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REVIEWS OF University of Nebraska Medical Center IN Nebraska

Autumn Snyder

“If you can survive the ER, you can get better” Absolutely awful ER staff and residents.

laura Roberts

These people saved my life. They diagnosed a rare condition that two other hospitals couldn't. From aids, to surgeons, I've never been treated so well by medical staff. They were professional yet cheerful. The men treated me with dignity. Modestly. They wouldn't let me die when I begged them to. They would to have had to, but they persuaded me to let them continue the healing process. My home away from home. I love them all!

Quake Law

The few doctors that are nice doesn't make up for the way they treat people there. Don't expect anyone to go out of their way to help you. (radiology and emergency department).

Casey Craig

Worst place ever

Tj Vrba

Excellent care

Martin Cordoba

I don't like it at UNMC.

Lucas Gonzales

Is a very nice hospital

Lucy Yearian

Cyndi P

Good doctor nurse and ER

John Adrian

UNMC has been my hospital of choice since I arrived in 2003 - always professional, always caring, almost always on time. Have had several operations in different Departments - great follow-up by both the doctors and staff. I am now in the Gerontology Department - every one I have dealt with has been trained in working with seniors, the facilities and procedures have been especially designed for seniors. I felt it appropriate to compliment Dr. Potter on the Department she and others have built and that I would heartily recommend it to all seniors.

Patrick Star

Jewely Friday

They're so wonderful here <3 Never a terrible experience.

Mikayla Marie Salazar

Shane Limbach

c Weis

Quality care.

Michael Powers

Debra Reddy

Not impressed with this hospital at all and we will never go back. My husband went in for a kidney stone removal. He told them upfront that he would not have any transportation until 1 pm because I had to work. They told him that was not a problem but then after his procedure I was called at 10:00 at work to come get him because they needed his bed. My husband did not feel that the nurses really cared or showed much compassion or concern for him. The hospital itself is falling apart and seems very dirty. Update: Two weeks later my husband went to Methodist for the same procedure and the experience there was amazing. It made this place seem even worse!

Mike Bronson

Tremendous caregivers. They truly care about the patient

ramchandra gupta

Beautiful complex. Excellent education programme.

Cheryle struble

The Olson Center for Women offers the best in prenatal & postnatal care. The doctors, midwives and nurses are exceptional not only I. The medical field but bedside manner to!!

Teri Byers

ykms 00

I had A doctor talk to me like I was a drunk of bourbon street, my legs was still bleeding wen I left, This was 9:30 am, I will never be admit here again

Laura Pope

I can’t wait until Sept.17th!!! In order for the guy to show proof of me spitting in his face, he has to show proof of him breaking my jaw. Even the cops who let me go, knew the broken jaw and wrist was over the top. They sat with me at Creighton and took me home. I hope the security guard who came in after the fact to take a picture, willown up to what they did to me.

Tyler Enck

Horrible bedside manner best to leave you die then take care of a issue I do feel bad for the vary small 10% of medical staff that has what it takes but for the rest of the lot would never go back I'll put a bullet in my head then go there. Go to Methodist if it's a option well worth the care comfort and drive


I took my mother in to the ER due to having chest pains, numbness in the face and feeling faint. They were busy due to the bad weather. Completely understandable. However a woman with chest pains, blood pressure was beyond high & we sat there for 45 mins before anything happen. We got to the room & were there for 6 hours. They gave her fluids, took an X-ray. Forgot to hook her back up when they brought her back. They were supposed to be monitoring her as she was having these attacks. I went out after she had been unhooked for an hour. They said they would have someone come hook her back up. 35 mins pass. No one came in to check on her once. No one came back to hook her up. Her fluids were done and blood was backing into the iv. I had to hit the nurse button. Regardless of how busy you are, you still need to do your job correctly. You can only go so fast. It’s truly sad. She had these attacks for 6 hours and no one did anything. She was admitted for observation and to run more test. I will say, I felt a little better about that. However no one was on the same page, & we kept getting different responses. I let it slide because of how busy they were. After she was admitted, The doctor that came in and explained everything was amazing. However there was a PA I believe her name was Christine, Not a 100% sure, However this girl with blonde hair was extremely rude. She had a completely rude attitude saying we need to get her out of here sooner than later when it was time for her to be released. Talking about how busy they are. Not to mention, there were plenty of beds open. There was no one in my moms room, and the room across hers, they were shared rooms, and they were not full. It’s sad to say, the few people that are good at what they do get discredit due to the disrespectful, non pleasant & non caring employees. I honestly think they need to re-evaluate their employees in the ER and the observation floor on the second floor needs to get rid of people that don’t know how to act. It was a joke. I am disgusted with the way they act, the things they say and their bedside manner. I would’ve gave less stars but due to a few of the doctors were very nice and knowledgeable.

