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Mohammad Faroqui

At ASA College I studied Computer Support Specialist course. Not only it is great and pleasant environment for study but for me it is the staff of the college which is eloquent in their practical work experience. Especially I like to thank you Mr. Mandel Holkmann my Career Advisor a personality which understands a student from their inner crave of the career and set and prepare them for the excellence.

Danyiel Holkmann

My experience at ASA College was amazing!! There was always someone to look to for encouragement and motivation. Not only are the professors flexible and understanding but they brought out the best in me. They helped set me on the right track for a successful career. ASA also offered plenty of options to me being a full-time student and mother. I was able to choose which campus I preferred to attend, opt for online classes and enroll in the independent study program. I was comfortable throughout every semester which made it easier to focus on obtaining a good GPA. I formed great relationships that I know will continue throughout life. I was able to complete a part of my dream and I couldn't thank them enough.

Guliyar Khassanova

ASA College is my first college in New York City. And i am really happy that i chose ASA. I really like ASA because you get help anytime from every professors if you need. First of all if you are an international student you need help really and ASA does that. I had great professors for all my subjects, like Pr. Jeffers, Pr. Dubron, Pr. Kilkeny, Pr. Flanigan, Pr.Mckoy, Pr. A...and etc. Especially in my last semester, my internship coordinator Michael Spencer helped a lot to find a good site. And iam happy with my Internship, i gained a lot of knowledge. I will recommend ASA College to anyone.

customer brooklyn

It seems to me that ASA College is a good “launch pad” for the future career. I finished nursing program and Placement Department found a job for me.

Larisa Tyannikov

I was an ASA student a while ago. I specialized in computer programming, which has been in demand for years. There were about 30 of us in our academic group, mostly newly arrived immigrants. So, ASA was a starting point to begin a new life. Most teachers were working professionals and were able to deliver practical knowledge of the spesiality. They for sure gave us strong tools for job winning resumes and interviews. And I 'd like to mention that the introductory lecture was given by college President Alex Schegol. Thanks to ASA, we obtained a well paid profession in a short period of time and became prepared for job and success. To say nothing that some of us found good friends. I think many people like me may add their words of praise to what I already said. Larisa, once an ASA student.

Elidig Berufford

I'am graduating in Business, I just can say that the college has a very good Teachers and some administrators staff who really are doing the job, however the Administration, rules, the education and the student treats does not value as the a lot of money that the student pay. I have many struggles during my career that make me difficult my student goals, however I DID.

Meir Uteshov

My name is Meir Uteshov and I am a recent graduate of ASA College, class of 2015. As F-1 visa international student, I would say that ASA College is a great place for our educational and career goals. Professors are responsive and very collaborative as well as helpful. During my education in ASA College I was able to make friends with students from different parts of world. The most of them are my lifetime friends now. Classes are not too big. Therefore, providing a tremendous opportunity to study and excel your knowledge and/or skills. I would recommend international students to study in ASA College if they want to be ready to compete within existing job market and get a job they are looking for. One of the benefits of ASA College is providing an internship opportunity. My internship experience in engineering company was extremely interesting and fulfilling where I gained a valuable and measurable work experience. All in all, the college is great for those who is determined and dedicated in favor of their future career/professional goals.

Esther Antenor

I've never written a review about anything in my life but I really don't want people to go through what I went through with ASA college. They falsely advertise that they have this nursing program that they have zero accreditation for and have students take unnecessary classes to get into said program. I spent two semesters and took out a loan got a 4.0 gpa and its benefited me in no way shape or form. Because when it came time for me to start the nursing program and take the Nln (which I got a 130 on the score they ask for) I got the run around and I've have gotten a response from them in 8 months. They stopped answering my calls and never replied to my emails. So if you want to do nursing DO NOT DO IT AT ASA!!!


This college gave me the best education ever, I've learned English so well I don't have any struggles with it, before I actually had some, My opinion about ASA is completely positive, I would recommend this place to those who want to succeed in life. Staff and especially Admission Department is very friendly, you feel very comfortable with those people around, If you are looking for some college don't waste your time and just go to ASA, you won't regret at all.

K Pena

My time at ASA has been a blessing so much so that after graduating from the Medical Assistant program, I returned to earn a degree in Nursing. If you are seeking a solid academic foundation in a community atmosphere then ASA is the place for you. ASA offers both Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) and Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) programs as well as certificate programs. Excellent student services and a wide variety of NJCAA sports programs. When your ready to begin your academic career Don't waste your time with the rest go to the Best go see Mr. Robert Nazar a.k.a the Hardest Working man at ASA.

Emmanuel Francois

I had a wonderful experience at ASA College coming from a Community College. I was looking for a school where I wanted to get into my field of studying instead of taking unnecessary courses that weren't needed. Therefore, attending ASA College in 2005 was the perfect choice for me because I graduated in 2006 with an Associate Degrees in Occupational Studies with a 3.5 great point average. The professors were very great and were willing to work with you in every level, but you also need to put in the work as well. I feel very proud of myself for this great achievement, and my mother was also very proud of me. If you're looking for a rewarding career you need to attend ASA College.

alioune diop

If you give this school 5 starts or 4 ,it means you're Literally blind ,or you just started, but wait until later, you will hate going to school . ASA college is worst school forever. I don't know how they could hire someone who doesn't speak English property especially teachers. I love Spanish but we're not here to learn it. Career services ! Ohh my God , they just want to you to be broke . Please don't follow them. Go continue your education in a better college dear student.

Idson Hilaire

All I have to say is thank you to all the stuff,and the teacher that helped me to obtain my associate degree, keep up the good work much love,I had a great time studying at ASA college, so sad miss all my teacher already


Im a current student at ASA. The only good part of ASA is the Administration department and a few professors. I advise you not to attend unless you can understand gibberish. Some staff are underpaid and deserve more for their contributions to making sure students understand and feel welcomed. others need to be fired like point blank period

Ray Mack

As International student, I'm sure enough that ASA College is the best one to study English. Our Instructors are highly professional and do a lot to help us in mastering English. They also encourage us to do well during the classes, and join different activities at the College. I like poetry, and enjoy the Poetry Night meetings; attend Conversation Club to improve my practical skills, and have a lot of fun mingling with other students when we celebrate various ethnic events.

angel flowers

My experience with ASA College was tremendous. Great experience, I've learnt things I had no knowledge of and the professors were all one of a kind! I would recommend ASA to be the school of choice. The staff were helpful and understanding very lenient with me and many others. If I could do it all over again i would. Great choice great start Choose ASA today!! I did the Criminal Justice Program it was the best choice I've ever made. Try them today..You will be amazed.

Salma Santana

My personal experience with The Brooklyn campus externship site was amazing. I am grateful and thankful for the staff in the front desk for always helping me get through to people who I needed help from and I am mostly grateful for Michael who was my coordinator for always being there to help me, he guided me and got me the opportunity to be able and participate in the kings county Supreme Court externship program, he is a grate person and has always been there for me answering all my questions and helping me improve. I am also thankful for Ms.Nadiya who is the career coordinator who is so sweet and professional and is also always there for me to guide me for job opportunities. I can say that the reason why I graduated was because of them and my professors who helped me every moment of this college journey . Thank you ASA externship for helping me build the person I am becoming .

