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REVIEWS OF Bowling Green State University IN Ohio

Indranna Ewans

Google Name

This university suspended nine fraternity members from the group for ONE YEAR over actions the college ultimately decided were PROTECTED by the First Amendment. You can’t punish students for exercising their first amendment rights!

Lukas Ohms

Colin Holliday

GUARANTEE YOU, whoever came up with the idea of an uneven indoor track also came up with the idea of a papertowel-less bathroom. The recreation center does not have paper towels in the locker rooms/bathrooms. I have to blow my nose into my hands and then wash them. Secondly, the Education buildings STUDENT LOUNGE is constantly filled with teachers.

Kai Drummond

Riley Kinn

Golden Amour

Sean Reed

Cassie Calvert

Michael Fowle

Currently using a computer on campus and their own website won't even load.

Lorraine Wireman


Andrew Mickey

probably one of the best schools in Ohio. graduated in 2012 and not a day goes by that I don't think about it! so memorable!

Taylor Bohn

The greatest place on Earth.

Meadow Kaye

Kelsey Elling

Elijah Whiteside

Thảo Thanh

Bowling Green

Sarah Karpinski

Meejo Almadhi

kartheek nsk

Angeleena Mulligan

Scott Mamone

Terrible school. All the teachers are foreign, food sucks, and the bursar office costs you money just trying to figure out the bill. ITS department is the worst, no wireless across campus and they charge for everything.

Caitlyn Menicucci

As a senior set to graduate in May, I cannot express enough how blessed I have felt to have completed my undergraduate studies here at BGSU. I was not the type who fell into the cliche of falling in love with campus on my first visit. Rather, I felt that I would get the necessary training and support I needed to be successful with my future goals. As an out of state student, I typically went home once or twice a year at most. Therefore, I thought it was crucial to find a college where I could be both happy and successful. BGSU gave me so many educational and extra curricular opportunities that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. As I prepare for dental school, I can honestly say that I think BGSU gave me tools I need to be successful in my graduate and professional life. I became involved early on in residence life, student organizations, and off campus organizations as well. Now, this is not to say I didn't occasional struggle academically. However, BGSU was able to offer me the help I needed (honestly, I love that I can get free tutors here!). Frankly, there is never a dull moment here at BG, regardless of what your focus is. Despite not going home much, BGSU became my home away from home. I think that BGSU is a great place to experience real student life while getting an academic challenge. Roll Along current and future falcons! I hope that you choose BGSU and enjoy it as much as I have. :)

Jason Wayman

Pretty campus overall, lots of new construction and buildings in the last two years I have visited (summer piano camp for a high school age son).

Harsha Samarasinghe

Jack Tibbitts

US News and World reports says the median BGSU grad will make 40k ten years after graduation. Although I did enjoy my time at BGSU the cost to benefit ratio is no where worth it. I have been successfully employed in my field and dutifully pay 500 a month towards my student loans. These payments barely cover the interest on my 50k loan. Students please reconsider trade schools and community colleges. Many of these trades and skills you will make more money sooner and have none of the debt. What would you rather do with your 500 a month? The current cost after grants and aide is 15k a year best case. So all in your at 60k at 7 percent interest is 4200 a year. This ratio will set almost all 40 k a year job having BGSU grads into the dumpster. Not to mention the 3 semesters of internships BGSU touts as a huge benefit towards my education I still had to pay the college to attend them. As I near the end of my student loan repayments there are so many better options. No matter what your highschool guidance counselor tells you, you do not need student loans to be successful.

Nikhil Reddy

Ryan Neal

Brian Fuerst

Halima Islamova

Andrea Brubaker

I went to BGSU for one year and absolutely hated it... it was so different than what I thought it was going to be. When I visited campus my senior year of high school, I absolutely adored what I thought would be my home for the next four years. When I got to school and reality set in, there were so many things I found that I hated. I was first told by the Bursar's office and tour guides that it would cost me roughly $12,000 to go to school at BGSU for one year, after my freshman year.. I was in debt $21,000 - that may even be an underestimate. The food on campus is absolutely terrible and overpriced. Some of the teachers I had were the rudest people I had ever interacted with. I could go on and on, but I promise you, BGSU is not the school that they make themselves out to be.

