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April Bruce

I transferred to SNHU and I made the correct decision. The admission's process was a breeze and I had a very welcoming admission representative. In addition, my Advisors are helpful and I have been provided the best counseling so far. Of course it is very challenging, but it has been the best educational experience I have received.

Dawn Carulli

Great Tec support. They seem to care only about your cash If you are someone who has never been in college and are getting a certificate you might want to take classes on computers and how to write a paper otherwise you will need to Google how to and teaching yourself.

Travis Goss

Just commenting on the slogan on the TV commercial...the truth of the world actually is that opportunity is “distributed” equally and talent isn’t. To say talent is equally distributed is completely asinine. Distributed from what? Also “to distribute” is a communist word which clarifies the “whoa is me” attitude from the message leading kids to believe they don’t have an equal chance. Hard work and commerce don’t care about your background or race or gender. Meh, more leftist false jargon. God help anyone who operates his/her life in that slave mentality. Nothing holds me back. I’m a German immigrant. Legal. Family paid $15,000 over 13 years to get citizenship but it happened. I’m glad to pay my way in this country. I earned it and nothing is free. Defeatism is free. I love my country. I went to Vanderbilt. Rise above your parents and situation. Everybody has a certain sh*tty card hand they’re dealt. Crutch? Or realistic obstacle to overcome? Up to you snowflakes!

Jeanette Jones

I was looking forward attending this Fall. I was disappointed with the admission personnel when she informed me that I would need to take 4 additional courses to be eligible for the BA program. Or enroll in AS program. I explained to her I already have my AS degree. That was a major turnoff. Like she really didn’t care. I’m in the process searching for other Colleges.

Nai Arian

So far my experience with SNHU has been wonderful. Hannah has been the one who have been guiding me through this whole process as far applying and enrolling into classes. I was just recently accepted into the Mental Health Counseling program for my master's and I start classes next week. Everything has been organized I'm always getting follow ups / updates as far as my status on everything. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to afford anything but not only was I able to get more than enough money to cover my classes I was also able to get a book voucher as well which I was excited about! Can't wait for this journey thank you so much SNHU !!!!!!!

Shannon Wieder

All this school has done is lie!!!!!! No one can agree on policy. Very neglectful in their practices and they don't take responsibility for anything they do wrong. I cringe every time I hear in the phrase The world equally distributes talent but not opportunity because they don't help to make that difference. All they care about is money.

Andy Burdge

First off I'd like to say I'm very happy with the decision I made back in 2014 to begin classes with SNHU. From day one I found the classes challenging and when I needed help or guidance someone was there to help me. Now let me say this if your a cry baby or you expect someone to hold your hand move along. If you want good grades you have to work for them. My experience has been good because I made it good. You will not be handed a degree just for showing up, or get achievement awards because you did something. SNHU has a traditional campus as well as a large online program. The online program is operated in a very efficient manor. But you will have to work at least twice as hard doing your classes online. Like anything else in life you will have to work to accomplish a degree with SNHU, but if you are up for the challenge it's worth it! Now let me finish by saying I'm an independent learner and I hate in person classes. If your not an independent and driven learner this may not be for you.

alex a

Clicked apply on their website before bed was responded to immediately, which can be good, they wanted to call at 11pm I said I wouldn't be able to talk to them till the end of the week because I'm working most of the day and I have class at night to finish my associates degree. They proceeded to call every day while at work and spam email me. Worst customer service I've ever seen. I've worked in retail and couldn't believe how they could be so rude as to not even listen to me. Don't apply unless you are a hundred percent sure you can talk to them immediately.

Andrew Lincourt

The Southern New Hampshire University campus is beautiful. They are constantly upgrading the amenities that can be found in various locations on campus. The Quill is especially good!

Jiwon Lee

Academic advisor was of no help. Missed 2 term start dates due to lack of information given to me. If they had given me the information I needed up front I would have been able to provide the correct documents in a timely manner. While I am an international student and understand that there are certain requirements needed I felt that they should have the knowledge to help me along my path to higher education.

Matthew Grimsey

The Program was ok. Self motivation is key. As long as you do all the work, you will pass. The professors were ok, some better then others. Make sure you don't owe the school any money and if you move, continue to log into your email before exiting. Six months after leaving I find a derogatory status on my credit report. The $800 I owed to SNHU for dropping a course was reported to a credit agency and now I have a negative mark on my credit score. Stand up guys, SNHU.

Jill R

This is an amazing college. I am proud to be a student at SNHU!

Carolyn Lanier

The school itself was not a bad experience nor the price however graduating and walking the stage was a big part of my decision to go back to school. After traveling from Charlotte to NH with my kids the graduation turned out like they were herding cattle they need to plan more ceremonies so 20k people are not a part of 1 graduating class. Our names were not called when we walked the stage because a set of cards were mixed up so as u crossed the stage someone else's name was called. I traveled with my family and they wanted to hear my name as I walked and I did as well. I am going back for my masters and snhu soured the graduation experience so much I am choosing to go to wssu because at least I know the graduating class will not be as big and more of a personal experience.

Kathleen Croswhite

I'm having a hard time understanding how some of these folks are saying they are "scammed out of their money" and "nickel and dimed." It's a not-for-profit school, and each course costs the same amount of money as the next, fees included. FAFSA takes care of everything seamlessly, and I have gotten nothing but answers the times I had questions on the matter (by the way, I paid my first two terms out-of-pocket and had zero issues). A lot of these reviews seem to be by individuals who, perhaps, did not follow through certain things properly or didn't have someone holding their hand the whole time, and are upset that they missed the boat on a time-sensitive situation. Not to mention, many of these one-star reviews seem to be from people who never even attended the school, yet are annoyed about being bugged with phone calls. Yes, I get it, that can get to be very frustrating, but to rate an entire institution as "one star" when it is so much more than phone calls is rather immature, quite honestly. As someone else stated, many of these sour reviews are also riddled with grammatical errors and lack any proper syntax, which is indicative of people who are maybe used to being able to skimp by on 20% effort. This is higher education; one should be able to put a few proper sentences together. I am an online student, so I cannot speak for campus life nor classroom atmospheres, though I must say that I have been to a couple of brick-and-mortar institutions, as well as a different online program, waiting to find my "niche" (I have had a hard time settling on a major - so many interesting and fun things to study out there). I have had more assistance, answered questions, and guidance from advisors, counselors, and instructors here with SNHU than at any other college, by far. Online school is often looked at as an easy way out for a degree, but it in fact requires one to have discipline, motivation, and diligence; more so than in many in-person class situations. No, you don't have to stand up and give a presentation to the class, but yes, you have to utilize your flexible schedule to still provide solid work, on time. My grades can come in scored to the hundredth of points, because my instructors are actually paying attention to my work. For those of us who learn and perform better in shorter timeframes, the 8-week course system is phenomenal. I would much rather focus on two courses for eight weeks, than four for sixteen. Everyone is different, but hey, that is my two cents (or two dollars, at this point).

A Rideout

Best academic advisor I have ever had. SNHU has the students best interest, istead of the investors. Thats the great thing about a non-profit shool. Every bad complaint I have read on here, has been simply untrue in my case. My admissions officer was great, and when she turned me over to my academic advisor, she is great too. Most of the bad complaints, and I say most, not all, were written by very uneducated people who were looking for handouts. Plus there are 3 sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth. People need to realize, that it is your future, and if you sit back and wait on someone else, you're wrong. Just go to Phoenix and over pay, have instructors who aren't even professors, and then you will see just how good SNHU actually is. This isn't EBT, you have to work for it. Oh and one last thing. Everything is laid out in black and white. Some of the posts on here are probably true, but only because you didn't read the proper way of dealing with your "unique" situation.

Vivian Rodriguez

I’m switching here! I’ve taken a brief tour. I can’t wait to attend! I’ll be majoring choosomg a science major.

Meagan Medina

I absolutely love my school. My counselor is amazing (jenna slate) and has helped me through all of it. She answers all my question and even helps me enroll in my classes. The online courses are easy to navigate. I have never had any issues trying to contact financial aid, my counselor, or my instructors. I am proud to be a part of this school.

Alexander Thornton

my experience with this school has been nothing but amazing. this is my 2nd graduate term.....and i have enjoyed my experience do far.....

Erik Gleason

Be extremely cautious when dealing with this University. I recently withdrew from classes and they still are trying to charge me for the classes. After several attempts to of explaining my situation that resulted in their adviser not removing my enrollment in time, they are failing to remove the balance. You have many different options and I believe you should choose another University that is ethical and admits to their mistakes.

Christy Hill

I have had the BEST experience so far with this program!!!! I have been in almost a year and have 9 months to go!!! The classes are structured in such a way that makes it easy for busy individuals like myself to remember due dates and complete the work as you go. What I love most about the program is the way the final projects are structured. They make you turn in a portion every few weeks so by the end of the course your project or paper is pretty much done. You literally cannot wait until the night before or procrastinate. I would give 10 stars if I could!!! To those with bad ratings.... I just have to say a few things. First, I am a mother 35 years old with a 5 year old son and 2 step children. I commute 60 miles a day to my full time job and on top of that run my own home business. I am also enrolled full time at Snhu. Look, if I can do it on that schedule then so can anyone else. Going to ANY college requires A LOT of paperwork in the beginning....big deal, get over it!! Just because you didn’t get excepted by a few clicks on your iPhone or they needed you to print, sign, and scan back and it wasn’t easy enough for you tells me that you are just lazy and would t have done the work anyways. For grades, the school as polices and it’s pretty clear. If you know something is going to happen let them know ahead of time. But if you just flunked out because you didn’t get your work done, that’s on you!! This school is amazing and wants you to succeed, that’s why they constantly call and email you! If that’s too much then you obviously don’t want it bad enough!!!

