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REVIEWS OF Alamance Community College IN North Carolina

Ricardo Perez Sosa

I think it’s a great college and I am in the HVAC program. The teachers are great they make sure you understand every assignment!

Ricky Yow

Christian Cardenas

Nathan Frazier

The HVACR program is a fantastic program where you will learn and practice and be ready to head out to the field.

Gaa Gaa

Racism in the hvac program . Waste of money and time . Do not apply for this college or at least for the hvac program it’s a waste of time. There is a preference towards skin color . If I wanted to hear racist remarks towards certain ethnicity groups for 8 weeks straight I would have went back to high school, where I would of at least been able to knock the teeth off of those racist, and not gotten into trouble. But this is college and can’t do nothing about it but drop the classes and loose the money I worked hard for . Thanks acc for nothing, but taking my money.

blake marley

I am a student in the HVAC-R program. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make things understandable. My experience has been great and would highly recommend this program.

David Frazee

Great 2 year college, unmatched quality education, excellent customer service. Will have graduates well trained for the job market, or very well prepared for transfer to a four year school.

Devin Seals

At the AATC.The HVACR (heating, air conditioning ventilation and refrigeration). The new build has a real life senerio setting for the HVACR program. They have a indoor learning environment Air Handlers and an outdoor learning environment with Condensing Units. The plethora of skills gained from the program which goes from appliance repair, residential repair, and commercial repair. The aquirement of skills of fundimentals for HVACR is made easy for all students. The rigorous route to build a great starting foundation for understanding electrical troubleshooting, understanding of electrical diagram, and free hand diagram understanding of electrical circuits. The building a lot of different projects to help better understand thermal dynamics. The essence of science is emphasized at this program allow the student to better understand What Why Where When and How. The instructors are well equipped to teach a good glass and make it understandable for all ways of learning.

marc mcpherson

New building is beautiful with everything we need for our HVAC program. Mr. Pagura knows his stuff and enjoys teaching it.

Emily Inman

Obviosuly every school has bad teachers and staff, but the majority of teachers and staff are easy to work with and willing to listen/help. This is a great option for students who want to explore different fields. Also it is much better than paying 40k a year to go to Elon University.

Anna Cruz-Luciano

Loved it i had the best instructors. Mrs. Byrd and Mrs.Hinton

Jesus Mora

This college is great. I have most of friends here and it’s a very intellectual environment. I am currently attending in the new facility that they have built on the far side of the campus and everything is astonishing. The HVAC program is very good and the teachers are very good at instructing us.

Jacob Johnson

Robert Crawford

This is one of the worst community colleges in the state of NC. They consistently manage to screw up every single task you could even think of. The entire trip from registration to graduation is a unbelievably frustrating and maddening experience. They will con you out of your tuition money under the illusion of providing an education. Very, very few teachers at this campus are even remotely qualified enough to instruct anything more complicated than IKEA furniture assembly. They are on the verge of losing their accreditation to teach various programs. If it is at all within your means to do so, I urge you to go elsewhere for your education. GTCC has an amazing college but its about an hour away unfortunately.


This school cannot handle anything properly, I have been and I received my degree from them. I was not told anything about graduation, they cannot keep files straight when it comes to financial aid or otherwise. Avoid this school, it's convenient but it is not worth the time because you spend more of it trying to fight ignorant staff members. I have had so many occasions where I wanted to quit because the staff got to be too much but I made it through and I will NEVER go back to this school again.

Stephanie Huerta

Some of the aministrators at ACC refuse to connect me with the person I called to speak to. They end up yelling and being very loud. Also people who are a little bit slower at learning they make us feel dumb.

robbie rich

Alamance community college HVACR program is a great program to go in to. The teachers know the material and there is plenty of hands on projects to get a better understanding of the systems we work on.

