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REVIEWS OF Cape Fear Community College IN North Carolina

brett gibby

The one star is for the driving program. The rest of the college is nice.

emily miller

I'm a transfer student from two other community colleges in our state and this BY FAR my absolute favorite. The professors honestly go above and beyond to make sure each individual student succeeds. I have never had to wait longer than 7-10 minutes to meet with an advisor or counselor. Plus, the location is BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy a view of the Cape Fear River/Historic Downtown as you learn!! There is also a Port City Java on campus for a pick me up!

Alyssa Montag

If I could give them zero stars I would.. They are honestly the worst community college I have had to deal with. I have been trying to get financial aid at this college for 3 weeks and I emailed a financial advisor and he was not helpful period. All he said was did you submit FAFSA to us? MHM duh this is why I am contacting you. Then I finally get an email saying I can get a loan. I receive a phone call from Stacey saying my social is incorrect on the form. So I called her back and left a voicemail 2x to fix the problem because the community college has the incorrect social on file. Well 4 days later no phone call, no student loan, and all of my classes are dropped, filled, and waitlisted with 5 other students!!! THEY ARE NOT HELPFUL AND THEY DO NOT CARE TO DO THEIR JOBS! I CAN ONLY IMAGE HOW HORRIBLE THE PROFESSORS ARE GOING TO BE IF I CAN EVEN GET FINANCIAL AID TO CONTINUE MY EDUCATION.... Mind you I already have an associates in science that I got from elgin community college in Illinois. A community college that actually cares for its students success and helping them achieve their goals. I will not recommend this college to anyone because I am seriously disappointed in them.

Justin Stermer

Евгений Скоморощенко

Henry Paul Pierce


robert bennett

CFCC has a wonderful faculty they want a person to learn and be the best possible person that you can be.

Sam Bernstein

Meghan Merritt

Absolutely amazing school. The staff and faculty really go the extra mile to help students and everyone works hard as a team. I have never been so impressed with the onboarding process, and they are working hard to simplify registration and get additional resources for students and parents. Over 65 different curriculum programs...and super affordable for top-notch quality. They have better equipment and classrooms than UNC-W...seriously! If you go school anywhere else, chances are you paid too much.

Lala Quiambao

Matthew West

Shatok Perry

W Newcomb

Lynn Kagen

raychel may

Science teachers are the worst, faculty doesn't get back to you in a timely manner, if they do they give false information. Beautiful campus

Marc Selvitelle

Wonderful school with teachers that care about your future and students who want to genuinely learn.

nick englese


So I am in the collision and repair program. Everything has been going good until....we get informed that this college has decided to renovate smack in the middle of our semester and we wont have access to our classroom. Ok. So we were supposed to have access to the shop and bathrooms but they gave us these portajohns which invites homeless, there is asbestos removal going on which the college did NOT inform us. Someone else came and told us. Honestly whoever's is in charge of this stuff clearly does not care about us students.

Ann Hunt Copley

James Phillips

Best community college I've been to. I wish I had never left. I had to leave for personal reasons. If I get a chance I WILL return.

David Dial

This is a great school. I have read reviews on here that complain about staff, but I have not experienced any problems. The financial aid office is really fast and the veteran support is out of this world. I just finished an A.A.S in Electronics Engineering Technology and had a job lined up before I was even finished with the degree. I can't recommend this school and program enough. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have decades of experience in the field.

Zach St. Pierre

Jenny Kaye

I just called to see when I can sign up for summer classes and the lady on the phone was extremely rude and almost condescending, making me feel like I'm an idiot for not checking my email. I don't know why she is working there, she has a terrible attitude and didn't even help me.

Danielle Schaller

Best school around

Leticia Hernandez

Rude, unhelpful, got withdrawn from a class without notice. Still have to pay balance for the class. Ready to leave this place.

