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Michelle Guilliatt-YellowEyes

Mackenzie Wiseman

Very poor experience receiving record information for my hometown dentist following a root canal. I was told wonderful things about the college and was very disappointed in the staff working behind the desk and with paperwork. I’ve called 3 times to kindly ask them fax over X-Rays within the last month. I have signed release forms stating they can release that information to my current dentist so that I can get a cap put on said tooth and have had no response. I got an infection following my root canal and called to ask what steps to take in order to take care of the infected root canal as I was nearly 25 weeks pregnant when it was preformed. No call was ever returned when I left my message. I ended up in the emergency room here in my hometown the following night due to excruciating pain in my jaw. Simply said, the work they do on teeth is great. The infection was no big deal, and took care of itself after being issued a round of antibiotics from the ER staff. I do recommend their students and think it’s a wonderful program. However staff and people taking care of records and returning calls is either very understaffed or lazy. I am very displeased with the lack of communication I have received.

Jason Gove

Great dentistry. However, if you wonna be seen there is like a 3 month waiting list. and if you have an emergency don't expect them to do anything for you.

Marilee Kyster

My husband and I are very impressed with the dental college . We have been going there for several years. The students are very nice and knowledgeable. If they have a question they can call their supervisors who are also very nice. We are in our 80's and still have our own teeth. Marilee and Ted Kyster

Deanna Jaynes

I have been working with a nice young man who I will definitely recommend to my family and friends. I think it is awesome that they allow the students to actually work on clients to get their experience. Although some of the instructors aren't very compassionate, I guess that's why they went into teaching.

Diane Smith

Milly Maiyo

blue sapphire

They did an amazing job removing all four of my wisdom teeth. I'm so happy with the service. Thank You :)

Dani Brady Ahrends

Emma Barnes

Lana Ajnadzic

Holley Jacobs

I have been a patient for over a year at the College of Dentistry and cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I have never had to have any dental work until now and they understood this, sympathized with my trepidation, and treated me with respect while talking me through every procedure. My student dentist, Wiley is exceptional and I would not have anyone else work on my teeth. As a matter of fact, he graduates this year and I have asked him to let me know where he ends up so I can continue seeing him. The College of Dentistry produces high quality dental students and future dentists while providing clients with a positive atmosphere and the kind of medical care that severely lacks in today's medical community. Regards, ~ Holley Jacobs

abingo wu

Adam kovarik

Darlene Peckham

The individual are great to work with and very professional!

Lee Norquist

went in for crown on core build up they broke my tooth then went back to get temp done they drilled in to my pulp there was no reason for it when you look at xray then she cut my tong open bleeding bad then went back to get crown put on sensitive pain now they want to drill hole threw new sealed crown to pull my roots out you think they would pull crown off fist but core build was so bad their afraid they will break it of my tooth was big an strong before they touched it now it is trashed an want to charge me for a root canal for their screw ups for teachers not watching their students I have to go back three more times no choice I will let you know what happen i have two new student an their the best in the school see what happens let you know hope dean reads this 2-10-2015

Georgia Lee

Everyone should be informed that the college of dentistry will not prescribe pain pills after having twelve teeth pulled at once. And they will not tell you this until you ask for them. The information given is not consistent from one student to the next. My husband had twelve teeth pulled and spent thousands of dollars and he was told to take ibuprofen and Tylenol. So if you prefer barbaric dentistry and plenty of pain then go ahead and make that appt otherwise I recommend you spend the extra money and go to actual professionals. And Vicki, the client care rep, doesn’t really care that you are paying the school thousands of dollars she will still speak to you like a child. I believe we are suppose to be patients(clients). You should appreciate the priveledge of people allowing you to use them as guinea pigs. And not treat people like they are low income peasants. It might not be as expensive as a professional but we are still spending thousands of dollars. This just confirms what I’ve always thought of dentists. I’ll never go to another one. I hope this isn’t the way your school is teaching students to treat their patients.

Rick Mahnn

Every dentist here in Nebraska has attended this college, as well as plenty of out of state practitioners. You will find your Local Nebraska dentist pictured in their graduate section here at the college. The general exam area doesn't have much for privacy, believe me I've been here a few times. But none the less they at least could partially figure out my problem and were almost spot on. However.... fluoride isn't the answer for everything. How dare I say it!

ulver –

Danica Zobeck

Very helpful staff


Went in for extensive dental implant surgery. 2 four hour surgeries and was treated with so much respect. Very caring residents and teachers. They kept asking me if im ok. It has been a tough long process but would do it all over again if I had to.

Jerry Vrtiska

H. B.

Went in for a root canal, got in and out quickly. The Dr. was friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything to me before the procedure and it went well. I had no pain afterwards which is always a good sign. I would definitely recommend this place.


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