Cody craft01233

Attempting to get information about the education programs has been insane. No one knows information on gradation programs and even the one that was supposed to know refuses to help. The only he seemed worried about was the fact I didn't have a voice mail set up. Staff is very unhelpful at this college


BGSU is by no means the worst university ever. In fact, on campus, I felt relatively safe and it was decently clean. The food was not bad, the school is vegetarian/vegan friendly, which is a plus (wish they didn't force you on a meal plan, though). Most of the teachers I had were very good. However, my experience at BGSU was also negative. The dorm I stayed in was absolutely horrific. Fire alarms went off practically every day and sometimes in the dead of night. Most of the individuals on my floor were obnoxious. These college kids who are supposed to act like adults have to be told how to take out their trash properly and how to respect others. Bottles of human excrements were left in the hallways and on the bathroom floors. Just a really nasty atmosphere. That is not the university's fault, however. I just wish more action had been taken towards the people in my dorm. I honestly tried to get out of the dorm most of the time, but even the surrounding campus/area made me feel extremely isolated. The landscape is entirely flat and lifeless. Granted, I should have known what I was getting into since BG is a small college town. Yet, even with that in mind, being there was absolutely agonizing. I regret to say that I had to leave the place that was supposed to be my "new home", but I am in a much happier place since I left the university. Some people will enjoy it, some people will not. It defininely was not the place for me.

Nathan Riley

Being a senior at BGSU, I truly feel like I have gotten the opportunity to receive the entire BGSU experience. I have made it through the cold weather, the long finals weeks, and everything else you can expect from any University in the Midwest, and to this day I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. Coming in from out of state to attend BGSU ended up being one of the best decisions I have made. It has given me the knowledge and skills I had needed to receive my job after graduation and for a success in my life/career. With the size of a Division I University but the comfort of a small town, the opportunities here at BGSU are endless! GO FALCONS!!

Janelle Minniee

Shyam Yadav

David Bordeaux

Vagish Vela

Really nice campus. The buildings and facilities are maintained really well. I enjoyed looking around and the Student Union has a decent variety of food. They also have Starbucks here! For someone visiting the staff and students are really nice and helpful.

Josh Cavinder

Marcia Anderson

My daughter loves it there...nice campus!

George Handel

Extremely expensive but they have a heavy focus on updating technology and their campus. Very impressive campus and dorms.

Becca Boos

I am a current freshman at BGSU, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I chose to come here because it was close to home and BG has a respected program for my major. I live in Centennial this year, and I love it! I also really like the location of the university. There is so much to do around campus and on it. A few of my close friends from high school are attending here as well so I was lucky enough to have friends from the beginning, but being on campus is a really great way to make new friends because everyone here is friendly. The workload can be stressful, but I've found that there are several resources to help you stay on track and most professors are always willing to be of assistance. The food served in the dining halls can be a little bizarre sometimes, but I've learned to try new things and have never had a problem finding something I liked. I plan to attend BG for all six years of my schooling because there is no better school!

Molly Horst

Amber Dudley

BGSU turned out to be the perfect school for me. I am a junior studying Early Childhood Education, and I couldn't ask for a better experience. The professors I've had are passionate about what they teach, and do everything they can to help students succeed. By the end of next fall I feel confident that I will be prepared to handle my own classroom. There are so many ways to get involved on campus! I have enjoyed being a part of many organizations here, and made some lasting friendships. I love BGSU for many reasons but the main reason would have to be how kind the people are. Walking around campus, it is impossible not to see a smiling face. It's a great place to be!

