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REVIEWS OF Kent State University IN Ohio

Nella Citino

R Hamilton

My daughter transferred from Baldwin Wallace to complete her graduate degree. We enjoyed the campus and how many trees and forests surround it. It feels more like home than a college. I also enjoyed the grey squirrels. I've never seen a grey squirrel before.

Ben Kuharik

Jeff Davis Show

#jeffdavisshow - 1970 Kent State University Students Massacre #jeffdavisshow 1979 Kent State University Flunky Tells it like it is 4 May 1970 Kent State Students Massacre Recorded On location KSU Campus 29 April 2019

Anthony Richardson

Sarah Borovicka

Chase Heflin

bhaskar t

Randy Walsh

Campus is nice. Financial aid, bursar, and registrar office lacking any skilled workers at all. No one seems to want to help you as if you're a bother. They switched my parents loan information with mine, gave me double the normal amount, then halfway through my school year wanted 5500 back. Now my transcripts are on hold and I owe Kent state 5500 because of their mistake and it has totally ruined my life. Any one think this is worthy of a lawsuit?

Breanna May

I am absolutely in LOVE with this college. Remember, college is what you make it to be. Haters often don't like Kent because they were the ones that went home every weekend and changed their major 15 times. Pros: Kent has A TON of clubs, organizations, volunteer opportunities, etc to get you to involved. I've liked almost all my professors, and they really go out of their way to make sure YOU achieve. The library, rec center, and dining halls are all really good and updated. A lot of lecture halls are updated also. The campus has pretty much everything you will ever need including: Free transportation to surrounding cities, laundry mats, free rec center, free sporting events, free desktop computers in almost every building, cheap printing, markets with food you can buy with your meal plan, and SO much more. I just have loved my experience here. Cons: The food does get boring after about 2 months of eating it (Even with 24 different dining locations), you can't use your meal plan downtown, the rec center is a little bit of a walk, the football stadium is pretty much inaccessible without bus/car transportation, our current President (Lester Lefton) is no good (Getting a very promising new President in July!), a lot of people go home on the weekend, and it gets really cold up here. But, these are things that come with pretty much any campus you do decide to go to. There ARE going to be things you don't like with any campus. Hope this review can help some prospective students decide where to go!

Kishor Gajmer

Jared Müller

Great school can’t wait to graduate

Tom Sample

Deborah Allison

Gorgeous facility completely ruined by the obnoxious music. I take my workout very seriously. Part of the experience at any gym is the music. Basically you don't have to love it, you just don't want it to be a distraction. At the Rec Center they leave the choice of music up to a student in the "booth" whatever the booth is. I know because I asked. Which means the music can be okay or it can be pretty awful. I am not a fan of super hard rock or heavy metal and I wasn't a fan when I was a student at Kent either. But at the Rec Center you are at the mercy of whoever is in the booth. It's not because I'm a million years old. I've never liked loud screechy music. I went to Kent and I didn't like it then. I still don't like it. So sue me. When I complained to a lifeguard once she said she hated the music too, and so did another staff member who told me it was torture to have to work 8 hours at the mercy of the would-be dj in the booth. Apparently staff members are not allowed to complain about the music. Gyms and public places in general that have any thought of keeping customers happy and coming back understand that the auditory experience has an immense effect on customer satisfaction and mood. It's a science, there should be a policy, not just left up to one individual student. The administrators at the Rec Center claim there is a policy but if so, it's not much of a policy. Kent clings to this "anything goes" policy like a Neanderthal clinging to a woolly mammoth bone and I don't understand why. My mom trains there as well and she said many of her friends feel the same way. Some of them have completely given up on the Rec Center because of it. And you can say Ok but the Rec Center IS for the students and I would agree with you if I thought all the students loved that music but they don't. They just put on their headphones and try and drown it out. Back in the day only large musclebound guys went to the gym so gyms got in the habit of playing this guy music. And somehow a lot of gyms in Ohio, including the Rec Center, haven't noticed that we're in a new millennium now and whoops, gyms aren't just for roided up guys anymore. In my opinion this policy (or lack thereof) in regards to the music is both sexist and ageist. The townies who go to the Rec Center pay to be there. I'm not saying they should be catered to but they shouldn't be actively annoyed either and when they bring up a concern it should be addressed. I say "they" and not "we" because I gave up on the Rec Center too. I just go to the Nat over in the Falls. It's slightly farther but the experience is far better and so is the parking. They actually have a music policy in place and one time when the employees strayed from course all it took was a word to the manager and the situation was fixed ALONG WITH an apology. Which is how a business should be run. Yes, the Rec Center is part of KSU. I've paid a chunk of money to KSU too. But when you're selling memberships, then you're running a business, and treating a large percentage of your customers as if they were second-class citizens is not the way to run a business.

