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Brian Fox

Visiting for Olympic Trials. Got to use the pool for our kids practice. WOW! nice place. Great staff. Super huge commitment to the community. Kudos.

Trevor Switzer

லோகநாதன் முருகேசன்


Terra Soma

แสนดี จริงๆน๊

Nick Lopez

The environment of UNO is typical of a large university however its pleasant to be around such awesome people, and the campus is very aesthetically pleasing. Why 4/5 stars? well the on campus housing could be better, and parking services suck but other than that I love this campus and its faculty.

ty cameron traversie

This place saved my life, saved me from dying like 15 years ago. Changed my life . Well much appreciated. ;-)

Kevin Smith

Jessica Ali

You couldn’t go to a better school. I had a very positive experience at UNO.

Sofia Rodriguez

Michael Beltran

great campus

Stephanie Vazquez

Fred Becker

Excellent college and beautiful campus. Quality of education is number 1. I am very pleased with everything I've experienced here

Ed. M.

Very unprofessional and unresponsive staff, if you want to transfer with an associates, be ready start over at UNO as a freshman. UNO is a business, they're mainly in the parking and book market taking advantage of students, books are twice the price on campus compared to other bookstores elsewhere including online, they advertise cheap credits but when you register, you're bombarded with fees that don't even make any sense, the total fees could amount to more than what you pay for tuition! Not to mention, if you want to meet with an advisor, even for a simple question, you have to make sure that you make an appointment a month in advance, that's how it goes there, they don't respond to emails, to them you're just another student and you don't really feel appreciated, I ended up leaving UNO despite coming with an associate's that was just earned with a GPA of 3.9/4.0, I was told I'd have to start as a freshman! I'll be fair however, the one professor that I took her class there was a wonderful professor she really cared about her students. Nonetheless, I ended up transferring to another university that took all my credits and recognized my hard work and I only have to do 2 years or less there! Since UNO loves profits, I guess in short I can say that I took my business elsewhere!

Kent Peters

UNO has improved significantly since I graduated grad school there in 1994. The addition of new dorms and general cleanliness of the campus has improved. If I was suggesting an undergraduate school, I'd probably steer away from UNO unless the main appeal was living close to home. Worked ok for grad school though, and if you live in Omaha and are going to advanced degrees, UNO is probably a better bet.

basel axiom


Dank Hamster

Jared Knust

Jason Buzzell

I went to school here many years ago and left Omaha. My undergrad experience, especially with the professors, was really good. After moving back to Omaha, the campus looks the same, but the energy now in the city and the respect we are getting has changed. It's a great time to be a Maverick.

Brennon Garner


Owen Johnstone


Walter cordova

I tried to call in at 4:45 knowing that it closed at 5. I just had a simple question to ask. They answered and put me on hold very unprofessionally. i waited and waited and eventually hung up. I then realized it was closing time at 5 and called at 5:05 when i got off the phone. All i could is the operator to say it was closed. They put me on hold just because they didn't want to do their job. WOW!

Sakena Jones

I am in the MPA program. While the program is very hard, but yet rewarding, overall, UNO could use some restructuring of their programs and the professors who teach them. There should not be that much variance/ disunity in a professor’s mode of instruction/ lectures and expectations compared to the students homework/ assignments. I know that I am not the only student who felt/ feels this way about some of the professors teaching styles. Some students have already reached out voicing their concerns some students have not because they just want to finish their programs and be done. I feel like students were misled about who would be supervising their projects for spring 2019. Students have been told different things and it keeps changing to fit everyone else/ program needs and not the needs of students. As students, we are students of UNO but we are also customers/stakeholders too. I think UNO sometimes loses sight of that. Like other reviews have indicated the UNO staff/ professors some of them are unresponsive and they do not return emails or phone calls from students asking for help. So don't count on traditional student advisement because they do not do this here. You will navigate your program of study on your own. Hopefully you know which classes are offered and when they are offered or you will be a year behind your graduation schedule as certain class are not offered year round and no one informs you of this until it is too late.

Roderick Thompson

I am not a student but a reguler painter at the college.And I will say that you wont find a etter

Andrew Roehr

Ronnold Rosenburg

I cant do business if you don't get me registered for class. I got the GI bill. I have a 182 iq score. Your loosing 30,000 dollars by not accepting me.


Vaibhav Ingle

ramchandra gupta

Very good complex and excellent education programme.

