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REVIEWS OF Vista College El Paso IN New Mexico

Able Reza

Great customer service!

Jose Camargo

It's a great school good learning environment teachers work with my work schedule and my instructors are very knowledgeable and teach to standard and work one on one with you

Grace Farlow

I loved it here. I would go back for another trade. Want to go back for RN or LVN.

Diana L.

This so called college is just a way to get your money and very unprofessional administration. 1; They call you until you get to go in the college and see a big fat receptionist 2; They get your number and text and include smiley face's 3; Once I went into the college they take you to a little room where they force you to take a test I said I could not because I was in a hurry and just needed information 4; The cost is highly outrageous 5; Overall the ghetto people you see attending is just wrong in every way 6; Just poor everything!!!!!!!! Very upset and will call the better business bureau to have the college reviewed.

Abigail Turner

Ms. Alvarez is a great instructor. The classes are always organized & she is very knowledgable about the dental field.

Diana Merriweather

Mrs.Lopez is an amazing instructor. She stays with you and helps you when you need help and very easy to get along with. She is honestly one of the best teachers I had here. She is always happy and there’s never a dull day with her!

Virginia Garza

Martha Alvarez is my instructor for one of my Dental Assistant programs classes and I absolutely love the class and program

Karen Marquez

My experience here at Vista College has been nothing but excellent and positive in every way. Administration is very helpful they answer all questions you have, teachers are always positive and they help you learn what is it that you need to know for the field outside in the real world. I do recommend Vista College to anyone who wants a job as an MA like myself or as anything else they are going for in their career here at Vista.

Maritza Elizabeth

teachers are great and you learned a lot . I have just positive to said in my experience.

A Ibarra

He is a cool teacher and gets a long with us really good

Tyler Kus

Great college for Dental Assistant. There is a friendly staff with a lot of hands on lab experience. Instructors Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Alvarez are very knowledgeable from their studies and personal experiences working in the field. I highly recommend the DA program at Vista College.

joshua moe

Mr. Rangel is a fantastic instructor at Vista, going into his class has helped my understanding of routing far more than I've had before.

Theresa Wilson

Vista College has helped me with gaining more confidence in myself and also has helped me gain more love for my study field.

Lylianna Delgado

I had a great experience at vista college, enjoyed the instructors and their method of teaching. I graduated 3 years ago and now I have worked and continue to work in a career that I love. The process to get into the program pretty simple and testing into the program was really worth it!

Yeni Renteria

Super happy and thanks to vista college because now I have my medical assistant certification, Cindy Huerta was the person who guided me and helped me to study. The instructors very good. I still don't finish my externship and I already have a job.

los compadres

Capstone - probably one of, if not the most challenging class in all Medical Assisting program - Mrs. Facio - So far the best teacher I've had, she is the most sincere, professional, and attentive teacher when it comes to making you succeed. If you want to go through your class like a knife through butter, you might want to take a class with her - it is so easy to understand everything she explains and she will not overwhelm you with information you don't need, breaking down the class into the simplest yet most complete class I have probably taken.

jasmine bonner

The Nursing Program flies by after the first 4 weeks. My instructors are very helpful and informative. If you need tutoring they will schedule a time to make sure that you don’t fall behind.

Kimberly Flores Santos

It’s amazing here vista college, everyone is so nice and respectful. I recommend everyone here!

Monica Aguirre

VIsta Collage has been a great school for me i have gotten to explore new things experiance new things such as work sites . Vista is a great start to build yourself into what you want to become .

Ale Peña

Claudia Facio Is the best instructor that I had, she focus a lot in stuff that will appear in our certifications. She is always motivating students to do the best at anything. Her teaching technique helped me a lot, along with the handouts, and the reading assignments.

LaQuennton Rhodes

Mr. Rangel is a great IT instructor! He goes above and beyond his duties to make sure his students learn the material and become the best IT professionals that we can be!


Mr. G. Dope

Dark Rider

I currently go here and finish after 3 more classes, now idk about other tech schools, but my biggest issue is for us veterans here. If you're using your post 9/11 GI Bill I promise you your housing payment will be late every month and split into two payments bc the person that certifies each of us at this school takes forever and doesn't submit the enrollment for each class in time for the the VA to pay. This is an ongoing issue and I've had enough of it. The staff needs to get their heads out of their asses and take care of the students financially for us who can't or don't work and rely on that money (BAH). Same goes for the loans if you get any. Go to a regular school and don't waste your time. At least there every month on the 1st you will have 1200 in your account. Regardless. -Dental Student. PS: our program and instructors are fantastic in dental but the STAFF of the school are pathetic, incompetent and lazy.

miguel chico

Unexplainable I am admirably inspired and motivated to come to school and learn, good teacher and staff. Well good school....