Ginger Peeks

I attended for my EMT BASIC. And I graduated December 19, 2015 and I absolutely loved it!! I am going back this may for paramedic!! The teachers I came in contact with were amazing, except for one, but she was rarely every there anyway! But I absolutely love it here!

Kayla Flack

Anneisha Mcwilliams

financial aid is the absolute worst! they lack the inability of organization. i didnt start school until 2 days later due to financial aid not answering phone calls or emails.. i had to fill out two more forms in order for me start class. i went up there three times in one week, it was very long & unproductive. besides that, my classes & my professors are great. im studying to get my associates in nursing & transfer. i recommend to go to acc but be aware of financial aid.

Tiffany Bolick

Chase Burnette

The HVAC program is a great program to get into. It is very hands on and you learn everything needed for the HVAC field.

David Needham

The HVACR program is challenging but it is a great learning experience and will prepare you for working with heating, air conditioning and refrigeration in the future

Jose Mercado

Love the HVAC program, they give us so many opportunities to do hands on activities. Classes aren't boring there's always some humor. Also the new building is awesome!

Ben Pag


Chris Johnston

I have been impressed with the faculty. They are truly dedicated the students success. I have attended other schools where staff worries more about their check more than students, not the case here. The HVAC/R course is in-depth and hands on

Cole Greeson

The alamance community college hvac program has knowledgeable teachers and all the equipment needed to learn

Adam Evans

No one acts like they want to help you. Every person I've spoken to and interacted with came across like I am an inconvenience to them. No one greets you with a smile. Very cold and unwelcoming environment.

Kaleb S550

Oshea Hill

Ez Perry

laura nisbet

My experience as a student at ACC was absolutely wonderful. Knowledgeable, caring, challenging instructors.

James Adkins

The Computer Aided Drafting program at ACC offers a great opportunity to learn about design and engineering. If you are unsure of your career path. Take a look at the CAD program to see it there is a place in it for you. More than 500 jobs are available for CAD skilled designers and engineering technicians.

Steven Hunter

Arkell McGhee

Matt Wheland

susan dodson

I went into the GEE building administration office to pick up a paper for someone today and there was two women at the desk in front of me one was on the phone and the other one was just sitting there the lady to the right of me also on the phone which made two more calls while I was standing there they just let me stand there for 10 minutes and never ask if they could help me. when one of the ladies got off the phone she turned her head away from me and said to her coworker ,I guess she is too lazy to walk up to the counter . Where I came from you was taught to respect people and not interrupt them while they are talking on the phone so I stood back from the counter until she got off the phone then she just completely turned her head from me and stared at the computer. finally I just butted in and ask the lady to the right of me if mindy was there and she pointed to her .I don't know the woman's name sitting to the left of mindy but she does not need any kind of desk job dealing with the public very nasty and very rude attitude!!!! I am glad everyone in this world is not like her !! I don't know who hurt her to make her so bitter but I will certainly be praying for her.

Taylor Thomas

Andrew Bradford

I don't regret the things I've done. I regret the things I didn't do when I had the chance.

Seth Jones

Best HVAC program around. The instructors make sure you know all the information that is needed. Great staff definitely recommend that if your interested in taking up HVAC to come on down to ACC and sign up for there classes.

Luke Barnwell

I am in the first year of the HVACR program at ACC and it has been very challenging but I am enjoying it and also learning a lot of new things that I will need to know when I enter this field as an employee in the industry.

Ashton Davidson

Such a great plan they have going on. Missing one paper? Great go back home. Wasted almost a half tank going there and back because I was missing one paper.

Cherry Brown

I am currently a second year student in the HVACR ( Heating & Air ) program and would like to let you know how pleased I am with the over all experience I've had. If you just want a piece of paper hanging on the wall to say you've completed a course then this is not the place for you but if you want to earn your degree and really know your field of study as well as having an earned diploma then this should be your the first choice.

Gloria Reyes

Mike Holt

Ezra Byrd

Best community college around. Professors are great, classes are challenging and meaningful.