William Sheehan, III

Shirley Hayward

Family went for orientation... everyone was very warm, welcoming and helpful. One of the instructors even provided me a ride to my car on a golf cart due to my bad knee. Also the police personnel were very comforting on campus safety.

John Apple

It’s geed


Karan Nakade

Ross Delgado

Charles Curley

I worked here and went to school, this place is bad. they over charge you for everything. Most classes are taught by faculty. and they mess up a lot of paper work. They also pay student employees the bare minimum. Don't go here

Andrea LeBarr-Weber

James Avolt


Kevin Lotosky

great school.....felt right at home from the first day I arrived there...

OliveWhore Fatso

very well, has a good melting point very useful for realizeing science. i was only injured while playing the guitar, not attendenting the college

Rosco NoE

Without BGSU! I would've never been apart of the legendary "Stroh Center Rap" Video! @Rosco_NoE

Lori Shambarger

A wonderful place for your child to learn how to play hockey or figure skating

James Little

"Follow The Yellow Brick!" Author Jimi Little! Fresh! New Book! Based On Overcoming Obstacles In Black America! A MUST READ!

Nathan Welch

Got a Bachelor of Science Degree, Dual Majoring in Architecture and Construction Management. After co-op's, graduating, active job searching and attending all their job fairs went a year unemployed. Would suggest not going here.

Zahraa Habib

Jack Norman

Terri Lukshaitis

I went back to college at BGSU when I was 52, I presently have 2 college students and would not recommend BGSU to anyone, especially if you are a parent! Steer your college age student far away from this University. Very early in the semester I went to class and BGSU had an event going on and there were no parking spaces available for parking, I parked in the lot I was assigned to and was given a ticket because Iwas not in exactly the right place, I was in my assigned lot and parked along side several other cars that had to park in what was available as well. I appealed the ticket and was told what I should have done was to to a parking lot that was even further away (this was already one of the furthest lots and I had planned accordingly time-wise), I was already late for class because of this issue and would not have made it to class at all if I had gone to the lot that was off-campus and then caught the shuttle.

Kyle Cooper

Wish I could give zero stars. Rudest group of people I've ever met in an academic setting.

Austin Lighthill

Kelsey Meyer

Rayfong Chen

Erica Sadlik

From day one of my freshman year, BGSU has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and experiences both in the classroom and on campus. Not only have my classes and professors helped me both educationally and professionally, I have also been able to get involved with many great organizations on campus such as the Early Childhood Education program, Greek life, and intramurals. Thanks to Bowling Green State University I am in my fourth year here as an Early Childhood Education major and that experience alone has been outstanding from the beginning. I have had so many hands on experiences in different classroom settings from pre-schools to tutoring centers to various elementary grade levels where I have been able to expand my teaching skills and knowledge with the help of mentor teachers. The professors have been more than helpful making sure that I have all the resources I need to succeed in the teaching profession. I love everything about BGSU from the welcoming feeling I get just being on campus, to the education I have received here, as well as the organizations I have been able to get involved in. BGSU makes it easy to want to step outside of your comfort zone and experience things you'd never thought were possible. As a senior I can confidently say that BGSU has given me all that I could have wanted out of my college experience and then some and for that I am entirely grateful.

Nick Biere

Beautiful campus and scenery.

Zack Kallas

Best Edu programs Ever

I would definitely masturbate to this

Bobby Dale

I originally went to bowling for soup university for an undergrad degree. The communication department at Green Bay state university was interesting at first but when trying to decide on a degree I didn’t know what journalism degree to choose from the 15+ they had. Like seriously, I thought journalism was journalism. Everyone there acted like they were at an Ivy League school too. So instead of wasting my time here at green bean state university I transferred to “THE” Ohio State University.

Joseph Menard

Tom Sandford

Marecia Gaston

BGSU created an amazing experience for me; it was home away from home. Bowling Green is a simple town, with everything college students could ever *need* within 5 miles. There is a perfect balance between peaceful, safe and fun. My instructors were fantastic and cared deeply about their students. Student life was phenomenal. They have a fantastic recreation center and amazing people all around. Falcon for life!

