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REVIEWS OF Metropolitan Community College IN Nebraska

Erica Adair

Community College is a great option for getting your education at a lower price. However, I am extremely upset with Rita the financial aide director. She was supposed to get my financial aide request processed at the beginning of the fall semester started and NEVER did. She told me to start classes and that she would get my paperwork processed so I could get books and do my courses. I followed up with her via email and tired to call her and got her voicemail and her assistant every time. I now cannot register for classes this up coming semester and I now have to pay the school for classes that I couldn't finish due to not being able to get books without my loans/grants. I am very upset with her lack of professionalism. I now don't know what to do. Thanks Rita.

Rich Baird

I have had great luck with MCC. I started taking classes back in 2012 which helped advance my career even without having a degree. I am back to take classes to advance from where I am today. Couldn't be happier with my experience. The one issue I did have got taken care of once I brought it up. Thanks MCC!

Aja Reed

This "college" is run very poorly. Terrible communication and very slow at processing paperwork etc. Go to Iowa Western if possible. They are very efficient.

Lindsey McNew

I wish I would have read these reviews before I enrolled in classes. Saying the financial aid department is inept is an understatement. I started filling at my paperwork for loans and grants before the start at the semester, a week before it ends they tell me that my classes do not fit in to the program. I have filled out this paperwork no less than 4 times and now they decide to tell me that. When I question why I wasn't told sooner I am told that is not their department. One department pushes it on to the next, and so on. I have never had an experience like this.

Kealoha Crytser

The organizers of the 26th annual Fort Omaha powwow did an EXCELLENT job today! Largest crowd ever seen in the 7 years I have been coming to this powwow! Excellent planning of having a "white man" contest, which was a funny addition to the powwow activities! Nothing was broken today! Keep improving on it!

Heather Naser

The instructors and classes are great. However the reason this college has a low graduation rate is because of timeliness. I am a manager and I am appalled on how the Financial Aid center is run and with the Advisors that are in charge of student accounts. I have taken classes in 2009, 2010 and now in 2015-2016, however; nothing has changed in those departments. They will constantly loose your paperwork and when you call to see if they have received it they will put you through the ringer, I am currently on hold an have been for an hour because once again they have lost my paperwork that I faxed in three times, I have called my advisor who will not call me back and have submitted the form several times, with and without my student ID number on them, which is stupid because one of the documents is my tax transcripts with my social security number on it. For them to claim they have not received it is crap because I called and asked for the fax number directly to the financial aid department. They ran me off in 2010 with this crap and I have taken the quarter off of school to get my Financial Aid Reviewed and accepted because that's how long it takes, and I have failed an accelerated course because of their timeliness issues, some of us can't afford $200 a book just to take a test, some of us have families to support. If there was another option in my career choice I would take it but they need a new management system that actually keeps track of what their employees do, because if some random person snatched my tax transcripts off the fax and I have fraudulent activity under my name I will be suing this college.

Robyn Pawkets

Great school for a community college

Johanna Johanna

Don't waist your time or money here. I am currently enroled in my second and last term here, This collage sucks! The classes are cheap but you have to do 10 times the amount of work because the teatchers do not know how to teach. and the Cheap prices are quickly overtaken when you have to repeat classes over and over again. furthermore the teachers are not organised, changing asingments after their do date, and they never seem to get your grade to you intell after the class is over. I am retaking their math calss for the second time. and failing, mind you, both these times are the only I have ever recieved a grade lower than a B. Both classes had half the students drop 4 weeks into the class because they where all failing beyond recovery. Also the offic facualty seam to need a flame under them to get them motivated, you usualy spend an hour in the waiting room before you can do ANYTHING. I can not rate this low enoph. DO NOT GO HERE.

Jamei Pinkney

Started down the path to a bachelor's degree here and knocked out my first two years here. I've never had any issues with the instructors or staff in the student services center, cafe or book store. I love this location, the landscaping is always on point and all areas are kept very clean. Overall I've always had a great experience here.

Amanda Grover

Horrible experience at this school! I met with an advisor when i started and they enrolled me in the WRONG classes and set me back a whole YEAR!! Now its time for graduation and somehow they deleted my application on accident? or it was lost? I was almost denied the option to walk! My name wont be in any brochure or information for the graduation. Happy to finally leave! Tired of all the issues. I would check into a different community college if I were you!

