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REVIEWS OF Baruch College IN New York

Adyan Faisal

Only good for finance and commerce.

Tashi Dorjee


Used to be a reputable college in the past

Douglas Flint

great students inside this facility

Je'Jae Daniels

Although I go to Brooklyn College, it's sister school, I am still very jealous and like to promote Baruch College. My brother attends the school for an affordable price, has access to all the top firms next door to intern by, and the school holds some of the best departments out of all CUNY

Brandyce Pechillo

I received my MA in Corporate Communications at Baruch College (Weissman School of Arts) and loved it here. It's a relatively small program that's very specific and developed for those interested in furthering their careers in the communications field. If you're interested in public relations, reputation management, corporate sustainability, and learning how to develop marketing plans and strategies, this program is for you. I have had many positive interactions with the professors here, many of whom truly want you to develop professionally and excel. Also, you become a member of Corporate Communications International, which is a program that offers panel discussions and seminars that introduce you to real world organizations and individuals who practice corporate comm everyday. It's a great thing to be a part of.

Ross Zhu

Great school!

D'Anna Johnson

So far I've had fun. I like the long breaks in btw classes that allow me to do work or hang out. Also the people are very friendly.

Minli Bear

I have never attended Baruch but went to the school tour. They sent me a debt collection of $8000 for tuition of one semester after 3 years! I went to the registrar in NYC and appealed for it but have NEVER heard anything back! Now they have another debt collection company call says I owe the $8k !!! EXCUSE ME ??????!!?!?? Please give me a call and tell me why. Otherwise I will think Baruch is a big Fraud.

Ken Nakagama

Entrepreneurial Leader in the CUNY system

Seokbae Lee

Best business schools in NYC. I pay tuition $7,000 per semester but I never felt it's waste.

Boris Chao

Very nice people, they're willingly to help you but those books are way too overpriced.

Asher Cheng

The lesson is cool, I can't understand it =,=

Raymond Stensholt

Great facilities. Good programming.

Ming Zhang

Competitive business school, lots of opportunities for post-graduate employment, take advantage of the networks that Baruch offers. Always something going on on campus.

Sheep Arron

If I could give them one star, I will. Not only the facilities are awful, but the school offices are sucks! Phone calls actually don't work, you have to physically come in and what them revolve problem. Otherwise, you have to wait for years until your problems been solved! Terrible experience! It seems like they don't want you to graduate! Try everything to avoid this school. Seriously

Christian Parra

Love this school

Paul S. Kim

great school

jay chen

Good commuter school.

Foxy Plays

nik Noronha

10/10 for effort.

Albert Gertskis

Trash college (everything about it). Professors are horrendous, lazy students, terrible facilities. Don’t go here. You’ll thank me later.

Severi Tuominen

francesco furfaro

Last Baruch College poll finds 48 percent are fearful of being attacked due to their race, ethnicity. From metronews NY

Desiree Joy Frias

Good school. If you figure out the elevator/stair/escalator mess please let me know.

Adam Alter

If only I could give it 0 stars.

Kristy Li

The school is good. But the staffs work at Administation and financial aid office are terrible.

Ryan Yang

This is where you can find the most diverse people around the world

Mark Tuosto

Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY) is a public university located in the Manhattan Flatiron District of New York City, and is a member of the College of the City University of New York (CUNY, also translated as New York City University). When the City University of New York was in 1847, the New York State Literature Fund felt that the average student could not afford the two private universities in New York City at the time: New York University and Columbia University ( Columbia University was founded with high tuition fees. In 1965, in order to thank Honorary Alumni, the investment master of Wall Street, and the White House politician Bernard M. Baruch, donated $9 million to the school, and added Baruch in front of the college name.

Justin C

Good educational value. General service by the administrative departments is pretty terrible.

Leanna Pham

RUDE ASS STUDENTS. They have no respect for other people. My school was here to play a volleyball game and after a loss, the students mocked RIGHT at us and laughed DIRECTLY in our faces. If this is the type of people that this school accepts then you must be out of your mind. Represent your school in a positive way. I'll definitely will NOT be recommending anyone to go here.