Joey Dobbertin

Rosie 20

Chen Jeff

Saurav Sagar

Pavol Kolencin

James Lonzo

Best college!


Tom Forbes

Kent State is an all-around great place. So glad I picked this school over Ohio State.

Ismael Ali

My 2nd home!

Cat Evilsizer

There is a lot of diversity on- campus and the people here are amazing! The campus is gigantic and I only got lost once. Google maps helps a lot.

krishnaiah kyathika

Brian Stof

Great technology/aerospace program, helpful staff and great professors. Only complaint is that there is a lack of parking every where on campus!


Offer no help or understanding toward commuters to their satellite or main branches--if you're poor or have a real life with real-world problems, they don't have time for you. They refused to refund my friend's tuition when she had to drop out because her grandmother was dying and she had to help take care of her because it was after their allotted "drop" classes time period. It took her 13 years to complete her degree elsewhere and certainly changed her life and not for the better. The refused to allow me to do an independent study because I was kicked out of my home and living on my own and trying to go to school, start a business, and commute to the main branch full-time, and managed to maintain a 4.0 whilst doing so because "they don't do things like that (independent study) here." I was never able to finish my degree after 15 years and continued my business outside of Kent. They were a hindrance, rather than a help, and they are to poor students, commuters, etc. anyone who causes them work and doesn't just go along with their programs because life gets in the way. I can't speak to the experience of international students coming without a lot of financial resources or poor or working class minorities, but unless they are rich, I would expect they would have to do all the footwork as well. They are inflexible and their "traditional-route" only mindset hurts very smart people who happen to not be affluent.

Chris Conry

Hailey Cannon

Akash Rao

Nick Gardunio

Kent State is a place to find yourself! I miss attending classes. Felt very independent!

Jim Jastatt

Great campus and experience

Joshua Bailey


Class of 2006, so glad that I picked this school over CSU back in the day! Really enjoy the Gym.

allison martinez

Kevin Wilson

leonard combi

A Google User

Loved my 4+ years at Kent.. Loved the campus, the attitude, the local bars, the music, and most of all- the 20,000 beatiful young ladies Ohio had to offer in the early 90's. I "crammed" as many of those expeirences, that I could get my hands in, er, on. Some things you want squeeze every last drop out of; and explore every last inch of anevery freshly planted grassy bluff, dark slippery cavern, and majectic mountaonous rock formation. And I haven't even mentioned those liberated teenage girls, that had their way with me!

Nick Donovan

Kyle Maguire

Their student loans department is an absolute nightmare.

Joseph Kerski

I’ve known faculty here in geology and Geography for many years and recently taught there for two days. The faculty and students are all top notch… I highly encourage a visit or to enroll there. Kent is a very nice community as well and the regional surrounding landscape is beautiful particularly in the fall.

Alexis Amato

It's not terrible. Pretty campuses, decent classes. Definitely more concerned with taking your money than giving you an actual education. If you live in ohio just go to OSU. It will be worth your time.

Jackson Ream

Matt Fountaine

Tuan Rizmil Sinnen

We are one of the Sri Lankan GOLF TOUR organizer. Looking forward to invite you to our country and we can provide you best rates.

Stephanie Coffy

KSU is by far the best university! I loved being on campus and all the opportunities they provide to students. I miss it every day since I have graduated and would encourage every one to attend KSU!

James Yeager

Great JMC school and incredible campus. Very walkable and a revitalized downtown. KSU is one of the best college experiences one can have.

Charles Underwood

Charles Lonergan

Kent is a great school, the people are great, the programs are superb, and the campus is beautiful (before it turns into a frozen tundra). It is great how efficiently they use the space on campus. 21,000 undergraduate students on a campus with such a small footprint is incredible. My only complaint is that it takes a workout just to walk to the rec. center, which causes fewer students to go.

Wannabe Psychologist

The Nixonian horror of what happened on May 4th. :(

Kent Blazier

What a beautiful college.

Philip Conti

Cause it was reliable

Sandy Bukovec CPA, LLC

I want to recognize Iris from the Kent State Bursar's office. On what was likely one of the busier days of the year, she went out of her way to be helpful, courteous, and patient. Her empathy and concern for our particular situation were evident and much appreciated.

