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REVIEWS OF College of Southern Nevada (Charleston Campus) IN Nevada

Maria Arana

alex castonguay

Amazing institution.

Valerie Thomason

the staff is seriously the worst on the planet. They're rude and they make everything more complicated than it has to be. I went in to a scheduled appointment with a counselor and he spent the first half of it on the phone talking to someone acting as though I didn't exist. I waited so long for him to get off the phone DURING OUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT that I had to stay half an hour later than I was supposed to and was late for work The financial aid staff sits in their cubicles and whispers everyone's name so no one has any idea it's their turn and when they don't get an immediate response they'll boot you out of digital line so you have to start all over. I watched as this happened to literally five people in a row and they still kept blaming the students for not hearing their meek little voices from at least a hundred feet away. When I call financial aid for help, they act as though they're tired of talking to people. They don't ever have any answers and they constantly put on this air of annoyance and refuse to look into anything like it's taking time from their day.

Lisa D.

Amanda C

this college is good for those who wanted to finish all their pre-requisites before heading toward unlv or unr for their majors. i did that and it help me to save money spending. this college can be boring due to being a commuter. The best part is that the campus building is organized and closer. plus biology anatomy and physio is good to take there instead of unlv :)

Terrence Brown

N Taan


Charlene Massey

qassem alhaddad

They are the worst college I ever attended. There student aid office is a mess

darian marquez

Regina Rodriguez

Alexis A

I am writing this review for the College of Southern Nevada as a whole. Horrible institution; Oh they'll be quick to promote themselves as a college that values all opinions, cares about its students, has knowledgeable administrative staff, caring professors, etc; but once you actually register you'll soon find out its the complete opposite! I attended all 3 campuses from 2014 - 2017 & got my AS associates here, & it was generally an overall negative experience. Ungrateful and uncaring financial assistance / registration employees who absolutely hate their lives and jobs. Don't believe me? Call them up and ask them questions regarding assistance. Its full of counselors who could care less about the students career path, and give them vague wrong information, which could cause the student having to take a course that doesn't count toward credit *ahem*, me. out of all the professors I had here I would say 1/4 of all the professors are actually really good instructors and good people that genuinely care about the students which Is why I give them two stars rather than one. Most professors could give less of a damn about the students; how they are doing, course understanding, grades. If you are the type of student who is quite or doesn't conform easily to political correctness then prepare to be stigmatized here by self worshiping pompous, snooty, conceded, huff and puff professors. Their free student tutoring feature is also the bottom of the rung as they employ undergraduate students whom they themselves know just about as much on the topic as you do; few tutors are actually really good and genuinely care though. I had an overall negative experience here, ow well whats been said is already done, I am glad I am done with this miserable place & never have to step foot here again!

Sandra Czeisler

Anthony Boggs

I have had no bad experience. There is a lot to remember when starting school and everyone is friendly and helpful. This campus is a big far away from my home, but a lot of classes are available on line.

Leo Rodriguez

Class cost keeps going up every semester, while some professors don't care about teaching. They are just there to collect their paycheck. Books are way overpriced as well. Definitely not going back there anymore.

Laura White

Luis Mariscal

Expand your horizons.

Shelbi_ Jacobs


Horrendous. The student helpers are nice, the older staff are incompetent and rude. Registered my son there and was stuck for 5 hours given the run around. Miscommunication and negligence on the schools end led us to be there half a day and he ended up missing out on getting into classes on time. Go to another location or another School entirely. Ridiculous.

Dayana Vinent

Lauren Kate

Lili Garcia Martinez

Oksana Bond

I enjoy to study in library at CSN college. Clean facility, friendly staff.

Peter Koufos

Noah. Gaming

Jayne McKenna

Justis Knight

Its coo

Thiago Roberto


I've wanted to attend but after the experience I had I walked away. I went in to actually talk to someone about applying and had all of the needed paperwork to do so. I tried talking to someone on the phone first, all that happened was transferring to transferring for about 15 minutes. Went in, again got tossed around to person to person but these people didn't seem to care, most of them just being college students themselves. I was being bushed off by everyone! All I wanted was a sit down with one adviser or someone for admissions for 10 minutes and couldn't. Very unprofessional.

sherri chaffer

This Financial office is the worst... If it's your first time applying for aid you're better off getting help from friends or family because this office will give me half answers and make you feel like you're a bother. You think they would actually want to help you being that they get paid for having you as a student. I was given the run around and when I call to ask questions, I get response with an attitude or heavy breathing! After I called 20+ times and every time I explain this is my 1st time applying for a loan, I still didnt get it right and currently in the process of reapplying for my loan smh. Seriously debating on returning for Spring.

