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REVIEWS OF University of Nevada, Reno IN Nevada

Tyler McFadden

Carlos Almanza

jacob fridley

JaVale McGee went here am i right I'm start.

Bokishan Dudley

If you are a buzz owner of color.might run into complications.

Tim Sweet

Mike Soule

Great school, especially for the price.

Adela Lopez

The school has been known for being a Nazi sympathizing institution for employing & enrolling Peter Cvjetanovic. After calling their office to see what resources would be given to students of color, they referred me to simply review the President's statement. This provides no sense of reassurance or the will to progress after making a disgusting mistake.

D12Cameo Stingy

I wanna go here even though i have a long time until college


Any university that honors Harry Reid with a building named after him is not worth looking at. I'm embarrassed to be a UNR alumni.

Camilla Daniels


Good library and modern campus

Taylor W

I have driven by here and someone I'm close to wants to come to school here. Looks like a nice campus.

Matt Bevington

Elie Dumas

Heather Ewers

Very big campus and seemed organized

Ryan Ruppert

Tier 1 University with amazing faculty and beautiful campus. The surrounding mountains and lakes are epic.

Vicky Wang

Tyler Harding

Excellent value, even for someone coming from out-of-state. A good university, located in a very unique place.

Alejandro Rodriguez


luis suruy

(Translated by Google) It is a place of relaxation and chingon (Original) Es un lugar de relajamiento y chingon

LaVona Lewis

Oscar Trujillo

Sidney Cooper

its cool

Yusbel Crespo

Laura Aguilar

Leila Saebfar

Liv Tanguileg

I couldn't have asked for a better college experience. Great community for anyone who is new to town and recently campus has been looking sharp with new facilities. I've always felt relatively safe around campus and town, except for 4th street. Academically speaking it's a great school for the price (compared to California schools). The Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy emphasis is sub-par. They should really reevaluate the program, since there is so much potential but not the best direction. The general EE degree is great, though. I would do it all over again here.

Jim Davidson

This university is big enough to provide a tier 1 education yet professors still find time for students. I spent my junior and senior years here and most of my professors still can find time to give me some advice while I prepare for graduate school. Some people and the media have pointed out that Mr. Peter Cvjetanovic is a student at UNR, he does receive some protection under the first amendment which is why he was not expelled. But also remember that Colin Kapernick was a quarterback for the UNR Wolf Pack before he graduated and went pro. I feel that Mr. Kapernick has made a much greater impact than Cvjetanovic. On the nation and in history. By exercising his first amendment rights which are also protected. Sometimes we have to tolerate seeing and hearing things we don't want to protect our own rights. That is something I learned at UNR.

Rachel Parsons


they allow racists to attend their school

Deborah Casey-Houston

William Sides

beautiful campus. Easy to navigate. Staff is very helpful.

Vanessa Carter

Sara Hernandez

Will McDonald

Great Tier 1 School!

Ian Wang

Felipe Camacho

adeyemi oluwatoyin esther

TiffanyK Stout

I attended class here in the evenings and during the day. I had been here when the campus was nearly empty and when it was full and bustling. It was always cozy and comfortable. Most of the professors are fabulous and truly care about the students. They recognize the symbiotic relationship between student and teacher. That makes the learning experience extraordinary! UNR established a foundation for me to move forward with confidence. Im thankful to have attended.

TJ McAvoy-Jensen

Beautiful campus. The tour guide was good. Seems like a good place for the college experience and a great education.


Artur Mamyan

Irma Acuna

Nina Trankovа

I'm highly recommending the University of Nevada in Reno to all who choose knowledge efficiency as their priority. #education #medicine

Ricardo Garcia

All UNR cares about is profit they will make money from you directly or indirectly. Their parking is ridiculous I’ve never seen anything more monopolized than their parking system $500 a semester for parking in the garage!! When it comes to parking tickets they’re on it! Might as well pay the people who give you the ticket since that probably covers their labor cost lol. For being such a beautiful school I just hate this the most. I mean can’t do anything about it it’s a business after all.

jacob mccall

Mercedees Edwards

Beautiful campus with great pricing for instate students!

