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Gwyn Brotherns

I was suspended from recieving aid i had to pay for a semester then do an appeal the run around is terrible I've called two college's to get aswers and both have diffrent answers no one seems to know anything the phone calls take to long they have to call you back in five days by then its to late i asked who does the appeals what college was the office at and she didnt know i hate the financial aid department.

Teresa Lamb

Can’t even get their phone tree to work and get redirected on the website A little nervous about the cost of out of state tuition full time for a Cyber security degree when the can’t get their phone free or websites to work properly!

Chris W

I started classes in January 2017 working towards an AAS in Industrial Engineering and an AAS in Power Utility - Electrical Maintenance. My instructors have all been helpful and accommodating in all my classes, no issues with them at all. The VA center likewise has also been very helpful with my G.I. Bill tuition assistance, no issues with them. The issues I HAVE had involved the administration portion of the school. First, my Industrial Engineering degree uses the 2017 catalog with lists a required class (ADT 100B) which has not been offered AT ALL IN THE ENTIRE TIME I WORKED ON MY DEGREE. I applied for and received a waiver to substitute CADD 105 for this class which I submitted to the Cheyenne Registrar in November 2018...which they promptly lost. They also lost the waiver for my classmate who just happens to be a vet also. Second, when I applied for graduation some genius decided to change the date on my degree from 2017 to 2013 in the computer system. That's quite a trick since I started in January 2107. This also had the unwanted effect of ADDING a required class which was not required by the 2017 catalog. I went to the Henderson campus Registrar to get this corrected but they could not change the year in the computer. I was able to catch up to the department head later at the Western campus and explain my situation. He had the secretary there fire off an email asking for this situation to be looked into and corrected. No response back from the school after several weeks. I emailed the secretary asking for an update. No response. Now I am stuck fighting with the school trying to get this fixed. I cannot tell an employer in good faith that I have an AAS in Industrial Engineering now nor can I put that information on a job application. CSN, you have failed. You have failed me. I put in the hard work to graduate with high honors (or so I thought...) and your people cannot even do the simple task of handling a waiver or inputting a correct year in a computer system. How many others are out there having these issues I wonder?


Kira Kira

I loved the school when I went there, however, now that I’m no longer a student and want my transcripts, it’s an issue. The school I choose to get my masters degree at sent in a request for my transcripts & they’ve ignored them. I’ve tried calling, but I get the run around or kept on hold for hours. A big middle finger to CSN.

Dave Wollenhaup

This is a great place to go for medical degrees or certificates, the price is much cheaper than other schools and the education is superior

Vikki Linvell

csn has become a laughing stock in the community. It isn't worth the money when you're caught running through hoops to get a damn degree.

lovely lisha

The 1st time i went to the financial aid office the lady their didnt help me because i had a my kid with me she just looked like she was better than me when i asked about the aid she told me well you have to have classes well i knew that but i dont want to be billed so much without knowing i can accuallu go you know so she said once i do to that i should well she didnt get my id like she was suppose to and now im hopping i can get the aid and the loans so i can get books i wouldnt go to the women in the aid office the guys told me a lot more,,,

Ginger Fox

Tiffany Leonard

While there are a select group of professors that go above and beyond to help their students achieve, this place is a joke. From top to bottom, lack of communication and irresponsible staff members. I have been here two years, I am almost wrapping up my AA, and I can tell you that I honestly feel like the staff members ( FA, registration, counselors etc) do not make the students education a priority. They have no "customer service" skills and students education and lives are constantly affected by the lack of communication and skills from this school. I have experienced this at each of the three campuses. They have wasted so much of my time and money and despite my attempts to reach out to deans and supervisors, I have yet to come across anyone who even cares this is happening.

Ron von Kaenel

If I could give this place a ZERO STAR RATING I would... This board of this school need to consider restructuring their financial aid services the department is a joke. I have tried contacting them several times seeking assistance with my FASFA but would get transfer to the CSN call center which is apparently inhabited by a bunch of students that could careless about doing their jobs instead try to transfer you to a number that doesn't work anymore or try and turn you to some automated system that just runs you around in circles till you finally give up and hang up. Good luck trying to get anywhere at the admittance office which usually has a line backed up to the door! As well as getting any help from the students operating it as well.