Keith Almquist

Went to the Nebraska Med. Ctr. emergency dept. for chest pain in the middle of the week. Waited for nearly 2 hours after being taken back to a room and never saw a doctor. We went to Methodist and saw a doctor in 10 minutes. Ended up being a pulmonary embolism. The only reason we rated them one star was because zero stars was not an option.

Megan Prater

The Adult Crisis Unit has taken excellent care of my Grandma where other hospital were negligent. I couldn't be happier with their efforts to treat her!

Iles Huey

Ray Wollberg

Great place, very professional and nice staff.

David McManis

If not for the great co0mpassion, oskill, loving environment I couldn't tell you about them.

Kaelee Wittrock

After having to change insurance to Medica because of turning 26 and having no employer benefits, Nebraska Medicine is no longer accepting my insurance. I changed my insurance plan twice so I could have it be accepted by them. I verified with multiple parties from the insurance company that I would have the second plan be accepted as the first was not, even though they said the first one was. I called to Nebraska Medicine to triple check before going in and they still will not accept this plan because it says ‘Minute Clinic’ on the card. The rep that I spoke to was rude, not helpful in any matter whatsoever. Nebraska Medicine and my neurologist is listed as a provider under this plan as well but even after saying that to the rep she still says that is only because of how they bill but I’d still be out of network. So even though I am paying for health insurance I would still be paying out of pocket costs to go to Nebraska Medicine after they obviously are not updating their information correctly with the insurance provider. They at least are not doing a very good job of letting me know of what they accept since I have called multiple times making sure that my insurance is to be accepted to be told by the insurance company yes. But Nebraska Medicine will not accept the only plans that I can receive and will not give me any reasonable explanations as to why or as to why they show up on the provider list. So thank you Nebraska Medicine for being such a waste of time.

Mary Dawson

Because of their professionalism and great physicians and specialists my husband is alive today after suffering nor only a heart attack but also a stroke.... They are a great hospital with absolute great medical teams all the way.... So thankful that we were there in our time of need! Ron n Mary Dawson

Teniece Donald

I love this place

Jaimie Petersen

Never say die. After a routine surgery my mother in law became infected with MRSR and was put in a medically induced coma for 5 days but never fully regained consciousness. Three months later she if now breathing through a tracheotomy with help of a respirator and being fed through a feeding tube. She has recieved CPR on several occasions and is going in for surgery to install a pacemaker despite having signed a DNR. People sign a DNR for this exact reason so they are not kept alive hooked to machines for months on end with no end in sight. Malpractice or insurance fraud?

Brad Belk

Jared H

Great healthcare, far fewer hassles

Alona W

Terrible emergency room. I was in the emergency room for 8-9 hours before I was told I'll be staying in the hospital for a few days.

John Mullen

Best care of any hospital the team goes above and beyond daily to make there patients and guests feel comfortable and important

Ona Williams

I changed my doctor because he wasn't part of UNMC. I have been a patient of this hospital for over 20 years. I have always received professional and kind service from the front desk to the testing labs. The doctors and nurses as well.l always recommend UNMC.

Benn Rayment

anthony jones

Today our son Michael has brain surgery and he is now in recovery, we are very grateful for having brought him to this wonderful place:)

Ramush Govori

My Brother had lots of surgery there and its horrible. and my friend and co worker I work with he's wife was taken off the list of transplant because UNMC should not even be a hospital there just a rip off .. they don't about human life your just a number to them.. my friend and he's wife are close friend like my family.. I will never want to associate with them on any way shape or form.. should SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATLY

Vickilyn Smith

Excellent care provided by All staff ,,, from doctors, nurses all the way to the kitchen staff!

Kelli Christiansen

Good care. They have worked to help me pay for cares. They took the time.

Josh Brown

After my 4 brain surgeries (by Dr. Stephen E Doran) and a 30 day chemically induced coma, UNMC Gave me the worst case of BACTERIAL MENINGITIS Nebraska has ever seen even to this day! Years ago, Before I transferred out to another hospital (which in fact saved my life), UNMC shut down their whole extremely marauded ICU to build in individually separated rooms because they “didn’t like the way it affected” me. During my ICU stay/coma/visit and BACTERIAL MENINGITIS period my mother walks in to find me face down in a pool of vomit while the staff is on their coffee break, and told my mother they would see to it when they get back. After years of reviewing comments & the turmoil I once lived through, I still wish this hospital would come to an end seeing all of the misery it forces onto people. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemies! I am a Survivor!

