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REVIEWS OF North Carolina State University IN North Carolina

monse152007 hey

I fell like is better there but when I get older I want to go there

Deborah Lawson

Wonderful University experience. I complete my Master's in Counseling here and had a wonderful experience. Engaged faculty, passionate students and nice campus.

Andy Raynor

The real people's University of North Carolina with a rich history of helping the working folks in the state, unlike some other places I won't name. It's a great place to be a student or work. It is a must that you visit Talley Student center and get some Howling Cow ice cream. Also keep an eye out for the arts performances.

Sabrina Harley

it was fun and it was iil

Eric Aumiller

The beautiful side of ncsu


Wrong education, it is based on selling diplomas; the education in North Carolina State University is based on abusing students which do not get right education and end up with a huge debt. The university's programs are weak and limited too. Students are NC state just want to get of this place. The university treats students like a bad business does; it does not look like an educational environment which is supposed to develop character and educate people for life. The university has all the process to abuse students in different matters such as: overcharging fees, bad quality service (education and collage life), too much power on the university staff and teachers to abuse students, bad quality housing, pretentious and incompetent administration.

Sanman Kulkarni

Beautiful Place!

Shanti Pulley

Second summer here for reading program... I love it for my daughter!

Eladio Bobadilla

Excellent academics and great value.

Edith Schroeder

If you search up cheats this will come up bc they cheated

Wray Bowling

You can find almost anything here. If it isn't here, then you would have had to get it on library loan anyway from out of the state. Sometimes I used to drive from UNCA to NCSU just to use their library. Parking is lame... And this is minor, but worth mentioning: Don't go there in cold/flu season. Seriously.

Angie Williams

Very nice university with lots of interesting things to do! Lots to explore as well.

Morty Smith

Ridiculous parking ticket prices and unusable website.

Stephen Burgin

We all go to NC State

Pat Pfeiffer

Great school for physics!

Jeff Crews

A great campus.

Udai Muhammed

The Engineering school here are really excellent , and it is getting better over time - modern new dorm next to the engineering campus. - new high tech library that operate by robots and have very nice and relaxing atmosphere to study . - the old Hunt library is also amazing - very strong relationships with industry people and top companies here in USA

lynn brooks

Excellent professors & excellent Psychology Program!

Michael Goff

Great value school with plenty of prestigious programs. There isn't a better school in North Carolina especially if you want to pursue Engineering or Textiles. School spirit is through the roof as well. All athletic events are a blast with a strong crowd and loud environment.

brandon wehrly

The school is beautiful and amazing! Top class education and an overall great atmosphere

Kyle Pschak

Bricks for days...on campus and the basketball court.

Hui Yu

everything is great

Ivan Funcic

Very nice campus. Awesome lake and the trail next to it for exercise.

Marshall Evans

Large land grant university and bricks. So many bricks.

Tom Clements

Great School

Raghupathy Krishnamurthy

Great school, great facilities, amazing scenery, great people. In absolute love with the notch education. Just graduated ... will have great memories of this place

Chris Williamson

Quickly take your money and spend 2 days looking at your application before they reject it with no explanation. Save your money unless you like dropping it into a void with no feedback.

William Makepeace

Awesome, thats where i will be in college

James Clavon II

Awesome campus. The library is world class I must see

Tony Hankerson, Jr.

I love the student body, the professors, and the food here. However, some of the food choices are a bit pricey, and the bookstore tends to overcharge a bit. I really really really like the libraries as well. They're all really great.

keyser soze

Excellent host to NACURH 2003 At the student union's front steps waiting on traffic to clear for the event we hear the chant going. Now mind you, the chant should be "We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how bout you!?" Overzealous students from Troy University and Oregon State University were in a shout off, altering them to their respective school mascot. "We've got Trojan, Yes we do! We've got Trojan, how about you!?" with the return of... "We've got Beaver, Yes we do! We've got Beaver, how about you!?" And the showers in the dorms... Freezing cold or Burn to blister and nothing in between! I believe it was New Orleans that took the crown for most spirit that summer. Their "leader" was freakin awesome! Short girl, reddish hair and loud enough to silence a room!