Erin Dabbs

The professors are great as well as almost all of the staff. You get out of it what you put into it--meaning if you want to have a great experience you will. the facilities are fantastic and they are continuously updating buildings and programs.

Nate Patterson

Ron Streck

Shaina Owens

Terrible math department.

Shai Kupar K War

Good university.

Rafael M


Patrick Coyle

I attended St. Margaret Mary's grade school across the street and Creighton Prep high school just down the street. My years at UNO were the best part of my formal education. The campus, nestled between Elmwood and Memorial Parks, is beautiful, the facilities first rate. UNO is a city college with all the urban amenities you would want but not so big you'll get lost in the shuffle. My professors in the English and Theatre department prepared me well; I have made a living as an actor, writer and filmmaker, my chosen professions. This is a college without pretense where you will get a great education if you apply yourself. Highly recommend.

Derek S.

Jialun Du

Steven Summers

In response to the negative review about the Thompson Center posted on Google. Full disclosure, I am the new Director of the Thompson Center. I know that a negative experience on your wedding day is never going to create raving fans. This is why we at the Thompson Center are very cognitive of the fact that we hold a great responsibility to be organized, guest focused and empathetic. Furthermore we have improved our billing and reservation systems to provide excellent service to all of our clients from corporations to the public at large. I do agree that the Thompson Center is a beautiful facility for any number of events made all the more special by the people who work here. We are reasonably priced and will never in the future be hard to communicate with either in the details of an event or the pricing structure we use. Our staff at the Thompson Center operates on the premise that our guest are extraordinarily important and that we have a moral obligation to conduct our business at a higher level, on these ideals we stand. I appreciate the fact that it is our obligation to earn trust and execute with earnest effort. See you at the Thompson Event Center soon!

Zach Webb

Laura Grams

Thomas Best

David Johnson

Matthew Rasmussen

The Jason

Great school and the guys here are super cute!

Allen Cress

Marcus Majic

Locals refer to it as the University of No Opportunity. Accurate. No better than a community college. Like most colleges these days it’s all about the financial aspect. Nebraska is not an education driven state on any level. But it’s good enough for the people here.

Elyse Hawkinson

Haven't been here long but I already love it. The atmosphere is great, dorms are the best I have ever seen. The campus is well maintained and beautiful in the spring and fall. Lots of places to relax or to study. Lots of different offices to help you with homework, papers, speeches, or job interviews. Always something different going on to stay involved. Most of the teachers are great. And the food that is served in all the different cafés is outstanding. Love this college!

Alexzai Lundberg

Beautiful campus.

Inok Koumaka

Pacôme Ilboudo

Anna Newby

I have had a great experience with the instructors. However, the parking situation is very underdeveloped. Students who commute often arrive 1 hour early in order to find a spot. Residents often don't have the parking they bought a permit for. All in all, having parking be the biggest downside for a university is impressive. Good school!

Amanda Kis Cramer

I am a student at UNMC in the College of Public Health. If you are interested in health, understanding data, and positively impacting our world, then consider an MPH! The education is worth every penny.

Brian Moody

Graduated in 2008! Overall , I enjoyed my experience. A lot of learning, socialization, clubs and groups, and the food was at least decent, if not, a touch above. The campus then and now (though it has changed some) is beautiful and well-kept!


UNO COMMITS LEASE OR RENTAL FRAUD. BE AWARE. Cancelling your housing contract early will lead them to immediately charge you half of ALL OF THE RENT YOU HAVE LEFT, which will likely amount to over $1,000. If you don't pay this all in one bulk amount on ONE DAY, they will begin to charge you late fees. If you get a replacement for your room, THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU, despite saying in the contract that a replacement releases you from what you owe (AKA, they should refund you, but THEY DON'T EVEN TELL YOU). When you call them, they will ask how you 'found out' and then direct you to a different number. Besides, living at UNO is not worth the rent anyway - dorms are messy, noisy, and I knew several people who reported black mold in their dorms and it was ignored by the university. Their classes are often huge lectures with old and upset professors who don't help you to actually learn at all. Majors are limited to mostly business or IT-related occupations with little room to move. Degrees take a long time because they require multiple prerequisites for one single class. UNO LITERALLY ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY, NOT YOU AS A STUDENT. PICK SOMEWHERE BETTER. There are MANY, MANY BETTER CHOICES.

brett humphries

Kshitiz Sampang

Bashar Al Awaidi

Maiga Soumaila

Cecilia Saavedra

Liz Cortes

Great indoor rock climbing instructors and routes! This was my first time and we had a lot of fun! This Rec Center is beautiful and a great place to go when you are visiting Omaha.

