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REVIEWS OF Sherman College of Chiropractic IN North Carolina

Nic Mueller

Dwayne Hoskins

I would love to go here, but I graduated 20 years ago. Why? They are debt free on their property, they are not spending all the tuition on buildings. They also focus on the important thing - CHIROPRACTIC. All the other stuff is required, so they have to teach it, but they keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing. Dr. Cordero and krew have my FULL support.

Rabiah Hickey Burk

Very sad how they treated our Godson in his educational dreams of being a chiropractor. He chose Sherman over going to medical school because he's passionate about the component of skeletal health as part of a holistic approach to health care. We are a family of physicians and health related professionals , and it is shocking how Sherman did not uphold the "do no harm." You are hypocrites to the hippocratic oath. Most graduate schools are money-makers, but none have been as bad as Sherman. Politics, bullying and extreme judgement are deeply part of Sherman's mantra. Thankfully our boy was able to transfer out and I hope no parent ever pays a dime to a school that does not allow for conversations about medicine and holistic approaches. Plenty of better-rated small chiropractic schools out there. Lesson learned.

Jen DePice

Dr . Dean and Dr Jen DePice are proud to support Sherman College's effort . to raise up the next generation of chiropractors who are learning . how to live and practice debt free within 7 years from graduation.

Dr. Robin and Dr. Sarah

Absolute garbage! Some classes were great- thank you Dr. Riddle, Dr. Gibbon, and Dr. York. Don't go here if you want to be a real doctor. This place is a quack factory!!! So far behind in evidence based medicine and healthcare, this place is a joke! Luckily I had the opportunity to add to my subpar Sherman education before graduating and after!!!

Paige Sigmon

I am so grateful for my education received at Sherman College. The professors and administration provided me with every opportunity I could have asked for and I graduated with the skills and knowledge to thrive in my career. Sherman is incredible for knowing what is truly important in a chiropractic education and focusing on their students receiving excellent training in these specific fields. Every chiropractic school is different, so if you are looking for a school that will teach you how to truly care for patients and give you undeniably great adjusting skills, choose Sherman.


Debarun Borthakur

christopher fagerstrom

I am so thankful to have the ability to provide specific chiropractic care. The results I’ve seen from my patients are absolutely amazing. Thanks Sherman College for Everything you’ve taught me and everything you stand for.

Stephen Dockery

So far, this school is better than Life University could ever dream of being. I have an undergraduate degree from Life U. I cannot express how terrible that school is. That being said, it took me going through that to make me really appreciate how great this school is. The campus is so clean and new. There is actually security too! All of my professors have been very kind, helpful, and easily approachable. I can't imagine becoming a chiropractor at any other school. I'm glad that Life is behind me and Sherman is making higher education feel right.

Natasha Matos

Loved it ❤️

Dr. Rachel Leskosky DC

Amazing school and quality education! One of the only schools which encourages students to learn the most important part of chiropractic: WHY. WHY the body's innate ability allows for the chiropractic profession to experience and celebrate the inside out healing our suffering world needs. As a recent graduate less than a year in practice I love what I do, and have found every day that the heart and passion I learned at Sherman has propelled me in every way on the journey to make a difference in my community and world.

Zackery Harper

Great education but the place needs some help on the administrative end.

Yadian Lopez

Miguel Serrano

I haven't had a bad experience here. Faculty is well qualified and they care about the students. Not every body likes the same things but if you like small classrooms this is the place for you, plus Spartanburg is economically good to live in.

Scott F

Mike Moret

My back still hurts. This place wouldn't do anything but adjust my spine once in a blue moon and say "pain was a part of life I had to accept regardless of how my quality of life was affected." A bunch of quacks pushing an anti medicine agenda

Johnny Rodriguez

Peter Kevorkian

Amazing education. Outstanding curriculum. Beautiful campus. Caring faculty and staff. Visionary leadership.

Tess Camp

Luke Schlabach

Excellent care and service


This is the premier chiropractic college in the country. Other colleges teach subjects related to medicine and students never gain the essential nature of chiropractic and therefore do not have the knowledge and confidence to truly practice chiropractic. Some come close but none do it as well or better than Sherman. Plus the weather is almost idea. If I were going or sending family this is the only place I would consider. The administration and faculty are top notch, the best in the profession.