Keba Sanders

While I had very great experiences, I also had trouble getting in contact with the faculty there. When I was searching for a biology adviser, I often did not get any response through email. Although the professors that did answer were helpful, there were some that did not respond at all and made the whole process frustrating. I really suggest they make more time for answering emails from prospective students or at least sending a denial. I emailed AND called one professor with no response. I know that they get a lot of requests, but I also called the office and did not get any advice other than to keep trying and that the professors are busy. I sent multiple emails to the professors, however. While the office was helpful and the professors that did answer were helpful, the ones that did not respond after being reached multiple times reflect badly on the ones that were trying to be helpful. I have decided to move on to a different school, although the program is really good and I love the city. I am tired of being frustrated. This is not to discourage someone who wants to apply. I would say go for it. This is just my experience, and I would say to the faculty that did not respond: they should have the courtesy to at least send a decline. To the faculty that did help, thank you for your advice and time. Hopefully, someone else has a better experience

Jacob Tibbett

Place was well kept and full of friendly people

paul stanifer

Go WOLFPACK!! Love the beautiful campus. Superb University.

Luis De Mendoza

I am going to preface this by saying I am a Duke fan. I married into it though, so go easy on me. I don't know too much about the university in terms of standing or how it ranks, but this review is more centered on the actual grounds of the campus. I stayed at a hotel right across from campus while my wife participated in a clinic held on campus. I found the campus really beautiful and well kept. I don't think I saw all of it, but I saw a lot of the buildings and I was impressed with how nice they were. The campus feels inviting and it was easy to walk around or bike around. The campus is pretty easy to navigate and there are tons of great restaurants and bars nearby. You also have your common chain fast food and stores, which is great when you live on campus. I would have loved that for my campus when I was in college. You will find art throughout the campus as well. I thought it was nice to see art installations set up around the campus. It seems like they really value art on campus. The basketball arena is gorgeous inside. I loved how the inside of the arena celebrates former great NC State teams in different sports as well as NC State athletes who went on to do well in professional leagues. I didn't go in the cafeteria building, but it is gorgeous. It looks brand new and I can imagine it is popping during the school year. I would come see an event on campus if given the opportunity I would jump at taking a class or clinic here.

Emani Canty _ Student - ApexHS

This school is awesome the teachers know how to teach the councelors help out kids in need

Alex DeYonke

Great open, innovative campus with wonderful faculty and a heavy emphasis on hands on learning through research at even an undergraduate level.

Tony Pappas

Great college experience, lots of stuff to do. Hunt library is a must see with their book robot and game lab.

Ashraf El-Ga'aly

unfriendly school

Philly Breed

Very beautiful campus with very friendly and helpful people. Even the students we helping my brother and I around because we seemed lost.

Stephen Zinnerman

The best job I've ever had since working in education/student affairs...thinking of getting my Masters here!

Nice Memes

NOICE but how tf do they got a higher score and its connected to centennial wich is the school im in. FIX CENTENNIAL ITS TRASHHHH

Nick Mclamb

In my opinion, the best part about NCSU is the campus. The architecture is great and there is plenty of greenery. The worst part about NCSU is that it's a modern day university which means a lot of money and emphasis goes into sports, a lot of encouragement goes into (for most people) unnecessary degrees, and a lot of class requirements for majors that make very little sense.



Idolor O.

Great school, friendly staff, modern amenities, well equipped research facilities and some outstanding faculty.

Me Me


Paras Sharma

May i know the fee structure for graduate cource in Every engineering field

Randy Harrell

I love going to campus with my son a loyal alum!

Taylor Greene

I grew up a Tarheel fan, but had no problems enjoying NCSU's graduate school. The campus was lovely, good food, excellent company, and a solid program. Most of the professors were extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and hardworking. Be sure to take advantage of all the programs at NCSU you're interested in.

Ali Ajaj

Not bad

Katherine Makepeace

GO PACK! Part of the UNC System! This school is awesome and such a beautiful place to visit too! The University has so many diverse Colleges there is definitely something for everyone. Of course there is also the sports!

