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REVIEWS OF University of Nevada, Las Vegas IN Nevada

Mario Romero


Jordan nava

Great school, professors are nice to talk to, friendly, and able to have a lot opportunity's if you look for them around the campus.

jacob fridley

Patrick mcCaw went here

Homero Pereira

Bunch of f*#%ing retards

Angela CK

Kind staffs, nice bookstore, reasonable parking fees, diverse races, and good school size. Go Rebel!!!!!!

Amanda C

Unlv is a okay but not really a university to recommend. it is a commuter type uni and some of the dorm looks old and not clean like south complex. it is the lowest $2,000 to pay out. plus, the classes are sometime large 200 or small like 30. It have a depend factor. if i have a choice or know any uni that i was able to express with great words, it either UNR or out of state. :/

Tyler Bradshaw

Good campus

Danielle Valadez

Most teachers don't really care about your well-being, it takes way too long to see an advisor for your major (I started off as a business major and transferred into the school of journalism), most of the students are clicky and unfriendly. Also, the same classes are offered at CSN for like 1/5 of the price. Some of the classes even use the same book as UNLV and have the same instructor.

Sabina Mitregova

Very good


Two of my cousins study here got a tour of the campus selection of classes libraries and food

Mercedes Juliana Midjé Ondo obono

(Translated by Google) I want to study at this university, I hope you help me with that. (Original) Quiero estudiar en esta universidad, espero q me ayuden con eso.

Dave Wollenhaup

Parking is a nightmare here, but the education is good and they are recently going to expand the school of medicine which is excellent

Green Kakao

Dr. Yoo, jiwon Dr. Jiwon Yoo is the worst doctor that I have ever met in my life.

Cholpona Boatwright

UNLV suspended Southern Nevada’s only specialized maternal HIV program without warning to its patients and staff!!! No answers has been provided so far. Poor kids have been literally kicked out of the hospital!

Isaac Shon


Natalie Lam

This is how far out my truck sticks even when it's kissing the pillar behind it. School would rather give 6 million dollars to its basketball coach rather than use it repaint larger spaces in their parking garage and to build another parking garage to include more parking. Must pay to do homework online. No one available to answer phones at any department ever. Staff is poorly trained, unprofessional, and not knowledgeable about their departments. Arrogant teachers who will yell at you for something as simple as using your phone. Counselors are always backed up for a month, which could be fixed yet again by redirecting funds, but that doesn't make money... I could go on and on, but I will end with that this is the least accommodating and most poorly run business I've ever paid for. They treat the students like they only want their money, but then don't even treat them like real customers. The only saving grace this school has is that it's clean. Would transfer if I had the money to. EDIT: Had to change my rating to one star after the campus decided to start citing students for lack of parking permits early this year without notification. Seriously, they have the time to spam us with these stupid Rebel News articles every week, but not enough time to send an email about something that actually matters? They will find any reason to charge you extra fees as long as it makes them money. WORST BUSINESS IN THE CITY!

Michael Miller

The teachers here have forgotten what their job is and they attempt to brain wash their students into what political views they have. Shame on UNLV.

Amallely Gutierrez

I love being a patient here. I never have to wait longer than 10 min or so in the waiting room. It's a very clean place with great service. My doctor always lets me know what is going to be done during my visits and gets it done fast and efficient. They let you know how to properly care for your teeth. I would recommend being a patient at the UNLV dental clinic. Great experience.

Doge Retrial

clean, tidy, organized, great classes

Luke Summers

This university is always implementing new policies. The retention rate is 70% according to FAFSA. To retake a course you have to wait a few weeks before the semester to submit a consent form. There is always a new fee. Financial aid is never available on the phone. The graduate programs frown upon online courses, yet they offer them. Go to an interview or a speaker event and they talk about how online courses are frowned upon. The biology department is the worst. The school is always about money. When a new basketball gym opens up, the tuition goes up. There is never any parking available because of the events that go on in the Thomas & Mack Center. The priority is the money flowing through, not the students. You wonder why Nevada is one of the bottom states for education. The professional schools like Dental, Medical, etc. have a GPA system before you are even considered on the interview list. They pretend to be fair, but that is only true if you know someone that can give you a reference. Even in the interview, the programs already made their choice when they saw your GPA. The next thing is if they like your personality. Then they choose someone who will make their program look fair like an old person or someone international. The interview is just a sense of formality like any other internal transfer in a Hotel & Casino. You have to talk to someone higher up in order to be heard.

