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REVIEWS OF Case Western Reserve University IN Ohio

Rakesh Guha

aryan raj bhatia

Best place to be

Jadson Rago

saad dass

Sam Bederman

Yang Zheng

Jon L Albee

Now here's a real sleeper of an institution. An entirely comprehensive research university, there are few subjects a student can't study here. The grounds are beautiful, and the University Circle neighborhood is about as culturally rich as they come. If you're looking for a true urban university experience, and ESPECIALLY if you're interested in any of its top professional schools, this one should be on your list.

Douglas Fine

Nancy Mariner

Bennetta Bradford

Jacqui Green

The only reason I didn't give this institution a lower rating is because the option isn't available. Me and my sixty-one year old mother had the campus security or police called on us twice while we were doing legal research at Case Western Law Library. We were referred to this institution by a counselor from Mae Dugan Center. Me and my mom had visited the facility twice before my mother asked for assistance and was referred to speak with someone in the legal offices downstairs. She spoke with someone but never got a response after that meeting. And when we visited the law library again to do more research on our own we were approached by a security officer, showing a blurry cell phone picture of two women that they claimed to have defaced some property at the library. The security officer realized she had made a mistake, apologized and we thought the matter was settled until we came back about a week or so later and six or seven police officers show up with the same story. Again when me and my mother were approached by the officers we told them that the two women in the photo was neither of us. The officer that questioned us was rude when he asked for our identification despite seeing that the two women in the photo looked nothing like me or my mother. But I guess they assumed because the women in the photo were black and female meant we obviously were the same people. This many police officers showing up for something so frivolous was both offensive and a waste of time. The police officers left without incident and my mother and I left soon after. We haven't been back since. And neither of us will ever step foot on Case Western campuses again nor will I refer anyone to this institution. The officers did not apologize for the errror nor did the staff member who called them apologize. I guess doing legal research in a law library while black is a crime.

Evan Minior

Earnest PD

Best ever! Top notch research with great funding simply feels at home. Not much hyped about! Good that is not a great party place! Downside: Cleveland gets very chilly during winters

Bob Harms

Experience at the university was only so-so. Especially disappointed in the lack of veteran's support.

Lexi Jackson

Yuan Yuan

(Translated by Google) Case Western Reserve University is a research-oriented private university located Kelifulan Ohio. The school is composed of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University merged in 1967. The famous history proves invariance of the speed of light Michelson - Morley experiment is carried out here in 1887. Michelson and also became the first American to win the Nobel Prize. (Original) 凱斯西儲大學是美國的一所研究型私立大學,位於俄亥俄州的克里夫蘭市。該校是由凱斯理工學院及西方儲備大學於1967年合併而成。歷史上著名的證明光速不變性的邁克爾遜-莫雷實驗,就是1887年在這裡進行的。而邁克爾遜也成為第一個贏得諾貝爾科學獎的美國人。

Derek Barnett

don miles


Yasmin Milani

Da He

Great university!

M. Felix Orlando

A fab place to live.

James Lau

Visited the university during the opening. Good overall review about the university.


Jay Shiralkar

Simply,I love this place

John Wright

D.C. lee

Xenneye YT

Xiaolei Zhang

Kuan Huang

Monique Richardson

Laura Hockenberry

Set in Cleveland's University Circle, this private school is known for nursing & research programs. - Google


(Translated by Google) Although it is not well known in Korea, it is a research university with 16 Nobel Prize-winning professors. All of our students are studying hard and are among the best schools in America. (Original) 한국에는 많이알려져있지않지만 16명의 노벨상을수상한교수님들과의연구중심의대학. 학생모두들 열심히공부하며 명문사립대학교의 미국에서 최고의학교로손꼽히고 있어요

Christopher Gittings

A world class university! Check out the inside of the Peter B Lewis Building. Its awesome!

Alyssa Savadelis

Sam Morrison

This is a university. You should probably not decide which school to go to by reading a Google review.

Joshua B

Go case

Amparo Linares

(Translated by Google) A question: What is the director's name? (Original) Una pregunta: ¿Como se llama el director?

John Batamica

Great place for undergraduates to do research. Also close to Cleveland Clinic and UHHS help students to expose to medical staffs Video lectures help you review or miss class when sick.

Anand Dev .Tiwari

Ozzy Smith Vlogs

Benjamin Miller


Brandon Bell

Ben Haybrook

Jeffery Chen

David Ran

Exile Plustax

Tom Gutberg

Kiran Garg

Emma Bene

Yolanda Cunningham

Josh Reichman

I might be a little bit biased since I'm enrolled here. The campus is beautiful (check out some of the photos I've taken on the campus). I love the classes. Great opportunities from major companies as Case is one of the top universities in the US.

Germaine worthy

It was wonderful!! It was like and is a city within itself! Great staff, polite students, and an overall great community to raise a family in!!!

Siddhesh Ambhire

Weicong Chen

Oday Shalan

Beautiful design

Ken Bielecki

Great school.

Joseph Gugino

Yannique Stewart

I am currently a sophmore here and I absolutely love it here. I only gave 4 stars because housing can be a bit annoying and the food is so-so. But overall I feel I'm getting a great education and this is the best school for me.

Jonathan Monreal

An awful excuse for an educational institution full of people who claim to embrace respect and tolerance but only show apathy and indifference.


Laila Pierce

Jaydon Jordan

It is amazing I love teaching

Aramis Dunn

Dilip Giram


Financial aid office and admissions officers were indifferent and not helpful in assisting us with finding scholarships or grands. I was told that I should pay 43K a year (with 3-5% /per year increase in cost), which is all of my take home income! Thank you Case!

