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REVIEWS OF Carrington College IN New Mexico

Manly Chapa

I am going to school here and it is the best IMO. Teachers and staff are nice and the material is really in depth.

Baylie Dyer

I have been graduated for over a YEAR! And have not received my dental assistant certification diploma and was told by Carrington that they are with holding it until my entire student loans have been paid off! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! Worst school of ever!

Rebeca Herrera

This has a lot to offer. Yes it's fast but worth it , I'm so glad I'm a student and will be soon a graduate student June 2018. Thank you carrington for everything. I'm one step closer to my goals in life and career ready . I did my research before and I found the right place for me Carrington College Place to be. No they did not hire me to post , this is how I feel and think of the school. I'm not a robot , I'm a real person.

Kristine Seare

I went to this school and it’s THE worst of the worst. The staff, the program, the classes. Honestly they just want your money & won’t speak to you unless you’ve paid. Terrible communication and unwilling to respond to questions. The teachers made me cry literally almost everyday. They are critical, mean, and pushy. They won’t assist you in clinic and will sit in the middle of the room and gossip the whole time. It’s an aweful environment if you’re falling behind even slightly a little. Concerning finances, It’s taken me over 3 months to get a hold of somebody. They also charged me for semesters I didn’t attend. Hardly ANY of my credits transferred and I already had a previous degree. They don’t tell you this, but you have to have a 75 or higher in any of your transferring credits or main core classes until after you’ve signed papers. And then once you’re a senior you have to get a 90 to pass. If you’re considering coming to the school, I would NOT recommend it. Find somewhere else

Anna Beville

If I could give 0 stars I would. This school is a rip off! I paid almost 20,000 for a Medical Billing and Coding certificate when I could have gone somewhere else and gotten it for 3,000. I don't even know where to start! First off none of the people who work at the campus will respond to you when you try to reach them by phone or email. Also the instructors do a horrible job about responding to your emails when you need help in your classes! This school is a joke. I am not the only person who feels this way about Carrington if you do some research you find that there are lots of people who got ripped off and are unhappy that hey cannot get a response back from any of the staff.. This is the WORST school ever.

Adam Olivieri

I graduated from Carrington College 2 years ago. Last month I received a bill for $1010.00! When I called the corporate number they told me that it was due to an incorrect distribution, and that I needed to contact the local college to get it sorted out. I have called multiple times, left many messages, and no one has called me back! It is incredibly frustrating. I would recommend to look elsewhere for education or you will get hit with a hidden bill years later.

Timothy Jenson

I t is a great site

Sarah Call

I attended Carrington College for their Medical Billing and Coding Program and yes it is a Hard Accelerated course but so well worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Some days I was there until 3:00 pm. If I had a issue with anything there staff is there to help! The Instructors for the program are always there whether you have graduated or not. I still even have questions about the codes and I will text the Instructor what the problem is and they will answer back.I was a Mentor there from April until November when I went to my Externship! Sometimes it was hard but I enjoyed Helping people learn.


Let me tell you how shady this school is, when you fail a class I understand we need to pay for the retake which I am ok with. Now that I finished they wanna say I’m only in 3 credit hours which is only worth for the retake which is stupid. And then they want to hand out stipend checks not telling me that I need to turn it back in. So I didn’t know that I need to repay back the money and I spent that money on bills. So now I owe them the first stipend check and they want to try and tell me I need to pick up the new check and then give it back to them “it’s federal law”. Yeah we’ll shove that check up the laws behind because I’m not picking up your check and I’ll be sure to talk to the dean about this money I owe.

Norma Gurule

Wanted to attend the RN program but once I saw the reviews and went to the info session I'm reconsidering staying at CNM.

Mar Rod

Sabrina Minnix

Dan Johnston

Very difficult to get through the phone staff for a simple question.

Kayla Hayes

Jennifer Matthews

Daniel Unzicker

RN student: Happy with the program.

NM Born and Raised

Do not attend this pathetic school. Will only bring alot of headaches and burdens.Is a waste of $$$$$ & time.Unethical are a bunch of hypocrites and favoritism goes from teachers all through career services. Career services and Director let 2 walk during their last Mod because these (two individuals) ( Monique M & Justin K ) lied by stating that they had people coming from out of town to attend the graduation 7/28/17. Which was a total lie.What about the rest of us that did have family that came in from out of town we were left to wait until January 2018 .Now wouldn't that make any of you angry??