Joseph Johnson

Fast wait people and staff very helpful

Emanuel Ro

Good experience, despite what others say.

Dominique White

I was fresh out of high school they showed me no guidance.staff is terrible

Sandra Czeisler

Lesny Alcala

John Bernal


The school comes with lots of blues but you get your success which is golden... its best to be a coyote where you must be resourceful and adapt to its changes clever in your studies playful with other students and a bit of a trickster with your parents or loved ones and that what the school is all about and what it takes to graduate and complete your studies... when your bored you can shapeshift to anything you want to adapt to have your fun as a coyote.

Lauren Kate

Jackie are

CSN Henderson is horrible! I went in to talk to a counselor about attending the college and she was so unhelpful. She basically told me she doesn't know what she can do for me and gave me a paper about some courses I could take. I still do not know how to become a Nevada "resident" because none of my questions were answers.

Victor Alzati

Hi my name is Victor Manuel Alzati Trejo. I graduated from college 2009. Thank you! Nice college. I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and new year. 2017

Gang Gang

Keren Sagas

Brian Preis

Max Stokes

I am college graduate from an out of state school, looking to return to school to update my skills. I was interested in taking IT classes and already have several classes completed from another school. I wanted to speak with the Chair of IT and ask specific questions about the classes, so I wasn't repeating classes. After I left three unreturned voice mails, I went in to CSN. The unhelpful admission counselor said no one would talk to me unless I enrolled and have my credits transferred for review?? She said the wait was at least 12 weeks!?? RIDICULOUS! Move out of Las Vegas. This is just another indicator of the deterioration of the city.

Mary Josef

Joe Hudson

I see that CSN has a structural problem due to the lack of organization. Poor oversight is a contributing factor of one of the dysfunctionalities at CSN. In order for a college, like CSN, to be managed effectively, accountability heavily needs to be established. Overall, the CSN system requires competent staffs and a strong overseer to accomplish such a task.

Layla Ward

The professors are great, so I will at least give them that. The office staff are unprofessional and poorly trained. The federal aid staff can never tell you anything, gives you false amounts then tells you "sorry, we can't change anything about it." This is the third semester I have had issues with the office. I truly wish I had changed schools strictly because of this.

Venus Glass

I have had alot of great opportunities in this place. I graduated from this school in 2010. It was life changing the teachers were all absolutely amazing in the biology department. (Hehe) All of the supportive depts were not so much help. I cried many semesters trying to get funding approved to pay for classes on time and get books. It was frustrating but everything worked itself out. Im not familiar with the new processes but I should learn since I plan on helping people navigate through the educational system in the near future. Hang in there. The rewards of all the hoop jumping will pay off and with less student loan debt than going to an online, out of state or in state college or university.

Ashley O'Flaherty

This is a joke of a school during registration you cannot talk to anyone it you have issues with registering online good luck something simple and they make it almost impossible to solve better to deal with Great Basin College or Truckee Meadows must better organized colleges than this!

George Dahmi

great teachers! very good hardware! this is the place to go !

Anoura Lea Logan

They have the absolute crappiest website and god forbid you get locked out or ever need a counselor because they don't even have them most of the time.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Read carefully: these reviews refer to issues with the College of Southern Nevada NOT CSNHS which is a High School and a seperate entity from the college.


Do not go here. They employ students in their counseling and registration offices who will enter your intended degree WRONG. I wasted 3 years and nearly $15,000 taking the WRONG classes because of it. I would never recommend this college - ever.

claude mitchell

Degree sheet keeps changing. It will take me 4 years for a two year degree. I was supposed to graduate in may but now who knows. Financial aid staff is a joke. They promise you one thing then when the time comes they say I have no idea when. Go to another school CSN is horrible.

Jake Letten

It's a great School I've been going here for a while now and I Professor I have had has been very helpful and informative

sunny uribe

Anytime I call to ask a question the staff makes me feel uncomfortable, almost as if I was stupid for even asking. They don't sound welcoming or even happy to help you with anything.

Jessica Lanzkowsky

Just enroll at NSC. Seriously, the hassle is not worth it for this place.