Nate Ginn

Kayla Reaves

David E. Rodriguez

Go Spartans!

Alexander Patrick



Michael Rosenfield

Random Life


Antonio De Palma

Bradley Laas

I've had a lot of troubles with this institution. But it has always held a place in my heart. Until now. In a recent letter from Dean Patterson, a Vice President of some sort, he referred to the man who raped me as a "victim." He is not a victim. He is a monster. I am survivor. But it is places like Case Western that continue to support rape culture in America that make surviving hard. I am not at fault. The man who took life as I new it away from me is. Thank you case western for delegitimizing my pain.


Unique School - I have always found Case Western Reserve University very interesting. I did not go there, but wished I had applied. I ended up going to Albion College and University of Michigan, both good schools. Case Western is big enough to offer a wide variety of majors, many more than a liberal arts college, yet it has the intimate atmosphere of a liberal arts school with small classes. I think it is an ideal compromise, between large universities and small liberal arts school. I think it is ranked lower than it deserves. Go check it out and take a Campus tour. Small school feel with research and equipment of a large school.

Maria Lucia Gomes

mohammed sohailuddin


Wayne H. Liang

Great university.

Natasha Manning

Jamile Joos Tyba

Brady Quinn

Awful customer service from both the admissions and financial aid departments! Don't expect to get any help from these people.


One of the highest suicide rates in the country. I wonder why... I was ridiculed for my southern accent by professors and students. There's more racism here than anything I experienced in the South. Support for LGBT is non existent (probably a factor in the shameful suicide rate on campus)

Anne Garwig

Henry Liu

maya sophia

Roman Sheremeta

I have taught at three different universities, Case has one of the best students I have ever encountered! Great place to teach!

Frank Carlone

Case is a great School one of the best. Seems spoiled students expect room service. I am so happy my son is a student there. Admissions and Financial aid Department have been so friendly and helpful it is beyond description. My son can't wait till school starts..Go Spartans

Sarah Reinbolt

Quinn Favo

I enjoyed the tour. It seems like a well-organized campus.

Xin Guo

D Liu

Avoid like the plague. The tour given is designed into tricking prospies into thinking that CWRU is such a wonderful institution when it's far from it. Its main claim to fame is its medical school, and everything else is average or sub-par. If you want a good engineering or premed education, go to a state school and save big bucks. Otherwise, if you "weed out" from either program, you'll be stuck with crappy business, humanities, and average hard science departments

giancarlo saccucci

Great school, top notch research school, and good urban location, especially if you like Italian food....

Lil Leonaister

Robert Bishop

Case Western Reserve University has a very good looking campus - the grounds are well kept (when not covered with snow), the buildings are interesting and varied architecture, and there are numerous green spaces and fields. The university itself is award winning, and the community is a relatively close knit community. It has a good reputation, and it forms the center of the University Circle area of Cleveland.

Alastair Bastian

Abdul Hamid


taib rashid saeed


Beautiful campus

Cal McAuliffe

Darren Huang

David Pendergast

Case Rocks!

Abdullah Osme

Dria John

Great place to learn, grow and connect.

Matthew Schnupp

Though expensive, this is a wonderful school with a lot of opportunities if you are interested in the sciences and are ambitious. It was wonderful to be close to so many cultural areas and within walking distance to top-notch museums, gardens, and the Cleveland orchestra. Another often ignored fact is the university's proximity to both CIM and CIA, (Cleveland Institutes for Music and Art, respectively) which add some interesting and eclectic student events if you look for them.

Danny Mixon

Steven Crown

rosa salgado

Anne Graupmann

Manoj Kumar

Jay n 7

Jaquayah Tate

TJ Buckets

Kamen Gevrenov

I did my MBA at Case 2000-2002. I really enjoyed my time and would argue academically Case is on part with many top 10 schools. I loved Cleveland Heights, Little Italy and University Circle. Wonderful areas with top notch institutions. On top - at Case I also met my wife! Greetings from Amsterdam.


Two thumbs up!!!

Samarth Arora

Great research. Great faculty.


What a amazing place! One of the worlds top research universities and a very cool place to live!

Austin Powers

Terrific faculty and the campus is one of the most underrated in the country-absolutely beautiful.

sulaiman alqahtani

Very nice place and high quality university.

Qi Zeng


Patti Huang

Wei Wang

Nicola e Pina

(Translated by Google) Everything is kept perfectly fine. (Original) È tutto tenuto perfettamente bene.

lakshmi janardhan

Love the school. Daughter and I visited and loved it.

Dylan Corrigan-Mook

Xueer Yuan

Hanan Almutawa

sia fanta

Luke Haruki

Shahin Pahlevani

Miriam Leon

Joe Dienes

Went to the Dental clinic this morning at 9:00 for a 9:45 appointment. Only I other person there. At least a dozen others arrived after me and were greeted and taken back for service. I waited until 10:30 and left. After 3 signatures to check in no one ever came out for me. Not a good way to train your students after several of them had seen me sitting there looking into the clinic area.

George Freeman

Daniel Ackeret

This is an amazing school overflowing with diversity and culture.

Luoyi Li

su yikai

Charlie Zoller

The freshman dorms are not that great, but everything else is perfect. Cleveland and Case don't get enough credit where credit is due.

Pepper Jaxx

Mars Anto

Ruel Sebastian

Taylor Elizabeth

My boyfriend and I were at the School Of Dental Medicine and had Dr. Kalatari, he was absolutely wonderful and was willing to work with us. We drove from Akron desperately seeking help and we sure got it!! Thank you so much!!

Benita Drayton

Thomas Siu

Zachary Burell

Sanjib Datta



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