Amir Sedrak

can do better

Stephen Chen

Terrible advisement and overcrowded. If you want to have difficulty planning out your next semester schedule, you should go here. If you want to wait hours to see an advisor, you should go here. I honestly can't wait till I leave this awful school Horrible gym, no student life, disgusting/expired food, filthy bathrooms, and the professors here are very strict September 19 update: school has terrible wifi

meemona amir

Transferred here from Pace University. Kids are really serious about their grades and the library is very quiet. Typically a very diverse campus and limitless help. The campus is not that great just a big old glass building. When u need to do/fix something with transfer center,financial aid, or bursar you have to keep going and sometimes the peoples attitude go to far!

Julia Vinagolu-Baur

Incredibly disgusting, disorganized and appalling employees everywhere, especially the security. I'm very disappointed at what this place has become.

Steve Plus Joann

decent on many accounts

Tianrong Wang

Audrey Rodriguez

Staff sucks, registration sucks the students here are rude and I'm just a transfer no idea where anything is or all I get is butting heads with the staff to get anywhere not to mention the person who has to do my major sign up is hardly in the school and is only there when I work, staff very rude and unhelpful I had to register myself

dhanya hemanthraj

WSAS is very helpful. People will help you. Your mostly on your own when it comes to job search, but its great value for money

Richard Chen

College is what you make of it. Unfortunately, the prerequisites that you need to graduate on time is almost always booked, the college is understaffed and half the professors don't care to talk to you before, during or after class. Creativity is not fostered and the textbooks change editions every semester (no resale value). Financial aid is HEAVILY abused by people who cheat the system. How is it that someone who has a luxury car and "money" can claim that they make nothing and get a full ride to college and then some, and someone who makes 30k a year have to pay in full to get the same education? Ridiculous system. 'Class of 2010

Costa Michailidis

15,000 students go through this place every year, and it's only got 3 reviews? Baruch is an incredible place to get educated. This is mostly because of the students you learn side by side with .No hate on the professors. They're cool too, but the students! Baruch is consistently the most diverse or nearly the most diverse college in the country. Most students work for and pay for their education. They're humble, hard working, they're life long learners. I was lucky enough to learn along side them. Much Love, Baruch. I'll be visiting this afternoon : )

Sean Ken

Must say my experience at this school so far hasn't been pleasant. This school is run like a business they don't care about their students. They just want your money I guess that only makes sense since it is called "baruch". I tried to get some answers about my financial aid and instead got yelled at, I still don't know why and why the lady was so rude. The orientation was a joke it was over 300 students so I definitely wasn't helped. I sat through their whole orientation process just to end up with a class I didn't have to take. All I can say is this school is gonna drain you of your health and money. The teachers here also are the worst.

Liana T.

Facilities are not as good as it should be. No scholarships for international students, slow student life, students pretending they are in the financial world before even getting a job, etc.

Wendy Lui

pretty looking college

Mohamed Azwan

I am doing my MS in this College .. Best library & best teacher . Friendly environment. Clean place .. lot of space to Study

Cindy Lai

Best College among CUNY! Bright and clean building, wonderful library, large gym, one of the best business school.

immobiliare Giancani

Very good

Nim Dvir

Home of my part time MBA!

kirollos Gerges

Great CUNY school, one of the few schools that have a very low pool temperature which makes competing here challenging and empowering. Great school over all. Spaces usually tight but that's understandable for a school in Manhatan. Great for business and finance. Accounting and mathematics majors.

