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REVIEWS OF Carteret Community College IN North Carolina

Terri Jo Miller

William Merkley

The staff is incompetent, rude, and hold zero accountability. They behave as if they are only there to collect a paycheck. Student services is a nightmare. They will send you in circles just to get you out of their office and to avoid actually doing their job. Did I mention how rude the staff is? The school is run more like a business than a school. No one actually cares about the students, their well-being or the fact that many of them are trying to go to school to better themselves and their lives. The schools goal is to squeeze as much money as possible out of every student and whether or not they get what they are paying for is of no matter to any of the staff. I have had many bad experiences with CCC over the past couple of years and now I'm taking my "business" elsewhere.

Todd Magnuson


I was very pleased with my experience here. I have been to 2 other community colleges where I grew up and this one is just as good as the ones I have attended before.

cinda bass

Samantha Holland

Paula Enigma

Samantha Jager

Corey Vaughn

janie Burkett

Martin Brossman

It was a real honor to offer training here for the Small Business Center. If you have a small business or are considering starting one make sure to see the free resources the Small Business Center here has to offer.

Cosmic Jester DX

Lena Somerville

summer smith

This poor excuse of a school does not even deserve one star. As a former student of CCC Cosmetology program I can give a clear understanding to all on why you should NEVER be apart of this program. From the very first semester I was not taught one single concept. We were told what to do and figure it out on our own and our teacher would disappear for an hour or so, return and ask why we are not busy. Sadly, this continued for the rest of my four semesters there. Not learning anything as a beginner student, my class and I were blindly thrown out onto the floor not knowing how to practically do anything. Our lack of knowledge and confidence is then torn down more by our teachers expecting us to know what to do when we were never taught. Through all three semesters on the floor I taught myself along the way learning from experiences even though I am paying thousands of dollars for a quality education. The teachers ESPECIALLY the head director Mrs. Allen refuse to help students succeed. They constantly target certain students they do not like, and it shows both on grades and how they interact with them. I have never experienced such uneducated and unprofessional "instructors" in my entire life. I have attended a four year university along with taking a full of cosmetology at another school during high school. Instructors have lied to my face multiple times about their rules and regulations. They constantly change their minds on rules based on their mood. The director has such control issues she will not let students have a voice or opinion when it comes to improving this department. Along with helping students graduate. Over half of my class from the start of the program will not be graduating because the director has refused to help students gain their hours or completions. She has even taken away hours and completions of students because a poor excuse when she does not like them. I would not suggest this school even to my worst enemy. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL! Please save your thousands of dollars for a quality education where excuses will not be made, you will learn and grow, and you will be in a healthy environment. Many people in my class have complained that this program has sucked the happiness out of them. They will sugar coat this program but please know the truth, this has been the worst year and a half of my life. They will tear you down, waste your money and fail you just for you to come back and pay more. I AM POSTING ANONYMOUSLY BECAUSE I WANT TO SHARE MY HONEST OPINION BUT DO NOT WANT TO BE TARGETED BY MY INSTRUCTORS. THANK YOU.

Galaxy Command

Excellent community college with great teachers and students.

Alicia Fulwood

WE THE STUDENTS EMPLOY YOU. I should have been treated with better service than what I was today. I have already done my research and I know my program of study. I entered the school initially with a list of questions and concerns that I had regarding the classes and financial aid and if the credits were transferable to the school of my liking. The blonde lady that I spoke with was more than helpful and so nice to me and really knew what she was talking about. She apologized for having to transfer me to another department in the school to speak to someone else but it was more than okay as long as I had someone to help me with what I was needing. I was all set to go and everything was more than great and I was ready to walk into my student orientation. I got my student ID and sat through the hour long PowerPoint for orientation and even got to talk to the clubs and get to know what the College offered as far as extracurriculars. At this point I’m only waiting for my classes to be assigned to me. So what confused me was how they bragged about how they had so many staff and advisors that were there to help and WANTED to help. So, tell me how I spoke to not one advisor during my visit today? An older red headed lady sat me down in a room when she saw that I hadn’t been helped and I explained to her that I only needed a list of my classes assigned to me. She asked my program of study and I explained to her I was wanting to study dental hygiene but their school doesn’t provide that program but they do offer a diploma for it which basically has every prerequisite that is needed in order to apply for the actual Dental Hygiene program that is at Coastal Carolina in Jacksonville. I’ve already spoken to other directors prior that assured me that this was what I was needing to take and that it was transferable. She looked at me confused and began to search the coastal Carolina school online and began to tell me that CCC does not offer the classes that are in the dental hygiene program and that I was wasting my time applying to their school and should have pursued Jacksonville instead. So first of all, it wasn’t her place to tell me her opinion of what she thinks was best when she’s not in my shoes. She doesn’t know my situation. My car can’t handle driving two hours to Jacksonville every time I have something going on with the school. It was inappropriate of her to say that to me in the first place. Secondly, she obviosuly had no idea what she was talking about because while she was looking at the courses on Jacksonville’s website she was trying to copy down their courses that they listed for the people THAT WERE IN THE DENTAL HYGIENE PROGRAM. I can’t even apply for that program yet! I’m not in it! Obviously you guys don’t have the classes! And I don’t need them yet! What I need is to take your nurse aid curriculum. That’s all! It’s so simple why are you making it so complicated? The entire time she was looking at me confused like I had no idea what I was talking about and like I hadn’t done my research. She obviously didn’t know the courses that her own job offered. She was literally no help at all and at this point was just stressing me out because she wasn’t helping me get anywhere. So I proceed to tell her that I need to speak with someone else because we weren’t getting anywhere. She was clueless and rude and had already gone out of line. Very unprofessional. So she gets up and leaves the room and comes back in with a black lady this woman tells me to come into her office and when I sit down she asks my name and types in her computer and precedes to say “you’re not registered to this school you can’t recieve your classes have a nice day

Gwen Edwards

I was shocked to see so many negative reviews on here. If you’re looking for a cheap school with high quality teachers, go here!! I’ve been here 4 semesters and I have learned so much from all of the classes I have taken. I’ve been so impressed with the teachers and how much they want to help you succeed. I’ve only had one bad teacher in my experience, it wasn’t that I didn’t learn from their class, but merely our personalities clashed. Other than that, I have nothing but good things to say about this school.

Heather Kemp

Esther Witherspoon

Unfair, unprofessional, inappropriate banter in classroom, children and infants allowed in classroom, favoritism and inappropriate relationships between professors and students. All around a waste of government funding and students time!


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