Francis Ovwurie

My son is there Fredrick Francis the school is good.

Jace Crist

The Math Department really cares for their students! I can't say enough about my experience earning my Masters degree with them! They set me up to succeed! How can you not love Dr. Konvalina, Dr. Dora, Dr. Majumder, or any of the other professors? I will return as an alumni.

all out Go

It was an amazing experience going to UNO. I go to a club called THRIVE, and they invited me to stay at UNO for three days. All I can say is WOW!

Hanna Ingraham

Aliakbar Azizov

Bobby Barajas

Jorge Gutierrez

David Bradley

Ray Mihulka

Myself and my children have attended classes at UNO. Good school for it's size.

Robert D Kreifels

Felipe Salazar

It was an amazing experience going to UNO. I go to a club called THRIVE, and they invited me to stay at UNO for three days. All I can say is WOW!

Gamer Loves

Rico M

Angel girl and fox boy Family

Don't waste your time or money, especially if you are military. It is baffling on how this college is ranked number one college for military members. They forget to put in fine print, "Enroll only if you are not active duty or if you are willing to take the classes we want you." Don't expect to get the degree you want.

Gretchen Neer

Tracy Hoffman

youngnoh lee

It was really good experience.get to learn icon.

Ahmad Mohd

Very nice campus, good capabilities for the engineering schools laboratories.

Valéria Cristina Aguilar Pradella

Great place!

Cameron Parker

College will suck the life out of you, throw your corpse around like a rag doll, and finally stomp you out like a cigarette after its final use. Thankfully, UNO has an incredible staff of instructors and advisors that will get you through it all. If you put in 100% of your effort, they will return with it with 110% to bring you to your goal. The community and programs provided keep you sane and focused on the finish line. Get involved, give it your best, and use the many resources provided to you. Earning that degree ain't easy, but UNO is there to ensure the journey isn't made alone.

Abhishek Bhole

Thelma Cuellar

Rose Vino

have a transfer AA degree but they expect you to go pay for high school records that are 10-15 years old. Ridiculous, tuition is more than OSU online which is a better school and even within 24 hours your application fee is non-refundable.

Mad Me

Tina Huynh

I don't go to school here, but my friend does. They have a really cool improv club, look it up. Beautiful campus, just great all around. Wish it was in a different location and away from dodge's traffic though.

BeeB Tal

The accounting department are ass*******

Christopher Trageser

Stefan Snijders

I transferred to this school in January of 2012 form a community college. Since my transition it has been a wild, eventful, and illuminating ride. I barely spend any time on campus aside from my time going to classes, but I have met some excellent human beings from both the student population and the faculty. The School of Communications has some very fine educators who are more than willing to spend extra time ensuring their students grasp their subjects and get every opportunity to succeed. They are communicative and fair. The community on campus is very engaging, outgoing, and vivacious. The hockey team is excellent and the rest of the athletic programs are competitive, with several of them making moves toward similar excellency. Even the security staff is friendly and the IT staff is pleasant. Aside from the multiple major construction decisions this fall (2015) going on at the same time, I think most things are well-planned with the fairly clean, manicured, and attractive campus. Have even chatted with the Vice-Chancellor B.J. Reed. He's a great, straightforward, respectable guy. I graduate this December at our new arena, the Baxter Arena. I am proud to be a part of that graduating class, and will be proud to claim alumnus status from the University of Nebraska-Omaha when December 18, 2015 arrives.


Theres a lot of dirty ghettos kids

Chris Miller

Great MBA program ('95) Also hosts adaptive swim classes for special needs children/adults in partnership with Wragge Adaptive Swim.

salim Al Qassabi

Sam Jacobs

It’s shameful that I campus that brings in so much money can’t even provide adequate parking for its students. I am a local resident and I’m not even able to find parking in the neighboring park during the week because students use all of the park parking and neighborhood parking because parking is not provided.


It was my lovely university

Craig Richter

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is a top notch metropolitan educational institution! With a budding campus life, this campus has only begun to meets its potential. As a proud ‘97 graduate of this university, I believe this institution’s best years are still ahead of it. Go Mavs!

Juan Roldan

Celeste Kantaras


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