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REVIEWS OF Santa Fe Community College IN New Mexico

James Yeager


jimmy Ochoa

Great school to go to

Olive Oyl

Freakishly rude young man in the 'Welcome Center.' To say he has an awful telephone manner is an understatement. After raising his voice, louder and louder, and higher and higher, he slammed the phone down and cut me off after telling me to hold. I guess I should never asked for help registering. But isn't that his job? What a disgrace. Also, don't bother following the instructions on the registration form to fax/mail it to the college. It just gets lost in the ether.

Ariel Lovely

An excellent source of stupidity.

Rascal E. Rabbit Tracks

I once gave this school an excellent review and now I'm taking it back since: 1. Santa Fe Community College is scrambling to correct the recent (and excused) President Ana "Cha" Guzman embezzling thousands of dollars from SFCC. Gym fees for non-students have gone up to $8, classes are suffering from budget cuts and the enrollment and credit hour fees are rising next semester. 2. The school is selling used books for new prices. I found a receipt for my book (within the book) for the purchase of that book at another college (University of Chicago) and had already paid the NEW price. 3. The academic advisors are overworked and not always thorough or researched. 4. Parking is a hassle Monday thru Friday. 5. SFCC is constantly changing its policies and class requirements in order to get students to take more pre-requisite classes so they can get MORE MONEY. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SCHOOL. ITS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian Romero

Rafael Pina De Pena

Angelica Crespin

David Christensen

Michael Odza

Excellent fitness center: extensive, up-to-date, clean!, great professional staff.

Mister Smith

Matthew Beckman

Santa Fe Community College provided me a cheap alternative to expensive universities. I have been going there since being a sophomore in high-school (about 4 years ago) and they have a great duel credit program. I was able to substitute high school classes for credit which was very handy when I graduated from High School. The teachers seem to be a split down the middle between the ones who care and the ones that want to get paid. Most of the pre-rec classes are pretty boarding and nothing special , but they are affordable and not that hard to pass. Its a great place to get that kinda stuff out of the way for people looking to also transfer to another 4 year school. The 2 major down sides I notice are the administration and age gap between students. Admin is slow and unresponsive, they don't warn you of important dates and deadlines resulting in administrative havoc that can take days and even weeks to fix. As for the age groups, I am currently 20 years old and most students at the school are either in High School (14-18 years ) or an older adult crowed ranging from 30-65 years old. So for someone perusing an associates after high school it isn't the best place to make tones of friends and have the stereotypical college experience. However... The classes specializing in media arts are acceptable. Students are usually more motivated to learn then the pre-recs. The teachers are nice and very flexible and will tweak things around for you to help you get your degree sooner. Over all I would suggest this school for kids looking for a great alternative to high school. Or people that are looking to get their 2 year degree for a fraction of the price of a university.

Mariah Bastien

Despite what some may say, the Santa Fe Community College is an excellent school. Especially for those of us who can not afford and expensive University.The staff and facilities are awesome and there are many degree options for you to pick from. There are also many extra circular classes that seem like a lot of fun! Sure it's not perfect but no one should expect it to be as they are just a small college. I can say from my own personal experience that I enjoy coming to school here. Everyone is really friendly and most of the teachers are helpful and caring towards their students. As for the previous reviewer, I work at the bookstore and I can tell you that we would never purposely sell you a used book for full price. If that was really the case, you should have come back the the Bookstore with your receipt and shown us the mistake. We would have refunded you your money if what you said was true.

Michelle Warren

Very nice facility for attending meetings or CLE courses.

Nancy Hun

A Rnmp

This place is a great local resource. The art department has well-equipped facilities and knowledgeable, caring instructors across the board. For locals seeking space and knowledge to advance their skills, this place can't be beat. If you are interested in the arts, visit the art studios. Sculpture, welding, woodworking, painting, ceramics, photography, etc. all have great instructors. Plus, it's affordable, and I've heard that it's even more so for seniors. Degree programs here help the school stay in biz while adding to your list of accomplishments so sign up for one. If you are a returning student, you've probably already fulfilled many of the requirements and will only be taking electives anyway, so it's not going to cost you more money than if you just pursued your interest anyway. You'll help keep your program going by doing so, because The Man loves to cut funding for education and is more likely to do so if programs don't have a lot of graduates. So you are helping other students have access in the future. I'm going for an associates degree in the art department and am having a blast. I've already got a degree, so I'm just taking what I would have wanted to take without a seeking an additional degree. It's really helping me accomplish work I wanted to be able to do outside of the school.


Roberto Lovato

Typical of what you would expect from the land of entrapment. Ironically, most of the staff are uneducated and all related to each other. I think the nurses who graduated from this joke of a college went to work for Christus St. Victims hospital.

Patrick Moore

Marcos Donadeli

Seeems very nice college the architecture is also amazing

Tiana Killsnight

Elenetica Salinetica

H Hs

What a great deal on education !!

Sargon Akkad

The staff are totally incompetent. Half the teachers are charlatans, so it's no wonder the rest get such low pay. Take advantage of this place, then get out ASAP. You'll look like a total idiot among the educated, but at least you'll have the creds.

rebeca ortega


Darin English

One of the best fitness centers I've been to.

manny fresh

sigrid mabel

Alison Kuller

SFCC is a remarkable facility, and a great resource for locals. Woodworking classes offer top of the line equipment and very good instruction. Great tuition and dedicated students!


It good

Matthew Moody

received my EMT here, have used the facility and the resources many times through the years. back for my nursing degree. I also work in the library and am amazed at the resources and the knowledge at this communities disposal.

Sebastian Jacobsen

Josephine Watchman

Kyle McMillan

Evelyn Holguin O

They are very rude here I took my service dog and the security started to be very rude with me asking questions she is not supposed to ask.when you ask for help the students that are in front desk answer very rudely.

Remi DiBona


Can't believe people gave this school poor reviews. Join the honors society and make something of yourself! Once you find your niche it's a wonderful campus.

Juju Vigil

Definitely a five star rating. I love going to school here!!

Naji Shakur

Great people, though some of the teachers are racially "challenged."

Lord Grantham

Scummy faculty who couldn't care less if you croaked.

Matthew Salas



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