Igor Raphael Igor

An amazing school.

Felipe Silva

Proud Rebel

Rickles Worth

Great school, great education. I really enjoyed going here. The professors were a lot of fun and cared about imparting their knowledge to enrich the student's lives.

Marcellus Sawyer

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is an amazing school! They have tons of majors, comfortable housing for undergrads, and its backyard is the Las Vegas strip! I do not understand why people give this university such bad reviews. No college is perfect. The ones writing their opinions probably don't even attend. I cannot wait to start my freshman year in 2015 at this school! #FutureRebel!!!

Dan Janes

From what I heard the school is great the campus is absolutely beautiful and engineering program as well as the ROTC program are both excellent. I would never personally go there but I know many who have.

Timmy Luo

A famous college, the environments are nice. Just too hot in summer.

Luis Mariscal

Come one Rebels get it together

Irwin Munoz

Incredible University! Thanks to the student services here, I was able to gain a full ride for two bachelor's degrees. The diversity is amazing too!

Victor Alzati

Hi my name is Victor Manuel Alzati Trejo. I like UNLV. Thank you ! I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. 2017

May L. A.

If I could go somewhere else I would. But I literally can't. Only school in the state with the program that fits what I want and I'm too poor to move out of state. If you can avoid this school, please do!!!!!

Kia Sims

I had a terrible time here.

michael wargo

cool school

Henry Riek [STUDENT]

Will I did 4 cuz well this is weird but my mom is there but does that work there

Nathan Ly

Go REBELS! UNLV is very big,clean, and has lots of classes.

Frankie Owens



(Translated by Google) We went to watch the finals basketball between the major college teams. At the entrance, mega security with metal detectors and hunting in the right place! It was great. The atmosphere as in videos, cam hug, the kiss cam ... There was nothing to eat, drink and encourage teams !! The entertainment was top, even the shows cheerleaders !! (Original) Nous y sommes allés pour regarder les finales de basket-ball opposant les grandes équipes universitaires. A l'entrée, méga sécurité avec détecteur de métaux, puis la chasse à la bonne place ! C'était génial. L'ambiance comme dans les vidéos, les hug cam, les kiss cam,...Il y avait de quoi manger, boire et encourager les équipes !! Les animations étaient top, même les shows des cheerleaders !!

Jonathan Goldsmith

Great school. Great community. If you want to be in Las Vegas UNLV is a great school to attend.

Mohamed Wx

Ha im mohamad from iraq

Lucas Castillo

Denise Richardson

Don't come here. Please.. don't do this to yourself.

CJ Hornbeak

it great and i will be attending it sone

Constantine Aze

My school very soon

Paul Jr Castro

So far everything has been relatively easy except for a few hiccups. There won't ever be an easy solution for everything but I haven't had any major issues that couldn't be solved in a day. Also so far most of the teachers have been more outstanding. Always helpful and very PC. To me, they are professionals and act as such.

Richard Osborn

I feel like UNLV is fighting against me every step of the way to graduation. I can teach myself at a faster pace than this school moves.