Nataly Hernandez

They expect for you to figure your way out to graduation, no one helps you or guide you, you try to seek advancement And they won't see unless you bring your Dregree audit printed, and guess what!!! Try finding a lab where you can print it. So you are out of luck, it feels like they do this so you can take classes you don't need so you wasted your money. smh! Just found out that I took 2 classes I didn't have to take thanks to advicement last year, classes that made me screwup my GPA, cool wasted my money, which it was not government money it was cash money I payed out of my packet because I don't get financial aid, which is rare I used to get at least $600 dollars in my previews school but in here I get none, wierd!!! maybe they are not doing their job at making sure my financial aid is getting process, any how I tried to contact the registration office as I am out of the country and the only class I was able to take this semester was drop by mistake ans guess what? No one pick up the stupid phone or answer emails. GOOD JOBBBB!!! SHOULD HAVE LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO TOLD ME THIS WAS A SHITWHOLE

kyleredstar 622

bao lei

Inefficient staff they alway try to push you from one department to other. You can't hardly get things done. Horrible faculty a finance 3000 professor Ezri Schechter could not calculate cumulative grades.

Nitzz Photography

One of thr best

Mel Yildirim

I don't know about faculty or education, but their stuff (especially registrar office) is the worst. They are very aggressive and treat students like an animal. I called their help line to complain about it, they hang up the phone on me !

Christian M

post accounting grades quicker for students who want to take CPA exam!

Dawa Sherpa

I think Baruch is a great value school. Being a student at Baruch, I can say that they have a very strong career development center, one of the best in the nation, I heard. Accounting and Finance are the most popular majors and it's highly regarded as a good business school in the city. You'll meet many smart and ambitious students in the college and there is a strong presence of clubs. on the downside, the college still needs to work on campus life. They try really hard, but the school often may not feel like a campus or a home. Just this year, it closed down 25th St. and turned it into a plaza so that may help build more a community environment. There's also a large renovation planned for one of baruch's old buildings on 23rd st so that should help. The college needs more places where students can "chill" and relax, and unwind. Instead, many times, it looks like people are always in a rush. Overall, if you want to do business, I'd recommend the school. I can see it improving in the future, and I got a lot out of it.


supposedly theres a ghost so i went to harvard instead

Zachary Ehrlich

Great cuny for business


I went here for the Hackathon and it was great! However I tried using an ID for another CUNY in the library so I could print something and it wasn't very accessible to say the least. Also people tend to stare at you if you look around.

Jennifer Diaz

Intensive but definitely worth it.

Antonio Martinez



Eyal Aharon

Good college

Angel Torres

A great school with great academics. The student are driven and determined.

isacco fara


Sal K


Aleya Furlow

need college now class for school like lunch and dinner note book sturdy science new York city college love that my experience for science

Sagrey Turjo

One of the best colleges under CUNY. If you wanna pursue business administration. Could be the best choice.


Run! This school is garbage.

Ambelique Malebranche

I took some classes after work to brush up on my business skills and they did help me! They have a certificate program that does work. Good location too.

Carlo Angelina

Great school Great teachers Value . Money

Ashok Prajapati


Carly H

Unfortunately, the staff of Baruch College are some of the most incompetent people I have ever delt with in my entire life. The amount of mistakes made by the college over the time of my enrollment there are far beyond my wildest imagination. In particular, the academic advisement office. The people who work in this office are by far the worst Ive experienced. Extremely unhelpful in every possible way. I think they get off on finding ways to avoid actually answering your question. It seems like a game they play, how many ways can we avoid helping students in one conversation. On top of that they have advised me to take classes that I did not need to take and I had to figure that out on my own time and remake my own schedule my self. ***A TIP: DO NOT go to Peter for advisement. Most unhelpful.*** My experience at this college has been extremely negative. I would suggest not going to this school if you would like any help in making it to the level of graduation. If you enjoy a D.I.Y college experience maybe this would be a exciting endeavor. Overall I can not wait to never have to step foot in that place ever again.

Xheni S

Rafael Yau

The college is great for student getting in to business. The career services is terrible at the school. Other than that it's a great college, helpful professors and plus there are cute girls. Overall great school.


Great place to study

Denys Piddubnyi

Great CUNY college. Very affordable for middle class people. Professor are great (some of them) like in any school. Very good business school. Free gym, pool, library and many more. Definitely worth it. Locations is amazing


Worst school ever, i would NOT recommend this school to anyone, teachers around and dont teach at all, its just about killing time, and throwing slideshows in your face, not a good base for college education, security guards are also disrespectful, staff do not care about students, all they care about is their salaries.