Corey Martin

This bell tower is a complete sham. It doesn't even have any real bells in it. The sound comes from amplified electric loud speakers, which I guess soundly vaguely like bells, but are no replacement IMO for real bells! I think it's time this institution stop lying to people and build a bell tower with real bells in it, and maybe make it taller and cooler. I typically refer to this landmark as "the NC State Tower" because of the absence of bells.

Abhilash Reddy

I visited One of the oldest and top ranked university in the world,one of the best kind library more than lakh books operated and maintained by robot and visited soccer stadium

Mike D

UNC was my #1 choice, but I didn't get in. I was pleasantly surprised with NC State though. Me and my friends have all found jobs.



Andrew Kelly

Biggest and best university in the state of NC. My engineering degree has been more valuable than I could have ever imagined. Close to Raleigh, so within a walk or short drive to so many amenities. Go Wolfpack!

Stephen J. Schmidt

Awesome campus

Dale Threatt-Taylor

An excellent place to study Agriculture, Soils, & Forestry. Best University ever for lifelong connections in natural resources conservation fields.

big baby lebron

Gud shook I rate 11/10

Rahul Tadakamadla

Amazing University! Vibrant and fun!

Michael Wyngarden

2014 graduate. Go Pack!

Ghenwa Triaki

Very diverse atmosphere, great learning experience.

Evan Halley

Go Wolfpack!

Amir Martin

No place you’d rather be than RaleighWood

Joshua Freeman

the real russel

Madhu Vamsi Machavarapu

The best university in the world!

Evan Archer

Best education. I went here for Textiles, landed a job before I graduated and made more than any of my other friends with other majors. The professors are world class and would do anything to help you. Changed my life and helped make me the successful person I am today. Only regret is I didn't stay longer.

Maggie Xie

I feel really disappointed and disrespected by your school’s admission office especially on Jenkins’ Professional evening MBA program. It took me almost 5 months to prepare and apply to this program, and yes, I took an interview on Jun 9th, then got a rejection letter by June 16th. It took literally 4 days for the admission office to review my 5 months application and then rejected me with nonsense of reasons, and online it says it normally takes 30 days after the interview. What a joke! And I think now I got it, maybe because I’m Asian, to be Political right, you only need one Asian in your class and you might already have one. Or maybe you ready had a finalized list for your next enroll students, and the rest students are just going through the process and another way of profit??? Disgusting! I will never apply NCSU any programs again and I will tell all my friends and colleagues of this ridiculous “4 days MBA decision”. This is a school full of conspiracies. You should be ashamed. I am not angry, but feel pity of your school. No wonder Jenkins never go over 50 on MBA rankings. You will never do.

Lauren Weathersby

Great environment, great atmosphere, great people, great times and great in general. You should apply here if you want a great time.

Jacob Dubois

Great student body and great campus. More than I could have ever asked for.

Walid Samour

this university made my face hurt and i failed the test and my car was taking away

Bhavin Trivedi

Great institution! !! Will miss it!

Justin Merrill

Have been here multiple times for service and daily activities! Is a beautiful campus with lots of great opportunity and places.

Adrienne McEwan

Love itttttt

Gucci Belt

College was good think I mite attend school wen I go their

Christopher Lovelace

sub to kidb0r0 youtube channel

Kyle Holliday

Live their campus. Easily walkable and Hillsborough street is great.

Teresa Heines

What North Carolina Bradley Chubb did this weekend was just WRONG! NO apology should be accepted. He should be side lined, benched, thrown out. Permitting this is the same as permitting bullying and letting him, as well as others, think it's okay cuz he won...?... He's a big shot....?... He's entitled...?.... WRONG

Andrea Brent

Nice place to walk around if you're on Hillsborough St.

Emma Clarke

Quality school with a beautiful campus. The sporting events are top class — football, basketball, baseball etc! The academics are quality as well, with great programs in engineering, agriculture, statistics and many more. Top of the line research is done here. The campus is also beautiful. Check out the Brickyard and the Court of Carolinas. The wolf ears by the brickyard is a cool thing to try as well. You can sit in them and hear the other person whispering across the field!

Melodie Dunn

I love everything about this college! As a school counselor, it is my favorite school to tour with kids. The atmosphere is great, the campus is great, the food is great! NCSU is just an awesome place to be!!