Jorge Vasquez

Great school, everyone is friendly. One of the best schools in EP.

Marco Romo

The HVAC program here has been amazing. Mr. Balderama is the best literally 5 out of 5. His real world expirence really shines through. it's great to have someone who knows the craft and with years of existence behind him gives your the confidence you need to successful.


Vista College have given me the opportunity to expand my education in a professional manner and teachers are very good and make sure you learn what it takes to be a health professional.

Dalila Olivas

She really helped me a lot thank you so much (:

Cheengoan Chavez

I love this school.. you can really tell that they actually care about us.. the students. My professor Mr Andres Gallardo is one of the best if not the best teacher I've had. He makes learning real fun.

David Leslie

Mr. John Shepherd is a great instructor and i have learned much from him. Thanks!

yvonne Palma

I got my associates in medical assistant here at vista college back in 2005.. I now completed my associates in management accounting and now completing my associates in management..I have learn a lot and I'm thankful to all the instructors for knowing how to explain and teach me what i need to learn to better my knowledge in my major.

Eveline W

I have met some really good instructors, including Mrs.Valdiviezo, Mr. Turner and Ms. Ramos, they have thought me really good information. My capstone class has been rewarding although a bit tough. I do recommend that you make your research on all the possible schools and if this is the one you pick, study a lot and don't miss class.

john granados


Connie Miller

Ms. Veronica was awsome in and profesional in assisting me with my Password vist login. She is very helpful all the time and she truly cares about the students and making sure we have what we need.

Alex E

Mr. Gallardo was really knowledgeable and informative on the course. I highly recommend more students to sign up here at Vista College! It's a great school!

Zombie Girl

I couldn't get in to my student portal and Veronica Castro helped me gain my username back. Shes very sweet and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Mirna Marrufo

Mrs Alvarez is a teacher that explains everything step by step and makes my experience here at Vista

Tamarcus Hayes

I'm enrolled into INT 102 and my instructor is Mr. Michael Speed. His class is very informative and useful. We learn new things everyday and structured to the degree that we leave the class confident and proficient in our skills as I.T. technicians. He's entertaining, easy to approach and talk to, we know what his standards and intentions are so that also makes the class good to be in. He definitely gives us the tools to be able to work on the outside and better ourselves in life.

Paraskevas Ellis

This school was a great experience, being the first class to be offered 2 certifications gives me the upper hand when I go out to find work. thank you vista


Please listen up!! As a former student of "Vista College" i advise you, no no, i WARN you please do not waste your time or money at this place. Every review below me that i have read is all true. This place is a complete joke. Full of clowns. It upsets me to see how many students they fool into thinking that they are going to get an actual education from here. I attended this school for 8 months. Let me tell you , after about the 4th week there i started to see the full effects of what everyone was saying. This place isnt prepared to do ANYTHING for any student. They will not find you job or even help, they will rush you through paperwork, they will not have any class materials or labs available for you. They even hire so called instructors the same day they are interviewed and have them working by that same night. This is how desperate this school is. About 90% of the instructors here are a joke. They do not instruct nor teach anything. They read strictly right out of the book and tell you to do the questions at the end of the chapter. End of story. 8 different classes i was in and ALL of them were the same. I pretty much sat there on youtube ( which they should have blocked as well as porn sites which they dont ) and piss away all my time. To top it all off , straight A's in all the classes. Oh and if you think thats good its not because for one your paying about 34k for the associates degree if thats what you are going for or 24k for the deploma. But here is the icing on the cake.. you ready for this. THIS SCHOOL IS NATIONALLY ACCREDITED....NOT REGIONAL.. what that means is you cannot transfer ANY of these credits to any university or even any school at that matter. I tried 4 different schools, they look at me like i dressed in a clown outfit blowing up balloons for kids just for the fun of it. Please beware of this place. Even the book custodian that hands out the students books each class told me i was a fool for going here. She was more then happy to see that i was smart enough to drop out of this school and attend elsewhere. Again please you guys, do not be fooled by going here. This place is pathetic. Even for the students that are looking to grab a quick diploma... trust me it is not worth it. I hope you make the right choice. Today is 10/27/2014.