Michael Brydges

Good school for the money. Their older building though is a mess with long lines for the elevators and broken down classrooms. Their newer Vertical Campus is better, but could use some renovations.

Christian Costa

Its a regular nyc college that feels like a nyc high school dont believe the hype. Outside of Nyc NO ONE knows about this school.

Jason So

Zi bangus barfairy Qiu


everyone is so helpful in this school. it's big and nice. the library is beautiful.

Nur Nadia Arisa Nadia

I want go to the colleght Beacuce. This is nice place

William Leung

I studied at Baruch for two years and majored in CIS for my undergraduate degree, my experience there was mixed, classes seemed overcrowded, there were so many core classes that I didn't understand why I needed. Eventually decided to transfer to Stony Brook and graduated there with a degree in Economics and Stat. I struggled to find a decent job, and decided to go back to Baruch for my MBA. I signed up for the peer mentoring program, worked on campus and eventually got a job working at CUNY Central Office through Baruch's Career Center. The faculty is willing to help, you just have to put yourself out there. Honestly going back to Baruch was a tough decision but it was worth it.

Bakhrom Rakhmanov

Awesome professors.

Choekyi Tenzin

Please fix the internet service! otherwise it's all great!!

Luba B

Not the best career services but you get what you pay for here unless you put in 200% of the effort and even then you just aren't going to get the same job posts as, let's say, NYU. No one knows it outside of NYC. Some profs don't speak English. But it is possible to get out of here in 3yrs for undergrad. I did. Saved a ton of money, time and got a decent job. As far as admin, just do what you need and don't listen to half the things they say. My counselor lied and was not helpful at all. This is in addition to them trying to make me take 2 years of gen ed when I was set on my major and never switched. Get your good grades as this is not the toughest school around, get your recommendations, all without major debt.

Ro Mo

OK, I'm 62 and graduated with a MPA from Baruch in 1982. I know, a zillion years ago and things have changed drastically, but here's a hint from an old man: You get out of anything what you put into it. I attended some good schools, and the ex wife has a PhD from MIT, and I interacted with many of the students and professors there and at Harvard. Smart, motivated group of people. No more so than my peers at Baruch those many years ago, and I suspect the school hasn't changed much as far as competitiveness goes. You bust your ass and pick the right major for the business cycle in your life. No brainer. I was a drop out, focused, and retired from a 6 figure salary. You can do it, too, if you don't make excuses for failure. Peace

Joe C

Crowded college. But that's the beauty of it. If you can't survive it you sure won't survive this city.

Trevor j

Baruch College is a tough school, it’s not for the weak hearted. If you’re in Zicklin expect to sacrifice a majority of your social life if you want as close to a 4.0 as possible. Try to avoid taking classes in 23 Lex if you can, you’re welcome in advance

Nate Harris

Baruch is a public school...the facilities ain't great, it's no NYU -- but I'll be damned if some of the brightest, most-driven, and scrappiest hustlers you've ever seen didn't graduate from this institution's halls. I'm proud to call myself a Baruch alumni, and believe that the resources this university offers are amazing and vast if one is just willing to work hard. It is a great place to find yourself and start toward success.

Elvis Rosa

Great School, some administrative staff could be more helpful!

Amanda Montan

I've enjoyed every minute. Great professors, great people. Affordable and easily accessible in the city. Top 50 business school in the country. Companies love Baruch Graduates- you wont have regrets. Buildings are not that clean and are old. Some renovations wont hurt but it is a public school sooo.

City Fiscal Inc.

Good institution

Abigail Rivers

This school does not have a supportive alumni network. The programs they offer only help select people. The school has not helped my career. Can't wait to get my grad degree at a better alumni network school.

Marcin Drozd

I graduated in 2007, majored in CIS. It was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. A complete waste of 4 years, thousands of dollars for a useless, outdated degree. First two years, just like everyone else, I took worthless classes like art and anthropology! The career center was filled with incompetent people. I completed seminars and workshops one after another, and with no results. Professors for the most part were kind, and caring. It was a friendly environment to be in, but that's not what you go to school for. If you don't want to waste your time and money, pick the right major. Baruch emphasizes on accounting, finance, and management. Skip everything else.