Samgames 24/7

Love the scenery

Ashlynne Eaton

Awesome campus and great professors!

Michael Rappa

Home to the Institute for Advanced Analytics, NC State offers the country’s premier graduate program for data savvy professionals—the Master of Science in Analytics. Since 2007, the Institute has succeeded in launching the careers of hundreds of data scientists, a decade before most businesses knew they needed one. Love data? Study here and join the ranks of NC State’s most sought-after and highest paid graduates.

Johnny Robinson

great education, great environment to learn. incredible leadership. NCSU is truly the best bang for your buck when it comes to education in the eastern US.

John Doe

Greetings to those interested in NCSU! I recently graduated in May, being a graduate from the College of Design. Whatever you do within the design school, DON'T do architecture as your major. Upon graduating, many of my peers could not acquire internships due to the lack of education provided by NCSU. While these firms required us having knowledge of certain programs such as Revit and Rhino, we didn't even open them within our "digital media class". Many of the studio teachers are also very bias in their critiques and will lower your grade greatly if you do not listen to every single thing they say about "your" design. If I wanted to make the same project as 18 of my classmates, I wouldn't have gone into architecture. As for the rest of the classes, if you don't mind all of them eventually being online, you're all set. Budget cuts have heavily taken their tole on the college of design, while the Chancellor gets a $4 million dollar house. Ideal I know. The college of design has been cutting degree programs due to this cut as well as putting very important classes online instead of within a lecture hall. Finally while NCSU is "the best" design school in the area (NC) it lacks the education to make future architects viable competitors after graduation. This being due to the simple lack of digital media taught, as well as trapping students to attend their 5th year bachelors program. I say trapped because that is precisely what they did. Your (if you continue to NCSU) senior year in architecture is a joke. The first semester you have the opportunity to travel abroad to Prague. While it is an amazing trip, you basically drink most of the time and take classes that don't really enhance your knowledge of design. Then upon returning you are able to take a swing studio, meaning take a studio that is not architecture. If you decide to do this, you have basically just taken off a full year of architecture right before entering the competitive job field.... good luck. Back to the point of being trapped, in order to attend roughly 90% of architectural masters programs, you need to take the GREs. However, these tests are only available to take when you would travel overseas! Another key note is that not once in my four years at NCSU had I heard about these GREs. Thanks NCSU. Because of this, again nearly 90% of my graduating class is attending NCSUs 5th year program, which is exactly the same as the previous 4 years. I was lucky enough to apply to a much better masters program and get in, I hope this allows you to do the same if you attend NCSU or are currently reviewing schools. Good luck.

Campbell Kinley

BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!! LITERALLY! Could not picture myself anywhere else.

irene belserion

Hello, I am interested in becoming a Veterinarian in this school. I have heard it is a tremendous school, and it is one of the best school for upcoming Veterinarians. I am hoping I get in! I am 13, and can't wait any longer. I love working with animals!

Shi Shi Shi

Great Visit today. Ran into some cool students that showed us around their Design Studio. Campus was busy and parking was tight. But there's always somewhere to park. The weekend makes it a little easier!

kenneth & belinda Holley

Excellent campus! Great students and faculty.

Rock N' Roll Fan

The G.O.A.T Michael Jeffrey Jordan went here. True NBA fans will know.

Brant Dupree

The best college in North Carolina hands down no debate. Amazing people, amazing professors, fantastic dining, and the prettiest bricks you'll ever see.


Amazing school! I lived in Wolf Village the rooms are small but overall not so bad. The school has wonderful resources all around. Plenty of opportunities to get involved not only on campus but in the surrounding community. Can't beat buses that are FREE to the public. That's a cool way for the school to give to the community. One of my most favorite places would be the library. The library there is way different than the traditional library where the main concern is whether you have food in your purse or not and the librarian seems to hate life. At this library you're actually allowed to eat because you're a grown up that can handle food. Everyone I've ever met working on the library was beyond helpful and amazingly nice. I won't even get started on how the library is set up

D Seyitliyev

They try to charge their graduate students whenever they can. For parking lots in student apartments requires parking permit. You need to pay student fee per semester etc. Not happy with my choice.

