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REVIEWS OF North Dakota State University IN North Dakota

Bernie Lies

Husband & I took a cognitive studies for their Psychology Dept. Students use this data for their age studies & we like to help them out. They get plenty young adults to do studies, but folks in 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, etc...are always needed to help out. Only a 2-hr. study, can be done quicker depending on programs presented.They do pay a $$ stipend for your time.

Hunter Colby

I thought it was bad

Alejandro Lancelotti

great college

Jacob Jhonson

Graduated with a degree in dam building, it was so great I decided to go for my doctorate

Maher Lamar

All that you can imagine a university should have

Greg Lieder

Great University with many options for majors. Very clean campus, beautiful flowers during the summer months. Can be bitter cold in the winter with the North Dakota temperatures and winds. The NDSU Bison football games are quite a spectacle. The tailgating party is like no other University. Green and yellow everywhere, live music playing and the intoxicating aroma of barbecue grills in the air. Don't miss this if you are in the area. The engineering department is second to none. Awesome professors and new facilities. If you are interested in a degree in engineering, be sure to put NDSU at the top of your list. Fargo is a great town. No traffic to speak of when compared to large cities. The city has anything that you could want from restaurants, entertainment, green spaces and truly affordable housing. Having the Fargodome at the campus is a plus. It hosts many concerts and sporting events throughout the year. Parking is very reasonably priced at the Fargodome. Most of the student body is from Minnesota. Fargo is just a 3.5 hour drive from Minneapolis, an easy drive. With an airport very close by, and daily bus service to cities across the upper Midwest, getting to and from Fargo is easy. Put NDSU on your list of universities to visit. You won't be disappointed!

Jason Trosvig

Josh Eide

Love this campus!

Diganta Barman

My son is doing BS in industrial and mechanical engineering . Great school ..very responsive and pro active ..

Ling Shi

Studied there and leave me a impressive impression. Hope NDSU can become stronger and bigger. Go Bison!

Amy Durant

Назарій Харачко

(Translated by Google) North Dakota is a wonderful state, it is better to fund education and everything will be in order (Original) Північна Дакота це прекрасний штат йому варто краще профінансувати освіту і все буде впорядку

Shidtika Gurung

Zach Hormann

theophilus harris

Just Agnes


Jamal Perkins

doug Zehr

Rishita Shome

This place is amazing! I have been visit many time

Matthew Key

Go to school here is unlike any other. Just know if your here the whole year, be ready for winter. It gets well below zero for months. The summers are great mid 80's. The teachers that are here are very helpful. The cost for school here is actually cheaper than others,great atmosphere.

Abby Braaten

World class university in North Dakota! The pride of North Dakota lives up to its name. Numerous useful resources for students here to prepare them for success. I had a wonderful college experience here. Additionally, you can't beat the low tuition!

Hack Man

I enjoyed my time at NDSU. Probably would have enjoyed it more if I had lived on campus in the dorms.

David Schulz

Sara Eigenheer

Do not go to NDSU. Adminstration and advisors are horrible. You will walk in going through hoop after hoop and walk out going through hoop after hoop. They may audit you for graduation, especially if a transfer student, you will walk on commencement day...and then not get a diploma because they don't know how to transfer credits. I don't wish my worst enemy to go through what I went through. I paid over $20K to attend, to only walk away with nothing

sofiqur rahaman


Terry Steiner

Go Bison!

Alex Hatzenbuhler

Raliegh Porter

Don't care for the bison

Aurora MacRae-Crerar

Pretty campus- colorful foliage.

Dan V

Well, just had the pleasure of running into yet another drunk ndsu student downtown. Went to a wonderful symphony at NDSU, left with a very positive attitude toward the campus, its staff and its wonderful students who put on a great show and expressed a ton of talent and then get to deal with a drunk student when I leave making sexual motions towards traffic and blocking traffic in downtown. It truly is sad the hard work of what had to be at least 50 musicians gets overshadowed by 1 fool that will never amount to 1/2 the value of the rest of the students.

Aaron Waite

Not a fan "nonprofit college" they say

Carl Littlejohn

Its great !

Sean Brockington

mohamed teshite

Yes i am at north dakota state university school of pharmacy

Ruhul amin

Rajesh Kumar

my son Rahul kumar Shahni, doing P HD.&Graduate teaching assistant there. God bless him.

