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REVIEWS OF Greensboro College IN North Carolina

Gwendolyn Spurlock

Clean campus


Maria Medina


I have to give them 5 son is a graduate from here

Morgan Carter

My first semester hasn't been anything like I expected. Praying for a better fall semester!

Steve Hanam

Spent three years here, received my BS. Long time ago so I'm sure the faculty has changed but with Dr Callahan, Dr Tatum and Hull that place was an academic heaven. It was not an 'easy' school but it was a rather academic challengingly, life enriching experience. 1979

Josh Madden

I went to school there a million years ago, I haven’t been back since I graduated... I miss and love the town and school, lots of great memories.

Tony Moody

Gwendolyn Brown

Do you love the new year

Aggie Student


Robert Windsor

A small, quaint College. The grounds are well maintained and the Professors are friendly. The financial aid department was a tad bit misleading with some information, but other than that, I had a wonderful experience at this College.

Dayenin Arellano

My son will graduate this year and I have to say that it has been a great four years!!!

FancyFree BeinMe

An absolutely beautiful campus!

Greensboro, NC

Jeanna H

Let me start off by saying, this school isn't what the representatives claim it to be. $40,000 a semester is not worth it. This school has some of the rudest and incompetent staff I've ever seen. They have professor's that don't teach and advisors that encourages the student to quit. Seems as if they couldnt careless as to whether the student pass or fail, because they will get their money one way or another.This school is definitely here for the money. The Football program is just as bad. How aren't the parents informed that almost all the coaching staff has quit? Yep, I said it. Quit, found out right before school started. I felt it was a bad sign when the recruiter transferred to another school. It was like they recruited all these freshman students at $40,000 each just to make money for their "Football Field", only for the students never to play. Parents are going to the school complaining, but not gaining any positive results. Tell you what, please don't send your young adults here. Instead of a degree, the parent and or student will get a bald head from stress and student loan debt.

Riley Shults

Luca Wells


Andrew Hyers

Aniya Simmons

It's a beautiful campus with tons of events happening all the time. I even got the chance to visit their cafeteria and they have a buffet for the students that only cost $8.50. Then I got a chance to talk to some of the professors who were really nice and they also offer a middle college program for juniors and seniors in high school. Those teachers were even nicer.

David Wade

If only I could give this pathetic excuse for an institution zero stars. This school can only possibly be even marginally enjoyable socially for you if you fall into one of both of two groups: theater majors or athletes. I'm half convinced that this school has some scheme to lure in athletes not good enough to make major programs with the incentive of still playing their sport, and then robbing them blind as they continue down a path that will ultimately be fruitless. As for the theater majors, I suppose the theater program is a part of this institution that whatever brainless moron or evil genius is running this exhibition of stupidity actually makes a point of putting effort and time into. If you don't fall into one of these two groups, you will almost immediately be ostracized and feel like an outcast. I came from a high school, that like most high schools, consisted of of a diverse set of interests and backgrounds, and I always imagined college would only be even more diverse. If I went to any number of any other institutions, I might not have been disappointed. Furthermore, the facilities here are terrible. Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd sure love to live in a poorly air conditioned building where the buffoonish students feel compelled to leave trash everywhere and whatever numskulls coordinated construction and renovations couldn't figure out how to build a bathroom."? If yes, then this is the place for you! Do you want poorly cooked meals (which everyone insists is better than last year's food, which leads me to believe that last year's food must've simply been cow manure) two-three times a day for limited times? If yes, then this is the place for you! Do you want to be surrounded by people who can't have the basic courtesy to wait literally one minute to get your clothes out of the dryer before they do whatever they please with them? If yes, then this is the place for you! Just a further warning about the laundry room, the floors will always be wet, there will be random discarded trash and clothes all over that wet floor, and they keep the trash in the same small room as the laundry machines and let it pile up for a week or two before disposing of it, so be prepared to have your sense of smell absolutely assaulted. Oh and the people here. They are just absolutely unbearable for any normal logical person. Besides the fact that there are two mega-cliques (theater majors and athletes), everyone here seems to think they're Albert Einstein because they got into some bottom-tier, garbage college and want to flaunt their "intelligence" for everyone here to see. This college has a 38% graduation rate. These people literally have a better chance of not graduating here than graduating here, and they want to act like getting into this barren hellscape is some sort of achievement worth bragging about. It's already hard enough being here, but being surrounded by all these insufferable people only serves to make it near impossible. I suppose there's not much to complain about as far as academics go, but there's nothing to praise either. This festering sinkhole has exactly one average thing about it, and everything else is absolutely atrocious. Do everything in your power to avoid this soul-sucking sanctum of despair. I'm sure they'll offer substantial scholarships to try to lure you in, but honestly, they should pay you to come to this place. If for whatever reason you are forced to come here, bring a car or be prepared to do a lot of walking; I'd recommend visiting nearby UNCG or NCA&T to see what a well-run, competent university looks like on an at least semi-regular basis.

Darlene Smith

Kyle Kasten

yall try na tell me dat ima have to buy an trash to get trash im pretty sehbdgvciygvaiuxbeouuvciwbedycvwovseoutfcvotedoevwpc8gveo

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