RIP tube

Poor experience.

ratna kamma

Venkat Krishna


Anti Hero369

Wanna' Go Here!!!!

Gangster Hamster

JJ Martin

They took out the tennis courts that had lights and now the only tennis courts on campus do not have lights so I can’t play at night. Very upsetting.

Pooja Aishwarya

Grahm Good

Many unhelpful staff, who act inconvenienced to respond to ordinary questions that you need help with with attitude. Director of library worries me. Director of Human Resources unresponsive as well. Campus may be beautiful and it takes ALL -- students, AND staff AND faculty to make a good experience with this campus. The quality of this campus may be a myth perpetuated by upgraded buildings and nice landscaping.

Roney Chowdhury

Tristan Isham

Massive campus, nice students, lovely atmosphere


Loved it! I am a KSU alumni. The best decision I ever made was to transfer to Kent. They offer a great education and many opportunities to learn and get involved. Kent set me up for success.

TheMerle1975 M

Visited to complete a tour for my son. We were both very pleasantly surprised by the welcoming feeling for a reasonably large school. The student guide provided good information and answered many of our concerns while touring the campus. The student services and accommodations are very solid. As long as your area of study/major is offered, Kent would be worth a look. The town is small and quaint, but offers good services and retail. Larger towns are only minutes away and offer more robust choices, if preferred.

Andrew Untch

My time at Kent State was the best 4 years of my life! I love that university and town so much.

luke walter

Rhett Short

Al bader Alzharani

I well go to the university but unknown any thing about this country

Ana Monos

B Marie

I graduated from Kent 2 years ago and it was the best 4 years of my life. I had amazing professors who helped me obtain internships which is why I was able to find a job right after graduation. The bottom line is college is work, if you don't put in the effort or slack then yea you might not graduate on time. Some of these bad reviews are ridiculous. Its not Kent states fault you wont graduate on time and dealing with loans is always stressful. Going to Kent was the best decision and I made life long friends. They have a lot of organizations to get involved with. I was in a sorority and loved it. I have zero complaints about anything.



Doug Wolff

Hakami, Abdullah


Chuck Davis

Kent recently bought a podiatry school which is the former Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. It seems like Kent is now money driven taking in almost 130 new students especially when they are aware of the residency shortage crisis. Last year the school took in around 85 students addressing the residency shortage. There were many 4th year students that just graduated without a residency position. So... Think about it...Do they care about your future or theirs? The school is almost open admission and if you cannot keep up, you are booted with almost $70K debt. Most other MD/DO medical schools take in less students and they try to keep you. This place has a very high fail out rate. The quality of education is very poor especially in core classed like Micro, Neuro, Lower Anatomy and Pharm. If you cant learn on your own, do not come to this place. I am now a 3rd year student who wishes I never came here!

Marry Kent


Birdman Wilson

Get an education today!

Njomza Emërllahu

Jerry Lawrence

Its very sharp looking at kent state campus kent,ohio& nice & very clean keep the good work up owners & all saff members of August 10-2015

salman nzm

The best university

Emmanuel Bolanos


Chaudhary Nildarsh

Varun Konduru

A beautiful campus and learning experience.

Anil Kumar Reddy Gaddam

Talal Jado

David Gossett

Mohamed Alrashdi

nadimpalli varma

Sean B.

This college sucks. They had campus police officers illegally search Leandra Westbrook’s backpack without a warrant. The campus police officers involved should be fired! My advice for prospective students would be to avoid this college and go to a real college that actually follows the law. If you go to this college you will probably have your civil rights violated.

Anas Hassan

Yasushi Okamura

Great school and I am proud that I was a part of it.

M skelletor

Terrible college!



Travis Watkins

Abdullah Kayen

Alyssa Gray

Great facility and nice campus. However, administrative departments had very limited knowledge. Nobody knew whats going on. I had to go through a couple of departments and transferred to different people when I had questions. Everyone would give me completely different answers. When I stayed in one of the dorms during winter break one year, I called the mailing department to ask about a package delivery question. The person who worked at the mail department didnt even know students would be able to get mails during winter break until I told him that I received a package the other day from my area desk. He was surprised and told me he didn't know. And this was just the tip of the iceberg. Overall, the administrative departments didn't care enough about their students, if they did, they would have been more helpful. Not only did those people incompetent, they were also impatient. Most importantly, they would try to blame their own issues on students when it was their responsibility to help students navigate administration-related issues. It was sad that nobody expose one of the professors. She used her high social status and position oppress students. My classmate and i were belittled by her for no reason. Administrative workers need to have proper training. If most administrative departments can't understand the system themselves, have poor communication channels, don't have enough knowledge to help students, there are going to have a lot of victims of systematic failures.


cocaine and heroin boys here and lots of drug and alcohol plus women h

Marcin 13

Do yourself a favor GO to KENT STATE !!! Class of 2005 Alumni.