William Rudloff

Graduated in 1984 and still find it "home" Go Sig Ep!

Trey Williams

Great college experience in a classic college town. Smaller class sizes and a more personal experience with professors. You can get out of your education whatever you are willing to put in at this school.

Beth Lebold

Scott Munch

Bowling Green was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. As a recent graduate, BGSU has lead me to much success in my young career, and given me lasting relationships I will carry with me for a lifetime! Always proud to call myself a Bowling Green Falcon!

Nioka Thacker

I go to college here. As with all colleges, there are flaws and annoyances, but it is a great place overall and I've grown a lot.

Amir Huggins

BGSU! The school for you! Well, I don't know if that's true, but I do know that it is the school for me. If I love it, you might love it too. Ay Ziggy Zoomba everyday!

Chris Wyant

Don't allow you to do any tricks that you have learned in classes that were provided for the necessity of learning those tricks. No control over people skating to fast. Allow to much socialization while others are on the ice trying to attempt tricks. Horrible staff.

Lia Bias

Jackson Zooker

Imagine getting hit by a train for four years straight. Now imagine getting hit by a train for four years straight in a good way. This is BGSU


Awesome, great campus, scenic, beautiful, fans there are great, great facilities, great school!

Matt Dittoe

Alberto Sanchez

Amanda Hall

Love it n most important part is that the teacher's help n understand if u have a prob

pokemon anime

Luciana Vega

Dakota Lause

I love it here at BGSU! I am a Music Major with a minor in Psychology hoping to go on to get my Master's Degree in Music Therapy and I have no doubts that I will be prepared for that day! The classes are challenging, but there is always help when you need it. Dorm life was great, off campus life is awesome too! I love the recreation opportunities on and off campus, there are so many things to do for free right in the area! I love that we're in such a small safe town with such a big Division 1 college feeling. Getting involved on campus is so easy, which makes it really easy to find where you fit in on campus - being involved has been the best thing about undergrad so far for me. I love BGSU, and I would never change my college decision - I love the Music Department, I love the sports, I love the Marching Band, I love the people, I love my classes, and I love the people here. Roll Along Falcons!

Ashley Ann

Great school, Teachers are wonderful, Achieve your dreams

Daniel Myers

Great place to attend college, the dinning system is a scam though.


First college visit. Great atmosphere and knowledgeable staff! Wonderful place for high education!

John McKessy

Bowling Green is NOT a state. Also their QB is not good.

Kanishk Aditya

Bowling Green State University is in a word...AWESOME. I went there for my Masters and frankly speaking, those were few of the best days of my life. I am actually very surprised to see that the average score isn't above 4.75, at least. The school has everything a student can possibly ask for, an excellent faculty, a very helpful staff and the best overall atmosphere for a great student life. The library though could use a bit of an upgrade in terms of the range of books offered. But still, that is just the one aspect that I can think off where the University needs work. And if you are talking about the age of few of the building, then let me just say that it only adds to the experience. It’s an absolutely beautiful campus and the building (old and new) just adds to its brilliance. Coming to the teachers, they are all great, willing to go the extra mile to help a student out and make sure that you have all that you need to be a good student. In my entire experience I can't point out a single teacher that was even average, all were really good. As I mentioned before BGSU has a great campus, it might not be as colossal as some of the bigger Universities have but is still pretty huge. In fact it’s of the perfect size, not so big as to be a drag to go from one point (dept. building) to another but also big enough to give you a sense that you are a part of a decent size campus. The University is also investing big time into upgrading the campus, last time I visited a friend there, I saw a whole new Dorm come up along with a new arts center. I believe they are revamping the entire campus pumping in some $250M to do it with. As mentioned in another review (I believe it was Amanda's) this University exudes diversity, in every aspect of its life, students, teachers, activities...etc. That is what made this place such a joy to be in. Coming to the life outside the campus, well, if you are nocturnal then there are enough night clubs and bars to keep you content and of course several local restaurant and pizza places are there too. The place also has a Wal-Mart Super Center and a Meijer's, so you know....groceries shouldn't be a problem. :-D More importantly, its Career Fair is what is so darn important. Because BG is in close proximity to so many important cities, business wise, the career fair has a huge number of companies coming in. These are for internships as well as full time jobs, and given the fact that even during the horrid time of late 2008 when the US economy had imploded, there were still several companies that showed up, I'd say its a very good place to be in career wise. Finally I'd just like to say that you can't help but fall in love with this place, its homely, full of warm helpful people and best of all its got excellent courses and the faculty to back it up with.