Tony Maresca

Needs girls to be in guys dorms and that is the same for guys in girls dorms have a sleepover with both dorms and lots of love and hugs and kisses and cuddles and parties in the dorms for both guys and girls dorms and to stay up all night until 7:00 AM and classes need to be a later time of day

Gino Granzella

I like it here

Tahmina Ahmed Milly

Matt Vranes

Love this place. The campus is pretty amazing. Great facilities. And the Wolf Pack Basketball Team is fun to watch!

Lisa Mayo-DeRiso

Anything you read about UNR posted here about hate speech and other unfounded claims are not true. It is a fine university, with outstanding professors, and they nurture learning and character building in their students.

Casey Portnell

Chris Redshaw

Graduated in 2008. UNR was like a second home. Almost all of the professors I encountered were passionate about their fields and dedicated to helping students succeed, and I personally feel like I received excellent opportunities to learn and develop while here.

Umair Iqbal

Dr. Rudolf H.W. W.

(Translated by Google) Very well (Original) Sehr gut

Ellen M

My son graduated from this school. I am obviously proud of his determination, and I am also grateful for the work-study arrangements, grants, and scholarships that have helped to reduce the cost of tuition. However, seeing him struggle with his professional life saddens me. The community, county, and state in which this institution is located could be more probable sources of some reasons for his problem than the university itself (aside from philosophy and biology professors as well as members of library staff who, instead of doing their jobs, have made unnecessary criticisms). But recent and current conditions make me occasionally wonder whether his postsecondary education from this place is a worthwhile investment.

Pedro Dueñas

Trent Harris

William Gilbert

Clara Ning

Babak Hassanzadeh

Topher Reynolds

I graduated in 2012 after transferring from TMCC. It was a pleasant experience, and the professors were knowledgeable. But being a non traditional student (in my 30s and working all day) I could never get into any of the classes that I really wanted to take and had to settle for what was available at night. This was especially evident in the CS department, which has great instructors... they just need to offer more courses in the evenings. Even at the Master's level... I did not complete my Master's because the courses are not available if you work during the day. I found myself working on a Master's degree that I wasn't even interested in just because of the schedule, and then lost interest. Think outside of the box UNR!

Clayton Kimber

Go Pack!

Devin Jones

Nice campus, good staff

Roxy Figueira

Allan D. Davis Sr

Education aka Indoctrination...

Mat Cone

Joke of a school

Peter Anderson-Hoelzer

mike jacobs

The Veteran Service Office here treats veterans terribly. The certifying official(Terina Caserto) for UNR is extremely condescending, sarcastic, and apathetic to the needs of veterans. If you are a veteran like I am, find another school in NV like UNLV that cares about its' vets.

John Knott

Ally Cat

This is by far the WORST University to go to. The Finacial aid, cashiers office, and admissions is all run by students who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. The teachers assume you've been a UNR student all your life and just go right into it without explaining much of anything. The mathematics department is a joke. Teachers and TA's teach different from the other so you are basically left confused and told by admissions to "just go to our tutoring center" and the tutors also teach different. Don't expect to pass your math class, especially if that's your weakest subject. Also your financial aid is never done on time and good luck getting thru to the Finacial aide department on the phone or email. Talked to 6 different people all told me different things to do, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And not one single person I talked to told me I need 15 credits to get a certain grant. I asked several times why I haven't gotten my grant yet and they all said "grants and loans were already dispersed, please allow 5-10 business days for funds to arrive." If I could give only one piece of advice to up and coming students, I'd tell them to go somewhere else for school.

Ijaz Fahted

the delicious food that was served by the hot waitress was very delicious me and my wife actually celebrated our 45th anniversary there i like how they send you the check after you finish eating! not like other resturants

Lance Pry

Great vibe. Tier 1 school

Tina Sullivan

Rick Ivkovich

karan mhankale

carlos jr


Ramon Ayon

Amador Lechuga

Misael Reyes

Its the University.