Steven Roach

If you want ANY info out of a CUNY administration person good luck. If you can get ahold of 1 person who speaks decent english you hit the jackpot. English should be a requirement from the admin too.

Yvonne Luck

Evan Garcia

Why are there so many whales here?

David Gutierrez

Baruch is a public school so make own conclusion about that. It has very competitive programs: Acc, Math, Fin and Stats for starters, not to mention the MFA which is #1 in the country, I mean you gotta give some credits :). Professors are normally distributed: great and mediocre ones. The administration staff is, I would say the lowest: terrible service overall. Other than that, great school, hard working students and smart too. People graduating from Baruch compete against NYU and even Columbia.

Luisa Russo

I have 4 children all enrolled in college. I can say, without hesitation, that Baruch College IS THE WORST ! They are constantly complaining about how under staffed they are. The phone,in any department, IS NEVER ANSWERED! Emails are never answered. Advise: HIRE PEOPLE!!!



Sakib Hussain

One of the best business schools in New York City. Lots of business programs to choose from. Professors are great. You get one of the best undergrad business education and come out debt free basically.

Nneka Martin



The best value you can get for your higher education in New York!

Mitchell Evelkin

This is the Vertical Campus

Rajiv Wallace

Their library is THE BEST place to study. I go to City and find myself going to Baruch to study. Open from 7 to midnight everyday except holidays.

Boris Alexander

Excellent value for superb and prestige education.

Michael Exclusive

Nice and affordable school. My kids all went here and they enjoyed every part of the city life! And I know my grandchildren will love it too!

NYC Girl

The staff of Baruch College (not the professors, but the people in the offices that are supposed to help you) is literally rude. I don’t encounter many rude people until I saw the staff who works for Baruch. They don’t care about helping you. They are disorganized. The financial aid and the bursar office are the worst I’ve ever seen in a school. The college I went to before Baruch was so helpful, but Baruch is actually horrible. Also, I don’t write many reviews online, unless I really like something or really dislike something. I wish there was an option to give zero stars! There are better schools out there that are staffed with people who actually care about helping the students... or, at least, are actually kind to their students. I walked into the Natural Sciences department and the lady there was so rude to me that I was shocked that any human being can be this rude to another person.

Anuse Chatterjee

To the idiot who posted before...I am not Asian, and I loved Baruch! Excellent support from staff/faculty, intensive programs...All good stuff. Hardest/best 18 months of my life!

Juan Miranda

Good college

Masih Ullah Safi

Baruch College’s Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs; the Office of Student Life; the Baruch Computing and Technology Center along with individuals from each school worked together to relaunch the homepage in February 2011, with top-level pages being revamped on a rolling basis thereafter. The mission of this redesign was to update the look and feel of the website for its various audiences, implementing modern methods of information delivery including a wider, rotating image slider and streamlined navigation.

Oz Sultan

I teach here. You should consider taking my global marketing class.

Gabe Stamos

Cool place bro

Alexander Wang

Why are you late? "The train." You will make that excuse sometime in your 5 years here.

Jobanpreet Singh

Baruch College is one of the best CUNY in New York City. It has a great business program. You have the ability to pick from multiple majors and minors. Most professors are hard-working and friendly. Currently. I'm majoring in accounting and minoring in philosophy.

Sha Ro

Bureaucracy kills it everytime. I fill out all of my paperwork/online info, have all my classes set up, ready to go... Then the office is asks, "Did you do your residency form?" New form, btw, at this point in time. By the time I get the form done to bring it back to the office, it's too late to attend classes that semester. I decided to just go somewhere else, to another CUNY school.