Laura Thomas

Really not a great experience at the er. There's no nurses or doctors or other patients. We've been waiting for 4 and nothing happens. This is getting very frustrating. No one goes to urgent care cause they can wait forever and a day. I get that they're busy but damn..then we got told we can't leave the room as if we were grounded. seriously worst hospital in the history of hospitals possible ever. Doctor was a nice guy though.

Jake Rajca

This is supposed to be an emergency room but yall go one client at a time. And since this is an emergency room. You should have more than one doctor

Rhonda Barry

MRI was done with work comp autho. then, UNMC say they sent bill to Worker's Compensation but they denied it. So, they say I owe them now. I told them I don't have money cuz I cant work cuz work comp injury. I ask for Financial Assistance, I fill out paperwork. Then they say took too long to send in paperwork . I still cant work, still cant pay, they still say I am responsible even though I had authorization from work comp in the beginning.

Sean Brockman

Ashley Munoz

Timothy Jones

Great hospital


Be careful. This hospital will perform on your children (non-emergency procedures) without your permission. They violate federal law. A horribly unprofessional medical facility.

Becky D

ER visit: The care was adequate, the attitudes were inexcusable. Do not treat me like a drug seeker when I am sent there by urgent care for a 5 to 6 mm kidney stone that was confirmed via CT scan. I will NOT GO BACK. I was literally throwing up from pain, I gave a 6 to 7 as my pain number (because I have had a 10, and this WASN'T it) and was sent home and told to use OTC. Thanks.

Russ Pierson

Horrible, avoid at all costs. Will not treat underlying issues. They will lie and commit malpractice and Medicare fraud. Once admitted for endocarditis took 12 hours in emergency room before moved up to a real room. I was in excruciating pain and was put on pain medication for 8 hours until another doctor came on duty and abruptly taken off because of their opinion. This place is pathetic and I am considering legal action against them for other issues. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone! Overcrowded, outdated, and filthy as well. Hire some proper cleaning staff, polite and knowledgeable nurses and doctors instead of opinionated and arrogant people that think they know everything. All people are not the same and not everyone has the same exact symptoms and complications for every illness. The doctors are of the variety that come in to see you every day only to give you 5 minutes of their opinion and will NOT listen to you then brush you off and leave. They charge you separately for their time for a $250 to $300 for "20 to 30 minutes consultation" fee every day.... for 5 to 10 minutes of hot air. I could learn more about my condition watching talk shows on television every morning than listening to theses quacks.

Blvk Okami

Sissy20476 Fallin

They never answer their phones in the hospital... i have been trying to call them back for over 90 mins because i missed a call and NO ONE ANSWERS THE DAMN PHONE

Gigi Valentine

We have always have had excellent care. They are so professional, they treat our loved one with the best care.

John Neal

Great Care


Great physicians for the most part. I have been sent once for about a dozen different lab tests and they only drew the first test. Not convenient when I drive from the other end of town.

Elizabeth Dak

My daughters experience was great after she got shot the nurses were great nice bedside person was nice and best hospital I've ever been too

Luis Dominguez

What a amazing experience having a baby here with the midwifes, this is our 3rd and they made it so easy. Thanks

KeepingIt Real

Bad Service- was there 15hrs not offered a drop of food or water arm pain chest pain found out clot in lung sent me home no pain meds had to leave work in so much pain can hardly move my arm 5 star hospital with 1 star service!! pathetically sad

M Carr

Amazing care and attention to the patient. Cold waiting room, bring a sweatshirt.

Luke Cypher

D Otto

Took my child to the Cardiac and Vascular Outpatient Clinic and was greatly disappointed. It started with the first impression when I walked through the doors. One receptionist was sitting at front desk eating a bag of chips and a plate of BBQ pork and potato salad. She kept telling other staff that walked through to try the potato salad. The other receptionist that checked us in was short and unfriendly. Then another staff member came out to the front desk to get info on a patient. They talked about the patient outload. I now know how to spell the patients name and what insurance he has and that he is coming in later next week. I hoped it would get better when we were taken back. It was a bit better, but felt like we left there with no answers and no plan. This was a huge disappointment. We were at Children's Hospital the week prior, and had a marvelous experience, and so maybe my expectations were too high. I would not recommend this place for a pediatric patient. I receive medical care from a different specialty in this institution and would give it five stars, but this experience was a disappointment. Unprofessional and unwelcoming.

wafa nasser

Vee Bill

Blackman23 Jordan

I love you guys. God. Bless. You

Robin Burgess

I have been a patient @ UNMC for quite a while due to referals from my PCP @ the air force base. I have had only the best experiences there. I've been seen by the gen surgery dept, pulmonary, cardiology , hepatology depts. Ive had lab work, lots of CT scans, ultrasounds, a bronchoscopy, EP study (heart cath) & surgery there. I've had great experiences with all the nurses, techs & doctors, but the registration staff can be a little iffy at times, lol. Would I recommend them? Absofreakenlutely!

