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REVIEWS OF Bennett College IN North Carolina

Jada Minor

This school is a complete scam. Coming from someone who barely survived there freshman year. All they care about is money. The Business office as well as financial aid are not useful at all. They are rude and extremely unorganized. Im in the second semester of my sophomore year and I owe over 10,000 in loans already. The sisterhood is non existent the food is terrible the teachers are okay and the living conditions are unbearable. Come here at your own risk. 4 out of the 6 buildings on this campus are shut down and will not reopen because they cant afford to keep them running. This is a poor excuse for a women's institution. And absolutely don't believe the celebrity visit gag no one has been on this campus since the early to mid 2000s. There arent any extracurricular activities no sports or anything. If you were looking at Bennett before turn away now its not the pretty picture you see on the internet. The campus looks run down. they put the church on everything to deceive people and make it look like the campus is nice. DO NOT ATTEND THIS RUNDOWN MESS OF A SCHOOL. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN TO THE PRISONERS WHO ARE ALREADY HERE.

Kahnaiyah Enoch

I will go to that college it look amazing to me if it don't look good to you your crazy

Daja Isler

Gary R. Howell

Cherie Dil

Great experience and quality education! The valuable lessons Bennett taught me has served me very well in both my career and everyday life. Due to its small size it also tends to provide greater access to professors and other outside experiences (internships, exhange programs, etc.) than you may find on bigger campuses. The professors know you and will push you. I graduated from Bennett, later, so did my sister and younger cousin. Hopefully one day I can say the same about my daughter. Of course like any other HBCU (or any college/university in general) it has its share of hiccups, but its all minor in comparison to the value of the 'Bennett Experience'.

Ciarra Talford

Kiya Ward

Gaivoora AC

Armel Désir

Yan Lyansky

Beautiful College campus just on the edge of downtown.

Alissa Tyson

With an ALL GIRL SCHOOL comes the drama and how you handle it. Bennett is actually shaping me into a woman. Seeing the comments about the College is actually crazy. If you ever heard your mother tell you "Its how you make your college experience" then you can tell by some of the reviews the person did not make a good college experience. That person was probably stuck in their ways and did not want to socialize. But that's their choice, and they moved on. I personally say that Bennett Suits me because MAJORITY of colleges don't give you that one on one with your professor and im thankful of that. Yes the staff here at Bennett Has its moment, you just got to be patient, and be mindful. I'M PROUD TO BE A BELLE, but don't trust a lot of these reviews, scout the college for yourself get a feel of the college for yourself.



The Pourcho's


William Morris

Amirah Baxter

I am a Freshwoman at Bennett College now and I love the academics. Everything is well except the breakfast, which is not appetizing at all. I only eat it because there is not a community stove in the dormitories. The only other problem I have with this school, is that the women in the business office are very disrespectful, unprofessional, and unorganized. Every time I go in there to ask them a question, the women who are employed, always give me a hard time. All in all, if you are interested in a small liberal college for black women and do not mind the rude business office employers and the bad breakfast then by all means apply to the school.

Tina Wade

My daughter is currently a student and she loves the school. Discipline is key to life . HBCU .....MAKE IT HERE,YOU CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!!

Latonya Allen

wells tahmizha

Avian Tisdale

10 years ago I walked into a store wearing my Bennett College sweater. The store manager attended a nearby school in Greensboro and immediately recognized the name. We started chatting, a wedding and two children later here we are! Since graduating in 1998 I have taken that sweater with me around the world, attending other schools, before big interviews, and everywhere in between. Something about looking in the mirror and seeing the word "Bennett" across my heart motivates me in ways you have to feel to understand. As a graduate I've never felt inadequate or undertrained compared to my colleagues. One of the things Bennett does best is teach us how to engage in healthy competition, promote self-growth, and share our success. My sweater was rather worn after 20 years yet, we both knew I couldn't part with it. My husband searched the internet far and wide to find the same color and design, and gifted it to me for our anniversary. I've graduated from several schools since 2002, this is the only college sweater I choose to wear. #bennett

Frederick Logan

It a developer of amazing young LADIES with outstanding intellect.

Greensboro, NC

Nicole Person

Queen Nsuccess

Warning:Don’t go here.They lack communication with the alumni until it was about to shut dowm.The scool is a abomination.A ceiling fell on a girl while showering in the fall of 2018.They didn’t fix it until February of 2019.Even if fix the school is so low to code and paint over the issues.The offices here do whatever they want and don’t show up.The bullying is such a prevalent thing here.There is no sisterhood at all.They act friendly in your face then turn around and to talk about .There is nothing here helping bullying.Your “sisters” will drive past you like it’s nothing.I’d wish this on my worst enemy.The school does not needed to stay running.They have mold in the dorms.The water smells like sewer and bathrooms are barely clean.You will have your money wasted here and energy.It is highschool behavior and mentality for a college school.That goes for staff and students.They create the bullying and drama.A lot of staff should be fired like the Rd,and Ra.They do nothing on the bullying you can report it but the sister hood for black woman is such bullshit.They have bad cliques and literally just accept anyone in the school.The sga members are the main one who use there platform as bullying also Miss Bennett ,Rd and RA.They bullying and don't help the school atmosphere and pretend they care for the school.

amora Brown

hola I am a freshwoman at Bennett College and she is so wonderfully beautiful a lot of upperclassmen say she's not what she used to be... the sisterhood could use some improvement its lacking but that's on us

Tobi Ladipo

Sheba Abrahaim

Kristie Huntley

My experience attending Bennett College in 99-2003 was an experience. Reading most of these comments I guess some things does not change. Majority of all the woman working in the financial aid and admissions office were rude. I would always wonder to myself how are these women still employed? The campus (sidewalks) were cracked and I can recall myself spraining my ankle upon moving in because the concrete was severely cracked. Yes, the cafeteria food was nasty and didn't have much of a selection of items to choose from. The tuition was ridiculous high and honestly I'm not sure why.....the dorm rooms that I lived in-Phieffer and Cone hall were okay for the most part but the bathrooms were horrible. But, compared to the other dorms I guess I should have been thrilled to have been in those two dorms. The positive things attending Bennett was that I met some nice classmates. I was able to hear Corretta Scott King and Maya Angelou speak during an ACES ceremony. I will always appreciate that forever! My first year going off to college as I think on it now I wish I would have went to a HSBC where I could have truly experienced college life. On a closing thought if Bennett is still performing in the same manner from when I attended 18 years ago then that is very sad! Overtime, people should grow/advance, do, and become better. That is what Bennett expectations are for their students. However, if Bennett own staff aren't exemplifying and walking into these various things. They should not be employed at this school because they will contribute to it's value going down and if you have no students or not enough then there will be no "Bennett". Although, this was my personal experience it may have been different for others. If anyone choose Bennett College then they will have to experience college life here for themselves...


Bennett College is a great place for young women to learn about themselves, their heritage and the power of being an individual in a multicultural society. While I was a student in 1986, I met friends from all over the world and developed life long friendships. Bennett College has evolved to capture many opportunities for young women to study abroad, several honor societies and the ability to publish papers. What you put into any endeavor is what is what you get out of it. Investing in education at Bennett is a great value. Bennett College offered consortium classes when I was there via only one school UNCG. Now consortium classes are offered via any of the colleges and universities in the Greensboro area. I am so happy to see how Bennett has embraced technology. I just watched the Bennett College Recognition Day Spring 2015 from the school website! I'm so motivated by the changes that have taken place since I've been gone such as the Bennett College Parent Association. I can't wait for my little one to attend Bennett College and become a Bennett Belle!

Mercedes Smalls

Would wish this school on my worst enemy

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