Frankie Fleischer

The professors here are a JOKE

Harald Plus

Absolutly rassist university, we will look for a other place to send our childs to. As a white person youre not welcome there.

William Andrews

Kent State provides an excellent education at an incredible value. The campus is beautiful, and all of the buildings are being either restored, remodeled, or replaced. Also, all of the professors I have come in contact with have been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend KSU to any student!

Josh Roberts

Ellen Marks

Malik Al Junaidy


Kaleigh Shriver

Worst college ever.

sadia ayinga

Rasiz Mandal

Charles Folger

This was a good place for me to go to school. I learned some things. It made me the success that I am today?


Really nice school! The majors are good, staff seem to know what they are talking about, and not to mention the great campus!

John Benzel

gertrude pickett

Isaac Miller


Great school

Nick Banko

Bailey Stackpole

Elise Cowles

Antonia De Santiago

LED Baseline

kelo lin

It was awesome. Nice friends and great environment.

Gerald Mearini

They invented the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)!!!

sravan kumar reddy


Nick Rusanowsky

Kent reed, Kent right, Kent state


Todd Esola

Travis Oberlin

Moh Atmeza


Judson VanAntwerp

Aside from the beautiful campus, this place allows you to make what you want of your experience. It is flexible for commuting students (besides the occasional parking headache), provides plenty to do for those living on campus, and employs quality staff and faculty. It is a research institution that is doing incredible things and is providing amazing opportunities for all walks of life in the Kent community, northeast Ohio region, the nation, as well as globally. Under President Warren's leadership, I only expect the institution to gain more prestige throughout the years.

Neal Story

Chris W



Brandon Rudd

Tia Beaty

Sometimes you think you like it here because its beautiful in the summer and there is black squirrels but if you need academic help or anything related to financial need noone can help you, something new is always being built but never finished (raising tution and meal plan), for most classes they make required special kent state books that are over $100 and are ONLY found at kent state. Lastly, the school is always promoting diversity but wont make any solid efforts to help or even promote multicultural orgs or students. The only good thing is the fashion and architecture school.

Ronnie Carson

Ziyad Masoud


University is soo amazing and have a awesome working environment. I hope i can be is this university for my furthers studies in architecture.

Sridivya Gollapudi

Such a lovely place

Jeremiah Bertin

Stan Bryan

Jon Ridinger

Bryan Bryce

RHS graduation ceremony was outstanding as well as the facility, staff and KSU PD

Mitch Keane

It seems as though Kent is doing everything in their power to prevent me from graduating on time. Nothing has been an easy streamlines process with getting me to classes that I need.

Michael Ross

Great regional university for NEO! terrific student programming and learning.

Alexander Vinolus

Beautiful campus, but my major (integrated social studies) was not up to the standards of other colleges. Professors were not the best and had one that complained about KSU rather often. Campus empties out on the weekends so if you stay on campus there is not much to do. The food is actually pretty good and dorms are nice as well. Very happy that I transferred to The University of Cincinnati after one year at Kent State University.

Lala Quirós

David Smith

Kent State University is one of the first American universities to be accredited by the Ministry of Education. The US News and World Report is ranked 176th (2018) by American universities. The school was founded in 1910 and consists of eight campuses, with nearly 42,000 students and 600 Chinese students. Kent is one of the nation's largest local education systems, the top three in Ohio. The authoritative US News and World Report named Kent one of the top 200 universities in the United States. In 2011, The Times ranked the best 200 universities in the world. Kent offers more than 270 undergraduate majors, 55 master's majors and 22 doctoral majors. With its comprehensive advantages, the Princeton Review has named Kent as one of the “Best Midwestern Universities” for many years, which proves its strength in teaching and research.

Ana Diaz

campus lets some crazy student bring a gun to campus and are ok with a reputable school they are....

yo mama


Fantastic University! My son study there! He likes so much!


Hattan Ashour

Lorenzo Thomas

Kent alumnus, go flashes! Make sure to take a course in philosophy. The examined life is a life well lived!

Dylan Exton

Julia Pyle

(Translated by Google) yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS (Original) yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

Sanathkumar Jonnawada

samhith reddy

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