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REVIEWS OF Bloomfield College IN New Jersey

mandy rodrigues

Eve Quantasa

My dad was robed at gun point feet away from college hall. I promised my family I would go to college and get a college degrees. I wish I could have done more than I could have done. My dad didn't do anything cause he didn't want to cause trouble the school. I saw the reviews and thought I would explain my story after I gave 1 star. I loved BC at first but then I seen how it just like high school and people be the same as they always been. I feel unsafe at night after my night class. The guys be into me trying to hook up with me and I'm like, "Who you b?". They too open and free, like I'm easy or some. I feel like I really didn't learn anything, and it didn't change me like I thought it would. I think we need to commute more. There are some things I'm not going to get into but some students are really there just to get into relationships and that's not right. We there to learn so push yourself to that side you feel me?

Evonda Thomas

space man

i saw someone there

Aooo S

Ja'nae R

I attended this school and I like it. Like every school it has its perks and then it has it down falls. I'm in the Nursing program and while I love almost every teacher in the program, I hate the fact that they are last minute with EVERYTHING ! From clinical times to class registration, I mean everything! However, the teachers are really there to see you succeed and they will push you towards success. They're very informative and they know their stuff.

Briana Trotty

muhammet gün



I love this school...

Stephanie Tremols

Lexi Acrodynia

The security guards gave me a violation sticker for parking in the lot, while I was there to purchase a parking permit. THE STICKER DOESN'T COME OFF. They can't do that because it's vandalizing my car, especially since I'm a paying student, and they will pay for the damage. Overall the students are good people, but the college campus smells like body odor, loose stool, and motor oil. In the winter, it smells like crisp farts.

Shadasia Morris

Jonelle J

Love this school

Sue Buen

Stone Gray

Mike H Denis

Rose Aboah

(Translated by Google) gg (Original) Gg

James Cim

Excellent professors and different teaching skills

Johan Leal-Pena

I recently graduated from Bloomfield College and it was truly the most rewarding and gratifying experience of my life so far. I enrolled at BC as non traditional adult student and from day one I felt welcome. The staff and professors especially the ones in the humanities and the English department are top notch. They helped me in order to graduate, they advised me and were able to reward me with scholarships in a time in my college career when I was ready to call it quits. Their encouragement helped me to obtain my goal which was to obtain a bachelor's degree in English. I come from an immigrant family and was the first to graduate from my siblings. Walking that stage on graduation day was awesome! Now I'm thinking of graduate school and will pursue a teaching career. I have to say though this was only possible because of my hard work and perseverance. BC has all the tools to help students accomplish their goals but is truly up to the students if they want to make the best of their college years. The professors are there to help you but only if you take the work seriously. The campus may be small but I like the fact that the professors and staff are approachable and friendly. College is a fun experience but one that also needs to be taken with seriousness and having a hard work ethic is a recipe for success.

Luz Vargas

LaTyra Felder

DO NOT BE FOOLED! This school does nothing but scam students and commit FRAUD! If I could give 0 stars I would!!!

Phong Goku Son

The tuition is outrageous and Ulysses Coleman, gave, me H.I.V.

Sho move

worst college ever

Patrick Vera

This is a great institution that has welcomed me with open arms. The students, faculty, and staff are all very passionate toward the college's mission. Student's here are given an excellent opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams of receiving a quality college education.

Charmaine Bryant

It was not the best 4 year school, but i have to say it made me who i am today. For that reasons I give it four stars. Some of the reviews , I guess people are in their feelings. But for me, I was apart of the EOF program who helped me out a lot. I also graduated in 2015 within 4 years so I guess it is what you make it. Currently I am pursuing my MSW and I have my undergraduate experience to thank for getting me where I am now.

gillian metzger

Brandon Phillip

Mayra Cordova

Infatuater Skater

chealse benoit


Amazing institution that is truly making a difference in the lives of its deserving students.


Tevin Blake

terence davies

SoFlo MyBro


james murphy

The students are great, always growing and learning. It's great to work with them.


Horrible school, the campus is full of homeless people.

Ryan Taliercio

People who graduated this school with a bachelor's in Science have been known to actually believe vaccines cause autism. That's basically all I need to know about this place.

Paul V

Gerard William Asciugamani

Cole Ferg

Jordan Cross

sonya aracena

Amir Flagg

Ariel Cruz

Roman Cross

Jonathan Martinez

Octavio Morales

James SaintJ1018

This school has the most horrendous wifi in the entire world, the food is absolutely atrocious. The only thing that's pretty decent around here is the schools education and athletics program. If you are thinking about dorming just save your time and money because there's absolutely nothing to like about staying on this campus. The wifi is horrible every semester so you think that people would be smart enough to understand the repeating process that's going on with it but they don't. Honestly the only reason why I haven't transferred yet is because of athletics. I would love to see improvements implemented within the college.

Michael Bohenek

Graduated from Bloomfield College in the 1970's. FOR THE MOST PART IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Shammi FoxDreams

I am speaking on behalf of the Animation or CAT majors that want to come here, please do not be fooled but the scholarships, you can not be in this field with a no risk mind set, I have wasted enough time here, and regret everyday. Do not ignore these review just run to an out of state school.

Anyssa Allen

The college is over all small. This school is very diverse, large population of black and Koreans. Has terrible reviews because it has low G.P.A requirement however many of the unqualified won't last long. Bloomfield curriculum is no different from any other school, many of my professors taught at state schools as well.

Steve Maximilian

I was better off taking a briefcase filled with thousands of dollars to a zoo, throwing it in a gorilla exhibit, and watch my money get thrown and played around with.


A College with a great heart and amazing, hard working students.

Rhonesha Pack


Bloomfield was ranked the worst school in NJ. 89% of students don't graduate! The tuition is outrageous. Some students would rather attend a horrible private school than a good public school, so Bloomfield gets away with overcharging people. Please look at NJ publics or out-of-state before attending this school.

Kashaun Hamilton

Nick Von Hagel

A beautiful campus with a wonderful historic buildings in the heart of Bloomfield

Larry G

Frank Timko 10Franko18

The Bloomfield College experience helped me prepare to become a contributing individual in our community. I learned how to appreciate people off different ethnic, cultural and social economic ideologies. I learned how to love, live and appreciate my brothers and sisters in this world. I am a member of the Class of 1970 Bloomfield Grads. I am proud to have a Bloomfield College Education. Frank C Timko “70”


I am a Prof at BC. It's a great little college if you are serious about being a college student. Small class sizes means that students get all the extra attention they need. IF they ask for it! Lots of extra curricular activities IF students look for it and want to get involved. It's the little school that "does." Students who are serious about college, are prepared to work hard, and benefit from Profs knowing their name (and are not comfortable with just being a number) do splendidly at Bloomfield College. Doing well in college is about being persistent and maintaining a hardworking and positive attitude. Students get lots of support here!


Residence Hall has termites.

pablo navarro

I graduated in 1964 Business Administration, my professional career was great and now I am fully retired. Bloomfield College was the key of my success

Black Power Ranger

This college is garbage. They will bone you dry. They wouldn't even give you a reach around.


Parked in the lot, opened the door, see used condoms and blue wigs, closed door and drove home.

muhammed ali koklu

Ammar Alb


I like it here.Its not that bad. Its small which means extra attention from professor. Some are very helpful and kind and will go out of their way to make sure the you know the material.

Jonathan Yammarino


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