Iowana Norvin

J Beckwith

I recommend the iced red eye from port city java. This is a beautiful campus

Brian Shuman

Luis Vargas

Devon Woodrum

I've been going here for two years and the counseling and office staff have been nothing but rude and completely unhelpful. If you call..beware. I wouldn't. The teachers are an exception. fabulous teachers and education but the help/office/counseling staff have been no help and RUDE! Can't wait to finish my degree and get out of there.

Nadiyah J.

Glad I'm not the only one complaining about staff. They hit me with unexpected fees from the bookstore, I tried returning the books (brand new, never used due to me dropping classes) they would not take the refund. I had to SELL them back for a lesser price and still ended up having to pay extra to get my butt into registration. I register, things go smoothly, my FA went through, I go to purchase books only to be told that I cannot buy books due to "other people not having financial aid yet" so I had to wait almost until class started to get my books. Even THAT was a struggle. I used to attend another college and we had price match for our books(the way Walmart works, find a cheaper price and they'll sell it to you for that price) well CFCC claims to offer the same program, I called and looked into it... they are false advertising. What happens is they give you these sites with the prices, they say that they cannot give us these lower prices due to the 'funding of scholarships" this is bologna I wrote a letter to the head of the bookstore expressing my frustrations. I asked them why are they giving their business away? You're listing other places with lower prices, won't match the prices and telling the students to shop elsewhere if they want to save a buck. Then for students like myself I ask if FA could bw used elsewhere, nope...not at all. This college is all about money and pretty much everyone has an attitude problem. I called the FA office to see about my FA situation... even she had an attitude. I asked about refunds and I was told that I shouldn't make a big deal out of it because "it wasn't that much anyway". If my old school wasn't so far, I'd return. I hate CFCC.

Checkman2k heckman

This school eats cheeks

Isaiah Virgil

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

Austin Birch

Roberto Santiago

Doug DeArros


I loved my time at CFCC, earning my AA before transferring to a 4-year university. In fact I wish they offered bachelor and masters degrees because I feel it was such a great investment in my future. I think it's amazing how involved the school is with the community and how they strive to encourage networking which is so important for success. As in anything in life attitude plays a major role. A positive outlook will take you farther than a negative one.

Mikayla Scott

Alvin Thomas

Truck driver training was great loved it had fun

Ja B

It's okay. Affordable classes. Not much courses to take. Some Instructors are great. Beware of rude security guard. They seem to neglect the older building and leave till it collapse.

Nichole Hale

Just graduated. Amazing school, amazing staff, everyone goes above and beyond to help you succeed.

James M Fuller

Emma Segasture

Cape Fear Community College Continuing Education Courses are fantastic. Every course I have taken has been enlightening and fulfilled all my expectations. The website design series is particularly informative and upon completion of these courses give Tuesday and Thursday nights and currently taught by Michael Daniel, if you apply yourself, you will come away with a working knowledge of Photoshop and Dreamweaver as well as an intermediate understanding of HTML, XHTM and CSS. Great investment in your future!

Daniel Detwiler

Worst experience ever! The administrative staff has never been helpful in any regard and continues to disappoint several years after I have graduated. Ordering transcripts is a joke as the registrar's office is literally shut down to all other matters during registration periods. Ordering online is not even possible at this time as they disable the features allowing you to submit payment. Overall, CFCC is nothing more than a degree-mill and money making enterprise. They could not care less about their students nor their alumni as their business practices reflect. If you're still not persuaded to save your time and money........ good luck!

Tyler D

The absolute worst in communication. Expect to reach out multiple times throughout the admissions process, with minimal attempts at returning communication. It speaks volumes when you have to speak with a department head each step of the way, just to get something done. Be mindful of your other opportunities within the New Hanover area.

Casey Clarke

I've attended this college on both the downtown and Castle Hayne Campuses. I have not finished my degree yet, but I did receive my GED from CFCC. I've taken a few psy, Med term, and English classes with great results. Having wonderful teachers really helps people understand what is being taught in front of them. I fully believe if I continue my education here that I would be very well educated in what I am going to school for. Always clean on both campuses, and friendly students and faculty.

Bryan C

Staff has been fine with me. Campus is awesome amd they are always ready to help. I can't complain about it.