Anne Hedelius

shanay azimi

The worst school well as the city..Don't be deceived by their advertisements like the 'cheapest school', close to 'San Fransisco' or 'Lake Tahoe'! The city su..s. They get a lot of money naming them as fees for different, not important stuffs..even as a graduate student with graduate assistantship you pay a lot of money out of your own pocket. In addition, they are struggling to have some international students to improve their rankings, and once they get them they will look at them as slaves..Having them work for 24/7..Be careful!

Joshua Easlick

Their inability to properly Transfer a student and Lack of leadership in their administration is a problem. UNR needs to put more time in effort into their Organizational building then their pretty buildings.

Sandy T

Getahun Wedajo

After 2 days I am going over there image good next I have comment

Rene escamilla

Jack Allard

Because i am going to watch Utah state play against nevada wolf pack next month

Heather McAvoy-Jensen

L.E. Hart

Easy to find phone numbers and necessary information...well done site.

Debi Morris

I'm shocked at the things I have learned about this University! They condone hate speech and white supremacy! One of the KKK/White Supremacists that participated in the rally in Charlottesville attends this school and also works there! His name is PETER CVJETANOVIC. The President of this school accepts and condones this behavior and seems proud of it. I have spoken to several alumni and they seem to say the same things. They were intimidated by white supremacists, and hate speech ran rampant in their classrooms.THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED! What is happening to our society?

Dorinda Grandbois

The education is adequate, but ridiculous rules are in place specifically intended to maximize revenue, placing an unfair burden on the students. 1. Son's previous college missed sending the transcript in by 1 day forcing my son to miss reciprocity and was told there was no recourse---cost: an additional $17,000/ year. 2. Math major requires an additional minor adding 2 years to a degree program that would have been 2 years beyond his Associates in Math. 3. Credits from the University of Minnesota (Main Campus) and UC credit transfer program transferred in as elective credits instead of covering identical requirements. I can't understand how credits acceptable to UC-Berkeley are not given as much weight as an inferior class taught by a less talented professor. 4. In the 4 years my son has attended, he has been assigned 4 different advisors as one after another leaves the school in search of a better place to work. 5. Every SINGLE TIME I visit Reno, I meet another parent pulling their child from the school because of shenanigans the school is pulling with Financial Aid, course schedules or Major requirements. Finally, I'm sorry but you can't create a valid major only offering a popular class (one that fulfills multiple Major requirements or is required in order to take another class) one ONCE EVERY 2 YEARS. That means if you miss getting in due to full enrollment once, it throws your entire major or minor off by 2 WHOLE YEARS. My suggestion to anyone looking here, look at the news surrounding the travesty of Nevada's higher education system that believes it is not only above the law, but capable of making its own laws without Congressional oversight. Avoid this college like the plague. I really wish it had come up in my Google searches 4 years ago when my son chose this school. Post Script. Just take a look at the grammar and content of the alumni in their reviews. Is this really where you want your children going to school?

Todd Mowen

Hard to find parking. Nice buildings. Everything looks new. I was a guest. I would have liked my college to be like this one.

Nick Gapp

Just graduated. You can nitpick anything, but I have to say my time at this University was life changing for all the right reasons. I'd say you learn about 50% in class, and the other half you'll learn outside of the classroom. I was very active and took advantage of everything the University of Nevada had to offer such as the large amount of film equipment and breadth of computer programs to play with. I could ramble on, but the simple answer is the school is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, just right. The campus is beautiful and has a good amount of history to it. If you come in expecting to have the teachers prepare for everything in the real world, you're gonna have a bad time. And that happen at pretty much any school. So get out there, explore, and enjoy. Also, lots of bar crawls when you're old enough ;)

Andy Lutz

Onur Olmez

Beautiful campus with new buildings

Kanye East

this school gave me aids

Van Truong Dang

Drew Cortright

Oren Shelef

Safe place to think and develope

Sebastian Gałązka

(Translated by Google) Great place to study and relax after work. (Original) Świetne miejsce do nauki oraz do odpoczynku po pracy.