Tim Wygant

Very maintained and administration is easy to work with.

Dawn Smith

Liz Simmons

Abdul Amir Khan

Nancy Rogers

Taioni Smith

Rebecca Kaiser

Dwaylon Alexander

Great school learned alot about life! Great time in my life!

Monica Todd

Do yourself a favor and attend college somewhere else.

Tucker Marshall

I am a freshman at BGSU and ever since I first stepped foot on this campus in 2002 I have always loved it. I wanted to come here ever since then and for my dream to come true is as equally as amazing as this campus is. You won't find a mean spirited person on this campus and there will always be someone who can help you. I couldn't be happier here.

rajendran mahendran

Tonya j Lowry

Name: Luke

bad staff. many are not professionals as they should be. However, certain programs are good and you will learn stuff for credit towards a degree or two degree or whatever you are doing.

Graham Lewis

Kinny Odai

James Faught

Allison Maynard

Love my city, love my college :)

Kevin McCallum

Cicely Watkins

Sleiman Masri

Had an amazing time here! Lot's to do, great professors, found a job right away, got into a great law school (hated that and left). Join Greek life, go on Outdoor Program trips, play intramural sports, go out to the bars, and actually go to class. Don't complain, make the best of it!

Dan P

Bernadette Opsahl


Brittany Black

1v1 fortnite

Minhaj Ahmed

I have bad experience about Bowling Green State University about Faculty is not helpful. I attend Fall 1982 as a graduate student.I will say waste of money in state of Ohio.There many good universities in the state of Ohio. Look at Google Review of Universities in the state of Ohio.

Angie McCutcheon

Bowling Green State University is the best university that I have ever worked at. It is very student-centered and all employees are treated well. I would select the school for my child before considering any other Ohio school. The school is in a safe location and offers so many amenities to their students and support.

Skyler Hofsas

Very good!

Evan Matheney

Craig R

Cool college!