Shauna Williams

I am an graduate of ASA Class of 2012, Majored in Criminal Justice. My experience with now ASA College (which was an institute in my attendance) was an experience I will never forget. It was a life changing experience for me. Before I enrolled, I inquired about it. The review(s) I received from it was not at all what I experienced. The Professors were patient, informative, encouraging, motivated and dedicated to students who wanted to gain their education. The professor pushed me, showed me a different direction, coached me thru the hard times with their words, motivation. They are who encouraged me to continue my education and strive for more and much better. The advisors were always available to speak with about the past, present and future. What i did not understand about financial aid was clearly explained. ASA changed my entire perspective on life, goals and accomplishments. ASA changed the way I interact with my peers and others, informed me of the corporate world and how to present myself. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity, and would highly recommend them. Thank You ASA.

neroliz rojas

The amount of opportunities to learn and interact with not only the students but the city of New York are innumerable. Not only is it highly rated for its academics but its location is ideal for anyone who wants to become more cultured or live the city life.I studied medical assistant and graduated this year I recommend to all this college, has flexible schedules, thanks to the people of Brooklyn carrier service I acquired fast work.

Si Lin

I just graduated from ASA College. It's wonderful experience with ASA College. I learned a lot of knowledge in this college, and the professors are friendly. I'm grateful to be the ASA College student.

Vanessa Colon

Great college!!!!! They provide lots of opportunity's to improve yourself. For example: jobs and education.

Liudmyla Vygnanets

I graduated from ASA College in 2016 as a Certified Pharmacy Technician .Thankfully to ASA College l had a chance to get an education that fill fit did my dreams. ASA College not only gave me a proper education but also found me a great job in the hospital ,where I'm currently working. As an ESL student I had doubts about my carrier in the foreign country, but ASA gave me a great chance to put them away and persuade my dreams.I'm happy to be a part of ASA College Family.

JAnnatul Ferodousi

As a medical assistant from ASA i am really appreciate to my all professor's, adviser, also my career counselor help me a lots to get my all experience and good career path. i would like to thanks all of them to bring me up in my future goals.

Karaine Hobbs

ASA is one of the best colleges ever! I graduated in 2005 with a AOS degree in Medical Assisting. It was a wonderful experience for me. The Professors are very knowledgeable in there fields and will work with you even when you are going through personal matters which, I was going through at the time. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA in which I am proud of. I could have done better though! but, that was all on me. Once there is good time management, you will get the right grades. After completing my Associates degree, I was accepted at St. Joseph's College to continue my BS degree and then my Master's degree. This is all accredited to ASA which was my first building block. The staff at ASA are very good from the registrar to placement office. I would recommend ASA to anyone who wants to achieve a degree or certificate quickly and to the point. Remember! that it takes two to tango! and you are the one that is going to make the difference more than anything or anyone.

Pool Luck

I'm so greatful that after completing my Certificate in Medical and Billing 2013 at ASA I was welcomed back to ASA to complete my Associate Degree in Health Office Administration (So,so happy I did). I was able to get the best internship site soon after I found a job where I am closer to home . Associate Degree does make a difference and I want to thank ASA and I want to thank the teachers , the tutoring department, and career department for helping me through my journey to success : ) Thank you ASA !!!!

Chantel Jones

I'm currently enrolled in ASA College and my experience thus far has been amazing. Before coming to ASA I've tried to pursue a nursing degree elsewhere to no avail. At that point in time walking into ASA I felt defeated. From the start Robert Nazar listened to my concerns and gave me the confidence needed to jumpstart my pursuit toward my nursing degree. With his guidance and the help from my instructors and other staff I proud to say that, they have made my dream possible.

Lyes Yakoubi

The worst decision i have ever made

Gabriela Garcia

The college has good infrastructure, labs, library, and smart classrooms. The environment is highly competitive and faculties are super with good past experience. The Career Service Department will help you to find a job after you finish college. I had a great experience with them. The staff is very friendly and professional and concise in the development of a perfect resume. I am so pleased with ASA College and the Career Service Department.

Collin Clarke

“Awesome students, teachers, and wonderful staff!”

Maria Cajas

For me ASA college was a great experience, the Admissions staff were there to answer all the many questions that I had. The professors were very helpful and of course, the Career Services Department are there always willing to assist you. Truly I believe that if you work hard and with dedication, you'll reach the success!

amo kiss

I met a lot of professors who challenged me in so many ways. I even challenged myself to do better. Career services is very helpful. Wish the cost was cheaper but if your going to college to learn and better yourself you will do it here.


Do not go to this college and don't even think about this college. I am very upset with the Advisor and the professors. They are there just to get student's money and don't care about providing quality education. My wife has to go back to the country with the permission of Advisor and Professors for 3-4 weeks. When she asked them they said it wouldn't gonna be any issue if she will caught everything when she comes back. But, after coming back they start arguing that she can't take the final and they gave her "F" for not attending those 4 weeks class period. If they suggested her properly she would drop the class rather than getting "F". Advising is worst and Teachers are unfriendly in the college. She has to take those classes one more time. They don't have proper online portal to register the class. Don't waste your money here because most of the college don't even take the credit from this college as well. Will not advise this college to anyone.

Perla Tolentino

I attended ASA College and graduated in September 2014. I love it, I'm now in a CUNY College and they take forever to answer a single question. In ASA you go to any department and they give you answers right away. All advisers work with you and they attend you on the phone or via e-mail. I learned English and improve so much in my career life. I'm proud I graduated ASA, it was a great experience for me. I recommend this college to anyone.

Tracey-Ann Facey

I am happy to be a graduate of ASA College. My experience there was life changing for me; I have met a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds which was one of the best , the professors were very compassionate and went above and beyond to help students. I must also add the staff there is very warm and welcoming. ASA will forever be in my heart.

Natalia Hurtado

I was in the pharmacy program. Majority of the professors that I had were extremely helpful and genuinely cared for my future. With the help of my amazing director Professor Yap I was able to obtain my externship at Wyckoff Hospital, one of the top paying hospitals for technicians, which I now hold a full time job including full benefits as I am a part of the 1199 union. Thank You ASA!!

Zarina M

First I have heard about ASA College for its grandly Navruz celebration. “Navruz” is Uzbekistan’s traditional holiday. It was in March 2012, and in June I became a student. Unlike the other college students, I started my journey at the ASA with very limited ability of both written and spoken English. I very much enjoyed my experience at the ASA College. Specifically, the student services, my classmates, the counselors, and definitely instructors did a tremendous change in my life. I tried my best to take every single advantage that ASA had offered and I think I succeeded in many fields. At the end of the third academic semester we already knew that we will be provided an opportunity to get a real job “to try on” future profession at various externship sites. I was really thrilled because externship means I could apply my theoretical knowledge in real life situation (environment). My career advisor suggested trying my luck with famous “Syska Hennesy Group”. From the first day I did my best to apply the knowledge obtained at the ASA College and my personal skills at work. In three weeks of the practical experience, I got a job offer at my externship site. Currently, I am working as an assistant in the Accounting Department at the “Syska Hennessy Group.” I graduated from ASA College with AA degree and after getting BA degree from the Baruch College I intend to pursue MBA program at the Columbia University and hopefully, to prepare for my Doctorate Degree program in the area of my expertise. In addition, I am willing to take CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam after completion of my MBA.