Omika Johnson


Cameron Eckardt

Mmm, hrmm, *ahem* *aggressively clears throat* MMMMMM, okay. Now, shall we begin? For the record, I attended UNLV for one year, my freshman year of college. I chose UNLV because they had a good program that I wanted to study (that program being Criminal Justice), and there was a very good job opportunity for me as well, with the school. The truth is, the job was more important in my decision-making than the studies. That's not to say the program wasn't good, I did enjoy the few classes I took. I don't have much experience to say this with certainty, but I believe UNLV's criminal justice program is a good one. I lived on campus, and actually had the opportunity to experience two dorms, as I was moved buildings in the middle of the year after a dispute with my roommate. I don't have any complaints about the dorms. They seemed well-kept, and the maintenance department did a good job of taking care of anything that needed attention. UNLV doesn't believe in community restrooms (their words, not mine), so in any dorm, you get your bathroom, which is nice I suppose. Living on campus, you're required to have a meal plan, which many groan about, but I didn't hate the food. I also understand I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to the things I eat, so I routinely enjoyed the crispy chicken sandwiches and had no problems. I'd say the healthier options provided some variety, in that you could always make your own salad with all kinds of fixings, and fruit was also always available. The freshness could be dicey at times, so tread carefully around wilted lettuce, but it's fine most of the time. I had no issues with the amenities provided to me by the university. When I was going through that room-change process, the housing department made it very easy for me. The university had a lot to offer, I felt. However, when it came to campus life, I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps my expectations were too high, and perhaps my experience is not representative of the true nature of UNLV, but I think it might be. Life on campus severely lacked a sense of actual community. Not only that, but I believe that UNLV, and perhaps the city of Las Vegas itself attracts a strange crowd of folks, and those folks, I believe, can be divided into two groups: 1. Locals, who have grown up like this and know nothing else, and 2. people who chose UNLV for Las Vegas. After a year in Las Vegas, I felt extremely isolated, and that could be because I was not like any of the people around me, and was not the kind of person to embrace the partying, live free, no rules kinda culture. That being said, I found the community around me in the dorms, and abroad, to express a "closed-door policy," if you will. Which, if you think about the city, makes sense. It's hotter than hell most months out of the year, so everyone keeps their doors shut to keep the AC in. Consequently, it keeps people out. The locals grow up with it, and the out-of-staters seek it out. I believe UNLV attracts the kind of person who desires to live by the saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," and if you're not about that, the door stays closed. When I expressed to my friends that I wasn't into drinking and partying, each and everyone one of them stopped being my friend. I was an outcast from that circle, and there was no way I was going to find a more agreeable circle in that desert. I moved back home and started attending a new university, which I have found to far surpass UNLV in all departments. Perhaps going to school in Sin City was just not for me, but I will say there are many, many better schools out there than the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Maybe try UNR.

Natarajan sivathanu pillai

You will be a rebel for life..

Tarence Prater

I enjoyed my time at UNLV. The only problem is that it's a commuter school so you don't get the full college experience. I went to Boise State for two years and the really had a sense of school pride but that's not the case with UNLV. The teachers were great and I liked that they have renovated a ton of the classes and buildings. It's a very new looking campus. I would recommend attending UNLV for sure.

Art Ramirez



(Translated by Google) He has (Original) Ha

Matt Wilson

old buildings classes expensive

James Chapman

When life gives you UNLV you take it because it is the only college you can afford

Faiz Ameen

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a public research university in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada. The 332-acre (134 ha)[4]campus is about 1.6 mi (2.6 km) east of the Las Vegas Strip. It was formerly part of the University of Nevada from 1957 to 1969. The university includes the Shadow Lane Campus, just east of the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, which houses both School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine— the only dental school in Nevada. In addition, UNLV's law school, the William S. Boyd School of Law, is also the only law school in the state.

Samuel Garcia

I had an overall positive experience. Professors were usually willing to work with me with any issues. Be weary of parking enforcement. I got two tickets for not putting enough change in the meter.

Bobby Woods

Wish it was free.

Martin Canchola

(Translated by Google) It is an excellent university. (Original) Es una excelente universidad.

Lol Fehu

Big campus

Robert DiGrandi

Favorite place in town

shakhawat shajeb


Awesome school...but actually I don't like the lady in front disk (when we sign in ) her name (........) she was very rude with me coz I asked couple questions for suddenly she acted crazy ..what a ??????? . She should take a communication skills course to deal with people's inquiries.

Frank Liu

beautiful campus, friendly staff and workers


Looks nice, but in reality it's not a school. it's a place where you hope to learn something on your own. The teachers aren't teaching they are expecting you to know already and that's not education. that's robbery of time and money. 6/8 of my professors I had there didn't speak clearly at all. (AT ALL) I spent 3 weeks there... 3 weeks! My last class I had didn't start until the DAY AFTER after the drop date deadline for a full refund. ... but they didn't care.. still charged me 2,000 dollars for 3 weeks of education I didn't get. I got a better education at my junior college in California. better attention from advisors there... advisors here placed me in classes that I didn't need and those that were too high up for me. I was set up for failure. I was not about to ruin my 3.9 grade point average because of this school. I'm going elsewhere..