Paul Stanley

I graduated from Baruch 10 yrs ago & I'm VERY happy that I studied night classes there! Being around several solid (NYU/Columbia Univ. quality) & friendly instructors and ambitious minority students and a very good Newman library in the 25th Street bldg helped me do well in my classes, and kept me inspired that I would do well after earning my BBA. My time at Baruch also inspired me to create business opportunities for myself a few years later. I'm happy that I earned my Masters in Education, but I still apply occasional lessons & ideas I learned from Baruch. To be fair, the campus life was not all that, but it's in HOT-SPOT Manhattan (MANY clubs & bars around it or a short cab/train ride from it!!)

Sharmistha Datta

I take swimming lessons here. The classes are very reasonable but the locker room is a disaster. The pool is great though.

Liu Hao

Love it

Jayson Ferrero

Nice metropolitan campus. Primarily known for management majors.

/// Ricky

(Translated by Google) Baruch College is the top four-year college of New York City University located at One Bernard Baruch Way (55 Lexington Ave. at 24th St.) and is a public university in New York City. The official name is 'Bernard M. Baruch College - The City University of New York', along with Ziegler College of Business, the largest in the United States, as well as the University of Wiseman and the University of International and Public Policy both offer undergraduate and graduate programs, In particular, the Jiklyn Business School is consistently ranked in the top ranking in the United States. (Original) 버룩 칼리지(Baruch College)는 One Bernard Baruch Way (55 Lexington Ave. at 24th St)에 위치한 뉴욕 시립 대학교의 최상위 4년제 대학으로 뉴욕 시에서 주관하는 공립 대학이다. 공식 명칭은 'Bernard M. Baruch College - The City University of New York' 이며, 미국 최대의 규모를 자랑하는 지클린 경영대와 더불어 와이즈먼 문리대, 그리고 국제공공정치대학은 모두 학부와 대학원 프로그램을 제공하고 있으며, 특히 지클린 경영대는 지속적으로 미국 최고의 순위권 내에 등재된다.

fat squirrel

This is a school that I have mixed feelings about. I've used their library a couple of times but was unable to explore the other parts of the campus because they did not cross recognize other CUNY IDs. I wonder why security is so tight here.

Bruncho 01

Felicia Beharry Misra

I attended Baruch college for both undergrad and grad (Zicklin) where I majored in Finance and Business Operations. I would recommend taking advantage of the career programs; they line you up with interviews at major banks and help you prepare your resume and for the interviews as well. I had a really good experience completing both my BA and MBA at this school and it was more affordable compared to other business schools that would have left other students in a load of debt. Baruch helped me land an internship in my junior year in undergrad and set me up for success for my future early on. The classes are definitely a challenge and there is a lot of competition; but if you work hard, study, network, and take advantage of what the school has to offer, you can definitely set yourself up for success in the long run.


Great education at affordable prices

Mariana Dominguez

Best decision I could've made! Never have I seen a college with such a united student community. From clubs to organizations, you never fail to feel welcomed. Their SEEK Program has to be one of the best amongst all the CUNY institutions, making your transition the easiest possible with top resources to succeed in college. One might not have the smoothest ride but every bump along the way is sure worth it in the end & it is proven. Best business school in NYC without a doubt!


I transferred this school two years ago and I am still taking non major classes which are not related with my major.

Jiwon Kim

great school, great people.

Joon Kim

Leslie G


Great campus. Good learning experience.

Stella Schour

There is a steep curve to surviving this school. You need to keep asking other people what to do as sometimes the staff dont know what's going on. You need to talk to people face-to-face because you wont get anything done over the phone (esp talking to registrar, academic advisement) and to make the long story short - you still have to do what they tell you. The professors are great. A lot of the professors in my classes either teach at Stern or work in the industry. (Im in the part time MBA program) You are possibly reading this review because you want to go to school here. I've heard a lot of things about their undergrad program, but if you want to hear good things about the MBA, there's not much to say for it except cost. Understand that this is not Columbia and NYU - every single forum will say that the school brand matters etc. That's their opinion, and you should form your own. What you will see is this - the people who go to school here are a good mix. You will have classmates who have Ivy League undergrads and it is a generally good environment and the students are nice and not snobby.

