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Where is CNM Main Campus Student Services Center (SSC)?

REVIEWS OF CNM Main Campus Student Services Center (SSC) IN New Mexico

Leslie Anahi Gonzales

Samantha Apodaca

Just, I AM The Collector

A great place of learning for a new trade or career path. A very clean campus, with friendly people. Grab a backpack, sharpen your pencils, learn a new skill set and find your passion. Even the security helping a student change his Plenty of parking, handicap accessible, bike racks and bus stops make convenient attendance.

Andrew N Bre

Good school.

Tone Jackson

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) is such an excellent college with so many fantastic professors who are dedicated to education and their students. Many of the professors who teach at CNM also instructs at the University of New Mexico (UNM). It was at CNM that I learned to become a student before I transferred to UNM. I always thought while attending classes at CNM how lucky I was being able to take classes for a fraction of a cost which I would have paid at a university. I highly recommend CNM to anyone who is considering going back to college or someone who wish to get started on a college degree.

Nikolas Baca

I love going to school here. It’s way better and cheaper than going to another college for your associates degree.

Catherine Jimenez

Greg Klein

Don't be fooled into someone telling you that community colleges are not as good as state colleges. I graduated from UNM with a Bachelor's. At the time, I didn't consider CNM as an option but I wish I had. The campus is newer and nicer. There's more wifi and power outlet availability than you'd expect from any type of business. The staff and faculty actually know what they're talking about. The campus is SMALL and not some massive maze like UNM. Good luck not breaking a sweat walking from one end of UNM to the other! I am mainly affiliated with Deep Dive Coding which isn't on main campus, so I may edit this review once that course has finished. But I've seen and heard nothing but good things so far.

Jared Brown

I like this school. Small class sizes.

Xavier Moreno

I was getting my taxes done. Tax help

DeSean Sena

Aaron H

Thom Lano

At a teacher hiring event, I discovered the CNM Alternative Teacher Licensure Program and a CNM representative named Michelle spoke to me in an incredibly sarcastic tone of voice and mocked me by telling me I was "too old for this program." I am avoiding this avenue of licensure because of the ageist discrimination I encountered.

Jonathan Levsen

So far, so good! I am only in my second week of my 1st freshman semester, but I already feel connected and comfortable with most of my instructors. The campus has ample parking between all of the 'free' lots. The campus is also small enough that none of the lots are more then a few minutes walk from any given building. The Student Resources Center (SRC) offers free tutoring, hardware that can be check out for free and a library with great resources as well as a scanner so you can keep electronic versions of your books. The Student Services Center (SSC) houses all of the administrative departments a student needs to be successful at CNM. These include Financial Aid, Admissions, Veteran Assistance and a host of other programs that 'CNM Connect' offers to their students. This is also where you would get your student ID and parking pass.

Fawwaz 951 Lawal

I take that back

Victor Orazi

We were foreign students, my friends and me but I remember back then, it was Tv-I. We considered it a racist school, not only the instructors also many red neck who were from the NE of Albuquerque.

Melissa Beane

As a veteran your stuff will take more than 2 weeks just to get to the VA. I've been to other colleges where there is only one veteran service advisor. And she had 500 veterans. Her secret was she did the paperwork and sent them when they came in. Not let them stack up and go through the pile. I have yet to get my booking allowance done in time. Cnm took 2 months one time just to send my stuff in. I had to withdraw from two classes just because I didn't get the book allowance in time. You can't study or do online classes that require a mathlab when you can't buy it. Can't use your housing allowance because you gotta pay rent just to go to school close by.

John Lopez

Waited 15 minutes to speak with an advisor in regards to a course I'm trying to take, unacceptable waiting time to speak to a live person.

ricardo delgado

Elesi Ameko

Micah Stevenson

Diego A. D'guez

Kristina O'Donnell

Worst school I've ever seen. And I'm a military spouse! They will take your tuition and then cancel half the classes you sign up for. They extended out my degree program 3 times due to their own agenda not being met. Then when it came time for me to graduate I had to wait until the end of the next semester!!! Even though all my credits were complete, the. To top it off they never sent me an approval for my graduation application. Which cause me to miss the deadline to walk in the graduation ceremony. Now no one will help even though my husband is military and we will be gone before the next opportunity to walk. Took me 3 EXTRA semesters to graduate....with I finished in December and still haven't gotten my degree sent to me. Then they screw me out of walking in the graduation.....skip this joke of an institution.

Stormie Seas

thais rodrigues da silva thais

Kara Kawulok

Graduating highschool with a good scholarship, I immediately applied and attended Unm because it was paid for and Unm seemed to be a “better school,better college experience, etc”.. this is totally not the case! I would choose CNM over UNM any day of the week.. I didn’t go to cnm till one summer when I needed to get ahead in some credits that cnm offered at a good price. When I went to cnm I immediately felt like I was getting a better education at this school.. the teachers were more helpful.. especially with smaller class sizes you really get more one on one.. the teachers were always more motivating and passionate then at UNM.. at cnm I never had a problem signing up for classes, finding classes that fit my schedule and are not already full.. which is one of my biggest issues at Unm there’s always a problem or a hold when you go to register no matter how much you keep in contact with your advisor and by the time you can register for that class you need well guess what!? They only offer one class on the day that doesn’t work for you and it’s already fulll!!!! Which leads you to wasting another semester = more money for Unm.. I’ve talked to so many people who knows that Unm does this on purpose to make more money.. overall I wish when I started college I started at cnm.. I probably would be graduated by now if I hadn’t wasted a lot of time at Unm... if you are a incoming freshmen.. Go to this school first for your core classes and then transfer to Unm when you have to.. or not at all if cnm offers a degree in what you are interested in..

Mei Overwatch

Tammy Boyd

This campus is odd, and the parking is horrific. If you can take classes at a different location, its totally worth the drive.

Gonzales Joshua james

Paul Armijo

Received my Associate's Degree from CNM. Excellent services in all areas from student services, administration/office staff, and faculty.

Vanessa Berumen

Anahi M.

I was lost and asked for help to the librarian Was very rude and did not help at all. Wish I would of got her name

Danny Chavez

Trying due to medical problems

Mika Dickinson

I think it a great school little classes, great school. Good teacher depending on what classes you are taking. Lot's of help, you just have to ask!

Izabella Mayer

N. Crouch

Raymond Lopez

Roy Lev-Ran

Yolonda Patterson

Graduated with my degree in Health Information Technology. Loved CNM! Worked as a student employee. Everyone was so helpful. Even when I was having a hard time I utilized resources from CNM to get me back on track. No, everything is not perfect, however, this was one of the best community colleges I have ever attended and I have 3 associate degrees. Didn't get it right untill I came here.

Rory Smith

Monty Montgomery

*Edit* - It's really a great school. The teachers and advisors make this place awesome. They really care about learning. *Prior Review* Good school. Good prices. For lower division courses you're more likely to have a professor here with a degree teaching your class than learning from a TA at a university and paying 4 times as much. I recommend knocking out your lower division courses here and then transferring to a university.

Brendon Voss

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chase connelly


Pvan Do


I hated this school, the worst

Paige Maestas

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