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REVIEWS OF Roseman University of Health Sciences IN Nevada

Jeff and Laura Rose

Teresa Thiele Carlson

If u want awesome braces at affordable price. This is the place!

Anne Sanchez

Micheal Marchesi

My advice STAY AWAY! This school pretends to care about quality but the results are very poor. Don't believe me, ask around....anyone who gets treatment here is often told they will complete treatment in 2 years but it always goes on for 3 or more. Once you are that far in you are almost trapped and to go to another orthodontist to get your kids treated correctly will cost you double. They don't offer you any refund for giving your child poor care. My child was in treatment there for over 4 years and in the end I told them to take the braces off because we were burnt out so after all that time he still didn't get the smile that we were promised. I went to another "real" orthodontist, not a "student" and found out that we would need another year or more to fix everything they had not fixed. Don't buy into the fact that their fee's are low, you will be wasting your time and money.

Laura Hurst

Somebody is using my name to post here. I have no connection with this place.

Paul Aragon

Michael Lam


So far the best school. I would highly recommend it. Professors are very knowledgeable and care about their students.

Arnell Cornfelt

ASBN Nursing Accelerated BSN Program (16 months): The Truth. There are no lectures, just tests. They tell you to buy a ton of books, give you slides with audio in place of lectures (and some of them are pretty bad where the speaker doesn't speak English well or is reading from a book). Pros: They have a "block" system which is fast paced, and you only have to go on campus roughly 25% of the time for tests, labs, or reviews a couple of days before the test. Most courses work like this: you get a 50 page syllabus and are told to read 25-30 chapters (essentially like 2 text books in total) and the tests really don't stick to what the syllabus says they are testing on. This creates students to have test anxiety and not know what to study until 2 days before the test; which they cram and have to pass with a 90%. Pro: they say you need 90% on exams, but you get a couple of chances to retake it (also you get group exams that give you 3-4 percentage boosts when you take the group tests. Pro: some of the instructors are great, but some are absolute garbage--hit or miss. Pro: It's a decent price, and the facilities are decent, but the financial aid people never give you straight answers--it's about $65K for the whole program. Don't get caught up in the confusing price sheets they give you. Cons: the Clinical rotations schedules are always late, and the Clinical Department that arranges the schedule is constantly loosing your paperwork for immunizations and physicals. Don't think they are considerate with your time as you literally find out 7-10 days prior to having to work 12 hour shifts at hospitals across town. The recruiters are absolute and complete liars. They get paid to get you to enroll so they will lie and say anything to get you to attend. They say this program is manageable for people who work--no way unless you have a flexible schedule at the last minute. Second BIG CON: you do not receive grades!!! When you graduate good luck getting into an NP program with transcripts that say Pass/Fail; they claim to give you a letter to compensate for that, but some grad schools will not accept it. Hit or miss is the labs there too; sometimes they teach practices that you find out are never used or out of date. Another big CON: bragging about the NCLEX pass rates is a complete fraud, as they won't let you graduate to take the NCLEX unless you pass the ATI exam with 90%. That ensures their numbers are high. The support system there is an absolute joke too; they lock their doors to the instructors offices and it's a "CLOSED DOOR" program. They act like students have plague. Good program if you can read from books and learn yourself.

A Person

I have Cameron Copeland's ID

Edward Hong

Connor Mathison

Are you thinking of enrolling in Pharmacy school? Well unless you have some compelling connections it is not worth it at all. Do not fall into the trap this school sets by making it sound like they have a high placement rate and that pharmacists make large sums of money. Here is the unfiltered truth. Pharmacy as a profession is suffering and private schools such as Roseman are responsible for the state it is in, by flooding the market. Private schools are willing to accept anyone into their programs in order to keep their doors open year after year. Their tuition continues to rise, and pharmacist pay continues to decrease as jobs become scarce. It is supply and demand, there are more people willing to work than positions available, and businesses capitalize on new grads that work for less, with little to no benefits. If you are someone with connections it is almost a guarantee that you will have to move to the middle of nowhere in order to get a part time job. The school will brag that almost every student has a job when they graduate. What they won’t tell you is that most students that have a job are going to be with CVS working 24 hours a week in a stressful work environment, with no benefits package, and likely over 200k in student loans you will slave to work off. This is not a six-figure job with a 401k and the choice to move anywhere that has a pharmacy. It is cut throat and as the years go on more and more people are going to be crushed by debt and no real career to speak of. Pharmacy used to be a career where only the best got in. 82.7% of pharmacy school applicants are accepted into pharmacy school now (Unable to put URL on google reviews). If you can get a loan now, you are in. This speaks volumes about the state of pharmacy, and how private colleges are negatively impacting not only the job market, and the pharmacy career, but also people’s futures. Roseman and private colleges like it are selling people on a positive future that is simply not there. If schools like this had any respect for people and for our evolving career, they would lower classroom sizes and decrease staff in order to match the job market. Due to the high volume of desperate employees many pharmacy chains are willing to push pharmacists to an unhealthy extreme in the work place, because if the person decides they cannot handle it, or demands more technician help, they can either quit or be fired, then the next hungry for work employee will step in and take the abuse until they are burned out too. If your only endgame is pharmacy, then don’t be surprised when the only options that are available are in some rural towns in Alaska and the border between Mexico and Texas, where you can battle new grads for working hours and reduced salaries. For the rest of the people looking for a rewarding, lucrative career. Check elsewhere because pharmacy has been milked dry.

Christina Ramirez

Dr roberson is great. I love thud place

Maranda Wooley

Pam Norman

I like it so far, I will go back in November and will give more info. about this place!!

liv fortoday

I went to this school to get orthodontic work done. I highly recommend you go elsewhere. The "students" are very unprofessional and unknowledgable and the staff isnt any better. Its not worth the little money that you save.

Mikiyas Mitiku

I love this school so far, great professors and very caring faculty

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