Harley McVeigh

Sue Barringer

Veronica Case

Fysia Sorel

Good for a community college. As someone who needs to be eased into college life it's really good. Most of the teachers are great and try to help you where they can.

Melissa Coniglio

If you have a disability this is the last college you should be looking at. I am hard of hearing and I had an instructor who was terrible to me. Treated me different and said I couldn't do it. (What I was going to school for.) She lowered my self esteem and confidence. Just because you are teaching what you did for a career does not mean you know how to teach and should be teaching. You need to have the skill to teach and to be helpful to your students. Not kick them down. You should be lifting them up! I did complain about her but I doubt anything happened. Always find a school that is disability friendly. In the future, I would love to take more classes cause I enjoy learning but I will never ever come back here. Going somewhere else for sure!

Steven Corbett

Big Ed

The instructors in HVAC-R are knowledgeable and relatable, however I am disappointed that there are no night classes the second year making it difficult for those who have other responsibilities to work full time and go to school. Also I feel the curriculum schedule makes it to where you teach yourself and the instructors go over what you read instead of the regular cover it in class then do homework. I feel this may be a way to make it more difficult and have more intelligent technicians but not allowing everyone the opportunity to learn.

Sara Vanhoorne

They fail to tell you that they will only accept up to 32 transfer credits for an associate degree and claim that is a NC community college policy. It's not, FYI. Other than that, beautiful campus and nice people.

Antonio Lopez

I have really enjoyed the Advance Applied Technology Center, it is a great informative environment to be in you get top of the line technology, great hands on experience and a taste of the real world in a work force style environment.

Keenon Phillips

Great teachers in both general education as well as HVAC specific classes. The new Advanced Applied Technology Center that recently opened is state of the art and will help train individuals with hands on experiences to enter the trades.

Kara Presslar

Jesus Mora Salazar

I am a second year student in the HVAC trade. The program is really great as well as the instructors. I have had a great experience so far and I have learned a lot. I would recommend this school and trade to anyone that is interested in attending.

Alessandra Vaughn

The staff at ACC are the worse. They are very rude.

Jacob Sykes

James M Fuller

This is the WORST college ever. They do not work with you at all. I have 3 WP's on my transcript now because of the online classes and the awful setup. It's a waste of time and money. Go to a university where your money will be put to good use.

reedblahblah Reedblahblah

Ehhh it's ok but the HVAC program is tought buy some very self righteous instructors though the fat man with the dark hair can't rember his name you'll know him when you see him! is very sneaky and Rodnei barber is a dam baffoon you may know sorta what your talking about Rodnei but that doesn't keep you from sounding like an idiot and rambling about being a failure in the army all day "I was in the goon platoon because I couldn't do my job right" GOOD FOR YOU BUDDY!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Chandler Stephens

I am in the first year of the HVAC program and it’s been a great learning process. It can be challenging sometimes but I’ve definitely learn a lot. This program is definitely worth my time and money.

William Eden

Terrible college. "Tried" to do online no one would ever answer phones or return messages to help with questions I had. They're absolutely horrible with communication.

Jenny Diez

I am happy that my family is finding success at ACC. However- ACC is pretty lame when it is time to notify students that the college is closed for inclement weather. My daughter has to drive on Church St/70 from Burlington. Today- Haw River is most likely flooding which will make her route impassable. ABSS is on a 2hr delay- why doesn't ACC follow suit? Sure is aggravating to see that the ACC website only states "Drive carefully." Moderate flooding of Haw River (091718), and still ACC is opening at 10am. I cant help but think of those students that are cut-off from using the dry interstate. Wednesday (091818): Haw River is touching the interstate! (Flood level is 18ft and the river is currently at 27ft.) Please cancel classes while the river is flooding. Attendance cant be very high since roads are being closed because of flooding. Nearly one month later(111518) and Haw River is flooding again and ACC is still open for business. I can only imagine that other parents of ACC students are as concerned as I am about their student possibly encountering flooded streets. Turn Around Dont Drown. Please ask ACC to be aware of driving conditions.