Larry Gonzalez

Tessa Winkelman told them President Trump may be partly to blame for last Sunday night’s horrific massacre that killed 58 people and wounded over 400 She was recorded by an anonymous student saying that she thought ‘people will die’ in the aftermath of Trump’s election A student in class was ‘dumbfounded’ by the ‘appalling’ remarks

N I C K Y ' S M.

(Translated by Google) I'm excited to want to study here. It's my frustrated dream. I hope I can achieve it. (Original) Estoy emocionada por querer estudiar aqui☹es mi sueño frustrado

Med Robot


Ann P

This university is heartless!!! After some of our friends were just shot.....After the largest shooting in U.S. history....after we did not sleep....after we did not eat....guess what they tell us via Twitter?! Classes and business will resume as normal! As normal!! No email to my student account. Nothing. This is just as heartbreaking! I can not believe what is going on in this country right now. I can't. I am just paralyzed in disbelief and shock!

Aaron Michael

Good school. Only problem is because it's a commuter school is doesn't have that typical college feel.

mike schindler

Good place for you to change your life! Learn and become a part of something greater!

ping li

Great experience! My dentist is always so nice to me. I always feel welcomed, and they really know what are they doing! Professional and nice. Best thing is you can get the best price in Las Vegas! I went to other dentists, but I feel so lucky I listend to my friend and went to the UNLV dentist!

Justin Callaway

The staff is rude first and foremost. As a transfer student I looked forward to continuing my education. Now however it seems I have come to rue the day I moved to this city. Instead of helping I only receive confrontation when asking about any information. The level of incompetence in handling the student's needs is also appalling. I find myself praying for some way to pay my loans back and leave this place behind me. This school has almost single handily ruined my idea of what college is much less whether I want to go further into debt to attend such a "lousy" place.

Erik Regalado

Great professors

Aaron Villa

Cool campus, great graduation experience.

Sydney King

This university is so amazing and so diverse I’m so happy I attend this university.

Lindsay T

Crazy that we pay so much yet have to fight for and pay parking. Beautiful campus otherwise.

UNLVgrad2000 GoRebels

Best University experience! Explored, learned, and utilized all they gave me in the real world and so far so good if not great. Great alumni groups too so you can always stay in touch with friends and fellow Rebels.

Silver Sea

Dirty campus, less that average proffesor, and parking is terrible

Orestes Marquetti

UNLV is a place of opportunity for all who seek more. I've found many things upon taking the time to look. It's great to live on the campus, really chill school with options for everyone.

Kevin T Lee

Beautiful campus, right next to some good and incredibly close to the strip. Kinda cool seeing a campus in the mixture of sin city.


The grounds of UNLV are greatly manicured and maintained with high regards.

Jelly Ross

pepe the frog

Sergio Bustos

Beautiful campus in the middle of the desert.

Bahara Mosavi

How to go over there ???

Anthony Teno

Great school

philip harvey

Crowded classes. But the labs for science are great.

Phong/Jason Nguyen

I wouldn't give UNLV 5 stars, but it does deserve to be a good school. The teachersand staff care about you. The education is worth the money, and they are not trying to push their liberal agenda down your throat. Common sense prevails. It is all up to you to make the best out of your education. Don't expect fir it to be a breeze.

Nicole Pinero

The campus is beautiful. You don't even feel like your in the middle of Las Vegas. Financial Aid, Cashiering and Housing can be hassles, but are easily fixable if your proactive. Parking is only a problem if your chronically late. Otherwise, I feel like a great education can be obtained here.


Good place to study....


the money paid is not worth it,it seems luke the school's main focus is money. better of at a uc school

Jessica Franklin

Enjoyed my time on campus!