Justin Lorentzen

Great never had any problems with the school...

Reign Is

Cannot get ahold of anyone in Financial Aid and registration tried for months. Would be put on hold for 30+ minutes or no one ever answered.


cece w

Michael Lee

Verdict is still out Everything in admissions seems to be paperless and e-based now. Am having difficulty getting in or findinding where to get information appropriate for my situation. Very hard for an older person with only rudimentary e-skills to navigate process. Applied for admissions today in person. Have to wait to hear back. Hmmm...

narawut kaisang

Gibran A

Welson Shine

Michaelaby Abay

Best school ever

Debbie Walton

I've had an excellent experience with the entire system; registrar, financial aid, orientation, counseling. Courteous and helpful in every department. They are very well organized and efficient. My teachers are great. I love the place, but they could definitely have a greater courses selection, especially in physical education, and art. They definitely need a swimming pool.

Kicker Shmo

Admin services staff unhelpful, rude, don't really care if you attend this school or not. Testing staff, horrible. Check in staff for advisors, horrible. It's easier to get an appointment with the president of the United States than trying to sign up for this school.

Ronald Coe

a shallow talent pool

Maria Browning

Horrible college. Most unhelpful staff. They can't input information correctly.

Shannon Ramay

I've had both bad and good experiences. There's lack of communication they give and the online class enrollment are deplorable



little mix

Roy Emerson

Aside from the office staff and their practices, it is a decent educational facility. Decent instructors, decent classrooms and a decent property (not enough online classes for the common pre-req's though). Pray you never need to speak with the financial aid or cashiers office. They are insanely slow at their job and you get scripted answers with poor customer service. It amazes me how they can be so close to each other and still they screw up the easiest and most common sense things. It also amazes me how long financial aid refunds take at this school. We live in a digital age where all of that accounting can VERY easily be handled automatically. All that has to be done is their I.T. department needs to set it up to where at 12:01AM the system does the work for them and then the only time they need to step in is when the system red flags something. Sadly, this isn't the case here though. Most students use their financial aid refunds to purchase books for the upcoming semester and their office staff is just so freaking slow at processing financial aid awards and financial aid refunds.

osmel lamela

A. R

The employees are not well educated. They always gives you the wrong info, specially the financial aid. Every stuff needs job training before they are put to help others. Please have your stuff to don’t speak from their own stomach if they are not sure about the info that they provide to others.

Queen Kams

Jar Lopez

yudit Gonzalez

Guadalupe Tapia

Surafal Feleke

Bryan Barajas

Be careful when signing up for the summer term. I signed up for a class around April and had to drop it once I found out I would be able to attend the class. I am still expecting a refund but the cashiers said I had to wait till summer term started and then it could take 3 weeks from that date. This isn't financial aid money and it is my own so I do not know why I have to wait 3 months for a refund when the class is already full so they have got the money they need.

Tim I

People are friendly staff was inviting, not too many complaints overall.

Michael Mitchell

I like this campus. It is kinda far for me but I prefer it over the more proximate campus. There seems to be much to do in this area.

Molly M


Their chicken strips are so small. They’re the size of chicken nuggets! And it’s a 8 bucks! Don’t get the chicken strips unless you want some chicken nuggets that you can get cheaper at McDonalds.

young queen

Chloe M

Cleaner than the Cheyenne campus, but not nearly as nice as the Henderson campus. Still, it's a better value than UNLV for the education that you can receive in the state of Nevada.

John Dimbatt

Jim McGlynn

29 years after dropping out of an Ivy League University, I decided to go back and try for my B.S.. CSN has been very accommodating and is helping me to get my head and heart back into higher education.

David Vogel

I graduated from here and have mixed feelings. Some classes were great and very useful, others were just busy work with no real value. Generally the staff was good but there were also several times I got rude service, especially over the phone. My overall opinion of CSN is favorable but there are plenty of ways to improve.

Madeline Porto

After attending another community college out of state I am regretting ever having left CSN! Actual dissections in lab, helpful science professors (but just on this campus, I know the Henderson campus BIO profs sucked), and as long as you time your visits to registrar offices outside of the busy times (ie. the 1-2 weeks before the semester starts and ends) everything is actually pretty flipping awesome. I majored in pre-nursing and I remember all my profs at this campus being helpful, giving plentiful study guides, and giving clear direction and lectures throughout the semester. AND the labs actually helped me in lecture and vice versa. Gosh what I would give for my current community college to be even half the school this one was for me :/

Denzel Lyke

This school is absolutely TERRIBLE. The student assistance in this school was like nothing I've ever experienced before. They screwed up my Financial Aid and not to mention almost all the Financial Aid Advisers were VERY RUDE. What a complete DISGRACE to The State of Nevada.