Ryan Anderson

Im only past 2 weeks and so far my experience has been horrible. First of all they sent out enrollment information stating that students will be in orientation for the 3 weeks of January and will be required on campus only 3 days out the week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I signed my child up for part time daycare based on that information. On the first day of "orientation" we were informed that we will have regular classes on top of "orientation" (which is basically skill refreshments) I had to beg my child care provider who accepted another kid to take my child full time. Did Carrington college ever admitted the mistake or apologized? Ha ha of course not. So now we have overwhelming skill practice that we have to pass 100% and tests on regular classes almost every day. Disorganized and chaotic to say the least. Linda P. is the worst instructor at that school. I had horrible experience with her and I was at school for barely 2 weeks. She is pushy and chaotic as an instructor. She doesn't allow her students to ask questions or discuss anything. During first week I was stupid enough to ask questions for the things I didn't understand and on the second week she pulled me into nursing director's office stating I'm "unfocused " because I ask questions as opposed to just listening to her and taking everything she said as golden truth. She lied about my phone usage l (stating that I'm on the phone all the time) when I used it only once after obtaining permission from her to talk to my child's doctor's office as my child was very sick. She summarized it as I am not ready for the program and should withdraw. After first chaotic week! Because of my sick child! Who already got better by the way. She's the worst instructor I've ever known and the worst human being in existence! On our first test 90%of us failed, because she doesn't teach and doesn't explain anything. Never will I recommend Carrington college in Boise just because of her. She is rude and disrespectful to her students. She gives us "why are you so dumb" look. She should never be teaching, and i am doubtful she's a good nurse herself. Today I witnessed that obese "lady" eating chocolate cake right in front of her class. Manners, ethics, common sense and common curtesy, this woman lacks everything. Do no spend so much money just to be told you are "unfocused" because you asked her to explain something further or repeat some information you didn't catch right away. (By the way, another student quietly answered my question that time, is she going to share her salary with that student? She's not doing her job to say the least!) Overall, they overwhelm students with "orientation" (basically skills refreshment) that we have to pass 100% on top of regular classes. We had tests/quizzes every day. They started in January (flu-cold season) and students are not allowed to miss over 10% of the class per semester. That's 9 hours. So basically you have to be wheeled in on your death bed in order for you to stay in the program. But that's usual with many nursing schools, so no complaints there. But the quality of education when they're so chaotic and disorganized...not the best to say the least, for the amount of money we're paying them (20+k). Once again, do not recommend it, and their RN bridge program is not accredited anyway...

Molly Magdelena

I wasn’t expecting to be looking for a new career at age 47, but when I finally decided to take the leap, I was lucky to land at Carrington College. From the first call to inquire about the Registered Nursing program, I felt confident that I had found the right choice for me. Of course, I also did my due diligence by researching the school’s ratings, NCLEX first time pass statistics, graduate employment rates, and learning what the NM Board of Nursing had to say about the program. But, it was the staff and facilities that made enrollment an easy decision. The school is the perfect size and has quality equipment. The staff helped guide me through every step of the process, and were clear about the challenging work ahead and the cost of the program. It’s not an easy program or an inexpensive choice, but it allows students to become RNs in only 2 years. Since my priority is being able to join the workforce, I was happy that the accelerated pace will allow me to finish quickly. The classes are demanding, but the instructors truly care. My Anatomy and Physiology teacher presents the materials with such enthusiasm and knowledge that you can’t help but fall in love with the subject matter. The administration is accessible for any issues or questions, and the enrollment and financial aid departments are experts at setting up your packages. If you are feeling, as I was, intimidated by the idea of being in school as an older student, I encourage you to give Carrington a look.

latanya porchas

Great nursing program horrible finance team.

Abree Shock

I loved the school and the teaching, and I got a job as a CMA right out of school and still work at a CMA. I recently decided to move to nursing and was sad to find out it I went to another school I could have transferred credits. So I am starting all over again for Nursing, but that was my fault for not doing research I guess!

Brittney freer

This school is amazing and has so many resources to help students reach their success in the medical field. I am so thankful for Carrington! This school has changed my life for the better in so many ways!