Esmeralda Hidalgo

Great experience hands on great instructors I love it and definitely I would recommend to family members and friends if you are looking for a fast and good education vista college would be one of the best options

Lilliana Galaviz

I have known miss veronica for years and she not only is an amazing employee at vista but an incredible person. Ahe always makes vista visits pleasant. Thank you for your great service vero.

darrell parker

Very Military friendly. One of this best school's this side of the Rio Grand.

J S King

Mr Balderrama has been one of the most knowledgeable and patient instructors I have ever had. The dedication and attention given to the students has been outstanding and speaks volumes of his character.

Deadrianreef A

Ms Avila is awesome..she makes u learn

Robert Hosea

I really enjoyed the experience because their 3 step teaching method is really informative and helps you learn much better. Also the instructors are very nice and helpful. They make time to assist you with any help needed before and after class. I would recommend Vista College to anyone that is serious in continuing their education.

Frank Montanez

I can honestly say I've had a pretty AWESOME experience at Vista. Hands on says it all for me! Right away on the first days we were learning how to perform vaccines!...don't know of a school who does that! ;)

Juan Tovar

Great Customer Service on English and Spanish from Receptionist

Savannah Jaime

I was considering enrolling my daughter at this school after she graduates High School, after reading the negative reviews, I have changed my mind! Thank you to all the students for writing their honest opinions.

Christy Vassio

What an experience! There were highs and lows. Over all it was fun. I gained lots of skills, and met lots of different people, some I could call friends, some I will never forget. Coming into this school I was skeptical but getting to know the instructors and classmates was the best life changing thing I could do for my career. So Thank You Vista College, I will never forget it! Capstone will Ms. Ramos is very educational, Thank you! ;-) Graduation here we come!!! :-)

Angel Franco

This school should be a vocational school. Not a so called college.

luna rivas

Returning to college for a new career in nursing in itself has its challenges. Thanks to recruiters at vista college theyhelped place me in the path to my new future. Thank you Jenny Salais for your amazing dedication in helping me accomplish the steps to where I am at You went beyond the expectation of what a recruiter is. Again thank you looking forward to a new career thanks to vista college and their administration.

Sharon Geiman

Vista college is a great way to start your journey to a new career. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start! Thank u vista :)

Alyssa Urquidi

Vista College provided me with the skills and knowledge i needed for my career as a Dental Assistant. I would highly recommend Vista College to my friends and family. The Instructors and other faculty are always there to help with any problem and problem solve. Thank You Vista College!


A great place to start.

Aushlie Parks

The instructors have been through the same things we're going through. They motivated us with their personal experiences from both their work and personal lives. We are given every opportunity to succeed at this school. The resources are there!

C. Lin

Currently attending Vista college. Graduation date 6/2020. My experience with the personnel staff has been exceptional. As soon as you walk in Mrs. Veronica Castro is there to greet & welcome you. She is professional & helpful. She will answer any questions & steer you in the right direction to get you any help you need. Overall happy with my personal experience with this school.

adriana cortez

I did my nursing program and was so hands on and instructors are the best at explaining everything. Cindy was my rep and did an amazing job.

Eric Ratcliff

I've been at Vista College for two majors and really think it's a good school to attend because here you get the full attention of the instructor not like at bigger schools . The teachers take their time and make sure you understand and are very helpful, plus the the students here all get along real good. I would recommend Vista College to anybody because a great learning experience and a college for the real world.

Ezequiel Alvarado

Vista College is a good school to attend. The instructors motivate you and work with you thru school, work and other issues. They are willing to work with you after class to help you understand the material and help you finish work projects. The whole staff is interested in your success and are willing to help you out. From the first day you show up to find out information until the day of graduation the instructors and staff are there to insure your success. I definitely recommend this school for anyone interested in furthering their education.

Juan Mora

I am in the HVAC course, I was a lil hesitant to take the course especially because it is a yr long course to get your certification. I have been in school for over 2 months shy and having a blast. Having a instructor like Mr. Balderrama allows me to better understand why AC & Heaters work. If you are thinking of comming to Vista you will have plenty of on hands and alot if support like Mr. B.

Genelle Acuna

The teachers of the dental program are amazing! They are very respectable and really help you learn. I encourage anyone who is interested to go to Vista. You will create a family there. They only ensure success.