Emily Marsh

It’s unfortunate that zero stars isn’t a possibility. Maybe I got a bad admissions counselor who is over worked, I don’t know. What I do know is I changed my mind about attending before ever finishing the admission process. I’m almost positive the admissions counselors job is to help with admission but my counselor Destiny has not done that at all. She has given me instructions I completed those instructions and then was told I was wrong and didn’t have to do exactly what she instructed me to do. All of these things are in my email as I write this review. It’s upsetting really I would have loved to further my education with SNHU but with such lack of organization and professionalism I can’t even attempt to do that with SNHU. Onto the next.

Crystal Mitchell

I graduated from SNHU with a Bachelors in Marketing and loved this school so much completed my MBA with SNHU. I am so grateful for this school and everything the advisors and professors have done to help me succeed. Do the work and stay consistent and you will accomplish big things.

Andy Mikkelson

I am pursuing my bachelor's degree as a full-time working professional and I have found the online program to be fantastic. While it's true some instructors are better and more responsive than others, that is also true for any school. I like the 8-week terms and I find the course layout very manageable. Each term you know exactly what to expect and when to anticipate a busy week. I considered several other online schools and I have not been disappointed with my decision!

Bella Love

I am confused why are people blaming advisors for them not succeeding in school? I am considering finishing up my degree from here. I have gone to other colleges and never even had an advisor.

fred hurstt

I requested some info through the website about courses just to see what they have to offer. They make you give your email and phone number. Starting the very next day, I now receive 3 to 4 calls a day and at least 2 emails everyday with NO signs of stopping. Its a BIG turnoff when you stalk people like a crazed ex. I will never do any business with this so called "school". Stop harassing people!

Levi Dwight

Do not attend this school, informed school I could no longer attend because of certain circumstances that affected my living conditions. They agreed but when the student loan company took back the payment for the term SNHU hit me with a 1816.00 payment which I couldn't pay because I was trying to get ba"k on my feet and provide another roof over my family's head then they placed it on my credit which also is keeping me from getting back on my feet. Stay away

Gamer Pro 456

Well um... I’m just a freshman looking into colleges that offer “Game Art.” Now that I’m reading the reviews makes me wonder, “Either people just put rude comments? To get the school rates low? Or the school is actually amazing, and great as they say?” SNHU, I have no idea how your school actually is, but would love to know more about it, and consider in going here. For now, I’m still looking into other Colleges/University that offer a bachelors degree with Game Art.

Matthew D

I tried to transfer to SNHU online from another online school. I tried for 2 months to get my transcripts transferred. After several attempts to retrieve my transcripts they continued to call me during work hours to tell me it was my responsibility to get the transcripts. I went above and beyond to call and ask myself for transcripts to be transferred. The process took over a month with SNHU calling me almost daily during work hours (even though they had asked when was a good time to call) about the process and it was never to help it was akways to tell me what I needed to do. After finally getting the transcripts to SNHU from my previous school I was then notified one hour before the deadline for the FAFSA on a Saturday that I needed to make a change within that hour to receive aide for the semester. (The change was just that I would be living off campus). I was never notified that the aide I received would not cover my books. I had to request another loan for books during the first week of classes. I then received a notification that if I did not participate in classes that I would be dropped by Sunday. This is when I decided to leave and return to my previous school. It was the worst experience and service I have ever received.

Yalitza Y. Gonzalez

The best! Almost finishing my Psychology BA.

Deshea Harris

I have been trying to get enrolled into SNHU online for almost a year now. When I first tried to enroll they stated that my address did not match my address on my I.D. So I completely understood and went directly to the DMV and got it updated to my current address. I then submitted my I.D for proof of residence, they then stated that it wasn't good enough to submit anymore that I would need a lease instead. I said okay and submitted my lease both old and current lease. However the university sent me a letter stating that my lease can't be used as proof of residence anymore also. This is super ridiculous and weird that there questioning my character by assuming that I'm not who I say I am. This to me feels very judgmental and wrong in so many ways. Do I have to record a video showing my I.D and s.s number to prove it to them so I can be enrolled into school. I'm going to report them, if this matter isn't handled promptly.

Nouha Alaoui

Done my degree on campus, worked part time as an international student and enjoyed every class. Met a professor who is an entrepreneur in the Boston region who just hired me for my first professional experience. Very affordable tuition and location is great. Recommend :)


would give less stars if possible! The experience was nice in the beginning. My advisor would contact me all the time and made sure i was doing well. I passed my first class with an A cause my professor was very helpful. Now come my second term, my professor did nothing to help me after I asked. He basically just said "have you tried studying" even though... thats exactly what I had been doing. and when I told my advisor she told me I could withdraw from the course with no problems. So I called financial aid and they said if I decided to withdraw I would owe them money. That made absolutely no sense to me. If I'm taking out financial aid its because I cant afford the classes on my own and now because i want to withdraw I owe the full amount for the course? They said, as well as my advisor, the only thing left basically would be to fail the course. So I did. But before then I tried to get a hold of my advisor and she did not return my emails nor my calls. And now I'm being told that I still owe the amount for the course.. This school really needs to work on telling their students everything and now just what we want to hear. Don't go here unless you like to waste money and go into unnecessary and avoidable debt. ***Update: being asked for my student ID to clarify issues. No thanks. Ive talked to your financial aid department and they are bad enough. Theres nothing to be clarified anyways. Now im in a much better school with professors and advisors that actually care about my education and not just my money.

Krystle Bredeson

I AGREE IF I COULD GIVE A 0 STAR I WOULD. Long story short I withdrew from a class the wrong way. My mistake I understand. I didn’t do more than 2 days of the class. I filed a dispute so I wouldn’t get charged the $1700 they are looking for over a simple error and a class I never took. You can’t speak to anyone over a dispute. You file a complaint, they look at paperwork, they deny you, then HARASS you about payment. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. No one is here to write a fake review. I withdrew from the school and moved on. :) -No pun intended, I withdrew from the school properly.

ItsblissfullRex Jason

I recently began looking into continuing my education, and it began as just a thought then it turned into a phone call with an advisor the same day and me completing my application. My advisor was so nice and helpful, he made me feel so comfortable and he was so informative. Within a few days I was accepted and on my way to a degree in criminal justice. I’m praying the rest of the process runs as smoothly as the beginning. The tuition is affordable and the staff is AMAZING!!!!

Aleasha Jones

They let someone else use my identity and get student loans. They need better security and verification process.

Alexandria De La Cruz Ludwig

I have been going to SNHU for about two years now. I had to take a break from school for a year when I moved to Colorado so that put me behind. I called SNHU and they were helpful back then and are still helpful today. I am currently earning my BA in Business Studies (online) with an emphasis on Human Resources. I have had a great experience with them and I never regret enrolling and finishing my degree. The professors respond to you quickly, the material is engaging and the flexibility is amazing. Is it for everyone? No. It works for me though :)

Savanna Kraft

First, I would like to say that the modules and support are fantastic. I was really impressed after having a bad experience with support at a different school. Secondly, I have had to spent the passed 8 weeks badgering my instructor to grade an assignment that was submitted via email. She has slacked on responding to my emails and kept forgetting to grade the assignment. Then when she finally did go to open it, couldn’t open it so I had to email in a different format which was submitted immediately, then didn’t grade it even though she responded that it would be done immediately. So, now I have a big 0 on my assignment even though it was done and done ON TIME!!!!! I’m sincerely disappointed in SNHU because the dispute team did not help. The standards are not very high for some instructors which is sad because I have had some really helpful and amazing instructors!!!!!

Raxstine J

I recently tried to re enroll at SNHU, and after literally two months of sending them documents, and trying to get someone to respond by phone or e mail was impossible trail. I finally gave up, moving onto a more professional, and serious Universiry with people who care about your goals. I have had the most horrendous experience there, and would not recommend this process or Univerisyt to anyone, I have no words, just disgust! Beware !!! of enrolling somewhere , and them not taking your goals being taken with the up most respect.

Rachel H

I earned an AS in CIT from SNHU online and the program was great! I feel like it was challenging yet do-able. I am currently working on BA in Graphic design online, and I'd say DON'T BOTHER with this program. Its a waste. The classes are not well developed. I am in too deep to stop and at this point (five classes left). I am not learning a lot in terms of creativity and a lot of it busy nonsense work. There a few teachers that ARE TERRIBLE, check them online before registering!!

Andi Hampton

I love this school! I've gone to three different colleges before coming to this one and I can fully say I wish I had found them sooner. From past experiences I have dealt with bad customer service from employees, not enough explanation on financial aid and pushy rude advisors. So since having to go through all that I was incredibly skeptical about enrolling at SNHU, but I'm glad I took the chance. With every school there are plus and minuses, so take reviews with a grain of salt. The only not great experience I've had was my admission counselor was super slow at transferring my credits and didn't communicate well, but my friend had an awesome counselor so I think it was just her. Highly recommend!!