Carlos Lincoln

I Elliott

Daniel Armenta

Eva Wilson

Ken Tobias

Ita Bell

Aaron Anzualda

i am a 8th grader but i am planning to go here this place seems good and the fees are not that bad either.

Mark Pitchford

Great school best bang for the buck. Recommend going to TMCC for lower level classes.


Abigail Fernando

John Bocalig

Chris Lux

U of U.

Elizabeth Delgado [STUDENT]

Bill Haley

This campus is awesome and getting better all the time. Definitely needs a truly free and available WiFi though...

Hui Qiao

yücel adıgüzel

when want to rest, just go here and relax for a while near the lake

James Hardiman

I would have to say this is the best college in town. The price is reasonable and the teaching ain't much bad. I really enjoy attending school here.

Hirav Parekh

Good library and great university

Gaia Cacciato

James Riger


Christopher Wilcox

Visited here. great university, loved everything about it! Except for... the town. Reno sucks.

Brandon Edwards

“Beautiful campus that appears to be growing” Big enough to still be small....suited to those in the sciences and engineering. Methinks...even with the increased student body are still set so as not to be a number.

Anahi Hernandez

Attending UNR at the moment and I wouldn't have it any other way- this school is perfect!

Simon Brauwn

Go Pack

Matheus Azevedo

Lynnette Lozano

UNR has a medical diagnosis program for autism. They are wonderful.

James Lutaaya K.

Hub for education and learning in "the biggest little city in the world". University of Nevada, Reno is know for its undergraduate and masters programs in medicine, business, engineering and education. It also has one of the country's largest earthquake- simulation laboratories.

Kaitlyn Adymy

Anguyo Joshua


bikram poudel

Jackie Bernabe

My alma mater. And they have picnic in the quad every Wednesday during the summer. It's a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon. I really enjoyed it .

Haik Hakopyan

My dream school! Hopefully I'll be here soon


This place sucks


One of the best universities!!!!!

Jon Michealjonhiltontrumpgottii

It a wpunder campus many great services and class or Fields of study too interest, international now know , many bleeding drug free alcohol smoke free, camps life, achievements and goals gaming and RESORTS Grand , maximum learning and challenge's of cassino magic of being success and living with class , responseablity and graduation or continued globally travels , learnings educational life studies , things to do buiessness life building's to achieve great campus to attend that's what I like


Overpriced and not enough personalized attention, instruction or guidance. Reno desperately needs a competitive University to put UNR on notice!

Bunny Mo

Sunshine Kilgore

I am a transfer student and am having a difficult time getting settled. I talked to many KIDS who run the Admissions and Records department. One of the girls there was just down right extremely rude. It's like they dont want me to take classes there. They got annoyed everytime I called and asked a question. Financial Aid was okay butnone of their documents open online. I left messages upon messages as well as emails to the advising department for Health Sciences to fix my issue with a hold I had. It took them a couple of days to fix it, which I understand because it was the beginning of the semester, but then never called me to tell me that it is fixed or tell me what I should do or anything. Other then that the Social Work department was very patient with me in explaining what all I need to do to take the next step in my education. They were very helpful and is an amazing program. I haven't started classes yet so hopefully the next three semesters will smooth out for me and I learn more of ropes there..... class of 2020 here I come!!!

Luke Fraser

Mariah Theis

They have 0 respect for alumni.

Jeremy Medina

Tiffany Herold

Rita Manurung

Michael Rogers

Monica Howk

A Google User

Aaron Magnin

Kitty Veloz


Steven Belant

Patrick Au-Yeung

Arup Kumar Pathak


Weston Irons

Alex Davalos


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