Hello Nina


fab gue

Mr. Shepherd is great at his job i learned so much #teacherappreciate

Maribel Dominguez

Just they say "It is a great place to start". I started in January and im graduating in December! I love the staff how they are energetic and enthusiastic to make other futures better! Also the instructors! They are amazing and help you witj anything!

Cynthia Mendoza

Ms. Avila is a great instructor! Goes an extra mile to make sure all of her students know what they’re doing. She’s very hands on during labs shows us different techniques that are very helpful.

Maggie Collaso

After attending EPCC for 2 years, I got tired of all the time that I was wasting. I decided to look into Vista College and after visiting the campus I was very interested in attending. I enrolled in the Criminal Justice program and found that the instructors and director were all there to help the students. I learned so much in the 17 months and am very grateful to Vista College for all the opportunities that have come my way. Anyone who is interested in getting their career started should really take Vista College into consideration.

Alicia Garcia

I highly recommend Vista College. All of the teachers are so kind to the students, truly encouraging each to their strengths I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed a true love for learning.


Helpful administration, with material that you would see in today’s work environment. Also has small classrooms so the one on one with the professors is more accessible. I recommend for the student that is willing to be a part of a fast paste environment and good work ethic.

Steven Diaz

Mr Reyes is a outstanding teacher very knowledgeable on the eletrical trade

Alexis Gomez

I graduated from the Medical Office specialist associates Degree program. I have my AA in applied science and im now in debt with a useless degree. I have not been able to get one job. They say they will help you with job placement. They said they would get me an internship to log x amount of hours. It never happened. They are unorganized. They made me take courses i didn't need to take. Courses i already had taken at a community college just to get more money out of me. Im in debt to them because of a mistake they made with MyCaa grant. Worst mistake of my life attending this school. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. 27k in debt and nothing no show for it.

Luis Campos

I had the opportunity to take classes with Mrs Alma Ortiz and I am very pleased with the class size, its give you the time and opportunity to interact with the teacher and she is always willing to help at any giving time. If I have the chance to take another class with her, I take it without any hesitation. Overall great teacher.

Jesus Enriquez

My experience with vista college was very helpful i was able to meet very good instructor's and get alot of help when i would needed from tye staff specially from one of the staff members Veronica Castro very responsible in her area of work.

Noel Cass

I am about to finish my 4th class in the dental assisting program. The instructors are wonderful. It is very hands on and you will stay busy, which I love.

Mikey Gonzalez

Vista College is a great school to attend because of all the help you receive from instructors and even students in the same field. Also being the President of the Medical Club is a great feeling to be helping out the community doing fundraisers and things of the sort.

Mike Valencia

I graduated from Vista College back in 2011. I went in not really knowing anything about the field but when I left, I left with a great deal of knowledge. I am very thankful to the school and the Director of the program for not only teaching me but helping me gain the career I am in today. I was able to get a job within a month after I graduated and have worked at the same company since then. I am now the top Tech making great money and not having to live check by check anymore. I give this school a two thumps up and will recommend it to anyone looking for a change.

Stephen East

Mr.Speed, Mr.Shepherd, Mr. Rodriguez and Mr.Rengal have been the best instructors i have experienced since attending and with the help of their director Mr. Lopez assisted by an amazing Lab coordinator Erik. Great Team, All instructors are great fun people and very knowledgeable about their field.

Alicia Quezada

Great school, awesome staff! Went there 6 years ago and the director didn't rest until she knew I got a job in my career. Definitely recommend this school's over any other!

Tanks Wot

Mr. Andres Gallardo is one of the best teachers I’ve been with very informative and cares about his students knowledge. Very funny man and always a positive attitude.

Epo Arroyo

I have had great instructor's Dr. DeLuna is awsome very intelligent and knowledgable person. He's great at what he does.....very passionate,considerate and respectful to all his patient's and us as students. I'm grateful I came here to Vista Collage to pursue my career. Shout out to Dr.Luciano who is a great instructor I've learned allot, thank you for your pep talks of encourgement you've done wonders also to Mrs.Avila your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Bustamante

Veronica from the front desk is the bestest

Misti Carter

Vista has been a very positive experience for me, the staff has helped me grow and learn!