Cameron Clivio

DO NOT ATTEND. HUGE SCAM. I had transferred to SNHU after saving some money at MCC for a couple years. The application process seemed like a dream at first but looking back I realize how desperate they were to get as many people as possible to apply. After my first semester I had quickly realized that the education I was receiving didn't come close to the experience I had at the local community college despite the fancy new buildings and equipment. On top of that they do not let you choose which courses you take for your first semester and they ended up giving me 2 more courses than they said were required for full time students. That's when I decided to take a year to just travel and take a break from school and try to save up some money. When I returned the next year I was told that despite approving my student loans for the semester I had attended something had gone wrong and I now owed them over $11,000. The woman I worked with was able to set me up with a payment plan while adding a 30% fee to my balance as well as directing me to Sallie Mae for financing. I am now missing Fall Semester this year because none of the banks I have contacted will grant a loan for a semester this far back and when I contacted SNHU again to ask for advice I was told that I was "stuck" and there was nothing they could do. Please stay away from this school, it nothing but a business trying to turn as much profits as possible from it's students with little to no care about your actual education or financial well being.

Adam Preble

I had a problem with financial aid. Had to submit paperwork to my advisor several times, each of which didn't go through, or he didn't receive. After finally getting the paperwork, he said he would reach out to me and let me know the outcome. Long story short, student billing contacted my fiancee and I both for an entire week straight. FOR THAT ALONE, I AM GIVING A 1 STAR REVEIW. Better communications between staff and students, many as we are, should be put into play. Aside from that, SNHU is an incredible school to attend.

mumba Gibb

No such thing as non-profit and affordable education. Just another scam to bloat the debt of an online student borrower. They make sure the 1st few classes are a breeze and you are excited and confident about your choice. Then the classes become really blah and you're not really learning much but u keep going because you cant quit or withdraw ($$$$$$$). Then you get a class that you know NOTHING about, hence the need to LEARN the material, the so-called Professor uses YOUTUBE to basically teach the class and will not give you any real assistance when you need it. Had I known it was a YouTube class, I would have saved myself the $1880 for the complete insulting waste of time. Just another scam cog in the wheel of online education rip-offs.

Anthony Nganga

Excellent course structure and term length. Affordable and very hospitable. Read all negative reviews and you’ll notice one common thing. They were never going to join the school however good it was, or they didn’t qualify for admission.

Deegiles Bish

They are threatening me daily from emails to calls. I am on disability and also have mental disorder, I also am homeless they act like they don't uunderstand. All this harassment for a measley 300 dollars worst school I have ever been to

Aminah Von Brenner

This is my second term in my online program at SNHU and I love this school.

Ashley Levasseur

Hate all all the negative comments on here! You get what you put into it, and for me that was everything because I want to earn my degree. I started the online program and have completed 2 classes thus far and have aced both of them no problem. Really great support from academic advisors, really understanding and compassionate professors. I previously attended another university which I can not say the same thing for! I'm impressed!

Mark Andrew Shekleton

I'm in my final year of the SNHU undergraduate mathematics program. I am impressed by the school and the thoroughness of their courses. I have been reading the negative reviews posted here and they come as no surprise. SNHU has an unusually high acceptance rate compared to other universities. Low admissions standards mean that students are given a chance here where they would be denied a chance elsewhere (which I think is a good thing). The downside to this is that they admit many students who just don't have what it takes to pass. Unfortunately, some of these students blame their failure on the advisers or expect that the school policies don't apply to them. Students who are not prepared to spend at least 25 to 30 hours every week studying should think twice about applying. Their policy for dropping classes is actually quite generous compared to other schools. You will succeed here if and only if you take responsibility for your own success and make the necessary time and effort to study. I'm grateful that SNHU gave me the chance to succeed, now that I'm older and have the discipline needed to do so.

Tim Thibodeau

Transferred in with 90 credits, that's their limit, so I didnt lose any credits. The advisors in the beginning were a bit overzealous with the phone calls. Once I felt comfortable, I stopped answering the calls and then they stopped. I just wrapped up my 1st semester at the school. It was a straightforward ordered pond. I have no complaints. My professors were there when I needed help, they both had a good sense of humor and were well versed in their subjects. So far it's been a great experience. 6 classes left to go!

Melissa Smith

I am having a fantastic experience. I’m in my third semester, and it’s going great. My advisor and instructors have been extremely helpful every step of the way. I highly recommend SNHU.

The Hipsterminator

Summa cum laude graduate here. Incredible experience overall. This college provided the opportunity I needed to advance my goals in unique and enriching fashion. I assure you, I am all the better for attending this college and I do not regret a single moment of my education. If I could do it all over again, I would, without hesitating for a second. (This coming from a person who is repaying their loans, too. Totally worth every penny.) As for the negative reviews, the common theme appears to be a lack of personal responsibility. Advisors will not carry you through college. Don't get me wrong, my advisors were great. (Shout out to Erin, who always had my back and even sent me a wonderful graduation kit with SNHU swag!) But let's be real here: advisors are not here to drag you through your program kicking and screaming. They're not going to wait on you hand and foot. You must be an adult and get involved in your own work. For example, prepare for class by going in early (I would check in approx 1-2 weeks out in Blackboard / Brightspace to review start dates, materials, modules, etc.). Review announcements and get involved early, instead of waiting around for someone to tell you where to show up, when to show up, how to show up, what to bring, how to dress, what type of pencil to use on tests, etc. You've got to be kidding me with some of these reviews. SNHU has developed a system that I think is best described as a ladder of opportunity. From my position, I see this school as having provided an incredible opportunity for me to achieve goals and pursue the American dream. I mean that wholeheartedly. The fact of the matter remains however: you have to be willing to climb the ladder of opportunity. Yes, it is difficult and tiring at times. Trust me, I know - I've got stories (fun ones that I smile looking back on now

Frances Guidroz

I had an admissions counselor with the last name Stackhouse, I felt like I was bothering him because he made me feel that way. I was having a hard time getting a hold of him, I would email, leave voicemails, and still get no responses. I emailed the school requesting a new admissions counselor and they ignored me. It just sucks because I was excited to go to the school, but now i’m just choosing another one.

Manda Ski

Was considering taking a semester here. I signed up for some more information. That was the biggest mistake. I understand you need to call to get people information but 5 times a day? Uhm no. Just because you called me 5 times a day I will not be going to your school.

Nabil Benaissa

If you are enrolling in this University, don't miss the opportunity to integrate one of its student clubs. I was involved within the International Student Association, which helped me to make a lot of great friends and take the initiative to organize many events on-campus. My only advice: Take the initiative :)

Michael Norris

Amazing online program and very helpful counselors!

Kristin Amero

The softball field is beautiful! Great space, great surroundings. Just a great place to watch a game!

Sweet Rhymes

SNHU changed my life forever! I graduated 3 years ago and have nothing but great success afterwards. The teachers and especially my advisor were all great!

Kevin gladney jr

Been going here 10 months and no problems. If you stay on track you’ll be successful. This school is tailored for GROWN ADULTS, so act you age and be responsible for your actions and graduation is in the future. The instructors are respectful, advisors are prompt, and the tuition beats other online colleges...

Michael Jordan

The very way this University handles those who apply for information is unacceptable! The non-stop harassing phone calls, some coming in clusters of 3-5 in a row while I am at work were enough to raise a flag, erasing any interest I originally had. Must not be a good University if they are so desperate to find students...

Kaylynn Messer

If I could give this university no stars I would. I did everything I could to get all of the paperwork in to start this semester. All that was needed was to verify my identity and my address. well i moved in the middle of the application process and my address didn't match the address on my drivers license. I provided a month to month lease agreement since none of the utilities or house payment is in my name.They said they could not verify my identity. They dismissed me from the University and when i asked for a few more days to get all of the correct paperwork in for the next semester they told me that all dismissals were final and they could not release any other information to me. This is the worst school by far i have ever tried to apply for. I even told the financial aid department that I wanted to speak with the administration office about this matter and I was told that wasn't possible.

Donna C

I’m an environmental science major on my third term at Snhu Online. Everyone is very supportive and informative, the courses are great and instructors knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend this university!

Ken Morris

The on-line college at SNHU was tailor made for returning students, especially if you’re working full-time. I just completed by Bachelors in General Studies with a concentration in Computer Information Technology and it was both challenging and rewarding. I found the advisers knowledgeable and responsive (shout out to Liz Dunkle!). I found the classes put together well and consistently formatted. The instruction was clear and my professors were all very responsive. Any issues I had with the school were similar to every other University I’ve attended, standard fare. Like most things in life, you get back what you put in, if you’re up for it, it’s a great way to go!

Regina Murphy

I have never had such a hard time enrolling into a school before. I have been trying to help my daughter through the tough part and get her acclimated. I for the life of me get in touch with anyone that can offer a decent answer. We filled out a FERPA form but its only given to certain people that are involved. The wouldn't even authorize a 3 way call between the school, my daughter, and I. I have never been so irritated or disappointed...I hope that no one else has this type of problems.