Ethan Ross


Artie Campos

Sophia kelley

Horrible school with terrible communication between teachers, student finance and the students. I am a former student for the LPN program and currently trying to receive my transcripts for my new college. I have been waiting to receive my transcripts for 6 weeks now. There was a hold on my account for a $98 book charge which was holding my release of transcripts. I took care of the $98 charge and returned the book, but my hold will not come off my account because nobody knows if this is the correct book for $98! They cant see the name of the book in their system so they have been giving me the run around about how they will take care of this... I STILL do not have my transcripts! I have spoken with several people regarding this charge and nobody seems to know how to figure out if this is the correct book or not. I have spoken with Jarod Stred from student finance and he is completely incompetent and has no idea how to handle this or what to do, I tried calling and emailing Stacey Valentine, the Regional Director of student finance and she will not email me back or return my voicemails regarding this matter. I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do at this point! I need my transcripts and Carrington will not help me obtain them. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! Save your time and money and receive your education from true Leaders who want to see you succeed and will help you every step of the way to get there.

Sara Sarraf

you will get your 2 year education. Thats it!! It's a rip off. I have been graduated from this school since last year and have had a horrible time finding a school for continual education. No one accepts their accredidation. If they say ther are accredited, it's only through the NCLEX. So good luck , you can get in to university of Phoenix which is another 35,000 for getting a BSN.. I would have rather gone through CNM !!!

Corinne Rhoades

I have worked as a professional dental assistant for many years. These students are some of the highest quality Graduates. Their detail, care, actual work in the mouth and following instructions, and care with use of instruments, This is my 3rd or 4th year here. These are professional and sharp students doing good work in the Dental Hygiene world.

Robert-Amy Hayes

Sydney Oppenhein

Trish Wright

I am a mother of 4 who after being out of school for 26 years decided to go back to get an education as a PTA. I looked at others schools before choosing Carrington to make sure I had the best chance at success. I have found that I made the right choice by choosing Carrington. I have been amazed on how much support I as a student receive from everyone who works there. People like Ms. Robbins in carreer services or Mr. Balanoff in the student success center, they are always there to lend a hand, read over a paper or review a resume. There is also instructors like Dr. Bird, Dr. Batty, Mr. Victor and Mrs. Whitmore who are excellent in their field and are always there to awnser all of your questions. If you are serious about your education, and want your staff to be as serious about your success Carrington is where you will find that. I feel very blessed to know each one of these people and am greatful for this amazing opportunity.

Kaylene Coriz

Gloria Ortega

Diljan Kaur

Loved everything about Carrington. Teachers were always there to help and very understanding.

Luke Schafer

Jessica Miera

I have only been there one Mod but so far I love it the information is great I've learned so much already. The teachers and my fellow students are so nice and helpful . I know with all the resources and helpful staff I'm sure to succeed . Thank you Brittney Freer for convincing me to choose this school.

Makayla Woods

Nursing majors in New Mexico beware, by 2021 you will need a bachelors in nursing to work at most medical facilities. I was NOT aware of this when I attempted to enroll. With the Associate program costing nearly 50k, you’re better off going to a 4 year program at another school.

Jose Perez

Maribel and Jennifer very polite and helpful.

Danny Villasenor

Jessica Carmona

Ana Rodriguez


This school was amazing, I finished high school in may of 2015 and now I have graduated college as a medical assistant. Carrington College really cares about their students, they help you and motivate you through school, help you find a job. Ms.jill i cant tell you how amazing she is, she helped me and pushed me through everything. She is the the best woman I have ever met in my life she will teach you skills that will set you up for a life time career.

Ann Kate

I was a student there a few years ago. I'm trying to get into the military and one of the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND TIME SENSITIVE items I need are my transcripts. I sent the request and money over a month ago and still haven't received them, neither has the recruiter. I've been calling for over a week now trying to find out what's holding things up but every time I call I am forwarded to a voicemail. I've left several messages but no one will call me back. I was told, finally, that the woman who answered the phone would personally walk over to the registrars office and give them the message but never heard from them. Then, for the 3rd time today, I was told that if I didn't hear from this woman in one hour that I should call back and she would be on top of it. I've heard absolutely nothing. If I lived there in NM i would be sitting there at the office until they called the police or gave me my damn transcripts. But I don't, I'm in Florida. So these lazy pieces of sh** will do absolutely nothing because guess what... all they ever do is lie about any future support you will need, and you will need it. They take your thousands of dollars and give a terrible education with absolutely no useful training because they don't want to waste expensive material to do the job they were paid to do. Avoid this place like the plague.