D Remi

I'm a senior at Baruch college & after a rough start, since I'm a transfer student too, I have to say that the school is decent for a CUNY & community college with pretty good teachers who do want you to succeed, but they're not going to pass you just because you expect or want them to without putting in the effort or hard work (I'm only talking about teachers that care & I've had up till now, I'm sure there are a few bad apples in the bunch). And yes it's not an Ivy League University... Duh, so don't have expectations that you will be sitting outside on green rolling hills overlooking dorm rooms & frat parties in the weekend, since it's also a commuter school, meaning most students go to work, class & then home only to start the process all over again the next day. It's a city college with reasonable tuition, which also prepare students for life outside of home & living on your own after you graduate, if you don't already live alone now, so don't expect hand holding and coddling since it's a school that prepare you for the competitive NYC job market & living in a big complex city. You also get what you pay & put in (effort in, results out). If you want something bad enough you will find away & if you want to succeed you will make connections by networking or transfer to another school that will fulfill your aspirations. Yeah, Baruch college might not open the doors that a degree from Columbia University might, but you get your foot in & open it yourself with your hard work & determination & yeah maybe outside of NYC Baruch might not have that gold seal of approval like NYU, but by now you should know why you are going to this school, what you want to get out of it & what your plans for the future will be, which will also mean selling the school and degree you graduated from to employers, since it's also not the only college out there that isn't well known, multiple it by all the other colleges and universities around the world who also are not well known and go under the radar. Now, to be fair, honestly I do believe Administration needs some work, but I can say from personal experience, I never had a problem since I was always prepared with my paperwork & stood up for myself and asked in a professional and clear manner what I wanted without raising my voice and if I didn't get results over the phone they saw me in person to resolve my issues. I also did my own work to figure out what classes I needed by checking the Pathway & school requirements, the the particular School & Department requirements for the degree & the classes & I checked my degree audit constantly to make sure I was on track & saw an advisor every semester regardless if they were tired of seeing me. I definitely didn't leave my future in the hands of any advisors or anyone with something I feel is very important to me. Now, if you want to go to an Ivy league university or a private college then that's where you should apply for, because this school isn't beautiful & won't be for you. It's also what it's better known for & that's the business department (though I'm not in the Zicklin school at baruch, Weissman here) I still enjoy the business environment & they are the few school who offer the degree I'm interested in getting. Finally, it's not the only CUNY school & you do have many more options such as SUNY colleges & also many other private colleges too that are better known for a specific department or degree & might be a better fit than Baruch for those particular programs. But, expect to get an education from Baruch that is only as good as what you want it for & you make up your own mind what you want to get out of it, the school & what you plan on doing with your degree after you graduate in the future, regardless if you are a Liberal or Conservative, since an education is like any other tool you can choose to use or not & if you don't agree with the educational style you can always form a club that is in line with your political or social views. Over all, don't knock it & look up the school reputation from reputable rating sites from experts.

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RS BhAskAr

Nice place

Josh w

Sent an email, no reply for two weeks. Sent i-20 application, waited 2 weeks again, no reply. Called them, they were incredibly rude and we found out they haven't even looked at our application yet and say would take 7-10 more business days. Because of their lack of responsibility, my friend won't have enough time to apply for VISA due to their poor quality of work. I would give a 0 star if there's an option.

Walid Ahmed



The worst.

Jay A.

Should have went to ITT Tech. This school is subpar to my high school


I transferred to this school because of its reputation of being an outstanding school of business. Well they really screw you over with Gen. Ed. requirements and make you take A LOT of useless classes that are in no way related to your major. Then when you finally get into their business school and start taking classes for your major, you find out that you need at least a 2.5 GPA for your first 4 "higher level" classes. Then heres the real kicked: only 20% of the class can receive As, another 20% Bs, 30% Cs, and the rest Ds and Fs. Many professors don't speak english fluently and are hard to understand. Most students are foreigners and don't speak english either. Definitely a school for those who live in the city. I'm very disappointed I transferred here because I just wasted 2 years of my life for nothing but stress, anxiety and paranoia.