Frank Menrad

Put me back together great Doctors Daniel Surdeel Best Nero Surgeon in Nebraska I can walk good Now

Colby Birdsong

Terrible, Terrible hospital. Their slogan should be UNMC "Mediocre Care, Extraordinarily Fast". Shame on you UNMC for the way you treat your patience like an assembly line.

James White

Susie Ochoa

Worse than killer joe Creighton make a lawyers will before you go in!

Rosa baechli

lavar lewis

John Craft

Glitchy Gamer

I have seizures the same time every month and none during 2 pregnancies. I have kept journals during this entire experience. They kept saying it wasn't hormonal. I insisted they checked my hormones but they refused. They refused to let me see a nutritionist there. They had me get a VNS sugery. It caused breathing problems and pain so I got it removed .They insisted and even tried to bribe me to try the RNS surgery but I refused. They scheduled the surgery 5 times and I finally told them it was harassment so they stopped. My family doctor is treating my hormones and I am finally seizure free after 11 years of having seizures and dealing with epileptologists using me as a guinea pig. I have trust issues because of UNMC, but I also thank them because I know how to say NO know!

Shaun Vetick

We went through them for the birth of my child and regretted it. Diverse secretarial staff were blunt and sometimes unprofessional, even ignoring us and not telling us the doctor wasn't in after we waited 45 min. They didn't call our doctor on the day of delivery AT ALL. The pediatrician called child protective services on us for no good reason, and even CPS agreed. Then he gave us terrible advice day after day, and spoke to us with disdain. I feel like he wanted our child taken from us, but why? Some nurses were helpful, but the department that administers medications took 4 hours to get the mother (via cesarean) any pain medication, so she was left suffering for no reason as well. Get rid of bad physicians and terrible secretaries, then update the system for transporting drugs between departments. Our doctor no longer works with them anymore either, and probably for good reason. He seemed very frustrated that they never contacted him.

Jim Robinson

Laura Hartline

Excellent phobotomist

Tony Sandoval

Great, polite, hospitable staff from doctors and nurses to custodians.

Donna DENISE Logan

Jolene Plambeck

Out of all the hospitals in Council Bluffs in Omaha Nebraska Medcenter is the only hospital I will go to good service good employees I can't say nothing bad about that hospital

Juan Peres

Steve Jones

I had a brain tumor the size of a baseball. they removed it and saved my life! Thank-You UNMC

palmsprings Judy Saba

Melody Chigerwe

Excellent service

Tom Hall

Everyone here is so helpful and hospital I've ever been to.yes it's huge but easy to navigate.employees and professional staff are awesome.

Barbara Hooper

Very knowledgeable and companionate. Buffett Cancer center is top quality.

Jan McNulty

Sean Gao

andrew cohrs

Lack of care. Sorry but don't waste time because they have 0 care for you. There all about the $$$$$

Brett Bowser

My wife had a baby here by C-section on a Saturday night. The some of the nurses (which we had about 10 different nurses) were very nice and helpful, but for the most part we felt like prisoners of a concentration camp. Immediately following the surgery, doctors, nurses, residents, and students from every department of the hospital woke her up in the middle of the night every hour or more and all throughout the day to ask questions and (most of them repeated what the last person said). All this going on while my wife is trying to keep up with nursing our baby and trying to get sleep. They had no consideration for her lack of sleep. My wife just went through 12 hours of labor and a C-section. They could have waited till morning to tell her all this stuff. Also they gave her every imaginable pill and poked for blood every hour. Some we tried to refuse but were bullied with scare tactics. We simply were not prepared to deal with this.

Jessica M

Dave & Kari Fowler

Kayla C

Rude nurses, careless doctors.

Matt Harding

Best care I have ever gotten.

hannah smith

The ER staff stole my mother and uncles jackets, gloves, and scarves. Refuse to help locate them (since they are the ones that took them) it is 20 degrees and my mother took an emergency flight from Texas to be with her brother and only brought the belongings on her. So when they leave they will have nothing to keep them warm. The staff there are not only thieves but they are absolutely incompetent, rude, and extremely unprofessional. Dont recommend this place to anyone especially if you dont want your belongings stolen from underneath you......dont even bother with security either bc you can call them 24 hours a day and they are never able to leave their "post" to even speak with you.....ridiculous.

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