frick ajit pai

my heart goes out to all the victims of the bowling green massacre

Timmy Bell

Melissa T

Firstly I apologize for leaving a comment here instead of where bus service is , for there's not even any platform to directly giving a feedback to the bgsu bus service. I believe that any organization/department should have a window to listen to the comments from the public, otherwise, some diehard careless people will keep the behaviors with little sense of responsibility. Your bus time schedule is posted on the website and confirmed by all of people on this campus. However, on one Friday, one bus driver on the blue line bus came at the stop parking lot A at 6:50, and he rejected to take the last route before the normal schedule (7:00 pm on Friday). Yes, the drive believed that he is not supposed to take the ten people waiting at the stop for ten minute seem not enough for him to finish the last tour and he want to end up earlier for he want to go home, no matter if these ten students at the stop would take at least 30 min to walk to home AT 30 F degree! Yes, you may say taking the last tour back to campus will make your work time exceed what should be for several minutes, and it is true. But the people at the but stop have been waiting there at least from 6:45 (15 min before the settled 7:00 pm!!!) without knowing your incoming plan of not to take any people. And the bus is running on the bgsu bus map as usual, which really befuddled us who leave from our department building at 6:40. You are a bus driver, you have more sense than us how to estimate the arriving time. If should have realized on your second last tour (at least 6:40 pm on the road somewhere Dr. College) that the last tour is not able to be finished before 7:00 pm. Surely, you can withdraw your responsibility to take the last tour 6:50-7:00, but PLEASE INFORM US at 6:40. You should shut down the GPS tracking which befuddle us the bus is still running and back to campus at 6:40 so that you don't have to waste such a long time for people to wait for you. You may cancel the last tour for personal reasons, but please do not indicate you are still coming on the "bgsu bus map" (if you don't know how to do that, you could contact the technical persons at office. AT LEAST Try to do so!) But what you did? Decided to take more people after you arrive the stop on campus! We have waited for you for 10 min without knowing your crucial decision until the LAST MINUTE. If you tend to indicate us: wanna catch the last bus? Don't Expect you are still able to after 6:35! Tell us in advance! Otherwise I consider this behavior as a violation of trust. Or, it's merely an extreme dereliction of duty. Please: try to remove the bus symbole from the tracking map once you decide not to take any more before the last minute! Do not make decision on the spur of the moment! Or, to stick to the principle of good faith, take the last ten students waiting at the bus stop to shoulder the results of not informing people in advance. Otherwise, your whimsical and unpredictable decision is very inappropriate and it will impair others. Also, we all witness that most of the bus drivers of bgsu have good sense of responsibility and time management. It would to so unworthy to gain a terrible reputation among students and the public for merely the careless behavior of only one of two of them. But this behavior is disastrous enough to undermine the credibility among people. We don't know the name of the bus driver, so our only response is holding a terrible impression of the service to student of this school from now on.

Joseph Hasseltine

Timur Azimov

Tyler Drees

George Brown


Jamie Feyes

Honestly I'm only going here because I can commute. Would rather be going to Ohio University. Go Bobcats!

Luke Kapitan

Haley Miller

Thomas Fitzpatrick

Mckenna Taylor

I heard it is nice and clean up

Jhhh Ygg

Christian-Ana Grey-Steele

rhonda stemmer

Trey Parsons

Anna Marz

Never at any other university I've been to since was I treated as badly as I was at this school by faculty. And the location is horrible. The locals are creeps who love to prey on the students. The amount of women I know who were raped their freshman year at this school is disgusting. It's out in the middle of no where and is a massively depressing environment.

Kammie Lea

Don't do it!!!!! Teachers are complete morons. Food sucks. Parking sucks. They are also way too expensive. Then when you do go transfer they dick you around with sending your transcripts to your school. All I'm going to say is there are so many better places to go!

Ayumi Sasaki

Abbas Shakiba

Weeaboo Dragon

I'm a thousand miles away from here, but I know someone who goes here... so that's something

Danielle Stager

Mark Williams

Bowling Green State University is a fantastic mid sized State school. The campus is clean and well maintained, the staff and faculty are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The campus culture is diverse and friendly. It's like a snap shot of home with world class education facilities!

matt metcalf

Katherine Mestas

Jason Hartigan

Nick VanGiesen

Carla Luppino

BGSU is a phenomenal institution. I am in my last semester here, and I will miss it. It's best-known for its education and business programs, and as an education major, I can attest to the strength of its education program. I lived in Harshman when I was on campus, and it's a pretty great hall. They're all a little different. They definitely have character. Harshman is an older hall, and a lot of students prefer the newer halls like Centennial, but in my honest opinion, they're all nice, and the halls are great means of making friends. Take advantage of all of the social opportunities that RAs organize and meet your hall-mates! Living on campus was really a blast. The biggest complaint about the university has always been the weather---and that comes with living in Ohio. :)

Harold Olsen

Jackie Hughed

Great University

christal johnson

Rebecca Marion

Possibly the rudest bunch of staff I've ever met. I transferred to Ohio University and the education I received there is worlds better than BGSU!


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