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REVIEWS OF New Jersey Institute of Technology IN New Jersey

Muhammad Bilal Butt

Good uni


Priyavrat Bhardwaj

Abhishek S

Nothing is good about this school. No scholarships, 100% acceptance. Give yourself some respect and do not come here unless you love wasting your money.

Nidhish D

Andrew Hubner

best place to learn technology and an awesome campus in new jersey come visit and come to the open house

Nick Carbonara


BabyBoomerNotTooOld Lastname

People that write negative reviews either don't know what they're talking about or flunked out. EVERY school has issues with money and rude people. Get over it, that's life. So do your job and everything will be ok. Me and three friends of mine that graduated started working a week after graduation. Our employers said the reason was "'re an NJIT graduate, that's all we have to know...". Our jobs our in the fields we studied also. So, if you want to go to school and party, go to the University of Florida. If you want to study hard and be recognized, go to NJIT. Period. Heck, even the keynote speaker at the commencement was a retired (and proud) computer geek! We are all proud nerds! Get a degree that counts for something, go to NJIT. Party after graduation!

Don Zhu


Pat Pfleger

Manjunath Ramachandra

Peddy T

I would only rate this school 2 star because the professors are awesome. I'm a Computer Science major and I find that there are very good profs in the CS department. The campus is beautiful and great activities and that's all. The area around campus is very dangerous, you shouldn't go out alone after 5pm. Robbery is like every week. The academic advisors are unhelpful, they're not profs like other schools so they don't know anything. If you need some advices, you're better look up on the university's website or meet your profs. Class registration system is suck and full of errors. The university accept A LOT of students but they wouldn't open more classes so you will end up with taking classes that you're not interested in or do not count to your program. I wanted to finish my degree and get out of here asap but I can't because they just don't want me to take enough courses needed.

Andrew Brown

Shawn Mccausland

Best school ever

Yan Yang

Nicole O'Keefe Giffin

I really enjoyed going to this school for Chemistry. I found the faculty to be helpful and great; they wanted to see you do well. I would definitely recommend this university.

Peter Rufo

The hard work pays off after you graduate.

Andrew Longaker


Arielle Baeza

Tarek Elsayed

Ninh Trần

The Don

Shaobo Liu

Uday Patel

Shraddha Thakkar

Rude teachers, not much parking, it’s only 10% public and rest is private, teachers are not at all helpful, prices for everything and outrageous. I personally had so many difficulties from day one from admissions till now.

Carlos Morillo

Theresa Ramos

Only been there once but the food places are so nice and u get a wide selection

Mark Mithel

New Jersey Institute of Technology is a public, comprehensive university founded in 1881 in Newark, New Jersey, with a campus area of approximately 45 acres. The school is a university with equal emphasis on education, research, service and economic development. The University has 92 degree programs, including 33 undergraduate degrees, 40 master's degrees and 19 doctoral degrees. The University currently has 423 full-time teachers, 98% of whom have a Ph.D. or the highest degree in the field. New Jersey Institute of Technology has six colleges, including: engineering, architecture, liberal arts, management, computer science, and more.

Rodney Chery

Goomulf Zeskaplan

I definitely like this school better than Kean University. Tuition is always going up, the academics are not the best and so is the reputation. NJIT is much better than Kean and I have learned alot. This is perhaps one of the most underrated schools in NJ if not in the USA. As long as you put in the effort, it will be worth it. Believe me.

Raymond Degraffenreid

I believe NJIT is a big part of Newark NJ future the growth of the school is phenomenon good luck to the future gratuities


very interesting school..Hugh campus.

NJ May

This address 323 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd is wrong! who put it there? It points to the Campus Center, but when you google map it, it is 4 blocks away from NJIT!

Benjamin Durham


adekunle adetona

New Jersey Institute of Technology is a great place to study. Located on a mass area of land, filled with great people that are always ready to help.

Alexander Zicaro

Okay college

Zaafira Hasan

Quite literally the best school ever! Everyone you will encounter here are sweethearts!