Wombat Farwell

If you care at all about a quality education DO NOT enroll in their online classes. They are all canned content and taught by some poor graduate student, newly minted advanced degree holder, or seasoned college professor looking to make a little cash on the side. Since all the class material is canned, teachers can't even give you an example of what a correct assignment submission looks like. The most you get is a virtual shrug of the shoulders and an "I don't have one". During my time there, I had issues with the uploading of assignments to the Blackboard Area. One of these assignment upload errors happened at the end of the semester. Did anyone go that extra mile to make sure I was aware of an issue so I could get credit for the assignment? No. The attitude is that it is your problem and they are not going to do anything to ensure your ultimate success as a student. My advisor told me not to even bother with a grading dispute form because they are not going to reverse the decision of the instructor. I did submit one and the result was as expected. Even worse is the response that I finished the semester with a B-. Great but that is not a 3.0 and I don't want to be on probation. I will make sure I encourage others not to waste their time on this school's online programs.

Cesar Liriano

After obtained my A.A. in Accounting from a different private college and spent a lot $$ in tuition cost, I decided to search for an affordable Bachelor’s program in Accounting. SNHU offers reasonable tuition cost (compared to other “private” institutions). It is regionally accredited, has good Financial Aid, travel opportunities for students, engaging curriculum that are up to date with industry trends and excellent academic support services. It's a school that you will be proud to attend. I have around 10 classes left to complete my degree and I absolutely enjoyed my experience as an online student. Some classes proved to be challenging, however, if you are committed to study and learn, then SNHU it’s for you. I recommend this institution 100%.

Steven James

I'm looking to get a BA in criminal justice. Would this be a good online collage for this field? I'm a full time worker so I pretty much would only be able to do classes online. I'm interested in knowing more about this school. If someone with experience with this school could please let me know how your experience was I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

Homeland Security Student

SNHU is one of the best colleges that I have ever attended on line. Every one that I have spoken with is knowledgeable and organized when working with students. They have so many resources for students that they can use as well as having direct access for a lifetime. I highly recommend this college. On line courses are the fastest and less expensive way to fulfill your education. Love the staff and the programs that they have to offer. Thank you SNHU and especially my undergraduate advisor. 7 classes left until graduation. I will be returning in the summer to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with/Homeland Security combined with Counseling.

Megan Wright

My experience at SNHU has been wonderful. I've been working on completing my bachelors degree with them for the past year and could not have asked for better teachers or a better advisor. They were willing to work with me and help as much as possible. If I submitted an assignment late, as long as I let my professors know what the circumstance was, they were more than willing to give full credit and offer to assist in any way they could. If you do the online program, you have to be prepared to put in the work. It requires a good bit of time and dedication. I've had to do a lot of reading! Then enrollment process for me was incredibly easy, they got me registered for classes right on time and made the whole process smooth. I did start communicating with them well in advance of the classes start date, they have pretty strict deadlines so don't think you can wait until the last moment and be the exception. I'll be finishing my degree in April and will, without doubt, be getting my masters from SNHU in the next year. Love this school!!

Brenda Wilkerson

I started my Masters in Communications/Public Relations last year. Having been out of school for several years, online coursework had me worried, but it's been a great experience. The advisors are readily available and prompt with responses to questions and as were my instructors. Students in my classes came from a variety of backgrounds so the diverse opinions made the discussions really interesting. I highly recommend SNHU for working adults like myself.

Dark Heart

What started out as a great experience turned out to be a royal dud. At first, I recommended SNHU to friends, now I encourage them to attend traditional schooling. Financial aide- they're okay. I haven't had much issues aside from being harassed by the DoE to continually prove who I am every single year because they had a massive stroke and forgot. Advisors- depends on who you get. Mine tries. Sort of. I'm sure he has a huge caseload since SNHU is about ushering in as many students as possible. Thanks, John LeBlanc. NOT. Instructors- are airheads. They are airheads. Airheads. Most take a while to respond to your questions and when they do they don't answer it directly. They sort of Alice in Wonderland their way through by speaking in riddles. Half of them aren't even aware they're instructors. They come out of a coma in front of a blackboard and have more questions themselves than answers. Point being: once you get higher up in courses the teachers IQ's drop 10 points. God help you when you make it to your final years. I'm in year 2 and it's already getting bad, so heads up with that, or learn to teach yourself. Institution- At first, I was very happy. Now I am upset. The Dean gave us a week between courses to "catch our breath" and "relax" before the next term began, but guess what? They took it away. We now jump immediately from one course to another with no chance to catch our breath. Why? Money. They want more money. Never mind that I am a 3.8gpa student who busts my ass to earn that grade and was made possible BECAUSE I had a week to rest my brain, too bad. We're online students, not traditional. We don't work hard enough to deserve that break. We don't have full-time jobs and full-time families we have to deal with, no, we just have school ONLY. Since its only "two classes" that are actually 6 weeks long which is twice as short as your standard traditional course, we have no reason to be exhausted after six weeks of having information from 2 courses crammed into our brains. My point is. Don't go here. They obviously need a lot of reform. Do you really want to spend your money or go into student load debt for a school that couldn't care less about YOU as the student? I'm screwed. I am stuck here because it's too late to go elsewhere, but if you're considering this school run away and don't look back. Stay traditional or do some very extensive research on other schools and TALK TO STUDENTS. Don't talk to staff who are paid to lie, talk to the students who are the ones that will give you unbiased information to make an informed decision.

Joseph Owen

Great place, if you're willing to put in the effort. Staff is mostly good.

Ken W

I actually chose SNHU's online school because of its low graduation rate. And the mentally lacking negative posts on some student ranking sites. This gave some assurance that I would not be wasting time in a diploma mill.

Neenee Gordon

I love SNHU. They are super helpful and genuine. I'm a very open cursed in life and health person but extremely smart, SNHU has been there for me and has backed me when needed. My advisor is super supportive when I'm panicking as well as counselors in OAC. I think the bad reviews come honestly from lack of students using the benefits and amenities SNHU have to offer. I mean I feel almost like their my little college family because trust me I don't hold back and I am an anxious mess with many questions and issues but they help you through it all. The professor's are great with support too. I have no complaints, they have been more genuine, open and supportive than other schools I have gone to that don't know your name or situationships of life. I feel it's a GREAT school and I can't wait to get my B.A. OH and they have the patience of a yak, they have your back and best interest if you ask me. I'm learning and excelling academically and in personal growth that I need improvement on. SNHU is where I need to be and if you give them a chance you might need to be there too. Good Luck on your college education to all no matters where you enroll at. Just enroll somewhere. Happy New Year!!!

Angi Amerson

As an online student, I couldn't be more impressed. They've been there for me every step of the way. From asking for further information, registering, enrollment, academic advising, learning disability advising and resources, and now with commencement. I know I wouldn't have had a better experience with any of the other schools I checked into.

Sheritta Dixon

Hello I am going to be totally honest about this Southern Newhamphshire University. The advisors are awesome. The School will email you on your performance. You have to make time for your courses because the courses only last about 8 weeks that is just an estimate. If you plan on enrolling check with your advisor. I did have an bad experiences with one Instructor but you can file an complaint if you feel you are not being treated fairly. Some of the Instructors are awesome. The advisors and the Instructor constantly offer help. My grades are average but that is my fault. The staff at SNHU is there to help ask for it.

Gerrit Alofs

The campus has grown so much in just the past two years. President Leblanc has definitely pushed the university to grow into a large yet homey school. With many construction projects happening at the same time, everything has a new feel to it. The new learning Commons is a vast improvement over the old library. With the creation of the green space, it's definitely a great place to catch some sun, plan some catch, or even have the occasional class. The professor's are mostly some quality instructors. There are the occasional bad eggs but that's to be expected wherever you go. The major down side is food. Everything is extremely over priced and only basic quality. What they lack in quality they make up for with quantity as there is always a wide variety of food choices.

Sarah Jeske

I had more advisors than classes. They were reassigning me every few weeks. The instructors were not responsive when you reach out for questions. Very disappointed with the experience.

Justin Barkley

Nice campus. Good education. Good food. Dorms are kinda run down... or at least the older ones.


I haven't been to the school yet, however I have been researching different aspects of the school, as I plan to go here for college and from the research I've done it's a near perfect fit for what I'm looking for, including major's that I'm interested in as well as the general environment. I come from an area that has a large amount of trees, and while the forestation in New Hampshire isn't nearly as great, it still appears to be adequate, not being overly urban. Alongside not appearing to be over what I'd be able to afford, Southern New Hampshire University was the only college I was able to find which would allow me to obtain a masters degree in my intended area while still appealing to my ideals regarding to campus. I don't have any knowledge on staff so I don't have a legitimate opinion of them formed, though when I attend, I hope to have a fantastic experience.

Kelsea DeGrandpre

If I could give zero stars I would. Do not go here if you are MILITARY or a military spouse. Seriously!!! They do NOT care about military families AT ALL. I failed a class due to my husband being deployed and moving and they kicked me out of the entire program and will not allow me to finish when I am 9 classes from graduating with my bachelors. Tried to fight with them for months to appeal them dropping me from the program and they do not care. They are in it for the money only and the first chance they have to drop you, they will. Absolutely disgusting the way they handled my situation. Don’t waste your time or money. ***not sure that there is a way to respond to the comment from the school but here goes..... No, I will not reach out to you AGAIN after wasting an entire year trying to appeal you dropping me for failing a class for reasons out of my control. Seriously? Pathetic response. I begged multiple admissions counselors over the phone, email, and appealed your declines to allow me back many times over. Why would I waste another second of my time? My husband was supposed to start a class the following term and I’m so grateful he didn’t waste a penny of his TA. Military families beware! DON’T WASTE YOUR MILITARY BENEFITS!!!!