Hope Sands

Offers a lot, financial aid is indeed a pain. I do wish there were more science class options, but overall a great value!

Ronald Coe

Clowns that got laid off from the circus

Ms Wile e coyote girl

joshua burdine

Absolutely horrible school. Its an expensive day care where you learn nothing. My math 120 class talked about how to round numbers for an hour. My psch class talked about whether or not ghost are real for over 3 classes with the professor for over 10 hours total, needless to say the class never covered anything that was on the tests. Online courses are terribly mismanaged. Due dates are not clearly listed, and can change. Syllabuses for most classes are often changed from day one throughout the whole semester. CSN support is a joke. Their online features often run into problems. You'll often find you are locked out of your online account 5 hours before a very important assignment is due. Look up their graduation rate. A counselor will help you enroll in your classes, when you go back for help you are told COUNSELORS ARE ONLY FOR NEW STUDENTS. However they will give you the phone number of "your" consoler who is across town and never answers his/her phone.

Afsal Afsal

Bobby H

Avoid this "college" I took two classes in this college, a NV-US history class (needed for graduating from this state) and an environmental science class. firstly I liked both instructors and I very much liked the classes, they were informative and what I had expected. now for the reason why I will NEVER return to this place, the counseling offices are dangerously under-staffed and second time students are 'allowed' to visit is the north LV school only (good luck going back and forth if you like away from it | there will be a lot of going back and forth because of "missing paperwork"). Furthermore they are very incompetent, don't even mention transfer counseling or anything more complicated than assigning you classes; point and click and put you in a class if you're lucky and its not full. Nothing however comes close to the incompetency of the financial aid office, it was the worse paperwork problem I have ever faced in my life. I ended up paying overprice for a COMMUNITY COLLEGE more than I pay for university. and my grant that was supposed to pay for it was delayed and decimated. If you can, try and go to a proper school, it may be more expensive unfortunately. buy you will finish fasted, you will learn more and your degree will be worth more than the paper it was printed on

Conner Romero

Cidnee Guedry

I have had NOTHING but issues with this school. They have an immense lack of communication among staff and their switch board. I have been fighting with them for financial aid since January, and it is now mid September and I am still being lied to and given wrong information. I do not even want to attend this school at this point because of their incompetence. You will be running back and forth with documents and issues for months if you try to go to this school. The financial aid department is definitely a joke, only person i would ever speak to is Aaron, he seems like the only one with his head not up his you know what. Overall, I would NOT recommend this school to anyone for anything.

Holly Durham

The financial aide department is a JOKE!! They do not give you choices on your aide. You take out the correct amount for your semester and they split it for spring/fall. Leaving you to take out an additional loan. They are so unorganized. I have lived here for almost 2 years, work, and files taxes here- I AM STILL CONSIDERED OUT OF STATE!!!! J.O.KE. Go to UNLV guys! Better campus, educated professors, and the school has it's act together. CSN sucks!

Myah L.

The campus is pretty nice and some of the people in the registrar office and financial aid were friendly and helpful. The bad thing that made me really dislike there offices was the financial aid process, I finished my paper work and then they told me it would take 2 to 4 weeks for them to scan my paperwork and then give me my aid. It was awful, I have attended two other community colleges and they had my paperwork done within a week or less. I almost couldn't keep my classes because not only were they making me wait to do something simple but they didn't even try to find a way to help me keep my classes. Basically in short there offices are awful when it comes to getting things done, but the campus and my teachers so far are good.

Noneya Biz

CSN has so much potential to be a great campus, the students are eager and the teachers are great. The problem is with the way the school is run at the top. There are a bunch of administrators who get paid to do God-knows-what and they still aren't improving the student experience. The financial aid offices are a WRECK. They appear to have limited knowledge and aren't cooperative in helping you, although it's those same financial aid dollars that keep them afloat. People go to CSN because it's one of the few options Southern NV has for people. It's not a first choice situation. They also hike fees for school and charge for online classes, language learner fees, all the the nickels and dimes for nothing. When you attend you meet a lot of people who are taking years to complete a program because of costs and class availability. If you can go elsewhere, consider it!

Heidi hidka

I have tried already three times to see a cancelor each time in different location hoping to get better luck! I even asked to go into work early so I can go see one! And she canceled on me last minute! I guess I cant go to school here! It's very frustrating and annoying!