Gloria Castro

Vista College is a wonderful college and people are very friendly and courteous especially customer service

Carolyn Medlin

I came to Vista College to obtain an associate's degree in Criminal Justice, and I have one more class to go before graduating. The teachers here were very well educated and offered their own life experiences in Law Enforcement and other fields in Criminal Justice. Teacher's offer both feedback and tutoring, should students need extra help in their classes. There were a lot of support staff here as well, and they were professional and compassionate. I would recommend Vista College to others.

Gina Ybarra

Vista college is an awesome school, I spent too much time at community where I felt like I wasn't learning anything. Vista is so quick and I learned so much the little time I was there .The instructors are very encouraging and patient with things you don't understand. They also make it very interesting and fun. I wouldn't mind doing it all over again !

Ashley Marrufo

Ms. Facio was my teacher for capstone ! I couldnt of asked for a better teacher !!!

yazmin tinoco

perfect to srudy for MA good explanation and a lot of support.

Melanie Hernández

Veronica was very polite and also she helped me with what I needed.

eunice reyna

it is a great school and their programs are convenient to my schedule. They are really flexible and work with you and try to assist you in anything you need.

Aaron Roberts

Mr G is dope!!!

Hugo Leroux

Veronica Castro helped me with what i needed

Gabriela Gonzalez

Vero in the front desk is always so helpful even if she has a calls coming in she's a great multitasker. Gus is my lvn rep and is the most helpful person when it comes to class schedules, and introducing you to the right path for your future.

ruth lopez

Thank you for helping me out very very helpful

Marta Ramos De Nemeth

Pleasure to be able to see Veronica Castro, she is always a pleasure to speak with, she's always done her job perfect, any time I come to her and need any kind of help she's there to help me, that includes with student portal, information on anything with school and just to be able to speak with her while she's attending to 1 million things at ones.......

Kylie melendez

I'm very pleased with my time at Vista College. I was stay at home mom for 8 years and finally decided to go back to school. I received my Associates in Medical Assisting and got hired at my externship site. My experience at this college was great! The faculty and staff are very helpful. The instructors took the time to tutor me which was my main concern coming back to school. I highly recommend this school to everyone.

Adriana YN

Good school. The teachers are excellent and get you to were you need to go.

Roche' Thompkins

Mrs. Facio is AWESOME!!!! I'm barely in my second week 3rd day and I've learned soooo much from her. She always ask if we understand the material and makes sure we ask questions if we don't...She offers tutoring. I love the way she gives real life examples which helps in the learning process...I'd take any course with Mrs. Facio anytime, she truly cares for her students and wants them to succeed!!! Thank you Mrs. Facio for all you do!!!

Arthur Wilson

I came into college after my job moved to China needing to update my Information Technology skills. They made me feel comfortable in the class and began building my confidence as I learned key processes in the IT field. Now with my updated degree I was ready to go on with life. It didn't stop there as Vista college offered me a position at the college as the (IT) Externship Coordinator. Now I get the chance to help others going through what I went through to know that life doesn't end with a one disappointment. Thanks Vista

Jessica Whitten

I started the MIBC program in 2016 and graduated June 2017 and now about to finish the Associates program in MIBC. Ms. Payne, Mr. Martinez and Ms. Alma Ortiz are the best instructors. Veronica at the front desk is a great lady. Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rico really care about the student's education and well being.

Dalia Reyes

Great front desk customer service....great personality...friendly and caring from Veronica Castro.

chris lester

small campus awesome people and great staff always there to help if you need it

Laura Cordero

Mr. Gallardo, thanks for letting be part of your journey to learn a challenging trade. You rock it

Random Guy

Look, no place you go is going to be perfect. Ask UTEP, EPCC, and NMSU how many unhappy students they have. This school is just like any other thing in life, you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. You might have a bad experience and you might have a great one, but the simple point is you have to actually do more than simply expect everything to be handed to you. One reviewer said he had no supplies in HVAC, did you ask what else you could do? Another said that they sat and watched YouTube, did you talk to a program director about your issue, or did you just take it and decide to complain here? It isn't hard to find fault in anything, it takes more work to try and find the good in an experience. Nothing is going to be perfect, but it is up to you to actually make it better. To the woman who decided not to enroll her daughter, I feel sorry that you didn't come and look for yourself and relied solely on the reviews of a few disgruntled people. To anyone who is thinking of attending, do your own research. The school and its programs are not for everyone, but then again the traditional college path isn't for everyone either. Sit down and look at what you want, and which path will be fulfill those wants. Remember it is your choice, make an informed one and don't fall victim to hate. I'm a proud graduate from this school and I was able to transfer some of my classes to EPCC, not all of them but some, I finished the MA program and I have had no trouble finding a job, even though I don't speak Spanish; which I thought would hinder me. The faculty are people who inspired me and pushed me to succeed.

jessica b

Great customer service from Veronica.