Jenny Baxley

First I would like to say that I completely agree with the review posted by Daniel Detwiler. My experience has been parallel to his. Trying to get any information is like pulling teeth. Every single time that I've called the registrars office, the person I've spoken with has always been very rude, blunt, and extremely unhelpful. When I first registered, I could not get in contact with my adviser at all. I would call and leave messages and e-mails with very little to no response. I finally changed my program of study and my new adviser was extremely friendly and helpful right off the bat. If it wasn't for my second adviser, I don't think I would have graduated due to lack of communication and help. Long story short, you're only going to get help if you're lucky enough to find someone who is willing to give it to you.

Schwab Gregor

Link King

Dr Redd

great school to grow at

Riley Pitz

Amanda Lorenzo

By far the most unprofessional Community College I've ever been to and trust me I went to two previous ones in two different states so I've been through this process a couple of times already. The unprofessionalism comes from the Admissions Office. I couldn't believe how inappropriate they handled both conversations. The first time I called I got a male worker and he told me I sounded just like his daughter…okay… so I proceed with my question and he goes, "oh, I just can't believe how much you sound like my daughter, are you sure you're not (Daughter's name)" Like really… just answer my question! The second time I called I reached a woman who was absurdly rude right off the bat. I was calling for clarification about enrollment and the process to proceed forward. I told her I got the letter in the mail and was going over the stops I had to do further (you know for CLARIFICATION) I asked her if I had to take the placement test since I already went to two other Community Colleges. She simply stated, "It's in the letter" so I respond "ohhh-kayyy" in confusion because I told her I wanted clarification and she simply wasn't any help. So in her response she mocks me and immediately I hung up. I do not have the time to talk to people who do not care about their job nor even want to DO THEIR JOB. This is a disgrace, this should be a place of empowerment, knowledge and support, but instead I got people who are rude, not serious about their work or YOU!

Taylor P

Great place to learn. Also the learning lab is amazing.

jonathan hollar

I loved going here. Was able to get my AAS degree and transferred to UNCC after that. I have always believed that the 2 years I spent here were more valuable to me than at the University!! Most of what I use today with my job is from my Associates degree. Loved the whole campus.

Martha cesilia Murcia Cabrera

Rhonda Farrell

Michael Sykes

Not much parking, but awesome for starting our students.

Tony Esquina

Jacqueling Roy

The instructor (Rn) for the cna-1 was amazing! Very kind, cared for us students. Professional & overall. Mrs. Barrow was by far the best instructor I've personally had as I've had other classes regarsing other medical backgrounds. I highly recommend her! Also Mrs. Liberty (Rn) who runs the nursing assistants is a very supportive, caring lady. If you any concerns, or questions she will indeed always take the listen, and Feel at ease, My experie ce has impressed so much I'm continuing my education here. It's an hour drive there and an hr back but it's worth the drive! Great College

Bailey Fritz

liam Wright

Wonderful campus, the environment brings joy to the students that attend this college. This campus sits on the cape fear river, and has many great views of the small city! The instructors are also very carrying, and enjoy teaching their students!

Kevin Olschesky

An excellent school for the price. The teaching staff is top notch, worthy of much larger schools. The downtown campus is in a very historic city. I highly reccomend it to everybody.

Marshall G

so ive been trying to sign up all spring and their website simply isnt working. i cant get my Student ID, so since i cant get that i cant register or anything. ive tried calling but that gets me no where as im told "everything will be in the email " but the only email ive received is one telling me ive been accepted. i guess they dont want my money

Brianna Grotzinger

Best school

Marshall Johnson

Rude and impatient. Thats the best summary of my phone call. Im attending Fayetteville Technical Community College in the fall. Im moving out to Wilmington within the next year and a half. All I wanted to know was if my credits would transfer with me or if I could even transfer to CFCC. The lady on the phone was so rude amd made me feel like a total idiot. Her condescending and rude attitude was not professional at all! I won't be attending this School anytime soon✌

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