maximillian suzuki

Friendly, opinionated, divided. Many very friendly people if your involved and assimilated to "Liberal Standards". Yes! very "Friendly" people: smile> agree> move on. I can confidently say the campus is absolutely beautiful, the Residents Hall and other on campus cafeterias are wonderful and serve a wide diversity of food. buildings are fairly modern. From my understanding most of the students I know move off campus due the disliking of the RHA and rising fees. During the day it is a wonderful place to be if your in a 3 layer coat and gloves. I personally love the fact that "one" of the many bus stops protects you from the cold down at Memorial Union. I question the resource management, it seems that building infrastructure is NDSU's current goal. Be dazzled by the mighty Fargo Dome nearby, just be prepared for the traffic. Feel safe with the Campus police phone stations for anonymous tips and violence reports. But remember to keep your pepper spray on hand "I'm joking, its against regulations, but a 3 inch blade it permitted". in all honesty just don't leave after dark. Enjoy the ease of access to Happy Harry's as it is a short drive from main campus and within walking distance. If you don't mind Phishing schemes in your email inbox or 4+ daily emails from a notification service that is not optional about irrelevant programs and events you may are may not be interested in your in good hands. If you go through the hour long process to have it removed from the list due to data consumption on your phone, look forward to it again a semester later. If you intent to enroll I heavily advise having a car so if your hit by a drunk driver during the day you still have a chance to survive. Other than the mentioned flaws they have okay classes and nice looking buildings.

Ben Bitter

Zach Nelson

Zack Host

Jessica Belgarde

Austin Braham

Faculty is present and the campus is beautiful! I go to school here.

Kelly J

noorullah arash

Buddy Anderson

Michael Thordson

If you’re from North Dakota this school is probably alright for you, if you’re from literally anywhere else it’s going to be a culture shock. I got the feeling that at one point this was an alright university for engineering, but most of the older professors retired and the young professors that are any good move on to better universities. All-in-all, I would recommend staying away.

Ruthie Holmes

Quality school with excellent programs. Their campus ministries are top notch and definitely places to check out.

Angie Davis

Great school. Horns up!

Matt and Melissa Fabian

Christopher Snell



(Translated by Google) Don't go to awful calm I'm done somewhere empty (Original) Berbat sakin gitmeyin bos yere bitirdim issizim

Beth Marie

NDSU violates animal welfare laws. Helpless animals die excruciating deaths from lack of care. NDSU stop your torture. It's time these inept universities are held accountable for animal cruelty and neglect! Horrible.

Zulqarnain Hamsie

Bryce Bangasser

Amber Jorgenson

Asiedoo Anthony

Brian Smart

I love this university, and am especially pleased with the brand new STEM building. Wonderful place for positive learning.

John Streifel

Jared Sand

Well recognized Engineering program. Watching Bison football is a load of fun in the Fargo Dome!

Scott Lapachinsky

Collin P

Md. Jubair Ahmed

Sarah Stevenson

Andrew DuHoux

Creg Osborne

Megan S

Lee Xpress

Karen Walker

Great coworkers & overall a pleasant place to work. Wages for a custodian could be a bit higher, yet the benefits are excellent. A few of the supervisors are difficult to work under & could use training in professionalism.

rj rajon

Nice place

Ron Brooks

Family lives there and are diehard Bison fans. Checķ their record.

rudralal choulagain

Trey Thompson

Rahul Banothu

Good university with lot of research work going on. The campus is big. Some departments still have old tech and need to upgrade their computers. The new stem building is a great addition to the university.

Madison Adgaila Barringer

I love this school collage.

Nour Alabase


Great college!

rick wyliee


Chirag Padalia

Carson Wentz wooooo! Go Birds Go

SPC New Jersey Radios

Carson Wentz Baby!!!! Woooooooo!!!!!!

Yechun Song

Love u NDSU

Lana Lee

Place turn me into a fair :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Dinkel Berry

Fargo dome is cool, but everyone and their dog smokes. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW I'LL BE FREE. Chicken is good, but sadly no Chick-fila Kill me.

Jodi Ceroll

Alicia Denton

Connor Marchus

goasfaras youcansee

Thank you for your service from

Tyler McLeer



Best post high school education possible!

Stefanie Kelly

Stevie Legend

Ishtiaqe Hanif

Bad college

Nick Pogue

Thomas Carlson

It's my dad's Alma mater. He graduated in 1956 and went on to be Head of Biochemistry at Purdue and UC Davis. He would talk about how great the school was back then... he would have been pleased to hear these great things about the school. Go Bizon!

Xiaowei Chen

very good school. wish the weather was nicer

Michael Brown

Margaret R

Great University! Go Bison! Very good Department of Mathematics and Physics!

Peet Phongsuwan

Go Bisons!

Jack Stevenson

Great college friendly staff and great atmosphere on campus.

Veselina Valkov

Wayne Hegg

sudhir solanki

Jonathon Knop

Ethan Holtslander

Is Sheeet.

Adriane Duarte Coelho

Kelly Rudolf

Emmanuel Gartei

Deng Fodan

Great campus. Quietness makes me focus.

Bobby Khan

Jake S

Engineering professors were not the best, but tuition is cheap and the students made for a good overall experience.

Evan Lecy

Great landscape architecture program, teachers are awesome!

Mike Olson

It's just a nice place close to everything

Adam Girtz


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