who's complaining?

Raps 26

Anna Treidler

Innocent Mashinyire

Peter Curtis

William Burkey

Qonita Supratman

jason To Me

terrible food terrible management of the college full of white bureaucracy and they just want your MONEY

Alexander Pollok

Shu Z

Rose Alyce

A Deeter

A great school, community and experience.

Tori Fisher

Darrell Frye

Keith Birchfield

Very racist campus. If you aren't black you will be hated.

Steve Mejía-Menéndez

Scott Grogan

Debbie Shrager

Danielle K

Lindsey Duval

Daniel Hurst

Traveled here in college to play them in lacrosse.. boring campus. Hopefully they end up shutting down because they're financially insolvent. This is a factory that churns out brainwashed socialists

Ana Cotto

Travelers from different states friendly place to attract collage at specify musical people

Blackened Blood

I wouldn't say that I have been to this college but I'm pretty sure that this school is an art college I'm looking foreword to this school when i get there

Zoe Ericsson

Oberlin College is an amazing institution of higher learning. The music conservatory is world class and the college of arts & sciences has a phenomenal creative writing program.

A Roas

Oberlin College was the single worst decision my son ever made. There is rampant racism and a hostile community that just brews more and more vitriole.

Abigail Haley

Teagan Webb


You get what you pay for and in this case really snotty people who are over paying for their education. Cheers to those student loans.

Joseph McHugh

Nice campus.

Monica Dix

John Oberlin

Robert Walker

Michael Kelly

Sean Bates

Stand and fight for a more rational left.

Scott A. H. Phillips

Total scam. No education available here -- just programmatic recruiting for an anti-American and Marxist political movement. Faculty is openly hostile to western values. Institutional segregation and racism pervades campus life. This is the gutter in which society's jealous outcast trash falls.

Franco Ortiz-Gallo

Kaelah Moore

The campus is beautiful, however when I came to visit most students were just plain rude and they claim something they are not i.e if you are a part of the LGBTQ, why would you try to hit on someone from the opposite sex? I understand the bisexuality. However, I was hit on by a guy that was supposed to be gay. So I'm as confused as him with his indecisiveness/inconsistency. They claim they are welcoming to all types of races because this is a “diverse” school and defend all races but get upset at the fact that a light-skin Black individual is minding their business/getting more attention, then that’s a huge problem.

Niels Vanderloo

Spencer Godfrey

Vishal Jhunjhunwala

Whitney Price

4 why

Ines Obdulia

Noelle Howey

James Nguyen

Feel bad that the college is attacking the baker. Twisted justice. :-(

Andy Gill

This college is a hotbed of bigotry and vicious racism. Some of the faculty are openly anti-semitic. Oberlin is a disgrace to America.

Sam Henning

Wonderful School that has a good relationship with the town

Stephanie P

The news is enough for me, destroying a business in the town is not tolerant.

Jodi Walker

Nam Nguyen

when proven for what they are, they think its strange that they are getting sued for defamation, uh no duh, you're a college, not a political group. most toxic also love how when scrolling down a lot of 5 stars review, is just the stars and nothing else

Juliana Stoner

Ali Emsaed

Paul Farah

EverythingMatters 23

Joseph Perry

Obviously, from recent events we see that this college supports criminal activity. They have suggested that is a student shop lifts one time, that it is excusable. They do not support businesses protecting them selves. I would suggest looking at other choices in colleges. There are many fine universities to choose from not to far from here.

S J Miller

Here is a very clear example of common thieves being treated as victims because they were caught. The college chose to attack the bakery owner for catching and reporting the thieves. It shows how twisted the thinking?? is among administrators and faculty at Oberlin. A very bad play by Oberlin.

Charlotte Martin

Scott Knieve

just lost huge lawsuit ! Communist college if there ever was one. Always playing the race card even when three of their punk students are caught stealing wine and CONVICTED after admitting to the crime. This is a case of an extremely anti-AMERICAN institution attacking small business for no reason at all. Anyone thinking of attending here needs to know that there is now a boycott of oberline grads in the real world. Sad for you that eventually you will have to leave your safe zone and live in reality with a job. Much of the business world will ignore your applications, so unless you are planning on being a community organizer and moving back with Mom & Dad you are screwed. Oberlin has always been known for cranking out lazy leftists losers, but now everyone knows what a bunch of mentally disturbed worthless freaks they are. This HR professional will be tossing Oberlin applicants into the reject bin where they belong.

Paul Adelman

Best Place Ever!


Scott Nelson

Michael Murphy

Students there believe it's their right to steal.

Old Blues Lover

Max Finkelpearl

Copyright Free Reuploads

From other reviews this place is great

Yushan Han

Dammy Adewole

Michael Andy

Danny Colbert Sr


(Translated by Google) Fu (Original) fu



The last three months have revealed that this college is a cesspool of hate...

Stefanie Shein

Owen Ellerkamp

Andres Meluso

Justin Andrews

D Brown

What a stupid hill to die on... ultra liberal administration means the college is not safe for conservative minded children. If they are so short sighted and stupid that they make national news, there are big problems and people need to lose their jobs. Good luck salvaging your reputation over the next 10 years.

James Morris

Joanna Stevens

Billy Lennon

Sarah Daniels

MapMaker 14

Anshuman Mor

JJ Hepp

You really can't sum up 4 years at a school in a short review so I'll just try to suggest something to consider about Oberlin if it's on your short list: the people who make up the faculty and staff. There may be more famous professors out there but the faculty by and large at Oberlin are fantastic and more importantly, they are here for the students. Since Oberlin isn't a big research university, the professors actually teach the classes and are interested and know the students. This is a wonderful thing. The staff and folks who keep the college running day-in and day-out also must be acknowledged - though they rarely do get enough praise. They are wonderful people, always happy to get to know the students in their time there!

Kevin Peterson

No school should support that type of behavior.


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