Kelly Morgan


Mando Lara

Two years after graduating, my spouse has received a statement from Carrington. Calling the national phone number directs you to call the local college. After visiting the college, no one knows what is going on. They can't validate the debt but are threating collection treatment.

Michelle Mote

The instructors were very knowledgeable. Kim Spencer and Mr. Murray were a wealth of information

David Foo

can you stop giving me youtube ads, thanks

Joseph Chavez

So far been in my RN program for close to 2 years and ready to graduate soon. This program has been amazing! I will admit its not the cheapest but there is no wait period for the program. The NCLEX pass rate is roughly around 80++ percent from what I understand which is around the same as UNM and CNM if not better. Personally I did not have to time to wait to find out whether I was going to be accepted into Nursing school; I know a few people that have been on wait lists I did not want to go that route. I feel that the instructors that I've had have been phenomenal! End of story!

Klynn Cates

Great teachers!

Courtney Kennedy

Bernadette Vigil

Tania Terrazas

Alexandra Deleon

The staff is always so helpful, positive, and encouraging.

Vanessa Alvarez

Currently on my 2nd sem of LPN-RN nursing bridge program in the Boise campus, and so far I'm liking their program. The staff is great and very helpful. So far I highly recommend this program

Jennifer Wald

The dental assistant program was wonderful! I learned so much in a short amount of time. I was able to make life long friends and I'm in a new career that I love all within 9 months!

Laura Sherlock

Carington college of Boise I don't recommend this school to anyone . First of all when I was trying to get my classes transferred they had told me they would take those classes and then later on told me those classes are quarter classes which won't be accepted anymore so then I had to take those classes at this school . I my self feel linda p is the worst instructor at this school because she does not allow her students to learn or ask questions after or before class doesn't matter u ask for help she will take u directly to the director and u are doomed ! U basically feel hurt and tortured . And no one cares at this school about how u feel or done feel . I don't recommend this school it's unfair .

Denise Emanuel

Spencer Christensen

Renee Foster

Very good place to learn and very fast paced. ♥️

Heidi Salis

Going to this school was the worst thing i had ever done. I am in debt over $14,000.00 for nothing i was there 9 months and they showed us once how to take someones blood pressure! i learned more in kindergarden than i did at this school!

Monica Garcia

Amber Humphrey

Instructors are very personable! Most lessons are hands-on! Helpful for both visual and kinesthetic learners!

Lela J

I am currently enrolled for medical assistant program. I must say this by far the most greatest college. The staff are great. Its not an easy class but we are learning everything. We do vitals everyday and lab work everyday. I love Carrington college!!!

Cynthia Medina

I personally had a bad experience with this college. I had a daughter and wanted to go back to school, thankfully my husband was very supportive. I went in signed up and the academic counselor was great and helpful. I started attending, everything was great until a week lor so in my professor let us know she was leaving due to a job offer. That happened and it was all down hill from there. We had numerous subs for the next few weeks, kept learning different ways to code. Each sub had their own way of doing it which caused so much confusion. I decided to just talk to them after I found out by looking on indeed that there was a job opening at ghe college for medical billing and coding that was posted around the time of our start of the program. We were told there was a new professor who never showed up and the job opening stayed active on indeed. It was just lies after lies. So I decided, it was not worth me leaving my child with my mother in law who was suffering with cancer while I was just attending a program that primarily should have not been on the list when we were enrolling if they did not have a professor. They cared more about making the money and rolling with it. Many of the people in the program with me just couldnt take it either. They didnt care about what I had to say, they charged me for the month I attended. They were not sympathetic, not understanding, nor cared for their mistake. Maybe your experience will be better than mine. I suggest just going to CNM even if it takes longer. Its way more affordable and well worth it. I am thankful I left, my mother in law ended up passing that October, I tried but that college is just kn it for the cash. I plan on contacting their main office and explaining why I left and hoping to get someone who understands.

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