Fangda Cui

A good institute. Pros: 1.It's in the Great New York area, thus there are many job opportunities after graduating, especially some majors such as computer science and chemical engineering. 2.Most professors and lectures are kindly and helpful (Ignore some crap ones). 3.Getting a master degree is easy peasy. 4.Many good communities such as CSSA, GSA and TauBetaPi. Cons: 1.The campus locates near Newark downtown, so it's not always safe. 2.Tuition fee is very expensive, though I have a scholarship. 3.I don't like its cafeteria, maybe native students like. 4.Parking is not easy, and the deck is always full after 10:00A.M. 5.The number of students have been increasing for several years. There aren't enough classes for them. As I know, it is the case in many departments. 6.Van Houton library is not big enough for current NJIT.

Roy Hill-Percival

This is a fantastic school that has been very instrumental in my life. Most of the one star reviews on here are without merit, or come from current students whose paradigm facilitates a world where education is not required for success. This school offers wonderful value for the money, and really deserves more attention and funding. NJIT plays a critical role in revitalizing Newark, which should not be overlooked.

manan shah

icefreezer VII

A college that teaches you the cutting edge in tech. Also has some great choices for food like subway, taco bell, a sushi bar and salad station.

College Student

STAFF IS INCREDIBLY RUDE! Even advisers and common office staff are extremely impolite and rude. you feel like youre walking on eggshells when you talk to them because you never know when theyre about to flip out. I honestly hope someone important at NJIT sees this and makes some efforts toward getting rid of their rude staff, i dont feel comfortable in an environment with a bunch of nasty people

Darrell McGee


This University has impolite and rude Graduate Associate Director staff. She answers our questions with bad temper. NJIT Admission Office has the worst staffs which we have ever seen.

ibrahim swaydan

vettaiyan baskaran

Justin Breger

I took one of my two masters degree at NJIT. The professors and faculties are professional and supportive. NJIT is a top choice.

Raju Rajbhar


There is a giant sculpture of a cathode ray tube TV out in the quad, and so that constitutes 5 stars.

Mohit Nakrani

Very nice

shikhar shah

Faisal Jutt

Nice place

Wilmin Ceballos

Very challenging. You cannot come here to "get through school." NJIT has one of the top engineering programs in the nation and it's an underrated school. Sometimes you will be convinced that there's no way you can make it, but at it takes is working hard and studying hard. Stay on top of everything, be ahead of the lectures, read on your own, and do homework ahead of time. In the end you will be elite and have so much knowledge at your disposal that you can make anything you want possible. NJIT has great education for a low price compared to similar institutions. They have many programs to help you get through such as study sessions, learning communities, and tutoring that really help. There are many clubs to join, great people to network with, easy to make friends, many events to be involved in, and good parties that help unwind. Lastly, there is a system to help you find jobs and internships. Companies come to do interviews every semester and employers can easily find you by your set of skills and talents through the system. Don't give up, dream big. 4 stars based on overall education, campus activities and clubs, and price.

Selwyn Rock

It is the best technology school in new jersey and you will find a very good job after graduation.

Ali Avni Cirik


Guo Kevin

charge each student 200 extra for filing OPT/OPT extension every time. Not a good sign of school but running a good business

David Rezk

imagede zach

Don't do their online program in Computer Science. You will spend all your time arguing with TAs who don't know what they're talking about. Edit: Their Financial AId office is also awful. The most incompetent I have ever run across.

Therese McCusker

This place isn't the best for guests who visit students. Very displeased by that. Otherwise, the place doesn't seem too bad for students.

an hoang

mang tên 323 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Wei Wang

shop shop

Pizza place at NJIT Student Center is awesome! Wide variety of pizza, generous size of a slice and tasty! Worth a grab to make a quick meal at reasonable price.

Mohsen Arzani

Need more working on its ECE department, especially electric power engineering.

Car Stuff

I would rate this school as ok. There are many different things to do on campus as well as two great gyms. One was just built and has a ton of cardio equipment while the other is more for weight lifting. The professors are hit or miss with quality and the reason why usually is the language barrier or their overall age. Most of these tech schools have a labor pool to pick from that also competes with other bigger colleges so of course the youngest and brightest go for more pay. Then there is the issue of the age of some professors. Some are way past being capable of teaching due a lack of mental sharpness. With all this said am i going to complain, no. The tuition is cheap, the equipment is great and for everything the professors lack the numerous tutors the school hires make up for it. My tuition is about 17k per year and thats not bad. Fed loans and grants can cover all of that so no need to go the private route unless you need to. If you want ivy league teachers then go to an ivy league school. I would say that at least 70% of the professors know their material inside out and can communicate it effectively. 20% know the material but cant communicate the concepts due to heavy accents and the rest are just trash. Saving 22k + per year is worth it for me. Also remember that you get out what you put in.