Emm Eff

This place is a SCAM.Computer Career Center, a.k.a. "Vista College" is what's known as a fraudulent for-profit college. This is one of the reasons why they recently changed their name, and why my orinal post was deleted. One of the reviews made reference to my first post, when the user name I used for it was A Good Samaritan.This fraudulent organizations did so many things to me, but I won't bore you with a much lengthier post. Basically, these crooks lied to me about the student loans/financial aid I was to receive. When the time came, they didn't make good on their promise by saying that somehow, they had already given me these loans, which makes no sense. They also tried to trick me into paying them money, twice, after telling me that all my costs were going to be incurred to my student loan debt. They failed on both occasions.The level of education here is a joke. Students will not have a competent or entry level of knowledge concerning their degree choice. This means that you will not have enough skills to get a decent job. Not only that, they lie to you about the job prospects after "graduating" from this place. They will not find you a job, and you won't be employed like they promise you. Also, you won't know exactly how much they are charging you because they won't give you exact amounts. They will only give you estimates using fraudulent documentation.I have a message for current and former students attending this fraudulent "school". You don't have a choice here. You have to report this fraudulent organization to the authorities and other organizations like I have. This is not optional. They are charging you thousands of dollars by fraudulent means. I recommend that you hold on to all your paper work because you will be needing it. This message is for the crooks at computer career center, a.k.a. "vista college". Like I told you all before, you won't get away with everything you've done. You will face the full extent of the law. On top of everything you've done, you can add the harassment and threats made to my person via Nannette Baker. I don't take kindly to threats or harassment, and this won't go unnoticed.Don't attended this fraudulent organization. Don't spend any free money such as Pell Grants on this place. It will onlly go to waste. Attend a real school that won't cheat you out of free federal money for college. If you are dumb enough to go here, or other little "technical schools" like this, I strongly recommend that you keep all your documentation. You are going to need it.


Professor John Shepherd is a great instructor and helps get you on your way to passing the A+

Tracy Cook

I am currently attending in the business program. I will be through in July. I personally learned a lot from the instructors I have or had. The economics, math, and both accounting classes I enjoyed. Because of my experience in the military I was able to understand the material quickly. This is not your traditional school, it is more of a technical school and what it did was to bring me up to speed on the civilian terminology. The management classes was much like the leadership schools I attended in the military but with different terms but same concept. There were somethings I didn't like. One, I had to take a test to make sure I could understand ENGLISH. I WAS BORN IN THE UNITED STATES SEVERED 24 YEARS IN THE US MILITARY WHICH IS A ENGLISH SPEAKING ARMY. Some students stated they could not understand English and the instructor started speaking Spanish. CRAP!!! This is a school in the United States not Mexico. So who took their test. I read some of the other reviews and agree to some but not all. Some instructors need to take more control of their classroom. In my opinion Vista College is for people (at a different maturity level) who have experience and need brush up on their skills and get updated.

Hector Cordero

Mr. Gallardo happens to me one of the most outstanding instructor s I have ever have

Cesar Gonzalez

I had a great experience completing my Associates online. Specially because it was flexible with my schedule. i would definitely recommend Vista College in the future.

rosalinda tarango

I had a fun, positive, learning time in Vista its a place of learning

Bianca n Jesus mendoza

I am a returning student and current student I have one class with one week left here I CANT WAIT TO LEAVE it's a bullshit excuse for a school who only want your money then try to cheat you out in any way shape or form. I returned to get what I paid for I have had the honor of having an awesome AWESOME instructor Mr Wowoa and sad to say thy have great instructors horrible staff. They say one thing and do a complete other now I am reminded why I left to begin with. I can't wait to finally finish and flip them the bird

Yara Zapata

I just wanna say being in me facios class was the best thing to happen during all my terms I learned so much in this class she is an amazing teachers knows exactly what to teach us and is always pushing us to do our best it may be stressful at first but was all worth it at the end passing my test knowing I learned correctly thank u for all u do for us ms Facio

Tonia Young

As a proud parent of a Vista College graduate and a current attendee. I can say they have received thorough training in their chosen fields without all the uneccesary classes that burn through your financial aid. My favorite part of their experience with Vista is the lifetime job placement assistance in all 50 states. Being a military family this is a huge perk.