Mamoun Najjar

Useless degree. no employer will consider their degree once they compare it with other universities. if you care about your future career , don't waste your time and money here.

Aniela Nguyen

I would give them 0 if it was an option. Had 2 advisors and 0 support for them. I withdrew my application and best part is my family is military. They are so military friendly my rear end. They couldn’t get my financial aid done in time after having the paperwork for over 3 weeks. First advisor emailed me twice and dropped of the face of the earth. The second just sent me a few times and added phone number for me to resolve the issues even though there wasn’t anything to resolve on my end. Never in my life have I had a college experience like this. Funny my husbands paperwork for them was done within a week and mine took over a month and nothing.


SNHU's masters in English with an emphasis in screenwriting is a joke. No matter what I turned in, I got an "A". Why? Because graduate students must earn a "B" average in order to stay in the program. This university is all about the easy money, so if your goal is to actually get an education stay clear of this place.

Shannta Hinds

Got my BA in business adm, trying to enroll for my MBA , but they are forcing me to take classes I took in undergrad. My opinion on this school is they are about money! Not happy about that my heart was ready to start but I don’t have money to pay for 5 unnecessary classes I already took!

Jason Bradwell

Don't believe the bad reviews. They are just pitiful indulgences in whining. Every bad review I have read on here is loaded with grammar errors and makes you wonder why these people are in college to begin with. I went to Phoenix and it is an inexcusable disaster. Every Instructor I have had at SNHU has a master's degree or doctorate. They actually GRADE your work here. If you don't put in the effort, you won't slip by here. Online college isn't easy. It is a test of a person's motivation and propensity to procrastinate. In my opinion, it weeds out the slackers better than a brick and mortar college. Grow up.

Mr. Review

I attended SNHU during the New Hampshire College/SNHU change. I also attended recently but 2nd time was online. I dropped one of my classes on time, however SNHU said they didn't recieve the drop paperwork and gave me an IF grade. Oh they also still charged me for the class as sell. I did graduate with an associate's degree in culinary arts which has proven to be a worthless degree. I'm still playing on the loan. There's no wonder the school is finally getting rid of the program. Chef Tori and Chef Perrin Long deserve 5 stars though. They are amazing people who I highly respect.

Chris Lee

It's a great school, my dad is the one who recommended it to me. I have learned a lot since I started there.

Paulo Giacomelli

My girlfriend is currently enrolled online to get her associate's in fashion merchandising. She will finish in February. She says she has had barely any problems as her advisors are very helpful and the tech help is great as well. The classes challenge you but are not extremely difficult. They also have a campus for students who do not want to go online. This is a great online school for anyone who is working or has kids and does not have time to go to a campus!

Alex Bernhard

Deserving of Negative Stars, I've been going through the process of trying to reclaim the funds from the financial aide department and I've called them over a dozen times and been mis-lead, lied to and intentionally misdirected in order to have them keep my tuition that I paid out of pocket. It saddens me to see that SNHU takes advantage of people with disabilities and takes their money and then pulls the rug out from underneath their feet. I've called them so many times and have had not one person be able to get me a straight answer as to how to resolve the problem that I'm facing to reclaim the funds are due to me. What's even more deplorable is the fact that they keep asking me for my W-2 information, when I've been legally disabled since 2011 and haven't been able to work. How does this even make sense, its just a ploy to try to take advantage of someone who isn't able to help themselves fully. I wonder what a disability advocate would say if they heard of this situation I CAUTION ANYONE TO AVOID USING THIS ONLINE SCHOOL BECAUSE THERE IS A HIGH PROBABILITY OF YOU BEING SWINDLED OUT OF YOUR MONEY..

mattias bagby

Aggressive approach when you request information. They call multiple times during the day and don't leave messages. Call call call call. When I finally had time to answer I spoke to a ''Lindsey'' from recruitment. She tried to play the ''caller disconnected '' game and not call back. The phone call was on wifi calling on my phone and there was nothing wrong the network on my end so it's safe to say my phone was fine. This is what people do when they don't want to talk to you anymore. She said ''hello hello I can't hear you''. Then BAM, she hangs up . She didn't call back. After about 10 minutes I called back. While telling her that I have wifi calling turned on I asked if she had attempted to call me back and she interrupted me mid sentence asking if I was still interested, then she started back up with the ''hello hello". Based on the poor customer service and due to how the call was handled by Lindsey I will not be pursuing the application process with this school. Lindsey probably closed out the file anyway. Update**11-21-2018---the business has responded requesting further effort on my part to email them and give them my phone number. They can simply ask ''Lindsey''. The business has said below that I would be removed from the call list. I can assure you that folks will see below for themselves just how these people operate. Case in point. It would definitely be the best thing they can do to remove me from their call list. What kind of college says something like that. So glad I dodged this bullet. Sooooooooooo glad. ---It's a form of ''punting''. A call center tactic which basically equals call avoidance- a fire-able offense. I do cs over the phone and have seen it many times. She just codes the call as ''caller disconnected'' which justifies her not having to call back cuz I ended the call.

Mikala Skalecki

I chose this school because I had no real direction and a LOT of diverse interests - they had so many majors to pick from and I fell in love with the campus. The sales program is incredible and the marketing and communication teachers are phenomenal. Most teachers I had could offer real world insight from past work experience. The best part of the curriculum is that the projects are often resume builders (strategic marketing plans, social media development for nonprofits, etc). Junior year, I decided to add on a second major and a minor; the counselors went above and beyond to help me still graduate on time. The study abroad program is another excellent opportunity - it cost me less to spend a semester abroad in Italy through SNHU than it did for a semester on-campus! Additionally, I worked in the alumni office for work study and can attest first hand that SNHU has great networking for post-grads and an excellent rep among employers (I was hired before graduating, thanks to help from the career development center).

Penney Knowles

Informative, guidance and calls every week from my guidance counseler. Half way through my bachelors. What more is there to say.

Mary Power

Online graduate student and SNHU is the best school for online programs. I had all the support I needed from my advisor, professors and the library, career and technology departments.

Alexis Bray

The online MS in Data Analytics is an excellent program. Professor Camac is the best professor. He has numerous degrees, he is attentive, he is caring, and he is responsive. He answered my questions within minutes. He provided examples of R with analysis. I recommend taking Professor Camac in the MS in Data Analytics program at SNHU. You won't be disappointed!

Alvaro Padilla

I feel that with the tuition they charge the quality of education just wasn't there. The syllabus and course projects are already written and outline. Therefore, some professors don't have a clue on these projects. Also, all of my professors were adjunct, and some were better than others. I wouldn't recommend this school. I just finished my IMBA on Feb 28th, 2016. Also, I asked my advisor Liz for a recommendation letter as I am in the process of applying to the University of Miami Professional MBA program. She has the audacity to tell me that she couldn't because she does not have any papers of mine to describe my strengths in the application process. I graduated with a 3.73 so how doesn't she know me strengths?


Literally the worst. Such a difficult admission process for someone who is under 24. No one there talks to each other and they will give you the run around for MONTHS. They needed me to keep providing documentation that my mom died and that I don’t live with or receive support from my dying father.... don’t waste your money.

Jerry Hardy

I graduated with a B.A. in general studies. I transferred in with an A.A. and 77 credits. I am a veteran and was happy with my classes. Of course as in life I did not like some of my instructors. Again that's life. If you give something a negative review and never attended a single class, it says something about your character. I was very happy and excited to walk, proud of what I finished while working full time and highly recommend it to anyone with the intestinal fortitude to try. Good luck.

mercedes jamile

Worst online school ever!!! When attending you do not get support from the staff they suck you dry as far as finance goes!!!!! You are just another number on their roster! If you want to pay for a school that don’t support then this is the school for! Beware it’s a scam!

Jennifer Lancaster

I started SNHU in January 2017. I was a newly single mother of 2, trying to finish my bachelor's degree online. They made the enrollment process super easy and helped every way they could. Once started, I never felt like "just another student" to my instructors or my advisors. The set due dates for all courses and the personable staff made it so much easier to keep going when I was working full time and being a mom. Approximately halfway through my degree, I added 3 children to my home. Even after that, I was able to keep going and get it done because I knew what to expect each term. This school is one of the MOST student centered schools I've ever been to. They understand when "life happens". The advisors never stop checking in on you and truly ADVISE! I can't say enough good things about this school. To the point that now 4 of my family members have started attending SNHU, 1 to finish their degree and 3 to get their degree. I was the first one in my family to achieve a Bachelor's degree, and only 1 other person had an associate's degree- out of the 7 children and our parents and all the other adult offspring from the 7 children. Now, that will change thanks to SNHU. I walked the stage May 12, 2019. I'm not going to say it was easy, because it wasn't. But they took away the stresses of everything regarding school that the could so I could focus on my current coursework and my life outside of school. The advisors made sure I was preregistered for all courses needed to complete my degree, the financial aid department was transparent and I knew what to expect regarding loans and grants. They transferred a bulk of my course work from the other colleges I had attended which helped IMMENSELY in shortening my time to completion. I HIGHLY recommend this school. When I decide to return for my Master's, I will attend SNHU again. Something that didn't seem possible prior to coming to this school.