Joanna Nienaltowska

ASA College gave me the opportunity to get my first degree in Medical Assisting in the USA, and also to gain useful experience through work in the admission office. That was even more convenient for me to have school and work in the same building. The professors were very accessible, understanding and always ready to assist with any help or piece of advice. I will never forget them. Good thing is that every student have their advisor to help them with academic issues. The most helpful department at ASA College turned out to be the Career Services which assisted me with my first interview preparation. I can't thank them enough for help with my resume and with job application. After my internship they found me a job in medical field right after my graduation. All that helped me to become more confident and determined to go for my goals! Thank You ASA College!

Monica Huero

I enjoy my field of study as a Networking Administration and Security. I used the department of Career Service to help me find a job related in my field.

Alex Cordo

Great college!

Sasha Vsh

It is a good start of your education. ASA works great with every student who needs assistance on any question that you may have, there are professors that are willing to help you out if you may need it and it's great receiving individual help when needed. ASA offers so many resources and opportunities, (especially internship and career service department can give you some job after graduation) which is its greatest strength. I've met so many people that I would not have encountered if I stayed in my hometown forever. Also, ASA is really useful for international students, they all the time will help you with your papers and visas, so you can travel back to your country or whatever and come back with no problems.

Jaker Hossain

For me ASA was a great experience. I got a certification as a medical biller and I enrolled again for HOA program. The career services Dept has the best staff and I am happy to be working in my field. :)

Sally Most

This college want your money only

paola jaquez

ASA college was a grate experience for me i GRADUATED i got my associates in medical assistant and i am currently working in mount sinai hospital as soon as i obtained my diploma i found a job

Nika Robledo

Your website does not provide enough information, no dead lines, no prerequisites what do you have to hide???????

Joseph Lineses

One of the best decisions I made in my journey to NY is officially graduating from ASA College! I recommend it to my friends and anyone to give it a try for a competitive programs they have. I majored in computer programming and Information Technology. I currently worked as an E-commerce and a Recruitment Specialist.

James Castro

The new dean of nursing Donna Reid is very bad attitude and unfare with the students. All the students nursing go complain about the program because Donna Reid keeps changing the rule. Donna Reid has register nursing suspended in Florida how come school give her this position. I hope the present dent Alex will do something about this. This is serious crisis because the state from Albany will come October to audit this nursing program.

Hollie Mccombs

As a former student of ASA college I would say that my overall experience was great. The professors were hands on very helpful, if I didn't understand something in class they made time to help me after class. My career advisor Ben is very helpful and active when helping me search for a job in my field of study.

Valeka Peters

Dear ASA College, This letter is to inform you that my last day of employment with the College will be on 7/24/15. I want to say thank you for the opportunity to work with ASA admissions’ office as an admission assistant and my time here was outstanding. To graduate from this college and then work here afterwards was a blessing. I must say, my overall journey as a student and an employee of ASA College could only bring forth great recommendations to others. Thank you.

Charlemagne Tiendrebeogo

I owe my current job at the Mayor's Office of Contract Services to ASA and its wonderful faculty staff. The teaching staff doesn't simply lecture; they are also educators in life. That makes a big difference! The curriculum is just fine. ASA also offers a nice variety of students' organizations that would fit every student needs. I lead the Business Club and enjoyed being a part of it. My Major was Business and Accounting and I took advantage of the talented and qualified teachers and professors' experience to convert my education into a job. I was impressed by the availability of Professors to offer free tutoring to any student who required it. It really helped me improve my grades. ASA has the required technology to benefit you in every way and prepare you for your professional and future life. I am definitely recommending ASA to any prospective student.


The help I receive from Career Services is excellent.

Ruth Lora

My experience in Asa College has been great, when I started i didn't know how to communicate in English, they have good teachers and also, the most important thing is the schedule, that is very flexible, the school have many option for those who works. This school work really hard for the student to get the best job position on they relative field.

Rawell Perez

Great school, placed in a very nice and accessible space of the city.

Blake Marquez

Nice directly to where I needed to go.

Lauren Klein

Attending ASA college was the best decision I made for myself. I enjoy my career choice as a Medical assistant. The professors were helpful, supportive, most of all encouraging. I made use of the study hall and the tutors where friendly and motivating. However the most important discovery I made at ASA was how much skill I developed in certain classes. I have to thank some professors and staff members, for being very patient and kind to me. ASA was my choice and it was the best choice,

Leiby Martinez

it was a pleasure work with peter cooper as my Carrier Service, personal contact just one time but over the phone and via E-mail he was the best instructor... About my experienced in ASA was really good they make all the paperless more easy, also in the admission department they have a really good representative person as a Deborah Thompson and my self I'm now working for ASA college this experience go to your resume for ever and i love the experience....

kayla sanchez

Honestly the worst school ever. The only students I recommend to go to this school are athletes that have a full ride here. Otherwise do not waste your time and money. Also the football players crowd the halls and are so loud when you try to pass by they talk about you and they don't move when you say excuse me, the only way to walk past is to push through and to have them in your face telling you to say excuse me. The staff members are extremely useless, if you have a problem they'll tell you to go somewhere else in the building to deal with it. And the financial aid department is a disgrace, no one helps you and they don't answer emails. THIS SCHOOL IS GREEDY FOR MONEY AND WILL CHARGE YOU FOR ANY LITTLE THING. Do not look at this school as an option if you're not an athlete.


well when I first started at ASA College, I didn't know what to expect. However, during my first semester, as a student I have learned how to be focused into my studies. They have a great environment and staff that helped me through my time at ASA College. I had a remarkable time and I enjoyed the school.

Brianna Burdette

I highly advise not to attend ASA for nursing. Their lack of communication and knowledge is baffling. They do not care about the success of their students and do nothing to help their failing students. They only care about your money. I was there one semester and transferred. Please do not waste your time or money here. I waited from 12:30-5 in line to withdraw. I went to ask for a signature from one of the student accounts lady and before I could even open my mouth, she yells that she is busy not even looking up at me. This school is so unprofessional and rude. Please don’t go here.

Baller TV

Going to ASA college was the turning point in my life. I never considered myself the "school/book-worm type", so right upon registration I was already real hesitant about succeeding in college. Let me tell you, making the decision to take a chance on going to this school changed my life in ways I cant explain. I graduated with my associates degree in computer sciences and then was offered a job at the college as a career counselor. Thanks to the helpful instructors and staff at this college, they were the ones to help me immensely in helping me with my success. I'm proud to have taken a leap of faith and go to school. The courses and professors were informative on the work at hand and I learned a great deal in the field of my study. Thank you ASA! It was truly a memorable experience in my life. -Serg

Nikeya Nettles

I wish I can give zero stars, they hold up your paperwork and prevent you from transferring. My nephew scholarship is on hold be ofthis unprofessional administration. No one ever call you back. I will be contacting the board of Regents as well as a attorney on my nephew behalf.

