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REVIEWS OF The King's College IN New York

John Mcormond

Samuel Tran

I never expected to attend The King's College. But four years, three international trips, two hurricanes, and one move later, I cannot imagine myself elsewhere. The conversations I have had, the friends I have made, and the opportunities I have been given have provided me an education for a lifetime.

timothy hutchings

Several of these reviews look fake.

Julie Murphy

A unique environment of higher learning in lower Manhattan. Soli Deo Gloria!

Sharon Scheurer

Raj Raju

Doug Forbes

I attended Northeastern Bible College which has now merged with the King's College. I highly recommend that you consider this wonderful school. Rev. Doug Forbes

Fermin Villalpando

Исахан Идрисов

Allison Barksdale

It was a phenomenal experience being a visiting student in the NYC Semester Program! Thanks Kings!

Kings Church NYC

Matt Walker

Gabrielle Elle



Matt Meisinger

Loved my 4 years at the King's College, and graduated in 2009 from their Business Management program. It is a small school where student initiative is rewarded, and the professors there are wonderful.

Josh Wood

Ashley Ruiz

jonah sheffield

Arnold Clem

AndreMichel Simpore

Alizabeth Wallace

Matthew Sheffield

Holly Tate

Attending The King's College in NYC was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I wouldn't be who I am spiritually, professionally, and emotionally without my experience at King's. Even after graduating almost 3 years ago, I'm still using the skills and knowledge I acquired as a King's Business Management student on a daily basis in my marketing and business development career. Thank you, King's, for being the college I always dreamed of attending!

Esther Fuenzalida

John Smith

I heavily contemplated whether or not I should write this review as a former student of The King’s College. I originally thought it best to leave it be and leave my experience at this institution behind me. However, after seeing that previous honest reviews have been deleted from google and it is now almost solely showcasing reviews from people who are employed by the college... I felt it necessary. King’s is by far one of the most biased and corrupt institutions I have ever come across, with the lowest quality education. Many community college courses I dabbled in during my high school summer breaks greatly surpassed the quality of classes at King’s. At King’s, classes were often filled with false information (e.g. In the first chapter of the “textbook” used for a required course it claimed that the Native American [Indigenous] women gave Christopher Columbus and his men Syphilus since they were “loose and inviting” this is not only false but a disgusting claim to make let alone teach). On top of false information classrooms often carried a dogmatic air which strongly discouraged any conversation that would add different views to the table and when students were able to squeeze in a deeper question professors often ignored them or were short of answers. Many students complain of the lack of diversity in the school and their need to refrain from speaking their true minds in fear of getting marked down by faculty, or even other students through the honor code. In my last semester at King’s there was not one day in the classroom without a transphobic, homophobic, White-Christian centric, mysoginistic, or classist remark. It is no secret to the student body that one of the main economics professors is in favor of and lessoned favorably on slave labor. The college often held talks stating that women should not be in places of leadership, homosexuality is the greatest sin, and several I mean several anti-abortion talks. While students who asked to speak or organize on other sides of an issue were silenced. King’s sells itself as an introspective, intellectual, and calculated institution that works with faith in the real world. This is not the case. You must submit to more than simply the Christian faith to successfully pass courses. A large segment of a required freshman course is the professor finding the most absurd examples of other faiths and encouraging the class to join him in mocking them. Then passing out quizzes where students must think to themselves “what is the most stereotypical far right Christian answer, not the true answer?” In order to receive a good mark. I am not the only one who feels this way as I have spoken to countless students who feel the same. A good part of the post-graduation employment rate is due to the fact that graduates end up working for the school as administrators as they have much difficulty finding real jobs in their fields. It can feel like the perfect school for some. The students that seem to be the happiest at King’s tend to be upper-middle class, homeschooled k-12, southern, Christian, conservative, caucasian students. There is nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned attributes but it shows that the students who thrive at this school have been sheltered and privileged their whole lives. They are pleased with the school because they do not know different from it and it is often the first exposure they’ve ever had to being freely mixed with students their own age. I feel as though my review has drawn too long; although I and many others could go on of the wrongs of this institution for pages. If I could give it zero stars, I would, but I guess the apartments are nice and it’s in a great city so the one star can be granted there(although they tend to have 4 students sleeping in one room without a window which is not legally a room in nyc). In all, much of what King’s sells is not the reality of the institution. I fell for it, as did many of my peers and now all we can do is lament the loss of our faiths, love of learning, and time spent there.

Autism Jew

I'm going there

Matt Salavitch

Zarshed Ochilov

Tom Koehly


Skyler Falls

Peter Flemming

As a current senior at King's, I am so glad that I chose to spend all four of my college years here. King's has equipped me in so many ways to step out into the real world, including a challenging but rewarding classroom setting, great internship experience in the finance world of New York, and hands-on leadership experience within the student body. King's faculty incorporates Christianity brilliantly into the classroom. They don't force-feed their beliefs; they teach students to think deeply and intelligently for themselves.

Ariel Santerelli

Alyson N

christopher rankin

Laura Dowdy

I transferred to King's from Pratt Institute for the Business program and have been absolutely satisfied with the quality of professors and the initiatives within the institution are helping to shape me holistically. Living in NYC and attending King's is not an easy feat, but if you are up for a challenge and want to grow both personally and academically, then this college is the perfect catalyst.

Andrew Welser

Ben Kawecki

Darius Williams

I dont know who this John Smith is, but many of his points hit home. I will say this. If King's was as amazing and diverse and awesome as the users below claim, then why does administration use more words refuting someones argument and getting, quite frankly, extremly defensive about someone pointing out their faults, instead of simply asking why the person feels or thinks the way they do or what facts that person can present? Would the college have an absurdly high (in the range of 50%) freshman drop out rate if they were as awesome as they claim? And the demographics? That's kupput. They have extremly small class sizes so even having 20-30 black people in a freshman class will amount to high "diversity," despite the other 200 kids being, as John Smith so eloquently put it, white, homeschooled, southern, caucasians. Here's some more food for thought. Why isnt there a single bad review on Google until this John Smith person came out? Surely, someone must have had a so-so time at King's. Surely. But no. Not a single one in sight. Why aren't there many 5 star reviews that go into detail the way I and John Smith have? Now, maybe we're wrong. But if you are an intellectual, do a little deep thinking about these reviews before you apply and ask many pointed questions in your interveiw to vet the school. If you find you still like the promise of what the school has to offer, (journalism program isn't so bad) then apply.

Natalie Nakamura

The professors at King's shaped my understanding of what it means to be a principled leader. They actively help students flourish in what can be a rough city environment.

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