Tashawn Moore-Baker

Austin Pulley

I'm currently taking the HVAC program and I absolutely love it we have hands on learning so we can actually learn it and we relate everything we do in class to real life situations and it's great all the bad reviews are just someone upset and taking it out on a phone there's no problems at this college it's great and the new building the built is amazing too way to keep up with today's tech ACC

Frederik Ogle

Cool and intuitive hvacr program !!

Antonio Marmolejo

I am currently a first year student in the HVAC program and the instructors are very knowledgeable on the information and able to help us with any questions we have in the classroom and in the lab

Elias Parada

Devin Clark

I've been a student in the new welding facility for about a year now and I've gone from knowing zero to professional welder in that time. Best move I ever made. Great professors great curriculum, state of the art equipment. Highly recommended

Mitchell Loy

First year HVACR student, I must say it can be overwhelming at first but the instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the course and guide you through it with ease. It takes effort on your part to take away from this course what you should know before entering the field, but the instructor, Mr. Pagura, is more than helpful getting you the information you need to know.

Humbe Atilano

Adan Orellana

Very Normal

Felipe Cristian

Great school and great teachings.

Jonathan Luevano

I’m a first year student in the hvacr program at ACC and it’s a great program to be in. The instructors are very interesting and informative in what they teach, and it’s what makes the program great. I would definently recommend this program to anyone who is interested.

Kiefer Knight

I currently am a part of the student body here at ACC, in the HVACR program. I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences here, and all of my teachers, advisors, and administrators have been very helpful. The VA Coordinator, Ms. Morton has done an outstanding job keeping me in the loop when it comes to my VA benefits. Overall a very Veteran Friendly School, and a great place for learning and growing. Keep up the good work!

Pedro Gonzalez

I’m a first year student in the HVAC course and the teachers are great, this is probably one of the best class you can take at this school, to be honest the hvac course may be the best around in North Carolina. The Facility is really nice and clean all around

Thurston Green Sr

Will Lambert

Very good education, well worth your money, harder than I expected, well worth your time

Alex Gonzalez Guzman

Hvac is a great program. The teacher make sure you are learning and show he cares about his students.

Isaac Sparrow

Great college, HVACR Instructors are well educated and know what they are talking about. This school is very advanced in the Trade industry, new tools, new equipment to work on. There is nothing to complain about, school and Instructors are 10/10!

Kijenga Rukiranya

Christie Spencer

The staff at ACC is the worst I have ever dealt with anywhere. They are RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl in the financial aid office hung up on me after I had to repeat my question 3 times. I was just transferred and transferred and transferred. It is awful. I am contacting the NC Community College Association. I will take my complaints to the top. This is so ridiculous.

Pug Pest

I'm in the HVAC program and it's a decently good program all though some things could be taught a little better. One of the issues with me is it being hard to know when test are coming up or what to study for. And on top of that you lose points for just about anything and everything which to me personally just has nothing to do with my education. But other then all that it's a decent program to go in to.

Rachel Snipes


This school bends over backwards to help you achieve your goals! Great knowledgeable staff and instructors who are very competent in the fields that they instruct in. I have a 2 year machining degree from years ago and disappointed in some of the things that I am hearing about the machining program. Hopefully the issues will be fixed. It used to be great when I took it. I am now starting some welding classes for another degree in the new state of the art facility. I still highly recommend this school if you are not going into machining.

Chris Stamps

I am currently a student in the HVAC/R program at Alamance Community College. I have had a great experience thus far. The instructors have been very friendly and great at teaching the material. I feel that I will be thoroughly prepared to enter the heating & air field after completing this program.

Carmen Hernandez Rodriguez

The HVAC program is a great program that has a hands on learning experience for real life situations.


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