Debra C.

Give it your all in this public CUNY college that is quite competitive. Known to produce the best and the brightest who eventually work for the top firms in the country. You can't go wrong with a valuable education at a cheaper price. Go Bearcats, Go!

Martha Mitu

(Translated by Google) A good high school (Original) Un liceu bun

Mel Mina Yildiz

I had HORRIBLE experience with their admission and registrar stuff . Their offices are full of rude and unfriendly stuff , that don't care about students at all, don't answer their emails and don't even look at your face when you go to the office. Just horrible.

Rebecca Diaz

I have no idea where Baruch is getting all of these bad reviews from. I will be graduating from Baruch this Winter and will be proud to call myself an alumnus of Baruch. All staff whom I have interacted with have been helpful. Most classes are great and useful, classmates (for the most part) are enjoyable and friendly. Everything at Baruch does depend on how you approach it. If you're friendly with professors, staff, and other personnel you will get treated with respect. If you approach them with arrogance and entitlement, be assured that you will find conflict. If you put yourself out there as a friendly, strong person and open your own doors for networking, you will have no problem whatsoever. Side note: They received a 2 out of 3 because there is always room for improvement!

Arnold Rajib

Corrupt ethically and legally is backed by political gangsters and capital monsters. I hate all of those students and individuals there. Baruch can cause organized crime against any student who finds deceptions and corruptions.

M Moonen


Murat Bedel

(Translated by Google) eh (Original) eh işte

Daniel Orza


Dennis K

Hands down the best business school in NYC area.


My second year here. I don't know what I expected going to a government institution, but nothing gets done here. The epitome of a bureaucratic system. Professors are not held to any standards of professionalism. Professors will, however, require their students to put in 120% effort despite the fact that they don't put 20% in, themselves. Some professors that teach mandatory classes take themselves very seriously, and expect you to complete hours of homework weekly for art appreciation. On top of this, professors also will force students to buy unnecessarily expensive brand new textbooks for the sake of getting access to online homeworks which they will assign only 2 of. Great way to spend $200 on what could have been $30 for an identical used textbook. The offices of Baruch, such as the financial aid office, are equally as bad. They lose emails and documents at almost laughably inconvenient times. Of course nobody is held to any standard of responsibility except you, who must submit specific forms in specific formats through specific links on specific websites at specific times, which, after submitting, are told that you will get some form of a response within 21 business days, only to find out in 21 business days that nothing was taken care of and that you have to go through this process again. If you happen to drop a course due to a fully incompetent teacher, you will likely not be refunded your tuition for the class. Even if you drop in a timely manner they make it as hard as possible, and of course the deadlines to get your tuition returned are ridiculous. If you sit in for only the first class and find out your teacher is a lunatic, you will only be able to get 75% or so of your money back, if even that. Not only will they not return your money, but if dropping the class puts you 2 credits short of becoming a sophomore or junior, they will not allow you to take classes that have sophomore or junior status as a requirement, even if you meet all the other class requirements and appeal to a school administrator. This college makes me regret not doing decently enough in highschool to have gone to a real college.

Ryka Rose

What kind of school is where they don't send the I-20 for international students, but the students are REQUIRED to go for it, when they are not even in the US? Or just "maybe your friend could come to take it and send it to you by express mail, because we won't." What kind of school is where YOU have to pay for THEIR EXPECTED work, because no one does anything?

Balkees Begum Abdul Samad

the buildings are good, the programs are good. one of the finest under CUNY.



Leszek Tor

Io Bo

Even years after this happened, the treatment I received from Baruch College really haunts me. I was going through an abusive relationship and depression at the time, and set up an appointment with the mental health services clinic to seek help. I was upfront about the situation I was in and how much I needed help and support, and the clinic simply turned me away, offering no support to help me at that time or in the future. I thought that after the suicides and other deaths at this school, there would be resources dedicated to helping students in crisis, not turning them away. Instead, they collect student fees to run a mental health center, while turning away those who need the most help and have nowhere else to go.

Erich Fitting



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