Magdalena Rusińska

As a student in Asa college by few years I can truly say that the strongest ASA’s values are teachers which work there. Professors: McKoy, Alexandra, Ressler, Lavi, Jefferson, Akazi, Dobrenko, Giri, Habib, Diaz, Saczuk, Moulinos are the reasons why I think that my time in ASA was not wasted. Of course I can complain about classrooms mostly without windows and slowly administration personnel, but it is not the most important what you should focus on. If you wanna take advantage of your spend money in ASA definitely choose this teachers and learn from them as much as you can. Knowledge is your strength.

Frenk Gjoca

This is a college of unprofessionals. They have no idea what they are doing! They give the wrong informations and they keep you hanging. Sloppy, dirty, ignorant and thieves! I will tell to as many people that i know about these scammers! They hire kids and elders to deal with students who have different visa statuses and they cant answer to professional and mature questions because of their lack of knowledge and unprofessionalizm. THE WORST!!!! DO Not Go There!

Debbie Zhang

I am currently student at ASA College. This school gave me the hope to believe that I will be success in the future. ASA gave me a lot of opportunities to get touch with real experiment of real job skills, and I got a lot of knowledge about how to get success in the future.

Rahim Orazkuli

ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I tried calling the Brooklyn campus 5 times in regards to Admissions, female rep picks up the phone, before you say anything she transfers you to some Telemarketing service. I call back again ask for supervisor, she transfers me to another dead number with "full voice-mailbox". Is this is a joke? Are you guys not tired of all class action suits?

Danielle Arline

Asa college guys (football players ) in Hialeah RAPED MY FRIEND! LADIES DO NOT GO TO THE DORMS!!! THEY ARE SLEAZY RAPISTS!!!!!!

Orlando Rodriguez

At ASA, I had a great time learning a lot, and I met a lot of great people. After I graduated, I was given many opportunities for job placement through the externship department , as well as the job placement program. Since then, I've been on many interviews with great companies in my field, I've done many jobs through ASA, and have been given many more opportunities to further my career, while still being able to depend on ASA for assistance with anything I need now and in the future. Thank you ASA!

Gina Aragundi

I'm danny once again I don't understand why I have to talk with the president the ASA I think the problem is in finacial they don't want me there i went trough serious problems of my health now I still have to pay $7000 and I don't have my degree what is your solution? My biggest mistake was trust in ASA :(

Doris Rodriguez

ASA has been great for my professional development choose ASA and won't regret it.

Erised Hernandez

it's so expensive, they don't explain the loan and financial information, the advisor's (Josefina Castillo) they never know what's going on in the school, never, omg many professor's are good, but many of them are vague, am so frustrated with this school. I have to pay back more than 25,000 and i have a financial aid paying 2,500 every semester and HESC 1,550 every semester so I don't understand why i have to pay this much money. OMG

Madeline Espinosa

I have had the best experience in this school I started in 2017 and my professionalism has increased greatly. I have become such a great person and growth has been immense. ASA College has helped me in so much not only academically but as well as in my career. The career service department has done so much for me in becoming a well prepare student for for my interviews, helping me prepare my resume, how to get a job and how to dress professionally , ASA has been the best thing that has happen to me. I am so grateful of having had picked this College for my education.

samara silva

I definitely don't recommend this school The financial aid is nothing but scammers They over charge u and they very nasty when u ask about the loan the charges are ridiculous doenst make any sense !!!do not go there .!!!!

Irma Likovska

When I arrived in New York I spoke English bad. ASA College me helped me get rid of the first barrier. I began to speak English after only 1 month!!! I recommend English teacher (ESL) Salvatore Capusan. This teacher from God!

Danny Car

I glad to hear good history about asa college but for me was a bad experience when I needed help from the college nobody help me now I have to pay monthly and I didn't get my degree

Bahara Rejepova

Amazing professors, great student life, excellent student service

Albin Nesimi

I just graduated from ASA College. I had an excellent experience here and I am glad I did these choice. The academics stuff is really helpful, being always nice with students and helping you whenever we need it to, except one of the of them., with proffesor Bryant I had a bad experience in her class . I just recommend you guys don’t take any class with her .she doesn’t help you. Another issue I have is the school doesn’t pay the academic stuff that much they are supposed to be paid. I would recommend also for international students to come in this college because they offer good scholarships.


really bad school i'd say stick with cuny schools you'll get the best education. The professors here don't know how to teach, and they catch an attitude from one simple question. You pay all of this money to just fail cause no ones works with you. I've been here and this place is really bad, DO NOT GO HERE!.


I am currently a student at ASA the college offers amazing programs and student services such as Career Services. They were able to help me in my job search in my field of interest.

Derek Leach

My experience at ASA was great they really care about there student while they are there and after they graduate I strongly recommend ASA to anyone who is trying to earn a degree and a career

Masha Dyavgo

The college is a great path to one's new carrier. In a matter of no time one could earn Diploma. The instructors are knowledgeable and very helpful. They'll teach one all the necessary skills and beyond.

Elle Ernshtayn

Stay away from this college and do not waste your money! ASA charges $7,500 per semester in computer science major and they do not cover all of the material, their system is outdated. They just take advantage from immigrant students, 99% applicants are immigrants. Go to City or State Colleges CUNY, SUNY where you pay $2,500 per semester and you get a better support from professors. I've wasted 3 semesters at ASA. When I called to get my transcripts/credits that I earned, they just keep transferring you to a different department and when you actually ready that person, she never get back to you. And also, they do not offer a withdrawal from the course or so I was told, they will instead fail that semester than withdraw. I had a family emergency and I had to leave the country in the middle of the semester. What ASA offered me is to fail the semester. No student support whatsoever.

Xerox 4000

Im grateful for ASA career services and Mr. Mandel. They work very hard to help me. And STILL help me find a job in IT...

Tatiana Bates

As a current student at ASA College I have had an amazing experience. Not only have I completed a degree in Medical Assisting but I am continuing my education with ASA's Nursing program. While studying at ASA I have learned so many skills including Phlebotomy, EKG, and now Nursing. The faculty and staff are absolutely exceptional any questions, concerns or needs I may have had were able to be dealt with in a very professional manner. ASA has an amazing campus with great technology that is useful for your learning experience.

Lizjafet Henry-Alvey

People need ro understand its rule for everything we do in life. . If u cant continue in school for any reason you most get a doctor notes or write why is going on with you .... that is the reason why we always try to put our responsabilities to others .... get responsable for your actions and admit you didnt do the right think and stop been a Child crying over nothing.... i drop this college 15 years ago and now im back ready to get on it so you ppl need to stop the bull and get urself together and do the righting God bless u all Amen

Lightningyad Morales

I graduated from this school in 2009, Excellent College, I MUST say they kept there promise LIFE TIME PLACEMENT no other college offers this and really follows through with there title, the career development department is very professional and helpful .Till this present day I still can count on ASA for help with seeking employment as well as other professional advises.