Aleesha Jensen

I had considered going to their school years ago. I sent in an application and almost completed but there was some issue with my name (I miss spelled it). Since it was now 'impossible' by the school standards to admit me. I said I was no longer interest. I have received emails saying that I need to finish. That my financial aid isn't going through. That information is missing. That I need to finish before the next school year. I'm done with this school harassing me to apply. I'm never going to. I might have before but not with this bullying tactic.

Sean Goodell

Excellent online education! You will get out of it what you put into it. The amount of coursework can be very challenging at times but that is to be expected when taking higher level courses. I would highly recommend SNHU to anyone that is willing to put in the work required to be successful. The professors have been great and offer support when needed.

Erica Wilson

absolute waste of money. one of my communications teachers could not even SPELL. they charge 45g per semester, but the apartments on campus have rotting ceilings and more than half the campus doesn't have air conditioning. they either need to drop the price or make sure the quality is worth the 10g that they charge for room and board. there is also nowhere near enough parking and they will ticket you even if there is no parking in your section and you have to park elsewhere. the class difficulty is probably about a HS sophomore level, if you attended a remotely decent high school.

Michael Watt

I have been at SNHU for almost a year. The acceptance process was rather smooth and painless. The billing and financial end was a rough at first but, once all the paperwork was in everything has been perfect. So if you are on the fence and having trouble deciding once all the paperwork is in you will not regret going here


I am enrolled online, pursuing my bachelors degree. I have been incredibly satisfied with my time at SNHU. My professors and advisor have all been amazing. They all truly want to see their students succeed.

Roberta Strong

I was having some personal issues. Was dismissed, cause I heard that they were hard to drop. So I didn't participate in class.. I tried to come back, I am not welcomed now due to I was dismissed. I believe a school should understand that everyone has issues in life and should work with you. Also, received a bill been trying to get through to the credit office, of coarse cannot.. I have student loans for my schooling, why do I have a bill?? Questioning it, but of coarse cannot get in contact with them.. I do not think highly of this school and would not recommend it.. They seem to hard to deal with..

S Duncan

I cannot tell you how much i absolutely LOVE SNHU! From the advisors, staff and teachers everyone has your best interest at heart. They genuinely care, and try their best to help their students. As a non-traditional student at SNHU, and with my final term just a few weeks away, I am excited to earn my bachelor's degree in business studies with a concentration in business administration, then to start my Master's program with SNHU in the fall. This is by far, the absolute BEST college I've ever attended and I hope to one day offer my services as an instructor. Thank you SNHU for being an advocate for real, student centered learning.

Joshua Roberts

Watch out for the hidden $3000 ECSI loan SNHU hides behind to collect a little extra coin once you graduate; the only notifications I received originally on the matter went to my unused school email account - not my apartment address or personal email because that would be too easy. So almost missed the first payment because of that but was overall blindsided due to the lack of communication on SNHUs part. Great professors and people in other departments: just remember that you are and always will be a number to their finance administration.

nicole Austin

I started at SNHU June 2013 and I'm pursuing a B.S. in Healthcare Management online. I have had an amazing and smooth experience to date from my advisers, financial aid, instructors, tutors, resources, etc. Even math was not as hard as I thought as they provide great resources and tools. It's not easy but very manageable. I love the flexibility and ease.

Paul Ransbury

As a 4.0 SNHU student that left due to SNHU administration frustrations and changing my program mid-stream, I very strongly suggest ‘student beware’. I started my MBA with SNHU in Sep 2014. My first academic advisor, Jill, was fantastic and so were the classes and professors. Unfortunately I was transferred to a new academic advisor, Dan, in Oct 2015 who was unresponsive and ineffective. After requesting to change academic advisors three times and being denied, I ended up stopping classes with SNHU to take a break from the frustrations. In Nov 2016, I tried again to find out that SNHU no longer supported their app and the SNHU web site was too slow to use during business travel. I decided to take a break again while they improved their systems. I returned in Oct 2017 with assurances their systems were improved and they were not. I left again to wait for the systems to be improved for remote use until May 2018. During that time my program was changed but since I was late returning to the program by 2 months (and I was not contacted by my advisor about the change) the dean would not honor my original program. Had my advisor reached out to me, I would have been fine. He did not. This finally convinced the SNHU admin that I was in fact justified in my frustration with Dan. I have worked with my new advisor Zach ever since to get back to my original program and get credit for my substantial financial investment in SNHU courses. The dean will not allow it, my previous courses in the same program do not get credited toward the degree, and the overall program is longer as a result. As a 4.0 student that was mismanaged by the SNHU administration, I continued to hope there would be unique accommodation for my case. I’ve been waiting to continue my MBA with SNHU since June 2018. There has been no progress or communication since. After 7 months waiting and 4 years trying to work with SNHU I am giving up. Final recommendation: Be very very careful and, in my judgment, I regret I am now convinced that SNHU is not worth the investment.

Jennifer Barrett

I am happy to have found SNHU. They are on top of things. I get much emails informing me of things I need to know when I need to know it. It is a self driven program, so if you are not a self motivated person, this is not for you.

Grace Tippit

Three semesters after beginning the admissions process, I have yet to be able to take a class. I know a lot of the people who are viewing this review will think that "obviously, this was an idiot who did not file the correct paperwork". Let me reassure you, after every form submission, it was I who had to follow up with an email, only to get a response the following Monday requesting something else or saying all was OK. Then when registration was near, it was I who had to instigate a request to register for classes only to find out I was missing some bit of information. I am not sure why Alexa, the "Admissions Counselor" could only respond on Mondays in this day and age of instant communications. Three semesters later and after one suddenly discovered "missing form" after another and I just have to give up. I have gone almost a year without classes. I should have stayed at the University I was at rather than hoping that they could actually accomplish a simple transfer from one University to another. If their admission process is any indication of their classroom administration, I would RUN!! RUN far, far away from this mess. I am transferring to another on-line learning University and amazingly enough, they actually respond to emails in less than a day!!!! Update: I wrote a letter to the Director of Admissions and President of the University explaining the attempts to get admission. (Note: no contact info is on their website at all, I found their emails via Linked-In) The response was immediate from the Admissions counselor and from the financial aid office..... UNFORTUNATELY, it was to request yet ONE MORE BIT OF INFO (name verification) and a.... oops, this will make you not be able to register for the upcoming quarter. Hahaha Like I said... RUN from this mess as fast as you can.

Jennifer Stieglitz

After years of constantly moving and switching schools, I lost a great deal of credits but did not want to give up on my Bachelor's degree. As an online student at SNHU, it is so much easier to not have to worry about where I will end up. The staff here is amazing. My adviser connects with me on a personal level and truly believe that she supports me! Even though I sometimes miss the in-class experience, SNHU has allowed me to finish my degree and can't thank them enough for that. I am graduating in October 2018 and have all the support and access to resources I could ask for.

Anthony Frascone

Happened to look at their course program, and there's a few issues. First and most importantly they completely segregate online and in person degree programs, you cannot take some physical and some online, only all or nothing. The problem with this is it creates a scenario where you have a provable all online degree, which carries less weight than an in person earned degree. Secondly they pretty much force you into going to school during the summer if you choose an online program, if you are not in school for the summer term (and still taking fall and spring) the school will mark you unenrolled and report to student loan company you need to make repayments. This is absolutely rediculous.

Christopher Navarro

This is one of the best experiences I have had with school. Since registering, I have had nothing but positive experiences with classes, professors, and thoughtful engagement with other students. I find that anyone who writes a negative review about anything, is not really in a good place in their life hence the negativity.

Drew McKellar

This schools advisor Kelly is the worst person to deal with. Does not return calls or emails and is extremely rude when you finally get ahold of her a week later. Doesn’t seem to do her job at all so not quite sure how she has it.

Sharisma Covington

I have been going here since June 2017. This is by far the best accredited school i like that their classes are online and they also have an campus as well but i prefer online due to me working full time the advisors are very helpful and respond quickly to your needs the professors are very responsive and they have so many online resources for tutoring a writing center to help with papers etc it feels like you’re on campus because you have so many resources available to you. I will be graduating in 2019 if you work hard and ask for help when needed they work with you you just have to be dedicated and want it just as much as they want to see you be successful in your studies.

John Doe

I have been attending this university for over a year. It exceeding my expectations. The professors are all experts in there field. I am in the IT program and one of my professors was the Chief for Cyber Security at one of the Defense Spectrum Offices for the U.S. Government. The academic advisers genuinely care. Every time I had become slightly behind on my work, my academic adviser did not hesitate to call me and ask if there is anything she can do to help me.

Charlie Chaplin

Stop spamming the television with your predatory advertisements!

Joscelyn Lee

So many complaints here but I just completed my bachelors in psychology with them. I had been switched advisors but they were helpful and checked in on me when I was doing great in classes. I’ve been to a traditional university on campus, and all I can say if you can’t even discipline yourself in online school, forget about lasting in a traditional university. I studied every weekend while worked weekdays and SNHU gave me a lot of flexibility to work and study and they always had resources to help me out. Of course some classes in the beginning will be easy but you can’t complain if it gets harder, how will you last at a traditional college then? The paperwork wasn’t that frustrating for me, maybe some people just had bad counselors, but I was determined to finish what I started and I did. It wasn’t easy but college isn’t easy anywhere and I don’t feel they’re in it for your money cause I saved a lot doing it this way this way than regular universities that keep raising tuition every year, on top of saving gas money to commute to my traditional university and paying for parking permits every semester . Do the work and take responsibility for your own failures. I dropped out of traditional university in 2013 and came to SNHU in 2017, I had to sacrifice a lot of time on weekends the last two years to finish my course on time. Online college just like traditional college isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you don’t even try don’t complain.

