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3800 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506

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REVIEWS OF Union College IN Nebraska

Mark Kuhnle

The campus is very pretty. The main quad is everything you would expect from an old small private college.

Ben Moore

I love Union College! Have had a wonderful experience there over the years. The faculty and staff of the school are very helpful. Good Christian environment. Cost effective as far as private Christian institutions are concerned. I also loved living in Lincoln, it's a great city. I would recommend Union to anyone.

Luca Battistini

Location"The way we were"

Andrew Shusterman

Mohamed Mahmoud

Good college

Jordan Finn

Ben Schwartz

Brennon Garner

Good place

John H.

Andrew Parnes

Robert U

Kenn Grosse

Elizabeth Cruz

Alexander Heywood

Peter Mikhael

Worst college take advantage if you do any thing wrong and it seems they don't like other races as much


Kasondra R

Smaller scale school but that means lower teacher to student ratio! Expensive, but quality, caring teachers. UC offers good community service opportunities, mission work and unique classes. Wonderful student body with good school spirit

Pat B

One of the most beautiful schools we have seen. There is so much history and you can see pretty much every building from the middle of a Rugby

Princess Zykeria

Great college! Thinking about going when i graduate high school in 2017.

Will Hayes

Union College's chamber music series is world-class!! Many of my former teachers and coaches have passed through here including the Tokyo Quartet, Emerson Quartet, David Finckel, etc. I also enjoy playing cello in concerts and musical productions at the college, and I admire the exceptional faculty and students here. All the best, Will Hayes, cellist

Jirka Matousek

Top school!

Jon Ruff

Beautiful campus, great people who work there. Good International Rescue an Relief program!

Raps 26


Maxime Pignon

ariana morgan

Otimus Prime

Demarcus Hamm

Billy Anderson

It is a great college to be at and a great atmosphere everyone is friendly there

Alex Zubarev

David Garner

Great place! My parents went there.

Gary Russell

Small college, great experience! Develops leaders and provides multiple opportunities for students to grow closer to Jesus. If you want more than a degree (a piece of paper), Union is the place to go!

Tanya Encalada

I don't know about the college itself but I like to take my daughter there to walk around. There's a rail car that looks kind of like the trolley on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. My daughter was excited to see that.

Kent Curran

Sharon Huang

Rob Oram


luxia yao

I love the union. Provide us a great place to gather to meet to study

Anthi K

Jared Turpin

Worsr staff Ive ever seen. The "I on one experience" is a dam lie. These people at the most heart and unconcerned "Christians" ive ever seen.

Talley Ackerman


A business will select a target audience to sell its product to. This business and others like it target the seventh day adventist community. What are they selling? an education that is so enveloped in mandatory classes and programs that have nothing to do with being qualified for any kind of a job. Don't think of it as a "college" where you go to "learn" anything. Think of it as a place where adventist parents send there kids so they can marry another adventist. In addition, the fun doesn't end after you graduate. One day, the time will come when you need to defer your student loans... only to have some kid of a faculty member who has a job processing such information (even though they are unbelievably unqualified) misfile or loose your deferment request... not once, not twice, but three times over a two year period. Incompetent, unnecessary, overpriced, and unprofessional.

Charanpreet Singh

Brian Gaugler

Amazing campus and faculty.

Jonas Danen

Debbie Rowe

We visited the campus on a Sunday afternoon, just to look at the grounds and landscaping. It was nice.

Logan McCarthy

Chad Stephens

Students always appear happy and the campus is well taken care of plus friendly to Pokemon-Go so awesome for everyone

Mary Unegbu

I attended the Union college Bachelor of Nursing program and I absolutely loved it. This school is very prestigious, prides itself on not just helping students through their education journey but assisting them in their spiritual journey as well. It definitely does a good job of achieving this. I am glad I attended Union and I highly recommend it.

Sheldon Dodson

A Google User

Pongmoy Tabucol

My son graduated from Union College. My daughter-in-law graduated from their PA program. Union has not only one of the best faculty who are committed to your education, but also to your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The education that they offer is highly regarded by postgraduate programs like Loma Linda University School of Medicine as well as employers. The vast majority of graduates leave with the Union spirit of loving service, and all the faculty do their very best to share and foster that Spirit. Highly recommended.

Thom Riley

Lydia Hursh

Luigi Battaglioli

Chuong Pham

Todd Bednarczyk

Chris Treiling

Excellent small school that provides great education. The campus is very clean and safe, a lot of the campus was built when the school was in its early stages so the architecture is next to none very beautiful.

Liaquat Pirzada

Wonderful Great lots of FUN For kids Free Ice cream,Pizza,Cotton Candy free games, game leaning hints...Woww

Joseph Farina

Tucker Ecke

Bry Galloway


Emanuel Storch

Mylene Huanqui

Kate Osterholtz

Dustan Daniel

Ryan Kerbs

A great place to get a cooler education. Although the price of private education is high the quality of the education is high. Union College provides many unique opportunities for students to gain experience in mission work and leadership that other schools do not offer.

Sahar Toluee Achacheluee

George Mwasumbi

Came here to consider whether I'd want to attend their school for college, and it was a wonderfully whole experience. The students and staff were all very friendly, and were willing to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding the campus. Their facilities were mostly up to date, and the campus is also a short distance from convenience stores and restaurants, which was also a plus. Although I may not end up attending this college, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Union and would encourage any unsure students to visit it and see if it's the place for you!

Lucinda Orr

Giant subs

Françoise Lejosne

Beshoy Micheal

Katy Dyas

Brendan Pritikin

Elvis Lara

Almartha Thomas

Angel Suarez


Matthew Russell

Kelsey Thompson


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