Jack Matusiak

Victor 17

I had two of my masters degree here at NJIT. I could say this is the place where I transformed from a student to an entrepreneur. The professors and faculties I met here are professional, dedicated and considerate. Some of them became my mentor and friends. This is what I like about NJIT. If you are looking for a great university to transform yourself for a better future, NJIT could be your top choice.

Anup Patil

An institution where you can learn a lot other than your academics..

Bucky Ojeeburu

it is a nice place to be and l wish one If my son to study there

Miguel Angel Santana

Great campus!

Richa Barua

New Jersey Institute of Technology is the state's public polytechnic university and a leader in STEM education, research, economic development, and service.

vikas damani

NJ Pete

Fresh Panzeh

Admissions staff is incompetent and disrespectful. Strongly recommend a reevaluation of the staff.

Bharani Puskur

Not around from there but nice looking campus!

jake tyler

vamsi krishna Kukkapalli

Albert Zhou

Prajakta Lavangare

Paul Bandak

Excellent Universitet Took a MSc in Civil Engineering in 07. It was easy to get a job and to understand the duties and making a career. I can strongly recommend the school of engineering at NJIT.

jeff zhang

Bad school, do not go.

Shakiya Charles

Not an engineering major? Then, this is NOT the school for you. Tl'dr: they will not have any non-engineering companies at career fairs. You will only be offered sales-based commission (ie. ENTERPRISE) for your 4-year degree. Assume that 25K+ debt at school with better post-grad placement for YOUR MONEY/FUTURE MONIES. I've had the pleasure of working for a Big 4 accounting firm, a major financial institution in downtown NYC, etc. - due to my own efforts; making close to six figures/year. I'm really a positive person, but I feel obligated to to warn others of the unsavory misleadings of this school, in hopes that YOU will see this and refuse to give them your money. For anyone who is not a science (chem., bio., CS/CS engineer.), or architectural major (design, or civil engineering.) DO NOT GO TO NJIT. If you are in-state, the DEBT you owe afterward is not worthy of an NJIT tag. For arts, business, marketing, English, physical education majors - NJIT DOES NOT GET ANY REAL EMPLOYERS TO COME TO THE JOB FAIR(S). YOU NEED TO SEEK OUT, REACH OUT TO AND HOUND COMPANY REPS TO SECURE AN INTERNSHIP/POST-GRAD POSITION.

Mike P

The person below me is retarded. this school is horrible. I'd rather be home schooled by a caveman.

Swapnil Rane

Ashish Gollamudy

Considering its proximity to NY this is best located. Love the campus and the atmosphere here. Could have been bigger!!

Khalada Razzak

Sammy Rovalino

nice place except is in the getto

Michael Citro

Amazing school but they need to get more parking decks closer to campus and liven up the place. Overall I could not have asked for a better education!

Chirayu Kapadia

Chenguang Xu

EE Alumni here. Oh man some good memories... But seriously bruh..Would be good if y'all stop calling me donate money literally every other day. I donated once and yall started to call me more often. I'm just an average engineering dog and I'm not making millions..It's time to STOP


Martin Kotowski

The school provides the best education you can get for your money.