Holiday Jones

This University prides itself on helping less privileged students attain a degree, but falls very short on actually having nondiscriminatory behavior. SNHU did nothing when I was discriminated for my background by a professor, criticized constantly with overloaded feedback by the professor, antagonized weeks later by the same professor for previous shortcomings. There is no real support for students being discriminated, as the inexperienced "Academic Advisors" are truly 25-year-old empty-headed pampered children who have no business being in a position to "advise" adults who have never had support or privilege. In addition, it is very frustrating to hear these advisors laugh at you as your real world concerns go mocked. SNHU has a long way to go in applying social worker standards of equality, nondiscrimination, and sensitivity training with the vast difference in socioeconomic inequality and diverse backgrounds in the modern U.S. today.

Shanna Kilgore

Beware. By the time you are several classes into your degree plan and basically locked in to avoid losing money on transfer credits, you will find all that glitters is not gold. You get psyched up because you are doing great and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, then by year 2, coincidentally you will get professors that chip away at your grade little by little to where you end up with a B+ if you are EXTREMELY lucky. You can bust your tail and chipping away becomes discouraging. I'm glad I have moved away from the fantasy of an online degree program into a realistic certification that is truly what employers are looking for. Not one employer cared about my studies or GPA at SNHU or anywhere else.

Angie M

Terrible terrible follow up from the registration department. I spoke to someone in December and she scheduled a follow up appointment and she never followed up. Then she would send emails she is trying to contact me and when I replied, she still didn’t respond. I stupidly sent in my application and transcripts and still no one contacted me. Today I called to check the status and now it’s too late to start in January when I told the woman I wanted to start now. If they don’t want to cater to prospective students then they are telling me they don’t need my business. I will go elsewhere. I suggest you do the same.

Anne Zuniga

I had an amazing experience here, was able to achieve success, and felt everyone I worked with was truly on my side and there to help me succeed. I recommend this school to anyone and everyone who even mentions going back to school.

Chris Baker

I think it sucks that on their commercials that the ask for a single mothers to stand. What about single fathers.....they should say single parents. SNH University is sexist toward male graduates.

Herman Hernandez

Getting a pretty good education here.

Colleen Anne

Good school, nice campus. Spent one year here before transferring due to moving. Would consider a masters program here.

Kaitlin Bradley

I was interested in taking online classes to get my masters degree so I requested information on their website. Since then they have called me FOUR times every single day. I know what field I want my masters in and I haven’t settled on a specific degree so I was gathering information from multiple online programs before I made a decision but the constant calls and harassment from SNHU admissions department has turned me off from wanting further information.

Nicholai Madias

This is a scam. They load you with debt for a degree as worthless as something from trump university. They setup payment plans and violate them by transferring your debt to collections, without giving any reason or warning. I had a better paying job before they damaged my credit and gave me a worthless degree. Megan Reed ignored 3 forms of proof my account was in good standing, and transferred the debt I was already paying off to collections.

Annmarie Fisher

This school has the potential to be great however, if they continue to take away students voices by not listening to their inputs and if they continue to hire lazy professors then they won't achieve greatness . I will be graduating this May with a 3.7 GPA and my heart is heavy because its not the experience that I was hoping for because the professors don't care about their students, for crying out load they won't even reply to an email and when you retaliate its the student who gets punish! SNHU has a good professors but its far and few in-between, Christopher Lowe is among the 3 good professors I've had. The only way I made it this far is because of my amazing and understanding advisor Arlenea O'keefe. Thanks for all your support and encouragement along the way Arlenea , I couldn't have made it without your support . SNHU ....Please do better , Please .

Yvonne Pierre

I had my concerns starting out but thankfully my expectations were exceeded. Going to school only take a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation. I love the flexibility. I received my Master's degree from SNHU. The instructors and staff made this a great learning experience. My student advisor (I think that was her title) was in constant contact from the day I started until after I finished making sure I had all I needed each term. And when it was time to job search, I felt like a fish out of water. But my career advisor was very hands on with preparing me for success. Overall, it was a great experience.

Andrew Geske

I am in the campus MBA program, and so far my experience has been great. If you are motivated to put some work into your education than the graduate program here is the place for you. They have a good knowledge of working with the GI Bill also, and I have had no issues with payments up to this point. Great experience so far!

Alexa Anzano

I love the school, I received my bachelors and now I am enrolled for my masters. The only thing is though they changed from blackboard to bright space and I CANT STAND BRIGHTSPACE. Brightspace is so much more difficult to navigate and way more confusing than blackboard. I wish they would go back :( I also know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Why SNHU changed something that was working is beyond me.

Hassan Barzani

Love my time at Southern New Hampshire University. Attended here for my first graduate school degree. Going to miss SNHU a lot because they provide many things. Ranging from great professors, wonderful admissions staff, caring counselors, excellent career services department, terrific social media team, and wonderful alumni association. Attended Southern New Hampshire University from 2014-2017, and majored in Master of Science in Sports Management. They definitely have a first class graduation ceremony with events as well. Finally, Manchester, New Hampshire is one of my favorite college towns of all-time. I definitely put this in the category of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Westwood/UCLA, Los Angeles, California. Once An Penmen! Always An Penmen! Keep up the great job! SNHU PENMEN ALUMNI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reset Newgame

I am taking online classes. I am very pleased with SNHU. Everyone has been helpful.The classes are manageable. If you put in the effort and time on your end , then you will succeed.

Brian Aldridge

Don't attend online. I had a VERY bad experience. This wasn't a one class, or one teacher experience. I attended for 18 months. I never failed a class. I did not fail out. It was not that didn't do the work. So if you think that's my problem, you are wrong. I took 2 classes every term. The "teachers" never actually helped me. It seemed they were only a mechanisms to make sure you posted into the discussion board, and to only ensure that your "papers" match a style guide. If you can read books and learn 100% then you can do SNHU online. But good luck if you need help from an actual teacher or actually want to learn anything. If your only goal is a so-called "degree" and you don't mind spending 30k to get it, my review doesn't mean anything. Now then, my problem is the classes and teachers. I would write long, many paragraph emails asking for clarification on specifics of subjects, or for some nuanced area and every single teacher would only response would be "read the rubric" which would often be so far off the subject of my question I knew they didn't read what I had asked, or they would say "read the material" which if I had completely understood the material I wouldn't have asked the "teachers" in the first place. The sales people (read advisors) will say anything to keep your financial aid coming. They will lie, yell, scream, and lay on the thickest guilt trip you have ever seen to keep that $$$ flowing. The 10k I spent on SNHU online is the worst financial decision of my life, and that is saying something. I would have been better off taking a ten thousand dollar loan, getting it in cash, putting it in a pile in my living room and setting it on fire. At least then my money would have provided light and heat for a few moments instead of the worst regret I have ever felt.

Courtney Williams

This was one of the sister schools of the school I attended to get my associates degree I applied for this school and Bellevue University. Even though SNHU only transferred 48 of my credits and Bellevue transferred all of my credits and I would only have to take core classes for my degree. But I said okay i have heard more about this school than Bellevue so I will just go here. Well I started classes and being a single mom I have to deal with sick kids, juggle life and when I started here it seems like so much starting happening at once. First off I had to do a verification of my self okay fine I did that and then as classes went on my son got sick and was done for a week and a half then I got sick and it seemed like it lasted a month and then my dad fell ill and he was going back and fourth to the hospital and he lives like 5 hours away so I was traveling a lot there. My parents do not have internet at there home anymore do to financial issues. So I couldn’t exactly do anything I called my advisor a couple to times to advise about my sickness and that I was not focused on class and they said you should try to complete it. Well long story short the class ended I think 6/30/19 which I was in Oklahoma and around that that I was selected for a 2ndary verification where I had to get some stuff signed and notarized I did not have the money because I was going back in fourth home and I was not focused on that. So my dad ended up going to the icu 7/02/19 and was in there for weeks and then he had to have all these major surgeries and etc. at this time I was not working because I was on leave because all that was going on. Then in the middle of July my dad passed away. We buried my father we I stayed home to help my mom get herself together and then I came home 08/01/2019 I eventually called the school because I was like I am ready to get back on track with my bachelors degree and do it for my dad. They reinstated the 2ndary confirmation I had already uploaded my drivers license and the other form in June when I was supposed to do it the first time. So knowing I don’t have barely any money and kids I chose to waste gas and money and get this form notarized and I mailed it in also started the dispute process for my balance. So I get a text the day before my deadline saying they received the notarized document so the next day in the afternoon the day of the deadline I get a message to review the verification and they had told me they denied it because lived in Texas and I still have a Oklahoma drivers license and I have til the end of the business day to get a Texas license and upload it. Mind you i do not like how a school is telling me I have to go spend 40 bucks and get a new license and I am at work and they don’t extend the deadline. They know I just started back to work and I literally don’t have 2 dollars to my name and and I have used my Oklahoma drivers license for everything with no issues and I even applied to a instate school no problems with my license and no issues. So all that time and money was for nothing. I am so angry and I had a manager call me and she was like unfortunately it’s nothing we can do you will not be able to get financial aid with us again you would have to pay out of pocket. And we do that to make sure we have good students and they are coming to school for the right reasons. I told her well ma’am there is had a lot going on in my life the last couple months and I and a great student I graduated with my associates in March with a 3.4 gpa and I even had surgery last year made it through still graduated. So I am definitely not going to school for the wrong reasons. I got so angry I hung up. I would not recommend this school they are not nice and not once did my advisor call and Check on me the whole time with missing class or anything. I would reach out to professors and the advisor. They do not care about you as a student and your life they only care about themselves. No one cares to help me. I beyond frustrated and disappointed that I chose them just because they were the most well known school

Taylor Crossley

I have had no problems so far and I am loving my experience. Yes they do give you time to hand in work late but always remember that they will deduct points. I feel that i made the right choice when i chose SNHU as my online college choice. Everyone here is amazing!