Robert Fernandez

I'm in the Business Management program at Vista College. My instructor Mr. Chris Hernandez has been so far the best instructor very buisness savy, professional, positive and encouraging individual. I have to admit i have learn much about Buisness here at Vista, with good instructors such as Chris Hernandez, Mike Soto, Beatrice Martinez just to name a few possibilities in learning is endless.. So far, this is an incredible experience to me limited only by my absorption rate, here at Vista College.

Cristina Zuniga

Overall it was a great experience it was great to come back to school everyone care for you. Ms. Facio is been one of the one that push me to my limit and achieve the certification.

Eduardo Medina

I am so glad that I chose Vista College to add more value to my construction company as a HVAC TECH. so far the experience has been awesome , especially my Instructor Mr. Balderama. A man so knowlegable not only in his field but also relevant to the work environment that we face each day. Thank you Mr Balderama for sharing your knowledge.

Gina Frausto

My experience at Vista College was amazing the instructors, directors, & staff were very helpful.. Always on top of everything making sure i was successful in class.. overall it was a wonderful learning experience i definitely recommend Vista college to anyone who is interested in the medical field. The externship site i was sent to was so wonderful once i completed my hours i was offered a position which i am very grateful thanks to Vista College..

Jackie Moreno

During my time here I've had an overall great experience!

bridget atwood

Mrs. Alvarez is the bomb. She’s is such a great instructor and helpful

Raul Pena

Taking capstone was rather challenging, the course is the embodiment of everything that I’ve academically learned and applying it in real time. Ms. Facio was instrumental to my success in this course. She goes above and beyond to help me really understand. Her actions really reflect her caring attitude of students and their success.

Jkrechatiya Sullen

My overall experience has been pretty good at Vista College. I have to say Mr. Turner, Ms. Ramos, & Mrs. V are excellent teachers. I'm currently in capstone & we're being given a chance to get 2 certifications which is awesome.

Alejandra Ramirez

Veronica Castro is great , she can help you with anything!

Evangelina Guzman

I can honestly say I had a great experience in Mrs. Claudia Facio capstone class her teaching techniques helped me gain better understanding in areas that I was not confident in . Although it’s not an easy course with her professionalism and willingness to help and guide her students at any time it has made it easy for me I’m happy I had her for my capstone class

Rebekah Irrobali

My experience at Vista College was a great one. There are two instructors that got me thought school. If it weren't for them I would have left the school and that makes the school a good experience for me and the stuff is great too.

Idalis rosales

Ms. Claudia Facio is such an outstanding instructor. She gives you all the information you need to succeed and accomplish your goals. She's a really good teacher.

Briana Guillen

Always a warming welcome with beautiful smiles when I walk in. Best part of my day

Alay Castaneda

Information Technology instructor Mr. R. Rangel is a great teacher. He is very knowledgeable and is also very passionate about his work. He has helped spark a great interest in the field of IT for me. I attend class regularly, always expecting something new, and he always exceeds these expectations.

stephanie rivas

Mrs Facio is one of the best instructions I have ever had. Not only she will go over and over the material for one to understand it. All the material she will give you will help out a lot.

belle casillas

Attending Vista College , was the best decision I made. I can say the staff, externship and career services are good source and good opportunity to find great jobs. I had the opportunity to get hired during my externship and I have worked a year. Thank you Vista for making it possible. ....

Anakaren Becerra

Great school, has many programs to choose from. Also has instructors that are experts in their field. Best decision you can make to further your education.

Lexi R.

The classes here are the perfect size, you’re allowed one on one interaction with the instructors and very hands on. It helps that the programs are fast paced, you’re learning lots of material and getting the experience you need in the career program of your choice and everyone participates in the classroom.


Veronica Castro was really helpful with every question I had :)

Bernice Renteria

Vista College is an amazing college, The instructors are always so positive and helpful.

Perla Ruelas

I have been very pleased with my experience at Vista College. Right from the start I felt comfortable. My instructors were always very engaged. Right after graduating Career Services worked with me to get a job and I have been extremely lucky to have gained a position with Vista College as an Administrative Assistant. On my day to day tasks I have exercised some of the skills that I learned in the Business Administration program. I have now finished my Associates in Business Management and will continue on to the Bachelors program that they offer. Vista College has made a huge impact in my life!