Michael Morris

One of the worst technology schools. I had received my undergraduate degree 2 years ago. This school has given me nothing but problems. Let me explain ----After 2 years, I receive a bill from NJIT Bursar office saying I owe them money. One of there prerequisites for graduation is that you cannot walk or graduate unless all of your bills were paid. After I was done with school, walked, and was mailed my diploma, I received a nasty phone call telling me I owed them money, some 2 years later. They did not email, mail, or call until 2 years after I graduated. On top of that they sent a collections agency against me which affects my credit history which is perfect. If you send your child to this school expect a hard time in paying for school, and expect misc bills to arise whenever. Hopefully paying this bill off soon will help save my near perfect credit history. I wish they would have notified me first. ----The education you will receive is also poor. Many of the best professors left, or unfortunately passed away. Even then, they are hard to understand. The education was beginning to decline around the end of my undergraduate term at NJIT. There was a lot of cheating occuring which was a disappointment because many professors couldn't do much. The university was so bad that they actually fired one of the best professors I had in my undergraduate. It was an Electrical Engineering professor. He was a really good professor, from which I learned many important skills I used in later classes and theories I use at work. He was a fair grader, but when no one studied, he failed a lot of those students. From there, the students had gathered a petition to fire him based upon him being crazy and old, and also unfairly failing students. I passed and so did many others prior to this. He was soon fired and students got away with murder. He was one of the few English speaking professors who could actually teach the students. ----As far as finding a job when your out, your on your own. The degree and campus do nothing for you. I had extracurricular activities and was President of a chapter at the school. It did nothing for me and I had to apply to some 200 jobs all over the internet. I had great grades by the way, an internship I gained on my own, and extracurricular involvement. I end up finding a technician job on CareerBuilder which helped me gain more knowledge and real world experience to help me land a real career opportunity with a more prestigious organization now. They looked at my hard work and dedication on my resume, and my experience, and it was enough. I looked, applied, and interviewed for a prestigious firm job. I had to work for it all and NJIT did nothing for me. After 4 years there, the most I got from it was Engineering Ethics which I stand by strongly, and V=IR. That is all I used once I got out of school. Please look around at other schools, such as Stevens Institute or TCNJ. Those schools are ranked higher and will actually offer you a solid education, opportunities of employment upon graduation, and a real good school experience. I hope you find this review honest from an ethical standpoint, its based upon my 4 years at the school and seeing it through. I just rather whoever reads this take advice from someone who did well and still had to work harder than he would have at other schools where friends and colleagues went. Good Luck.

Shikha Doshi

Nice place to study , good facilities and hell lot of activities .

Oscar Häggmyr

The school is very good, small and nice campus and good professors. There's a great feeling of community.

Nea Peramos

Very good!

yin xin

good school

Sunandan Dhar

Great faculty and they're working really hard to catch up with the more famous unis in the country.

Mirko Alessi

This university is a very good institute with professional personnel

Chenyuan Wang

Mahesh Nair

Lovely experience so far... As far as you know what subjects you want and you planned ahead a bit, there is nothing stopping you from acquiring skills here... Campus centre is always alive with activities and such! And love how all the surrounding universities integrate with each other...

georges perec

This university lets trash professors and TAs teach their online Computer Science program. I will be going to a different university because of Dr. Nassimi and Qianwen Ye. Get a) professors that care about their students b) TAs compentent enough to learn the material they are grading. It's not that hard.

Griff Goldstein

Just plain awful.

Mallesh B

Teaching is awesome, facilities are great. GSA is fantastic.

mario andrew

Horrible school. It is all about money, and how to milk more money from you. Half of the professors are incapable of teaching. Very few classes for a large amount of people trying to get into the class. I have spoken to many people in this school, but those who sit behind the desk are extremely arrogant and unwilling to do their job. It is extremely rare to find someone nice enough to help you in anything in this school.

Cengiz Dinçer

I am a 2006 industrial engineering masters degree graduate. There were some great professors. Top class educators. Nevertheless there were some really crap lecturers as well. Not enough social activities. But still love my uni.

Jose Inoa


Love it

Han Lwin

A school that gave me a chance to learn and grow into a professional that I am today. I'm forever grateful, if you are determined to work hard and prove yourself to the world this place will give you a shot and give you tools to succeed.

Daniel Wolfenden

Electrical Engineering Alumni. The school gives a good education at a great price. I would recommend living on campus rather than commuting if possible. All of the residents I've spoken with enjoyed it but many of the commuters complained that the school wasn't good. Those commuters never spent anytime there outside of mandatory classes.

sagar patel

Oh man!

chandrakant patel

Colej firs m s

Jinzhen Wang

Zhuo Shen

hema srinivasan


Rajat Patel


Chris Donovan

pooja patel

Horrible advisors

Muhammad Zunair

Johan Landicho

aw in

Block Cockmann

Maulik Padh

Decent Campus. Nearby area sucks.