Cinthya Murga

First of all, this school bullies students that are not from the South, look different, talk different or have a different opinion. Teachers make fun of students and where they are from, and they get away with it! Money might not be spent on buildings but it's spent on family members salaries and new positions "invented" to position them in the school budget. There is a popularity contest and if they don't like you they WILL do all in their power to make your life miserable. Staff is not even qualified to do their job and loans will not cover enough to live with. GO TO ANOTHER SCHOOL!!! Do your research and figure out what is this school's Boards passing rate and ask how many people transfer to another school each semester. They will try to convince you that small classes are better but that only means that they will know your business and talk about you among each other. Chiropractic school will be hard no matter where you go, there is no need to make your experience worse by being bullied here.

Daniel Lenhart

I regret my decision to attend Sherman College of Chiropractic everyday.

Dr. Jennifer Brandon

The dedication of both the faculty and the administration to guide the students to be caring and expert doctors of chiropractic is very commendable.

Brittany Bell

I went here as a patient. I was very clear from the beginning I was there to fix my shoulders. after we get a couple months in they inform me that they're not allowed to work on shoulders anymore. our intern was absolutely amazing and I would gladly go to him after he graduates but it's absolutely crazy that they won't let him help me

Mackey B.

So what Ive attached is important. (also to view images click on my name and go to photos.) The bar graph is from an email sent from the president of sherman college after students started complaining about the increase in tuition. Sherman sent this exact graph, I am a former student who transferred to Life U. The second image is a screen shot from the life university webpage on their tuition breakdown. If you go by sherman's representation of Life's tuition you would pay approximately 130K for the whole education. The actual amount represented by Life is around 120k as depicted by the second image. 10 thousand dollars difference means someone is lying. And I know its Sherman college because they are desperate to keep the students they currently have enrolled, enrolled. So they send out a lie to convince them that they go to one of the most affordable chiropractic schools when in reality you pay just as much and the opportunities at sherman college are VERY limited. Much more worth your time, money, and efforts to seek out Life university. Bulsa

nice place to visit, but i wouldn't go to school there - old everything. very expensive/ teach spine care only/ the rest b/c it's required.

Stephanie Babcock

Dana Miller

Do not go here. The "campus" is comprised of 2-3 buildings (with 2 bathrooms) in the middle of nowhere. I've never seen a college without a student center, yet for some reason they are obnoxiously boasting about building one after accumulating millions (or even billions) of dollars over the last 45 years? Congratulations I guess, you're upgrading from having a terrible campus to a sort of normal one. Their current facilities remind me of an old high school and are obviously old and not taken care of. It felt dim, dirty, and way too small for my liking. I spoke to a couple of upper quarter interns and they made it clear that I should research my options before coming to Sherman (which I already was going to do). Interns get to huddle in a small "ready room" waiting for their patients when they get to outpatient clinic because that's the only room where you can hear the loud speaker saying your patient has arrived. When I checked out Life's facilities, they were so much nicer, modern, and at least had speakers notifying interns that their patients have arrived throughout the student areas in the clinic. Given the amount of money this place has accumulated, I'd expect much more than crappy facilities and one new student center that should've been built a long time ago. This place obviously doesn't have its priorities in order (the students aka the only reason they're in business). The students I talked to told me a lot of other weird stories about staff being rude and faculty being unprofessional. The one that stood out the most was apparently a professor recently told her class "they should be shot" and repeatedly uses the R word to demean/ make fun of students (as someone with an autistic brother this is especially shameful). Apparently Sherman's biggest selling point is their teachings of the chiropractic philosophy, but Life is big on chiropractic philosophy too, so I'm not sure why they think they're so special. Their faculty also still preaches that vaccines cause autism with no scientific evidence. I shouldn’t have to explain why that is a HUGE problem. Sherman is also way too expensive and I don't know how many people can afford to do all of their learning at seminars that cost money to attend when I thought that was the whole point of paying for your education/ tuition. Where all that money goes is clearly a mystery. Finally I checked out Spartanburg since Sherman makes it seem kind of cool on social media. Turns out that's all a facade too. The place sucked and had 2 decent restaurants to choose from. Sherman might be a good place for someone who doesn't value their surroundings/ location, doesn't like doing things, and has a lot of money to waste.