Alex Ferr

Had an appoinment with advisor Desarae Pointer and didn't take the time to explain me... She always reacted like she didn't care about providing information and don't care about me, the student... However when she is outside her office she acts very nice and polite... Lacks empathy

Scott Yates

Inbox lastname

I like it so far. Most of the instructors are knowledgeable and really try to help you. Most of the instructors are really good (occasionally you encounter one that just sucks the life out of the class). I've even enjoyed the general education classes such as: History 101, Psychology 101, Art 101, Philosophy 101, etc. Which I usually dislike. I specially like the Computer Information Technology (CIT) courses. The classes are usually very small, so the instructor can help everyone out individually. The only problem is that there aren't many options for the CIT classes. Some classes are usually not offered during certain semesters or there are only one or two options available for a certain class, so it is hard to create a good schedule. For example, for beginning Java there is only one class on Wednesday around 2pm and if you want to take another programming class such as C++ it's only available that very same day at 6pm, which can be very tiring or inconvenient.

Kandi Cushman

This campus doesn't help with NOTHING I have been on the phone for 3 hours today I was on the phone for hours 2 months ago ! I was told I was fine and to enroll and now I'm told I'm on warning by one department and on another department I'm told I'm on SAP!! Then days before the deadline , days that I work!! I have less than 48 hours to get a huge to do list done and theres no flipping appointments available for me to get in before the deadline !!! Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor after 3 hours today on the phone they kept transferring me to NORTH vegas campus because they got tired of talking to me !! I'm trying to take my classes so I can work towards my career and they have been no help at all and I got told several diff stories the past 2 months I dont even know 100% what's going on with my account and now the deadline is here and I have had no time to get what's needed or make an appt because I was told false info 2 months ago!!! I have to give up taking college because the school played games with me over the phone!! For two freaking months straight ! I have no time to get what's needed and they have zero appointments available anyways!! Stop hiring idiots and stop having large call centers if they can't give correct information!!!!!! Because of the schools idiot workers and agents I cannot take classes AGIAN, yes i repeat this is not the first time they have done this to me !!! Took me weeks last time as well to finally get it figured out ....

Lyla Rubio

chuy chavez

Jenise Aubry

Very unhelpful place to try & enroll in! They tell you the time you can begin enrolling & then all classes are full & wait listed. When you ask for guidance, they simply tell you, you have to find what's open. Nevermind, the fact that NOTHING is open until 10pm at night & what 18 year old female wants to be leaving campus at midnight? No counselor available to help the young students (first year) navigate their way through the enrollment process & find the classes they need that actually serve a purpose. They tell you, just find what is available & yeah, cool, but if I don't then I loose my scholarship or I enroll in classes that have nothing to do with my major. Thanks for helping out the students!

E Grimm

Jessica Rios

I don't like how the financial aid tends to lose documents or how they don't train their new student workers. Most of them are uncouaprative. However, the professors at this campus are amazing! Of course there are some who are unwilling to educate their students, but if you find them on rate my professor, you'll be fine.

Desert Diamond

I like the CSN West Charleston Campus. It's convenient, the classrooms are comfortable, and CSN understands the needs of students of all ages who want quality education in our community.


very rude people


I went to CSN yesterday and the staff aren't helpful at all. They have no idea how to do they're jobs or even help people. CSN also needs to update the school website with correct information.

Brittney Philbrick

The classrooms are large and some of the classrooms have charging units in the tables. It’s a rather large campus so a bit of walking but very clean.

Callen Corsica


Testing center was very unprofessional, the older lady who took my test lazily explained directions and was rushing and running around, once I got out she took my test and scolded me for writing on it when she gave me no clear directions that I couldn’t write on the test. Then insisted that she told me and I walked away to avoid an unnecessary headache.

jangmi an

Louis Whisby

Csn is terrible at handling their end of business!!


The worst community college I have ever been to! teachers are horrible and the one's who work at other areas have absolutely no sense of urgency! Ex. I called the help desk to reset my password I was on hold for 2 1/2 hours. how is that convenient? HORRIBLE!!!!!

Knodew Sai

If you wanna spend money and see a bunch of people with straight face giving you sevice, go for it.