Josh Ugwuneri

Awesome school that will place you with a good job if you network and join the right clubs

Sandeep Raja

Murat Duru

Great bang for your buck. Very little "green" space on campus. The new administration seems to think that unnecessary buildings are a better use of space than grass/trees/nature. Classrooms are in poor condition (some blackboards are completely useless and the white boards are very small, furniture is useless in many classrooms). Professors on average are a little below OK.

Kunal S

Definetly worth coming with the generous amount of scholarships the school offers.

Francis Hutchinson

I received an email from an apparent scammer claiming he was my internet provider (Cox Communications) wanting me to fill out a form giving my username and password. Sent two emails to officials at the school and received no feedback. What's even worse, the guy writes in broken English. If they don't care about the ethics of their students, they are apparently another "computer mill" just in it for the bucks!

Venkat .Tarakad

I went to enquire about their master's program. I was made to wait an hour before I could see their advisor. I wanted to enroll part time as I was working. But they treated me as if I was a fresh college graduate. The information I was seeking was not forthcoming. Instead they started evaluating my credentials and asking me to take GRE. So much for a sub standard school. I work for Qualcomm and we don't even consider njit students for internships. My bad I went here to enquire. I eventually ended up with Georgia Tech.

Natalie Bezerra

Zou Bin

hand on course and more professional course.. good professor

Pradeep Mushini

Christian Alexander

A small school with some great faculty and plenty of opportunities for success.

Luis Gomez

Spruill Johnny

One of the good institute of the newark

Suélen Gandra

Great University. Worth visit it.

Prasad Bhatambrekar

One of the best institutes to learn Engineering. Rightly said graduating from here not easy go lucky thing you have to work your ass off. Keep up with assignments and find a favorite spot on campus to study, you'll be good to go. Campus is safe. There is an amalgamation of reviews but many people review negative since they cannot cope up with studies. You ll find one of the best professors here. Mechanical Engineering Masters is pretty good and challenging.

Aman Patel


Osvaldo Gil

Warren Jay

all my classmates are dudes. wait nvm...she just walked in


Endri Shkjau

Deva K6544

Christina Faulk

I am driver for Academy Bus Company.. Kids during summer season are learning instead of playing at school..

Lavele white

I would love to join this school because technology is my goal

abbas zehtab

bruce chen

Chem-E alumnus from less than a decade ago. I will try to keep things short so you can read other reviews. You will not have a college party life here. Instead, you will learn to be vigilant with surroundings, you will also learn the needed technical knowledge for future work, and small family style classmates relationships. I had great interaction with most professors (except the self inflated old douche - I’m not talking about Dr. H because he is truly the best; the Asian-hating viet war veteran; and the physics II professor that only taught F=MA then flunked the entire class in the end). I went to Rutgers for grad school. In comparison, Rutgers has great professors too but the classes are too big for them to know you. The courses are tougher at NJIT but Rutgers definitely provides the best platforms and resources for students to succeed, and has the largest network in the state.

Nick Van Wattingen

Ravi Sheladiya

Joseph Beshay

Very rude staff and administration!

Kousik Ravula

The masters programs specifically tailored to compliment the development of already working people and also the scheduling of classes compliment your busy schedule. With a good blend of online classes and scheduling of face to face classes. This is an absolute choice if you want to work and study.


Md Ashikur Rahman

Excellent. Professors coming from CS department are really cooperative.

Fidelia C Uko

Is New Jersey State that brings Science talented student.

মুদ্রাদোষ The fault in our coin

Admission and Bursar are not friendly. It is so diverse that you won't be able to understand some professor's lecture(accent). Tution fee is high compared to the education.

Parth Sagar

Excellent school

Sonia Real

One of the best schools in NJ and the country. Employers do look for NJIT graduates. Don’t listen to people who are giving this school a bad review


This school is such good

Fariha Tasneem

Exactly what I get from NJIT: higher level of education and gain experience. Tip: Be nice to people and people will be nice to you even at NJIT #karma

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