T. McKeever

Let me start by saying all experiences are what YOU make it! I have had the pleasure of completing my studies at ASA College with a degree in Health Information Technology. It was not easy but I had great faculty such as Professor Rashmi Gankoar, that helped to encourage me. To this day after my completion I am still receiving academic and career advice. The greatest thing was the use of the Career Services department and having one of the greatest and realest counselor's Mr. Mandel Holkmann. Mr. Mandel kept me positive and gave me jewels of wisdom and worked with me to win over potential employers. I got hired almost shy of two months since completing my degree plan in the field I studied. The thing I am impressed about is that they did not just say your done and sent me on my way. ASA College was continuous in helping me achieve the goals I set for myself and for that I am so grateful. Thank you for helping me realize my potential and believing in what I set out to do. Tamara M. Health Information Technology Associates in Applied Science- February 2015

irina stankevitch

ASA College's educators and helpful staff enabled me to complete my degree in medical assisting. Immediately following graduation, I received an offer of employment from CityMD. All around great place to receive an education, very satisfied!

Yvette Holloway

my experience has been quite rewarding. I'm very appreciative of the in-depth assistance offered by my externship coordinator. i wouldn't want it any other way! The ongoing help is more than a confidence builder it is more of a secured investment into my future.

francheska rosario

I love this college. I just graduate on may 2016 and they help me to get a job. I started working 2 month after graduation on a job paying 15 an hour with all benefit. I wish they were a four year college to go back and do a bachelor.

charles aidoo

ASA College is spectacular! I started my studies in 2005 and graduated in 2007 with an Associate Degree in Computer Programming and Information Technology. When I graduated I obtained gainful employment and then started my bachelor’s degree. I am proud to say I now have a degree from Briarcliffe College as Graphic and Web Design and currently working as a freelance graphic and Web Designer. I recommend ASA to anyone trying to have a college degree and a career. Special thanks to ASA faculty and staff for all they have done for me.

angel espada

ASA College gave me a chance to achieve my dream of becoming a Medical Assistant.

James Joseph

I completed ASA's medical assisting program (2-year AOS degree). Everyone will have their own opinion but I believe this school provides students with an opportunity to grow as personally and professionally. ASA is different from traditional colleges because its degree programs revolve around particular jobs that are in high demand in the developing world. The curriculum of each study also provides a decent college level general education. By the time I finished I was comfortably ready to attack the job market. I felt well prepared and could easily market myself as an ideal candidate for a professional position. I landed interviews and was presented with job offers. ASA creates opportunity and it is up to the student if they want to maximize and take full advantage of the staff and tools ASA has available.

Josefina Delarosa


Elizabeth Cabrera

I don’t care about what others said about my college, I love ❤️ asa and I so proud of them I know their are very expensive but I don’t care I love how they teach me and how their are, you don’t have to be worried about anything, they are there all the time and you don’t have to worry about file up tap or any financial aid they do that... and you have a lot of choices for you scheduled I can’t wait for my graduation day

york stasya

Poor Administration, students don't want to study, ASA suffers from awful people working in management there, They have no respect for the teacher, they don't care employee. "Duwayne Carthan" handing the all employee life. he tell you what you must to listen to him. if he don't like you. he will let you layoffs. Too much job, low pay, In ASA you got no dignity.

william maneggio

Career services was great. They helped me get employment super fast. If i ever need help finding a job i wont hesitate asking them for help!

владимир феоктистов

Hey, Vladimir is here again. I promised to continue sharing my experience at (may be in?) ASA College. Well, my first semester is finished, glad I made it! Soon the next semester starts, and I hope to get great help from my teachers and the Learning Center staff. They were so good to me and so helpful in the past! Thank you, ASA!

Boris Barinstein

I would like to thank my ASA College, friends and school faculty for wonderful memories you all have given me. It was such amazing time in my life.

Ghandi Abudayeh

ASA college is a gem in downtown Brooklyn. they have great professors who know how to engage students and help them understand . the placement department run by Lesia Willis is a department that goes the extra mile to help students and alumni find temp positions, jobs and careers. I know I was one of them. Thank you lesia Willis and the placement department.

Tamara Riley

I can't speak on the other continuing education programs they have but I would NOT recommend anyone to do phlebotomy there. I regret doing it there. Even though they don't do job placement or internships for phlebotomy, you would think they could atleast give you some kind of advice on what steps to take after you complete the program but NOPE! Wish I could get my $474 back!


Hi there. My name is Anila Piciri and I just want to share with you in brief my experience at Asa College... As an international student, I was advised to take some pre-requisite classes that would help me get placed in the nursing program. With scepticism, I followed the advice and, to my surprise, I entered the program...Man, it was not easy at all; we stumbled, we fell, we cried, we raised our voice for having to pass with 80% and above, but, with the hard work and the dedication and support from the entire academic staff, starting from professor Coockie, professor Cadore, professor Scaramuzzino, professor Daniels, professor Zakonikova, clinical and lab professors, like professor Rosales, professor Camacho, professor Galina, professor Dixon and with the encouragement and support of the wonderful Dean Reid, here we are today, the new graduates of 2019. Financial Aid office is another one that I want to thank. Robert Nazar, Annette Fannagan, Jannet Torres, and so on, will work with anyone in need to get the right help. They helped me get through this and me and my family will be forever grateful for what they all did for me... So, if you are a person who can handle challenges and are determined to get a better life for yourself and your family, Asa College is the right place to be... Don't get me wrong, nothing was easy, but at the end of the day, you'll realize that that helped you be one of the best out there, same as I feel today, proudly graduating from the nursing program... Good luck to all of you

Tatyana Kosinskaya

I graduated from ASA College in 2003, and got enough skills to obtain a proper job (Medical Assistant). Now I feel myself very comfortable in a field because it is such a woman job. But I want to say thank you ASA College for quite another reason. Yesterday was my friend’s daughter birthday, and we all friends got together to celebrate. We noticed again, that we met each other at ASA College. We took different programs, have been working in different places, but we become lifelong friends. Thank you ASA for my dearest friends!

July Pierre

In the year 2014 I started my journey in furthering my education in the field of Business Administration & Accounting at ASA College. With my son at my side we attended all required classes and achieved our goals and graduated in April 2016. At ASA College you will find that the Professors are very knowledgeable about the subject matters, the staff to be very helpful. I would like to say thank you, job well done!

Kerry-Ann James

My overall experience at ASA College were both fulfilling and rewarding. From the beginning of the process starting with the Admission Dept. and ending with the Career Services Dept., I was guided on the right part to a successful career goal. Special thank you to Ms. Lesia Willis and the Career Services Dept. They helped me with my various career development needs which equipped me with the tools to become a knowledgeable and responsible professional.

Tatiana Odom

This is my 3rd semester at ASA as an medical assistant student, and from what I can see and compare ASA is better than other colleges in NY. I like all my instructors, they are all so enthusiastic and help provide the best ways to make sure we all pass. ASA college is a whole little world; there are students from at 120 countries here, trying to further or at least get started on their education. After I graduate from ASA, I want to further my education by get a bachelors and learn some Asian languages to communicate with patients.

Janneice Rubio

It's an ok school to do something with your life. They indeed leave you in debt. There are a lot of rude and ghetto people there. If you do decide to go here, rent your books!!

Cedric Joshua Brown

ASA is a very good college, the people hear are great they will work hard with you. They have excellent academics. My experience at ASA College was great.