Nice and welcoming place. Unlike other colleges, there is a lot of students from all over the world which helps you learn a lot about their culture

Bruce Ulanet

This school is awesome. The professors are accessible, classes are reasonably sized, and it's in LAS VEGAS. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, but an education from UNLV can be taken anywhere.

Ali. k

Its a good university in Nevada

Juri Vega

Beautiful campus. Lots of trees. Did not feel like Vegas

Otto Aus Dem See

Top notch unlv

Wolfgang Bein

Wonderful walkable campus.

Mohammed Alrabah

Different. Daring. Diverse. Great school and community. Proude to be UNLV rebel.

Kimberly Galbe

Please get more parking space!!!

leilani malendres

suck ,always having my Riley over flow,from the time I moved in which was a week after,still lock in lease I just don't think it's fair for me to paying a lot of rent if they do not find the problem ,


Good school with nowhere to park! I wish it was easier to get to class.

Kaleb Paul

They don't know what they're talking about. c:

Francisco Vargas

Political sciences are great, an awesome law school and world class recognotion for the hospitality majors, bit did you know we have an awesome engimeering program? Yup, come check it out

Stephen Porcher

Beautiful Campus with some amazing Professors. Just some of the older buildings are failing apart. The A/C in most of them don’t work very well in the summer.

Chris Riley

Like every place UNLV has its positives and negatives. Some people on here have already chronicled the negatives. Yes the parking is a nightmare. Yes some of the departments seem like they don't know each others phone number. Yes it is a commuter school that doesn't have the hoppingest campus life. Yes there are some lousy professors. And yes it is 100 degrees 6 months a year. But I say show me the perfect university in a review and I will call it a lie. My son had a lot of choices in college living in Southern California. We explored universities across the southwest and at the end of the day you won't find many places that offer what UNLV does for the price. The universities hotel and hospitality college is #1 in the world. Their nursing school is in the top 100 in the nation which ranks it in the top 20%. Their debate team is in the top 10 and shares this ranking beside schools like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. While the football team is terrible, UNLV is a premier basketball school and is becoming a premier baseball school. If you want some campus life go the Thomas and Mack Center and see what UNLV is all about during basketball season. Las Vegas is like no other city in the world. That alone will be attractive or be a detractor. Personally, I am proud that my son is a Rebel. U.....N.....L.....V! UNLV! GO! FIGHT! WIN!

Manuel Sanchez

I absolutely love UNLV. I spent 3 years of my educational life and another 2 hanging out at the Ampitheatre and everything is exquisite. I was staying with my mom and in my apartment in #27 across the street at the time. Can't wait to graduate!!

Jed Fontelera

One of the most affordable and diverse universities in the nation. After transferring from a university in Pennsylvania this school is highly affordable.

Henry Miles

Very community oriented and patriotic. Veteran/Love

Neil Johnson

As a graduate of SDSU and a resident of Las Vegas, i must say in my experience with both, SDSU still dominates. Nicer campus, up and coming with sports, and not hindered by 100 degree weather half the year. However, with a few last words, I will say that UNLV is on the rise and would easily be my second choice.

emily chavez

las begas nebadas

Saree Palace


Cody Gearheart

Neil Breen

Nicole Rosa

Absolutely awesome campus


Great school

Pollo Aceves

Great place

Thomas Chee

The energy at the university was exceptional today. The first day of school for the college students. The first day of school for my eight year old down the street. So I took him to the UNLV Student Union after school to eat his after school snack at the frozen yogurt boutique. I wanted him to experience the energy, see the students, watch them study, and the timing was perfect, because everybody was so happy to return after summer was over.

Jennifer Rachiell


Anastacia Escovar

Proud to be a rebel ! The campus has stepped up their game year after year. I appreciate I ate the campus security escort services. The student Union has a myriad of restaurants and places to study and socialize. I love the school of hotel management building; incredibly modern.

alessandro martini


Not very "community" like

Roxxe Mineffe

For a school that prides itself on student body diversity, UNLV needs to hire more ethnically diverse male and female teachers in the Science, Economics, and Statistics Departments.

Steve Barnson, Ph.D

Great school ! Go REBELS !!!!!!