Lorenzo Miranda

I transferred from San Diego State and it has been a wonderful experience. I will be finishing my degree this week and I have to say, although challenging, it was an awesome experience.

Nichole Meade

We came to Regianls for cheerleaders and the food was awful. We we're informed that we we would be able to leave the building and come back in, however it was all a bait and switch tactics. Staff was extremely rude to people. Completely dissatisfied with are experiece. please inform better business bureau asap

Heather R

I will be graduating later this year with my AS! I’m also continuing to get my BS. I absolutely love the school and the instructors. I’ve been a student here since 2016. My advisors keep in touch to check on me weekly, email me my courses ahead of time so I’m able to change them around. I love this school and have recommended it to others (and they have enrolled and love it as well).

Camilo Sanz

I am working on an online MBA focusing in Project Management. So far the experience has been very good. Most of the recruiting and academic advisers have been very helpful. I also applied for financial aid and was able to get it in a timely fashion, was not easy and I struggled a bit, bit I got it. Classes are not easy and demand a lot of work. Being online, you are on your own and go at your own pace.


I started about 5 years ago with SNHU thinking that I would be done in less time than it would take for me to attend a traditional college setting. Now that it has taken longer and I'm out of financial aid I have to put an end to my education and be in debit for something that I didn't earn because SNHU and staffs fail to tell me prior to enrolling that for me to earn my bachelor in less time I would need to take at 2 or more classes. If I would have known this from day one I would never enroll and would have just attending a traditional college would have graduated by now. II would recommend doing your research first about the school and your if your situation fits going to school for over 5 years and have money in the bank to pay for it, even at the cost of $900 they make their money from you because most working single parents would be able to take one course at a time and not 2-3 course in 2 months and still work full time, run a family... Beware before enrolling... Now the school is telling me I need to save my money if I want to continue!!! Love the advise... when they have no idea what one' is going through... love it! thanks SNHU....

Gabe Adcock

Top-notch university! Every professor, advisor, and financial aid staff member that I have worked with has been helpful and world-class. I would recommend this school to anyone in an instant!

Carly Whipple

DOOOO NOTTTT GOOO HERE!!!!! ZERO STARS. abort mission. I contacted them because another school was giving me a difficult time, they made me sign so many papers and go through their difficult admission process and emailed me numerous times telling me I was ready to begin and that my Pell grant came through and my other loan to cover the rest. 3 WEEKS IN THEY CONTACTED ME TO TELL ME THE LOANS DID NOT GO THROUGH AND I OWE 1865.00 PUT OF POCKET!!!!! I HAVE contacted them on several occasions to explain to them I am not able to afford that as I am a single mother of 2 children and make less then 14 dollars an hour to use to live!!! They do NOT CARE. That is the most inconsiderate, selfish, unprofessional thing to do to their students. I WILL BE CONTACTING ANYONE AND EVERYONE I NEED TO DISPUTE THIS MATTER AND MAKE OTHERS AWARE OF THE SCAM THEY ARE RUNNING.

Dijah Jones

But who actually got a J-O-B ? Attending this school ? That is not a star it’s an asterisk


I recently finished my Bachelors from SNHU. I went to three other schools first so I have a decent comparison. You will find no better academic advisors anywhere. They made staying on track super easy and I finished my degree exactly when they originally told me I would. They were very involved which I liked. The only reason for not five stars is that there was a little inconsistency in professors. Some were good and then some were clearly hunting down an easy paycheck. I will say that generally speaking the professors were okay and were objective . They did not force personal view points on students which I appreciated, especially considering everything in the media about colleges acting as indoctrination institutions.


I transferred to SNHU from another university and I can say it was simple. My military advisor did all the work from me and all I had to do was sign a few documents. I was informed ahead of time of course dates and the needed materials. Very simple. Also they got all my military payments processed accurately and easily. Not sure why others claim it was so bad. Anyway I just finished my degree in 2 years flat and had no issues with SNHU. I suggest anyone seeking a good quality education with little issues Should contact this school

Courtney Snyder

I have been a student of both traditional on-campus classes (at other colleges) as well as online classes (at both SNHU and other colleges.) First it has to be said that online classes, whether at SNHU or at your local community college or university, are *not going to be the same as on-campus classes.* It's a completely different format. Many people will try to compare campus classes to online classes and then lament the differences. I strongly recommend comparing online classes from your local college to SNHU's online format. This will be a more accurate way to gauge 1) Whether online classes are right for you and 2) The quality of SNHU's online program. I found SNHU's online format to be comparable in set-up and challenge to the 3 online classes I took through my local community college. With that experience, I determined it was worth it to me to pursue an online Bachelor's degree from SNHU. After 20 years of dealing with college admissions, FAFSA forms and credit transfers at 3 other community colleges and universities, I found SNHU's admissions process to be extremely helpful and very seamless. As with on-campus experiences, there will be some instructors who are easier, some who are tougher. All the instructors in my online experience were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their material. With all this being said, I am recommending SNHU's online program for working adults. It is not easy - it definitely requires effort and time management. But if you are working full time, raising children/caregiving, and managing a household, and are motivated to work toward a degree, you will likely be a good candidate for this program. It certainly helps not having to commute or arrange childcare. Best of luck in your decision!

james foley

When my daughter has a 3.8 GPA thru her college yrs at Bay Path and ECSU and gets a zero for a 40 page paper only to have to take the course again at 2k, thinking something is a mist. Oh and 7 out of 14 failed not so sure it is not about money.


On my final year (wow it went fast) and I can say I am truly happy to have attended this school. I am working on my BA in Creative Writing online. The class layout is manageable. The assignments are easy to comprehend. If you are planning on taking online courses set aside at least 2-3 hours a dayon studying and one day where u spend all day working on essays.

Mea Lo

Please save yourself some time and money and don't bother even looking at this school. I am an A student and take pride in my education and I have to say that this was by far the worst educational experience I've ever had! Look at the other bad reviews. They speak for themselves. I wish I had listened to them.

Toni Mason

I have just transferred from MTSU... I am tickled pink with the transition thus far. I start classes in September and I am so excited! Everyone helping me has been tolerate of my impatient personality at times and they go out of their way to help. I recommend this institute to anyone looking to finish school or begin their school in between a busy life. These people are there for you!

Sondra Rutkowski

I had begun a bachelor of science degree at Empire State College several years ago. After being accepted into the college I was assigned an advisor who supposedly was to assist me through creating my degree plan and advise me along my academic journey. Unfortunately for me he retired soon after and never submitted my degree plan. I received a new advisor but at ESC the student is completely responsible for contacting professors and advisors, the writing lab, etc. After a family tragedy I took a break from school. Southern New Hampshire University's online degree program was highly recommended to me by my son who is the senior marketing director of an educational technology company. I contacted the admissions office, applied and was accepted. I had an excellent admissions counselor, a great new student advisor and a wonderful academic counselor who all kept in frequent contact with me. My career advisor has been helping me write my resume refecting my new qualifications. I just received my bachelor of science degree in Health Sciences diploma in the mail today! It only took me 14 months to complete all the required courses! The professors were excellent and the coursework was relevant and challenging. There is absolutely no comparison between these two educational institutions. I highly recommend the online degree program at Southern New Hampshire University!

Cheryl Baptiste

I am starting my third semester @ SNHU an I have not had any trouble like what people are saying. Registration was a breeze, financial aid easy my advisor is great. My instructors have been wonderful, sure u may have one that u can't please but u have to work at this everyday. Responsibility is yours. U do the work u get the grades especially online. I looked long an hard before I chose this school. I am a history major, 4 years of my life going into to this big investment.

David Manning

If I could give zero stars I would , this was a big waste of my time and money they had every excuse on why they couldn't except my declaration of education intent later after doing it 3 times , those things cost money and they had me messed up if they thought I was gone do it a fourth time. I think god was saving me and I'm glad he did because I've already looked into other schools that would help me better than this one

Pamela Mercado

I have been looking into pursuing my masters degree online since it’s the only way I would be able to at the time. My admissions counselor was so organized and knowledgeable that made the process super easy. He explained every single detail in a very effective way. I look forward to completing my masters here.

Alex Edwards

They really want you to succeed. That’s all you need to know. They care for you, and the help is incredible. Easy going counselors and advisors. Glad I went this route for online schooling!

Nathan Gidney

Having worked for colleges and universities before, I can say that SNHU has the easiest process. The curriculum has the right amount of rigor, and the tuition is cheap in comparison to many other online universities.


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