Wagh Urs

Does NCSU accepts students who have T1D (diabetes) disabilities for engineering program? Also, are they decline applicants (students) in their engineering program or courses? Anyone have been accepted in their engineering program who have this disability condition?

Nolan Joyce

Wolfpack students are all friendly, inclusive, and ambitious. Never a boring day at NC State: tons of events on campus: speakers, concerts, sports, clubs, etc. and an entire city in our backyard. Everything is at their finger tips here and the opportunities are endless.

Julie Parrish

A wonderful University. The Engineering Dept. is really tough. Facilities are great and students are amazing!

Randy Alston

Nice location for great education.

Nicholas Kagimu

I liked the monument at NCSU

Lisa Harris

Beautiful school. Said tour was full just show up. Arrived had no idea where to go. People on campus had no idea. No way tour full lucky if 30 people. 5 tour guides take all 30 instead of breaking up group. Had to pay $2 an hour to park. School does not give any vouchers. Toured many school this is the worst tour we took.

Lei Wang

Awesome campus! I have stayed there for a few years. Good experience.

Sridhar Reddy

Nice place

Kristie Kim

Scholarship was provided for 4.5 years and I was given a great opportunity to stay in college. Counseling services was great and helped me get through the program. I was dealing with another student who had symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome and a skewed perception of me before situations got worse (I am originally from another country). I got through the college program with a minor along with resources from the counseling center.

Samantha Wentzell

Great atmosphere, but the dessert menu could use a few more options. Harrelson hall was above average.

mujer hermosa diosa

Loved doing summer school here!

Michael Le

Campus was beautiful! I really liked the sculpture of the wolf and the design of Talley Student Union!

Jackie Chen

Very clean.

David Jernsen

The food is fantastic, I can't believe how great it was.

Romond Waldron

Great school in a phenomenal location in Raleigh!!

Giuseppe Suriano

The best campus university, the best university for lots of majors in hundred of miles around, nice sport facility, nice bus system, apartments, highest class professors with Berkeley PhD's.

Allan Ung

Attended the Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training here. Very nice university with great lecturers.

Randy Parnell

12 college's with in this university. You can study everything from accounting to nuclear engineering. This is a science focused university. So get ready for some long nights studying.

McKenna Colgan

This is my first year as a student and I absolutely love it here! I was a little unsure since my whole life I was set on being far away from home - I am from durham, NC and my parents work in Raleigh so I was worried I wouldn't get the independent experience that comes with college - but this campus is like a small town and has it's own style that feels completely separate from Raleigh and the surrounding areas. NC State has great opportunities and wonderful teachers with extraordinary students! Think and do! Go pack!

Kevin Desai

Top notch!

Andrew Lee

Very wonderful school to learn at the campus is absolutely breathtaking and amazing. The school is extremely popular and the football team is great. The school hosts wide varieties of clubs and other various activities that never leave you bored. The staff on campus is amazing and the students are even better. GO PACK

Robert Tickle

Best education value in North Carolina, but you have to be self motivated. Don't expect NC State to coddle you like some liberal arts school.

Connor Neagle

Completely and utterly stole my money when it came to a supposed parking violation which wasn't even a violation given the parameters on the sign where I was parked (in front of bragaw residence hall) and then denied my appeal for their reasoning which, in my opinion, was unjustified given the sign on that lot and they have no excuse for denying said appeal.

Shivom Gargava

An awesome University for Computer Networks and Biological studies and textiles.

T. L. Koontz

1993 graduate. •Small college feel within a large, comprehensive university. •Faculty & staff is top notch, as are facilities. •extraordinary value I could go on, but you only need read the myriad other great reviews!


Fabulous school. Beautiful campus. The crown jewel of North Carolina.

Diego Pizarra

Michael Jordan be a basketball player here

Cheryl McCloy

Love NC State! Wolf!!!!

chicken salad

your typical big state school with a big student body, big classroom sizes, and big emphasis on football and basketball.