Jose Munoz

(Translated by Google) Las Vegas (Original) Las vegas

miih nascimento

Can someone tell me what the price is for ?

David Schnell-Davis

Beam Burnaa

Dream school unless

Robert Caldwell

Awesome time at the nfr60

Stephanie Lovelock

UNLV and CSN are both outstanding colleges. Now you have to dedicate yourself if you plan to graduate. I am.happy to have chosen UNLV over NSU that I hear is not that great. UNLV for life baby!!!

Flo Make My Trip

(Translated by Google) First university I visited in the USA. I went there in the evening and a student visited the first building at the entrance, there was a large fitness room, an olympic pool and several basketball courts stacked on several floors. I've never seen that. (Original) Première université que j'ai visité aux USA. J y suis allé le soir et une étudiante nous as fait la visite du premier bâtiment a l'entrée, il y avait une grande salle de fitness, une piscine olympique et plusieurs terrain de basket empilé sur plusieurs étages. Je n'avais jamais vu ça.

Regina Bailey

Once a Rebel....always a rebel. I just keep coming back!

Mari Reis

(Translated by Google) My son Ramon F.M.Stedile was a student at this university and graduated _se. Congratulations to all for the wonderful performance. (Original) Meu filho Ramon F.M.Stedile foi estudante nesta universidade e formou _se. Parabéns a todos pelo maravilhoso desempenho.


UNLV is good, but the advisors are sucks, they are not helpful at all, I major in Hospitality Management at CSN, but I haven't pass the English test in order to get to Hospitality at UNLV. I was so confused about what classes could I take as a transferred student, and they were just kicking my issue to different departments. you probably ask why I don't see the Hospitality advisor, BECAUSE THEY WON'T HELP YOU unless you're in the Major, hahha it's funny that advisors are not doing their job well. F.K you and I'll figure it out by myself. Even all of my friends said UNLV advisors are not helpful at all, think about it before you transfer to this school, because you will never want your school disrespect and not helping their own students. Now that I know the true side in UNLV

Tyler Nguyen

My daughter got karate chopped in the throat by a naturo wannabe

Amber Lopes

Great place to getan education

super acre

LAS VEGAS ANNUAL CONFERENCE. AT UNLV I would have to say this conference was the best I have ever attended!! Professors without a lot of time to have some fun and enjoy your work. Here it is LAS VEGAS ANNUAL CONFERENCE. Meet some life long friends and was able to present my research to the world.University of Nevada Las Vegas thanks

Jeff Tong

Beautiful campus with hares

Nega Tech

Nice place and huge

Robert Zamora II

Had my junior fb camp. Best camp ever.

Dana S

I love this school. They have great food in the student union and it isn't as big as other universities.

Hassan Barzani

UNLV is one of the most diverse college campuses ever. Can’t wait to come back here again soon!

Dat Dude

Lovely campus! Beautifully maintained grounds. Excellent staff! Firmly opposed to human trafficking, gotta love it! Library is an amazing spectacle of modern architecture. Boyd Law School is and will remain one of the top law schools in America! Thank you all for a great experience walking around campus for the first time yesterday. Felt very much at home here and could feel a peaceful cohesion amongst everyone.

Austin Dickson

The visual art dept is deeply flawed and will only succeed once all the tenured faculty retire.

a j b

Long hold times as expected but everything else is nice!