David Valenzuela

Miss Facio is the best teacher Vista College has, she really cares about your personal and professional development , and cares about your improvement in knowledge and skills

Abraham Artalejo

Its a Great place to begin your future's journey. Great environment surrounded by positive and encouraging staff and class mates. Vista College has a lot of opportunities for anyone who is willing to do something outstanding out of their lives.

Paola Villalobos

Veronica Castro has always helping me a lot with problems in my app or in payments from school!!

Nani SotZav

Currently attending Vista College and my instructor Claudia Facio is an exceptional teacher. She is always prepared and really enjoys what she's teaching, she cares about her students passing, the success of her students is her success. Amazing teacher!!!

christine galvan

Veronica Castro! She has an amazing personality! She helped me with my situation instantly,w 2 minutes my problem was resolved. I will definitely be going to her if I have any questions. No doubt! Thank you Veronica Castro!

Vanessa Dean

I loved the school, the classes were short and the teachers were amazing!! After I finished the course, I immediately got hired at my externship site!! I truly recommend this school for anyone looking for a short term career.

Mayra M


jenni hernandez

great classes and fast learning. its a good school if you want something fast.

Joanna Garcia

Veronica Castro is great, very polite and helpul!

Mike Ramirez

Great staff lovely environment very educated people

Priscilla Peters

My overall experience at Vista College was okay. I expected more but still learned somewhat what I had to know. I did the Associates in applied Science and Medical Assisting program. I actually learned more during my externship than in actual class time. Many of the methods and ways I was taught in class were old so I had the knowledge just not the right method and up to date way of doing things.

Olga Jurado

The instructors at Vista College are great! Ms. Ramos, Ms. V., Ms. Payne. Special thanks to all of them, they thought me well. I enjoy their classes and learned a lot.

Mari Marquez

I'm in the medical assistant program here at Vista. The capstone teacher, Mrs. Facio has been by far the best instructor. She is dedicated in having her students learn and understand all the material. She is a wonderful person and an even better instructor.

Lorenzo Reyes

Mr. B in the HVAC program is really good. Know his stuff. I have learned so much from him!.

Yo Beto

Excelent person, great service!

Richard Rodriguez

Veronica Castro is a very knowledgeable and Kean person that can help anyone who's looking to enroll in vista college, she is very respectful and professional. I highly recommend going to her first if you ever wish to enroll at vista.

Edgar Ureno

Teachers are wonderful, classes are manageable, and there are no shortage of opportunities for excellence. Needs more parking and hopefully a more stable connection to the internet for assignments though.

Selena Soto

Learning capstone from a very talented instructor Ms. Facio who teaches everything I needed to know to pass all my certifications. Keeps up to date on material needed to be taught. Helps and motivates students to strive for best and always has a positive attitude towards everything. Recommend instructor Facio very highly!

Jenny Rutherford

By far I have had the best experience ever at Vista. I have learned a lot from each of my instructors, they are very knowledgeable in the field of Medical Billing Coding. I would also like to add that all of the office personnel ( front desk, janitorial, business, advisors, financial aid, etc.) are also the most helpful and kind individuals! It’s been a pleasure!

Jo Rodriguez

Ms. Facio.. Great teacher. Without a doubt had us prepared and equipt with the knowledge to pass our exams and had the patience to answer any and all questions. Had enough time to give us one on one comments and enjoyed the learning environment

Carlos Lopez

great school great instructor, Mr Balderrama is very professional on his clases explains everything clear

miguel rivera

My experience here has been remarkably rewarding. The amount of experience and confidence attained surpasses all expectations. Ms. Facio’s dedication on providing us with the tools we need for success has raised my motivation in this field of study. She is clear and highly knowledgeable, always providing us with the right information in order to achieve success. I can honestly say that after this course I am completely ready to be a Medical Assistant. Thank you Ms. Facio.

Angelea Blum

My teacher Mrs. Virginia Chavez and all the staff have been helpful with everything I have done in getting my school in process. Ms. Veronica Castro at the front desk is always pleasant and helpful. Thank you.

Cassandra Chavez

My experience with Vista Collage was great. The teachers have been very helpful and very respectful. I graduated 4 months ago for business administration and 1 month later they found me a job and now I'm working for them. Vista College has made a huge impact in my life.!

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