Wolfie da soulpup 21

I love the college they give out good career opportunity.

Jacob Ewers


Don't ever go to this school. They are slow to respond, refuse to work with you on any issue and don't even try to help you in an important situation. If it doesn't fit into what they want, you're SOL. I graduated from CSN in the spring of this year and I didn't get any word that my degree was in the mail. I check it out and not only was it mailed, it was mailed days ago, but to the wrong address. Those idiots didn't take the time of day to check EVERY PIECE of paper work (online and in physical form) that showed my change of address TWO YEARS AGO. Now I have to deal with the uncooperative and inefficient staff to not only find the degree, but to make sure they don't screw up again. Speaking of screw ups, they even messed up my transfer to UNLV by not sending the paper work in time. Now I have to wait a whole semester to finally pick classes and get back on track. F*** CSN and F*** any one who isn't a professor that works there.

Kevin Altman

This is a small College campus, which has more of a "Private College" feel to it. There are only three buildings where courses can be taken, which lead to a less confusing time negotiating campus directions. They have a huge cactus and desert landscape garden that hosts a variety of our native Southern Nevada landscape. They have a small cafe located in the C Building and Bookstore located in the A Building. Professional staff are very knowledgeable and very capable of helping students out regarding any scenarios. Most negative reviews by previous or current students spawn from the fact that many of these very students are neglecting to read vital information regarding college processes. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to inform themselves of policy regarding what they have to do as students; many of them simply wont take responsibility and take it out on us, as it very easy to do so for them. If you are a student, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with your program specific counselor or an academic advisor. They'll help you navigate the complex world of College and inform you of any pertinent information regarding yourself as a student. If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, paying for courses, getting a refund, selecting courses to take, choosing a major and/or declaring your degree, transferring to another institution, etc; please don't hesitate stopping by the B Building, Student Services Area to ask questions. We're all here for the students and genuinely care about their success in College.

Akeem Webb

This school honestly doesn't deserve even that 1 star. Completely terrible experience in every department . Wasted a lot of time and money running back and forth to submit documents . I ask several times if anything else was needed and was told I was cleared . Months later when ready to attend school I was told I needed more documents to enroll which mad it to late to submit it and I missed out . These people are very very unorganized and I don't reconmmend this college to any one!!

CJ Sevilla

Pretty small campus and far away from everything.

Olivier Diei

Stormi lovett

my mom works for registration and i know literally everyone who works here!!! they are all amazing :)))))

Danny Mason

I got my AA there and at that time it was rhe best college in town

Gal Santos

Do not go to this place. I have moved to Las Vegas 3 years ago. Last semester i tried to bring out the necessary documents to change my residency and they did not approve. I went therr today and the clerk at the Registar first words to me where "just so you know most likely you will need to come back", i said "Excuse me". Anyways. He was rude and kept on telling me "i am trained to tell you guys this and that by my supervisor , am not trying to cause a war with you", as i tried to get answers about what else do i need to prove that i have lived in Nevada for 3 years s now. I should had asked for a supervisor or someone older. I was talking to a kid who clearly , was ready to say "no , no, no", regardless of what i asked him . Last year i was missing my green card,( was waiting for a replacement) , that is why my in- state residency was denied and i accepted it. Today (a year later), i had everything but he told me that since i did not do my taxes last year , most likely i wont be appproved for in- state fee. He got upset , because i was asking questions. And kept on repeating "im trained for this". He seemed so eager to tell me "No" for my in- state residency withouteven giving me a chance to ask questions . It is not like i was asking for a fee waiver or financial help. So sad that im here trying to continue my education and CSN instead of making me feel welcome they make feel like i dont belong. They should close down, since they are trained to say "no", and get upset when a student wants to know more.

Alyssa Rudisill

If you know how to register online and not have to deal with an facility here this is a good school. Any time I have called the school in the 2 years of going here I always got treated rudely and got run-around answers. Other than professors, any staff I've talked/worked with has given so much attitude.