Allie Reed

These people are delusional & breeding quacks. Also how can you be the premier chiropractic school if you’re hardly even known outside of South Carolina & only practice very few techniques & criticize anyone who disagrees with your quack mentality? How can you call yourselves “the undisputed best chiropractic education,” implying that you being the best is never disputed nor questioned when not only other chiropractic institutions, but a portion of your own students & faculty (secretly) criticize your ultra conservative & outdated teachings, referring to students who buy into it as being “shermanized” (not a good thing). Sherman also deletes negative reviews from students on their Facebook page. Sherman lies to its students saying that they are the only institution who focuses on philosophy & manipulates students into thinking they’re getting something out of Sherman that is not taught anywhere else. That is a blatant lie. Life university, for example, teaches the same principles, except it actually then takes the concepts further for students to grow rather than remain stagnant & therefore outdated in their views & practices. According to multiple chiropractic institutions, Sherman is notorious for being the least scientific, having the absolute worst research department, and thus breeding chiropractors people aren’t interested in hiring. Additionally, faculty violates the accreditation code they are bound to (specifically pertaining to ethics) on numerous occasions. I have a file of personal accounts of students who have experienced this & have their permission to share it if need be. For example, one of the case doctors has been recorded gossiping about a student with other students & the college did nothing about it when the student turned it in. One student was secretly advised by another faculty member to talk to his case doctor because apparently the student’s case doctor had been openly talking about a “personal vendetta” she had against the student. When the student went to discuss this with her, her response was, “was it a student or teacher who told you?” Implying that she cared more to learn of who ratted her out as opposed to addressing the issue. This utter display of lack of professionalism is the norm amongst most faculty at this poorly managed school. Other students were billed the same amount in tuition fees for taking 4 classes as other students were billed for taking 9 classes. Since when is billing not related to credit hours/ courses? Because of these issues, the transfer rate is very high. They don’t care about their students even though the students are the lifeblood & customers to any college. Sherman is unaware of this fact & mistreats its students. Sherman has also raised their tuition several times in the last few years & lies to its students about how much it costs to attend other chiropractic institutions. They released a chart comparing costs, but it only took a few phone calls to these other institutions to learn that those numbers were much higher than the actual costs to attend other schools. I have attached the photo of the chart with the inaccurate numbers to deceive their students to think a raise in tuition is justified in comparison to other school’s tuitions, along with the life university’s actual tuition. These people are con artists. Don’t spend 33k+ a year to only be prepared to practice minimal techniques & be responsible for paying to attend seminars on weekends to learn literally everything else every decent chiropractor practices. Life university is cheaper & actually prepares its students for life after chiropractic school. Also they are located in boiling springs, not Spartanburg. They try to brag about how amazing Spartanburg is but it’s truly underwhelming, dull, & in the middle of nowhere. The small class sizes & “family” really only indicates corruption & favoritism, with professors & students engaging in gossip & harassment of anyone who doesn’t buy into their outdated, dangerous teachings. Either conform or be mocked. No room for innovative thinkers here

Tiger riley

nichole lani

the worst school ever in this field. They should change the management.

Anthony DePice

Jessica Howard

Jay Korsen

One of the only colleges to teach Chiropractic in a way that will lead to success in practice.

Dusty Burns

I would recommend this place to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care at an affordable price. I had been suffering from chronic neck pain for months with no relief in sight. I was placed under intern Kristi Tait and after a few sessions she managed to completely cure me. She does a fantastic job, carries herself in a manner befitting an utmost professional and most importantly seems to truly care about the well-being of her patients. Thanks Kristi!

chris knapp

I did not know a great deal about chiropractic when I enrolled in Sherman College. As I learned about chiropractic theory in first quarter I was exited to learn that the concept of chiropractic was much bigger than I had imagined. I became and continue to be enthusiastic about how far reaching chiropractic can be in my patients lives. I graduated in 1988. I would encourage you to attend Sherman College if you are considering a career in the health field. My experience was that of a caring and directed both the classroom and the clinic. I felt and continue to feel that Sherman College allows me to be a part of something larger than myself and feel that doctors of chiropractic are a valuable part of our nations healthcare picture. It is my humble opinion that Sherman stands head and shoulders above other schools as far as the pure concept of chiropractic is concerned...

Ken Gee Ehrlich

Dr. Cordero is one of the most principled down to earth guys I know! He keeps the chiropractic philosophy of the body healing as the core principle of the school, which is what chiropractic is. Anybody who goes to Sherman while this Doc is in charge will receive a very good foundation for their future! Thank you Dr. Cordero for all you do for our profession!! -Dr. KenGee Ehrlich. The Good Chiropractor.

Christian Fuentes

Beautiful place. Great people.

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