Hizbur Rahman Jibon

I am doing computer programming at ASA college. I like most its teachers. .

Gulya Takhirova

My name is Gulnigor, and i came as a F1 student at ASA College. I start over my career and even language from beginning. I was Happy when i got international student scholarship for my tuition, it helped me a lot. And now I am almost graduate Business Accounting with Admission degree. I love ASA and all instructors which are helpful and professorial. I advice to every body to get career degree at ASA College.

Kami Segi

Not a recommended college, by the first semester you will find a lot of problems with this college already. First, the staff. I dont even know why they are there. Whenever you have a problem and you want you help and ask at a department inside the building, they will simply tell you to go to another department in room X. After I go to that room to wait for the line and ask for help, they do the same, simply tell me to go to room Y and talk with someone there. And the same thing goes inside the whole building, telling me to go another room and talk with someone there. After finally walking around all the offices, no one there can really help you. It is the same when you ask for directions about where X office is, they do not even know where the office is and tell you a random room number they think it is. There are even some staff who will yell at you. Second, college tuition. They increase the tuition fees without even telling you about it beforehand, you only know they increased them when u had to make the payment. And they do not increase it only by a few dollars, but almost 300 USD, which is crazy. Third, some teachers. Some teachers are like really lazy. All they do is sit around and read the book for you. If they are going to sit there and read the book for you most of the time, then are they even there, we can read the book by ourselves. Some of them just turn on the screen projector for you to see the book. They barely use the board anymore.

Shereeka Guerra

ASA College is a good college. I am attending this college for the Nursing Program. Robert Nazar who is the Director of Enrollment for the Manhattan Campus is very helpful especially when I have issues with my classes. He helps me all the way to solve any issues that I have and he sticks to his words. He is willingly to help me strive towards my goals and I love that about him. He gets the job done.

lalla siham

i wanna learn in this college but i dont have a baccalaureat or ged so what can i do in that reason ans is it free or not ? please answer me

Snow Mula

I would like to say that ASA college has really been helpful in my job search. The career service department is very helpful and would definitely recommend them to anybody wanting a great future.

marian coger

It favors people from other countries. Meaning they will help and even employment at the college while the rest of us has to beg for help from career services. Over priced, lots of companies will not respect their degree.

Sam Sam

The semesters are extremely long and we get no breaks. We are humans we need breaks. Many of us have children and go to work. The summer semester is the worse you get discouraged and you get extremely tired of coming to classes. Most schools have two sessions where you go to school for two months but not at asa. Not to mention we also don't get any spring break. There are many athletes from different parts of the country that barely have time to go back home to their families. We also only have 3 absences out of 4 months of attending school like are you serious.Please Don’t get me wrong the school is not bad but the no breaks are ridiculous. They don’t ask for our preferences they just switch things in here

Samantha Decker

Unsure of where to begin after being out of school for several years ASA College has helped me obtain my Associate Degree in Medical Assisting and Administration. ASA College has professors that are medical professionals, that offer academic as well as hands on training. ASA College guides you to achievement with their externship program to make sure you are well prepared for your new career. There is also an excellent career services department that stay with you after you graduate to help place you at a job. One of the best choices i ever made.

Farzana Akter

I am attanding ASA College since 2014 and i love this college because everyone is there for you when u need help. I attand other college also but i did not get any help from any one whatever you have to do you have to do it by yourself. But in ASA professors and the staff members will help you. ASA College has so many oppotunities for the student, ASA helps you with your study like they have tutoring center which is open monday through friday and weekend and it's free. ASA has convinient scheduling for classes for the working student. ASA also helps you find a part time job while you are in college, aslo they help you find the job after you graduation, it's a life time jobplacement. ASA also have so many activities for the student so many different clubs for student to enjoy. ASA also offers you externship in diffrent hospital medica office any fild you study. This is my last semester i had really good experince. I am currently doing my externship in Suny DownState Medical Center in medical assisting field. I really love this College and the teacher's staff member thay all are really helpful. I will defently tell everyone to attand this college instead of any other colleges.

Maria Angamarca

My name is Maria Angamarca. I graduated from ASA College back in 2014. I must say that my experience with the school has been an amazing one. I want to thank them for helping me find a job as a paralegal for a law office. They helped me in various ways. Thanks to them I'm working at the moment and planning to go back to school to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Criminology. Overall, Thank you so much for your help ASA. You're an amazing team. I couldn't have done it without you.

Candida Batista

This school is too expensive and the service t hey offer don't even cost a quarter of all the money they charge you for a year and a half. The staff are uniformed, they don't know what they doing.

Data Borbieva

I love this college !) great place

Ruby Walcott

Before I came to ASA, I was at several CUNY knocking on doors to enter their nursing program. They didn't let me in. I decided to try ASA College . I first learn of it on 2013 when I went to renew my car tags in the city the a gentleman handed me a flyer about the college I saw nursing my heart leap for joy. I when in to ask questions and was redirected to Brooklyn Campus. I made appointment to see Nursing enrollment counselor . I was nervous but Robert Nazar soon put my nervousness at eased. He set in motion my paper works to enter the program. I listen to him did what he asked of me and he too rely listened to my cry because I told him "that this is my last chance at entering nursing " . I am now entering my third semester and rest is history . I am here to win it. Thanks to Robert Nazar, testing Center, Financial Department and last but not least the fabulous Dean DiMauro of the Nursing Program for accepting me in the nursing program . Here I am challenge and I am on my way to being a nurse. I would have any other way. YES!!!!

Isabel Lopez

Does not help people with disabilities and you’re stuck with the loan. credits do not transfer to other colleges. overall sucks Financial aid suckers Into a loan and says your credits or transfer to other colleges but they’re not I moved out of state and I want to continue schooling and Asa Credit is a worthless you cannot transfer them they tell you you can’t and you cannot I’ve been to three colleges and all three colleges told me they never heard of the school and it’s not excepting the credit

Task Force: Social Workers of African Descent

I am truly proud of my ASA experience. During my tenure, I was fortunate to have been taught by great teachers. Not only did they have a great grasp of their subject but they willingly go beyond the classroom to ensure success. ASA might have been a fairly new institution in 2006, when I was pursuing my AOS degree in Medical Assisting. Yet, at that time, their administrative staff, faculty and technical support were of exceptional quality. I believe the school can only get better. Thank you ASA

Edward Slaven

I am a graduate of ASA College. Class of 2012. I obtained my Associates degree in Medical Assisting. I also had a the opportunity to work for the New York Blood Center while attending college, and because of the education I obtained at school I was able to land a career with the New York Blood Center. So I believe in ASA, and all the support they have given me since my graduation!!! I am very supportive of the capabilities of this college, and recommend anyone to attend who is undecided about their future! Be all you want to be by attending this great institution.

Venice Valderrama

My experience at ASA was delightful. The professors were so cool and was able to work with the students if we didnt understand something. We as students have services like the learning center, Library and more to help us succeed in our journey of obtaining a degree. I worked in the Career Services Department as a work study. The environment was friendly and I learned so much while working there. When it was time for externship my externship coordinator was such a doll. JEANINE you are awesome. She was able to ework with me in getting me into a site that is closest to home. Not only did I complete the externship with extra hours, I was also hired from the site. ASA offers job placement for graduates and makes the entire experience feel comfortable. I am now pursing a Bachelors degree on ASA online program for Healthcare management and will go on to pursue my Masters degree. Thank You ASA for a wonderful college experience and the opportunity to meet great people.