Jolly Rancher

Go Wolfpack! Going here for college in 2021! ❤️


Quality University. I spent 4 years here getting a Bachelors in Engineering. If you are here visiting, just make sure to check that where you are parking is not permitted since the meter maids are pretty ruthless. Beautiful campus to visit though!

Olga Santo Tomás Monroe

I attended undergraduate and graduate school at this superb institution so I'm a bit biased.Yet more recently I've attended conferences at mckimmon and centennial centers. The facilities are ample and it seems to be very progressive. Go wolfpack!

Joan Dewan

Did some research, great university. Love it

Rashmi P

One of the top engineering schools in the country. The NC State name goes a long way in the engineering world and opens a lot of opportunities

Rui Zou

Great library, beautiful campus and very good engineering school.

Sean Gold

NC State is an excellent school and has had a lasting impact on my education and life. The engineering program is top notch, and the professors are very accessible. The campus culture is warm and inviting. Infrastructure investment is a priority for the school, which makes the facilities unrivaled. I attended post graduate studies elsewhere, but remember my time at NCSU undergrad fondly.

Leah Goff

Amazing school with a variety of events and things to do. Hunt library is amazing and I highly recommend checking it out. I'm currently enrolled in the College of Textiles at State and just love it. Majority of my professors are extremely helpful and excellent teachers. Only complaint is that some of the dining hall food isn't the greatest, but that's to be expected at college. Sign up for a tour or attend an open house if you're thinking of checking the school out!

Gary Jeudy

The school is great because when they were hosting Tour the school was nice in those football field are the best

Niket Mistry

Amazing school of Engineering academia!

Mike G

Great education in a fantastic location

Tiffany Lewis

Parking is a nughtmare

Shea DeHart

Great school.

Olivia Chadwick

Greatest school on the planet! Helped open so many doors for me professionally, academically, and personally. Go PACK!

Emily Margolis

Very slow service


Getting it done the right way...

Ray Chuffo

Go Tarheels!


deez nut

A Webb

Go State!

Margaret Gilpin

I graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology, minors in Genetics and Biotechnology in 2005. My years at NCSU were the best. I had incredible teachers. Thanks to my advisor Dr. James Brown who was are encouraging and always there when I needed advise. I highly recommend NCSU. I was completely prepared to take my next step after graduation. Today, I am a Microbiologist. I love my career!

Wilson Zhang Zhiqiang

love it, best university ever.

Jamal Moss

Amazing school with an abundance of resources located in a beautiful, metro city. The ideal location for a college graduate

Burke Foley


Mason Wright

im hungry

Chris Powell

Good school, attractive campus. Only thing I really didn't like as a student was that printing something was not free and was like breaking into Fort Knox, multiple login screens and approvals before you can finally print. After paying thousands of dollars to go here the amount of restrictions they put on the printers is ridiculous. Lots of administrative staff and overhead that in my opinion takes away from students and student funds (and increases tuition). I have met teachers that agree with this sentiment. Don't buy textbooks for any class unless your teacher specifically recommends it, they are waste of money. I almost never used mine even when they did recommend to get it and I currently have an $800 TV stand that the bookstore offered me $30 for. Wolfline was great when I needed it. Parking has become more and more expensive and the meter maids are snipers, do not park without a pass you WILL get caught and they will boot your car if they catch you sharing passes, which they certainly will now that they can automatically scan everyones license plates and passes at the same time. I'm just glad I graduated when I did.

Praveen Sriram

Went here from 2003 thru 2006 and education was okay but only gave 3 stars since I haven't had much success with the career center in finding a solid accounting career. Overall an okay college and provides a good value education. Library and Talley Student Service were my favorite.

Baul Punyan

yo momma

nolan lucky

Nice area and NC

Lynn Canada

I go to the arboretum the most. LOVE that place!! NCSU has so many interesting depts and glad to live on same side of town.

Coins With Caroline

Great campus and school!

Lorenzo Rossi

A beautiful School, with an amazing student body and athletic programs. I missed NC State so bad, but I will be a Wolfpack for life!

Kevin Smith

Great campus with a lot of perks for students.

Margot Cate

Wolfpack, always!

Alex Peck

Amazing school, especially for Engineering. The campus is nice all year round.

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