Paul Caruso


Mark Wilson

I've been to Ham Concert Hall 6 years now because my twin sons are both in orchestra and band. Highly embarrassing evening that we have to be AFRAID of overambitious and immature isle attendants people working for security. First the front door lady tells us to go up to the left. we go up the stars and the Asian girl says there are no seats upstairs left go way over to the right side upstairs. Ok so we did but I told her she needs to communicate that with the people at the front. VERY disorganised. NEXT we are upstairs in the right... never seen anything like the behavior of an attended and security in my life. First the attendant in the aisle starts yelling at people during the concert at 8:15is to 8:30pm tonight, 4 minutes into one of the songs YELLING at people DURING the performance about the light from people's cell phones instead of saying it quietly as not to disturb meaning she starts yelling AFTER the concert begins and people are trying to hear their kids in which we all have spend THOUSANDS$$$ on our kids to make it this far. NO consideration for the VALUES we have placed in our kids. She lacks serious judgement. 4 minutes into the kids playing, I asked her to be quiet she was that loud. Then she goes and calls security. Apparently Security thought its ok to harass Hispanics and Black people and let White people record with their cell phones as two additional people who security refused to yell at had their cell phones out recording. First of all I am all American. My family has been here from Spain since 1690 and the US wasn't formed until 1776. I am 100% American. I said hey what about that guy with his cell phone. She said "he is not recording" but didn't see he had two aps running at the same time. She must not know anything about smart phones or just highly incapable or just lazy. But the girl working security says in front of everyone about 3 isles of people she is going to call an officer on me when i am trying to watch my sons ALLSATE band performance WOW who does she think she is? Some old white guy in front of me has two aps up recording the performance kept acting like he was playing solitaire DURING the concert and she security would not tell him to put his phone away. Then the security guy she called starts flirting with two girls DURING the concert again we are trying to watch my son in his Jr year who we have put tons of money time and effort and support. I am sitting 4 seats in and I dint know any of the people next to me and she yells from two rows bellow while I am trying to watch my son and she says is going to call an officer?!?! I have a recording of the clip of her saying she is going to call an officer. The girl working security must not know the difference between people watching their son who we have not just put thousands of dollars into playing not just trombone but HONOR BAND and security acted like it was like going to a low class drug infested night club harassed and interrupted us during the concert and started yelling over people. Maybe she is bucking for that security or police chief position at us parents expense. UNLV is sad. Just sad. The acoustics are amazing. The kids played like virtuoso but whoever manages the the people there and security protocol really needs to get a serious clue as to where they are are, Especially since both my twin sons are looking for colleges in anther year and it won't be UNLV. Highly embarrassing evening that we have to be AFRAID of overambitious and immature people working for security.

Franchesca M. Cannon

Lynn Truong

UNLV has a highly rated accounting program with an excellent job placement rate. Most of my accounting professors care about their students and taught great classes. My other (nonaccounting) classes were a joke in comparison.

Rich Martinez

Nice School

Garrett Walker

Nice. Хорошо.


UNLV Go Rebels the best ever

Kitty Veloz

Can't wait to Attend!

Bailey U.

I only came to this site because Tana Mongeau is from Las Vegas. 10/10 would recommend.

Tomás6 Levy-Canedo

I hate it because the staff are very offensive and exceedingly rude..

Wesley Gama

Good place


Every time I call this school I always get someone in a rush to get me off the phone or someone who is rude. Don't bother going there if you don't know where your going because if you ask someone who works there, they will give you wrong information. I'm not sure if they really are stupid or playing a cruel trick. I had set an advising appointment due to I'm a transfer in student. I had no idea where i was supposed to go so i went the academic advising center (no brainer). No. I supposed to go somewhere else and the guy behind the counter directed me to go there. Mind you, its 110 degrees outside; I head in that direction. Something told me that he was wrong after walking and baking in the sun for about 7 min, the buildings looked more like dorms. I then ask a student where i might have to go and he directed me clear across campus. Now my appointment is now 10 min past due so I call the general number to get someone in advising in the liberal arts building. a woman answers and with an attitude directly transferred me somewhere else, no help. so after searching for the number to call on my phone in the hot ass sun, i told the guy that i am on campus but late due to i am lost. Without hesitation the academic advisor canceled the appointment saying I'm too late (its 15 min past due). You would think he would be kind enough to direct me where to go and at least see me since i was walking in the sun for 20 minutes. Very irritating. Please don't have ignorant people working for the school, its a bad representation of what type of people you have assisting others.

Katie Boyack

Mitchell Czaja

Cheap place to get a good education. Can't believe I'm rating my college on Google maps

Bianca Roman

A beautiful campus! I loved seeing the desert flora displayed around the buildings. Modern architecture and nice green space. The staff in the admissions office were great, and also Dr. Montgomery in the Hospitality College. An easy Uber ride to the strip and airport. The hospitality program is World Class.

Zichen Zhu



University of Nevada, Las Vegas en Nevada
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