Seek & you shall Find

ASA College has been an amazing milestone in my life and career development. I have developed myself into a better student, person and learned the skills to navigate the world with confidence and high standards. With a two year degree, the Career Services department has allowed me to achieve successes that would normally be out of reach. Thank you ASA College!

Sabbir Hasan

I'm from Bangladesh and ASA College help me to learn Computer Studies. From Career Services, Danny Fernandez; helped me cordially for my Internship as a Computer programmer with Digital Oxygen Corporation and hope to a job when done. He is a fantastic mentor. I wish everyone get him as an adviser.

Briggie Diaz

"ASA College opened the doors to a new future. I completed my Associate Degree in Health Disciplines with Magna Cum Laude. After upon completion of my studies at ASA, I started my master in Jones International University where I completed a Master in Business Administration with Specialization in Medical offices with a Magna Cum Laude 4.00 GPA, and I am about to start the third year of my PhD Program in Human Services-specialization - Health Care-Administration- Concentration - Public Health, to date, I have 4.00 GPA. ASA helped me to understand that although we are immigrants with English as our second language, we do not have excuses to not achieve our goals and aspirations. As I always say, the universe is my limit, what's yours?"

Dana Cumberbatch

What can I say about my time spent at ASA College? I must begin by saying that I have met some amazing people, beginning with the staff and ending with the students. At first I was a like skeptical about attending ASA College only because I didn't know much about it, however when I attended I knew that I had made the right decision to join their team. I started ASA College October 2013, eager and excited to be there, I open my mind and spirit to learn as much as I could. The professors there made it their business to give me the education I came for, no jokes, no slacking, no games. We got busy! It wasn't a walk in the park, it took dedication, self-motivation and motivation from the staff and students. I give ASA College five stars! I've learned a lot and have grown a lot. Attending this college has prepared me for my journey, the realness, the struggle and success. Because of ASA College I'm currently employed, they've helped me find a job right after I graduated just like the said the would, I can't thank them enough for their assistance. Again I'm happy about the decision that I've made about attending this college. To whomever is thinking about joining know that this isn't a game, know that this is your future and know that the staff will do their best in helping you to achieve your goals also they promote this college as a family and that is exactly what they are, a family.

Dwight Simmons

Urban college, good for an entry level job. Great first step.

Miriam Arana

I went to ASA from 2010-2012 enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program and I had a good experience the writing department and professors were great very helpful. As for Criminal Justice professors any chance I could I would take Lloyd-Bey, Semple, Springer and Dwyer they are there to help you as much as possible but they will let you know off the back that if you don't put in the work then the grade you get is all on you. I was a part of the work-study program and when I was there ii worked throughout my year of being in school and it was an amazing experience. So if anyone asked for any of my advice on how I got through school all i have to say is utilize the things that are being offered go to every department and get to know everyone because they will help you out.

Maria Maldonado

ASA Colllege is a great school they train you and place you in a great paying job. I’m a graduate they didn’t waist time in searching for a job I was sent to an interview and I got the hired on the spot. Thank You the Job Placement Dept you guys are awesome

Kikelomo Long

I am very pleased to have met and worked with Ms. Maria Lita Sarmiento who is the Associate Director of Career Services at the ASA Externship Department. Not only has she boosted my confidence as a student, she has assisted in building my professional life by getting potential employers to look at my resume, inquire about my skills and qualifications, to then granting me an interview. I am very satisfied with her work ethic, professionalism and her undeniable commitment to her students here at ASA College. She's simply the best and I am honored to have met her acquaintance. Respectfully yours, Kikelomo A. Long

Jaime Abad

ASA College, It was one of the first universities to open its doors to me with exceptional treatment and assistance, a good administration at the time of enrolling explaining everything all their services and careers available for your future, thanks to this institution I have, I managed to fulfill a small but big step excellent experiences and the way to interact with friends of different nationalities, thanks ASA I will miss you


While others have negative opinions about ASA College, I have only words to praise the college for its outstanding efforts made to help me and other fellow graduates to succeed. When I first came to the U.S., I had very little English skills and no idea how to qualify for a decent job to support myself and my family. I very quickly felt that I landed in the right place after I spent only a few weeks in ESL courses at ASA that one of my friends recommended me to take. This compelled me to continue with a professional program. I picked Medical Assisting. Since I had to take evening classes after work, I should say that all my professors were very supportive and understanding of what many of us, the students, were going through. They taught their hard medicine-related classes with so much energy and passion that our attention and focus were immersed in learning all the time. I wouldn’t realize how tired I actually was until after the class periods ended. Of course, there were a few classes, like math, that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but I think this happens with all people and in every college. Looking back, there is absolutely no experience I would regret, having spent just over 2 years at ASA. With my degree and 2 licenses I just landed a job in a large medical clinic, through the interview that ASA’s placement department helped me to get. This will allow me to upgrade my degree to RN, which I started recently. Lastly, with all my respect and appreciation, I owe this review to ASA College, and it’s the least I could do to thank all the people who helped me to bring my work and life to the point that I could only dream of a few years ago. With my best regards, Olena Dukhovnova

Esthefania Abreu

Coming from a foreign country, ASA gave me the opportunity and platform to really become a great version of myself and for that I'll be forever grateful. I've had so many good experiences in this school, the professors are amazing and the support for the student activities are wonderful beyond belief. The diversity, location and career services are only a few of their many great aspects. I was able to get a job opportunity at a very prestigious organization using the skills learned at ASA. I am currently in the student government and getting involved with projects that will look good on my resume and open even more doors for my future academic and professional self. I recommend this school to everyone looking to learn skills you actually use in the real world and with an interest of having an active student life. I promise you all the hard work will pay off!

Ashana Clarke

As a current student attending ASA College i must say i am enjoying my experience. ASA Career Service Department helped me to secure a part time job. The professor and very helpful and is always willing to go the extra mile with us.

Cece Phang

Worst decision I made going to this school

Malika Smith

Don't know how to talk to ppl sloppy and a turn off. I changed my mind in going. Plus I heard they don't find you jobs.

Nafisa Bagum

Hey .... Nafisa Mehmood from Bangladesh. I recently graduated from department of business administration and accounting. Now I want to share my happiness with everybody. I got a decent job. Very soon i am going to join wit them .ASA college co- operated me to get this job. I want to say thanks all members of carrier service department and my department. Specially Mr. Roheem , Miss. Florina Whenever I went there , they helped me a lot. Even all of my professors are always cooperated me. Please , keep prayer for my new journey . Thanks once again.

Aissata Kone

ASA College is a college that does their endeavor best to help ALL students in the best way that they are able to. The campus is a beautiful multistory buildings in the heart of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. ASA College has helped to transition me with a student of having no schools to a highly qualified Medical Assistant through their Medical Assistant program. Do to such great success at ASA College I have chosen to also complete my Nursing AAS degree as well. I must say as being an alumni and an active student at ASA College I highly recommend this institution to take you on the journey of success.