DJ Linux

Worst college I have ever been to.The teachers waste time in class talking about nothing.The finacial aid office and cashiers office are never available on the phone.If they say they will call you back,they never do.If you go to their offices you will be waiting for hours.Gheeeeeetto surrounding area.There is a Highschool across the street so you already know that CSN is flooded with THEM.Hardly any adults there.The student body does not work together or study together at all.Its very hard to get a group project done when half of the group does not show up.The book store of course is a rip off but thats most colleges.There are tweakers that go into the parking lots when class is in and boost cars. I am a transfer student and I am warning others to never mix up your previous schools credits or life with this college.It will most likely be your last...

britney borja

Jambon Qwert

palak patel

Salua Borges

Big T ony

Gustavo Mendez

This is the worst Panda Express i’ve ever been to


Stay away, especially BIO-101! A Professor there failed my boyfriend and he is very intelligent, she failed him cause she's miserable and always graded his assignments harshly. And tell me this, why does he always get good grades but not in this class?! Can you say RACISM?!?!

Accurate satme

AtoOmega TM


Aaron Essex


Not the best professors


Richard David

csn good college

Yesef Kebede

It's just a great environment I love It.

Cupcake x

Jamie Ethington

So far I'm loving it here. Certain things here and there, like the lackluster 'success coaches' or the mediocre financial aide offices took a star off, but this is otherwise a great school.

Ashley Stark

Rude,they don't want to help you, they just send you from one person to another. No system for new students. They expect you to know everything. Very unprofessional. Shall I go on??

Derrick Vosika

Francis Zapanta

best art teachers here, will be taking classes here for fun. will be here in the winter. peace.

Jessica Evangelho

I'm only at this campus because of the program I'm in. Teachers are ok(ASL teachers are the best), parking is far from ideal, and the biggest issue is that the disability resources center is not helpful. Not one bit. It took me two weeks to get a locker and instead of having forms, I'm told I have to go and find the forms online myself without giving me a link or anything. And she said they weren't responsible for having forms available and I also got looked at like I was crazy when I asked for help with my locker combo. She didn't even know lockers existed at this school. Needs serious improvement!

Verseless Cooking

I started attending classes here with hopes of entering their LVN program, which they got rid of, announcing it via posters around campus, placing it on indefinite hold. To me, this felt utterly dishonest of them, as I and many others only enrolled in their CNA program, a pre requisite for the LVN with hopes of continuing. As a result of this and there no long being any reasonably priced LVN programs in Las Vegas I left to pursue my education elsewhere. Way to go CSN.

curtis brock

Alaina Artiles

The staff and proffesors are amazing,I love the school,the only thing it's just horrible "Counselors " my experience with them has been just plain horrible, don't listen to them when they tell you you can not do it because you have an accent. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to judge my whole experience there only based on the conselors. Overall their academic staff is amazing

Josefina Rossano

Shelby Shanley

They may not always have their stuff together but hey, it's a community college, what do you expect? I have attended for 3 years now and trust me it gets easier to understand how things work. There's a method to all the madness.

Bettye Maxton Realtor

Great college

Devin Hill

Terribly inefficient takes 2 hours to get a transcript form, worst than the dmv. If there's a way around stepping into the building for ANY reason do it please I beg you

Samuel Babatunde

The staff I meet is friendly.

M. D.

Completely unhelpful. Specially when first signing up. They dont tell you any direction to go in. And then give attitude when you ask too many questions at 1 time due to the lack of direction given. Horrific experience.

george hammond

This place smells like an open sewer. How embarrassing. By the building "I" library. Yuck!!! Pee Yew!!!

erin abbott


Gerogetta Daniels

Unable to reach a live person on the phone. Trying to enroll

Felisha Scholz

Registration, financial aid, and pretty much anyone you ask for help is clueless

Sarah Cherry

Rosie andCurt Harsch

The dental school is terrific

Beki Seddon

Admittedly, the fin aid office and the office of the registrar as well as the transfer department are slow to act. Even when I knew that my calc 1 and 2 classes from another institution were transferable, the institution placed them as extracurricular courses. After contacting the head of the math department and getting that all squared away, I really haven't had any severe problems. When I had questions, I made sure to ask them right away, even if they sounded silly, just to make sure I had everything in check and would not have to come back. It's kind of hit or miss with the teachers and the courses, particularly in the sciences department. I've been going here for almost a year and even signed up for summer courses online, and my counselor has been very frank with me, especially considering my major (mechanical engineering, a degree CSN does not offer, rather it ends up being an associate's of science with an engineering focus). I like that there are courses that can be finished within four to eight weeks that are offered online as well as on campus, it makes getting thing finished so much easier, which is especially helpful when you're working full time and going to school 3/4 of the time. Cost becomes an interesting scenario, especially when you're getting into higher level courses (which are more expensive regardless of where you go) and you're considered an out of state resident. It's sill less expensive than some of the other schools that I have gone to, or my friends have gone to (roughly 4200 a semester for out of state for 11 credits). It's a good place to get what you need to get done and then move on.

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