Dory Manual

Great for student and teachers. People of all age to learn new talents

Nikki Mcintyre

I went this morning at about 10am to see if I could go talk to someone about a few classes... the lady I spoke to treated me like I was retarded and told me over and over that I needed to take a placement test before I even spoke to someone about MAYBE going to school, and she also scoffed to the other lady about how there's only a week left before school and I'm trying to register last minute. No lady, I wasn't trying to register. This school sounds like a joke, as they hired someone who can't even speak properly (sounded like she had a mean lisp) to speak to students. Won't go back here again.

M. Smith

Went to pick up my daughter and was appalled to see CNN on the TV's in the lobby. Perhaps they could choose a channel that does not have a long history of falsified, politically charged statements. I'm not suggesting fox news but maybe something appropriate for all learners and not just the left leaning. A place of education should focus on just that, education. They will get plenty of politics in later life.

rebecca jones

Matthew Pearson

Clean relaxed campus with all the amenities of a big University

C. L.

Worst customer service ever! The people working at the financial aid office Charleston location is literally stupid(I'm being modest). Senda, "the supervisor" has no idea what she is doing. She is rude and unprofessional

Sonny Umpierre

Tira Ricketts Haslem

Worst school ever! They no longer do late registration, so if classes fill up before you're able to register, then someone ends up dropping the day before school starts, you still can't get in that class. There is nobody EVER to help over the phone. They don't send out emails to let you know about any policy changes. Advisors never return your phone calls. I went to this school 3 semesters and never once got a return phone call from an advisor. This school is a nightmare. Stick with UNLV. It's worth the extra money!

Linda Norton

Marlene u

April Williams

Nightmare, they have no organization, staff especially the cashier, are so rude. No one knows how to do anything its extremly fustrating.

Andrew Gelacio

daniel shrader

christina ross

The teachers are great, but the people working in financial aid are terribly incompetent! Seriously, if you are looking for a community college DO NOT GO HERE. They will jerk you around until the term starts and then you're stuck without aid because these people literally do not know how to do their jobs!

Diamond Morris

jenny Kay

Margarita Zapata

(Translated by Google) is it true that they give classes on how to drive motorcycles? (Original) es verdad que dan clases de como manejar motocicletas?

Kaka Karrotcake

Teachers are friendly, they understand the subject matter, but the financial aid office is absolutely terrible, they had me waiting almost a month and a half for financial aid that should have gotten to me in a couple of weeks. Any five star ratings you see here are just CSN staff members trying to make the school look good, go to another school, trust me this one is not worth the money or the effort. Oh and if anyone from financial aid is reading this, do your job properly before you end up working in McDonalds, actually no you know what at least that would pay you better.

Brittney Lopez


Blake Cook

Terrible college I strongly recommend looking at different schools before thinking about joining csn

Matthew Gaylord

Brittany Johnson

I like this campus. It's small and easy to get around. Good experience overall.

Aries Magnolia

I went to this school a couple year's ago back in 2015 or 2016 and I was doing classes online and on campus. They only gave me 2000$ in tuition or financial aid to get my books and things like that. I didn't pay for one of my book's for my classes and so it was extremely hard. The professor was no help nor did hr even reply to me, don't remember his name exactly but I didn't do the class since I helped my mom pay bills and did thing's for the house at the time. I had my own bills as well and was struggling to get a job so I did school. Since I didn't do the class at all which was only one class I didn't do they wanted me to pay 721.00 for that one class. Now I should've did it and just failed it instead but wouldn't had made a difference. They still hassle me about the 721 for one class and I wasn't able to come back and finish my 3rd semester at all. This place is just money hungry and only cares about getting their money

Blake Go Wavy

This was the greatest experience of my academic career. Proud Coyote.

Erin L

migis senpai

10/10 would learn psych here again

Robert Ingram

marilyn rivera

Donna Silva

Chance Toledo

This school is garbage. Nobody even cares about their jobs at the campuses and they are underinformed about their own policies and procedures. The teachers are all incompetent and unintelligent. For many students, community college is the face of higher education and CSN truly lets the community they serve down in nearly every way imaginable.

Connor theForexWatch

Worst school you could possibly attend.

Ro Ok


sourena hashemi

They didn't accept my residency just because I didn't bring my expired ID. That is unacceptable... No I had to pay more than they deserve.

BG 408


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