Diana Marquez

During the time I was in this ASA COLLEGE I learning things that made me a better person on a personal and professional level. Those moths had not and, but I could understand that in life it s important to learn, I learned that there are still people like PROFESSOR MICHELLE CLARK who only want to frustrate student and make leave the school and not letting them advance level, destroying goals and dreams to achieve. Were days when time seemed to slowly pass but , without realizing reach my goal and learned that the life it is important to reach success not matter what is the present in your path. Thank you very much friends and teachers for you support in all these years.


Run far far far away. Money trap! Thieves! I think the only people who benefit from this school are the athletes. I have been here for THREE YEARS and just finished an ADN. Go spend your money somewhere else guys. Not worth the tuition at all!

cecilia garibaldi


Charlie M

I was an ASA student. I went through the whole Criminal Justice program, served as Vice President of the Student Organization and maintained a great GPA. Unfortunately during my LAST SEMESTER in which I was volunteering at Kings County Courthouse, I became sick and had to undergo medical treatment. I had ****11**** HOURS TO COMPLETE MY EXTERNSHIP. I couldn't physically do it. I wound up losing my unborn child that year. :( I tried to contact ASA. I called and emailed for someone to call me back. I received no answer. Then finally...I decided to go back. I started by making a down payment towards the one class holding me back from my Associates. I made that one payment and just couldn't physically. Unfortunately that 11 hrs has put my life at a standstill. I still have no degree and I would have to pay lots of money to finish one externship class. I had so much faith in that school. They let me down. I feel like I can't move on. It's been so many years and degree. I live on LINKEDIN. I would commute of I had to, I just can't afford it. If only they would've been more understanding.


As an Alumni of ASA College, I really appreciate the services offered by the Career Services Department to their Graduates. Most Colleges and Universities do not offer placement assistance at all, let alone lifetime placement assistance as is available here at ASA College. They also offer many refresher courses in the graduates field of study at no additional charge. Both of these services proved to be invaluable resources for me personally to help obtain my current position in my field as a Business Administration graduate.

Michael Spencer

As a former graduate of ASA College, I was very pleased that I attended school there. You can tell from the first time you start school there that you were going to experience something new. The professors comes from all different diversities of cultures. They are always so willing to help you with any questions or complications you might have with any classroom situations. I have learned some much from them. The externship program is an experience in which I will never forget. Not only was I able to take what I learned in the classrooms and take in into an working environment that offered me a chance to focus on my career goal, and help me to practice what I needed to so that I would be able to excel in my career field. I was able to do so well at my externship site, because of my lessons which I learned at ASA College, that I was offered a job from my site upon completion of my externship. The Career Service Department is always there willing to help both active and graduate student with placement if someone needs some assistants in finding a well paid job. overall my experience at ASA College was very remarkable and I would recommend anyone wanting to make a change in their life for the better to sign up there for a rewarding experience that they will always cherish.

Jose Batista

Hello to all who view this review. I attended ASA College from October 2010- March 2013. My major was Criminal Justice. For those who are looking into this school PLEASE DO NOT GO. There are only 4 good professors, the four are Professors, Dwyer, Simple, Lucky, Lepziltzer; the rest don't even teach. The building is ghetto, along with the students who are mostly on the football team. They are rude and very disrespectful . Registrar workers are these Russian rude ladies. This school is designed for people who want straight B's and A'S because the rest of the Criminal Justice professors say I'm giving you a take home quiz and final; I am not teaching you anything. There are 3 colleges better than ASA, Monroe, Devry, Monroe is very professional, they have their own Mock Courtroom and they're second to John Jay, it will better prepare you for John Jay than ASA, that's for sure.

Jasmille Peralta

ASA College brought me so many opportunities including the opportunity to improve my English as a second language. I have become a totally different person since i graduated on 2015. the placement department have help me to get great job opportunities.

Nadiia Hryhoruk

ASA college is very unprofessional college. They lose documents. Never recommend this school!!! Please avoid this school, you may lost your visa or status. Be careful!!!

André Vitor

There is no worse place to go! Unrespectfull staff, and always making hard the way out of getting from there

Bogdana Petrenko

I'am a Business student in ASA College and I'am absolutely satisfied with my choise. I was applying for my visa from Europe and I was scared about what is waiting for me here. First, with whom I met were guys from admission office, they do their work great! If only I have any question advisers and even admission reps after registration can help you. Schedule is super flexible, I asked to make some of the classes in the morning and some in the afternoon, so, It wasn't a big deal for registrar office to feel my situation and help me out. What about faculty stuff, all of the professors that I had are very patient and professional:)) and they have time for extra explanation in case u need it. So, this college is the best for me, do your best and carry on :)

d garrett

I decided to go to this school because a friend of mine attended this school. I am having the most difficult time getting to know if my application is even complete and what's the next step. I've contacted this school many times and once again transferred to a voicemail where no one calls back. So I called for Dwyane in the brooklyn campus and still no anwer.

Michella Davilmar

ASA has been one of the best experience in my life. The staff are great and the teaches take their time with the students. So fa I'm loving my experience.

Dorsha Person

I am currently in ASA College so far my experience has been very awarding. I learn new information everyday. My professor are very helpful in the classes . The staff members at the college lead you the right way for the next step of success. I can't wait until I get my Criminal justice degree in January 2018

Nadia Khrabatyn

As a former student of ASA College, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the services of the college, for helping me obtain my Associate Degree in Criminal Justice field. All of the professor and instructors were extremely helpful and caring from day one. Thanks to externship department I was able to get hands-on experience, and gained more knowledge about my future career.

Dalia Zeineldin

ASA College is a very great and fantastic college very helpful and educated instructors I graduated as a Medical Assistant and they incourag me to take my certificate and really right now I became Certified Medical Assistant and I got a great job in a hospital And also I took my CNA license from the same school also i applied to take my patient care technician certification from the same school because they provid their students with accredited organizations that give national certificates which are covered all aver the 50 states and that is amazing I positively encourage all who want to study and get associate degree to joint ASA About the career service they are very helpful specially my experience with Mr. Mandel Holkmann he is a great career advisor he worked with me very hard , he trained me for the interview and gave me a lot of useful advises and I recommend him for any ASA student to be his career advisor I appreciate his help For All how think about ASA college do not hesitate to register it really a very good and great school

Mohamed Djallo

I am a proud and grateful graduate of ASA College. ASA College set me up for success by fulfilling their mission; empowered me with their accredited knowledge and skills in 16 months, offered me a full scholarship and happily employed me after graduation as a full time employee. Words can not express how grateful I am to ASA College; and as a way to give back to them I have recommended ASA College to both national and International students around the world and will continue to recommend them to those looking for the next stop to success. Join ASA College where dreams come true and live the American dream! Long live ASA College!!!

Farah Latipova

Highly recommended It's a great college to pursue an Associates degree. While being a student at ASA I have learned how to manage the time while studying, working and having children at the same time.The school have changed many things in my life, including how to live positive in our life. I learned how to enhance my self-esteem in American society. I understand that the most important thing in person’s life is to have a specific goal, and strive to be successful in everything. The school provides the students (including students with disabilities) with all accommodations and services.

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