Rael Lazzaro

They stole my financial aid

Tony Horner

Their online classes suck. I use the newest version of windows and I fail my class because they don't update their systems. I have windows 10 and they still use 7. I told the instructor and he didn't care. Over priced for how low quality their services are. Don't waste your money. If your smart look into CLEP testing. It's the best way to get your general education requirements out of the way.

Tatiana Martinez

The College was nice. Gloriela was a real help and very welcoming for my nephew!

Donnie Lopez


Google User

I think previous commentators discredit themselves when they spell "college" and other simple words incorrectly in their review statement. Basic sentence structure is also important. If you can have that disposition, you don't want to learn. You want a piece of paper to validate yourself. Other schools mentioned can offer you that. MCC offers an education. It means something to get a degree from this institution. It's not a participation award, it's something you earn through hard work.

Allan Goff

Doesn't care about students and staff safety.

An Omahan

Unfortunately, this is located in a warzone. The campus itself is not dangerous as far as I know, but the surrounding neighborhood is very dangerous and slummy. Neighborhood residents have had bullets fly through their home. If you attend this campus, do not venture into the surrounding neighborhood, just stick to the campus. Make sure you drive here, do not even think about taking a bus. Shootings have occurred from fights on buses along this route, and waiting for a bus on 30th st near Fort is unsafe.

Ronnold Rosenburg

I had 3 professers in my time at mcc 2 were really good but i had one that messed up everything. I was an A student with a full tuition paid for. The councillors were

Honor Woodruff

MCC as far as the teachers I experienced were pretty great! I enjoyed the classes I took! What I didn't enjoy was anything that had to do with the administration side of things. Getting in to see a counselor, getting help with financial aide, and now I am being charged full price for a class I had to drop due to dropping it 7 days past the census date. I could understand some sort of penalty, but to be charged the full price for a class I am not taking is ridiculous. I am so glad that the last class I need for my associates I can take else where while working on my bachelors. I am so happy to be done with the rude and money hungry school this is.

Kaylee Laurie

Liked the teachers and my classes. However, the financial aid office is HORRIBLE. It felt like they were working overtime to make sure I didn't receive any financial aid. Filled out everything I needed to, brought the required documents. They told me that because my mom lives with her boyfriend, I have to PROVE they are not married, which is obviously ridiculous. However, as requested, I brought them my mom's license and social security card, which showed her correct last name. But, even though I was told that those would be absolutely all I needed to present in order to finish my financial aid requirements, it still wasn't enough! They wanted to set up a "meeting" with my mom to make sure she wasn't married. I'M NOT EVEN HER DEPENDENT. And I was not rewarded any finanical aid because of this. It was nearly impossible to get a hold of RITA in finanical aid, who was in charge of these issues. RITA WAS RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, ARGUMENTATIVE, INCOMPETENT, AND COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED FOR HER POSITION. Please consider restaffing.

Jorge Gutierrez

The one and only problem with MCC is their Financial aid in general. Careful if your thinking of attending this college.

Kayleigh Marie

I love this new campus and the instructors as well. However, the financial aide office needs to brush up on the people skills. You would think that the students that fund the school would be treated with a little respect. You guys are QUICK to take a payment but work slow as hell when it comes to the students needing assistance.

Kari Roegge

I completely agree with everyone when speaking about how horrible the financial aid department is

Ashley Canby

I've had to wait every single time for my loans and grants to come through. It's been 4.5 weeks since I've submitted my loan requests for the 2014-2015 school year and they have not been processed. When I filled out my first form, no one in the office could answer my questions so I submitted the way the lady in the office told me to. Three weeks later I find out it was denied because she gave me the wrong directions. I filled out another form. I am currently STILL waiting. It takes weeks to get your refunds. They are very unprofessional and never on time. I do not recommend anybody to go to Metro.

Michele Meusch

My daughter and I talked with and advisor in April, to get enrolled in classes for Fall. The advisor "forgot" to enroll my daughter, now the class is full. Financial aid services could not possibly be any more inept. I have never been transferred more or given more incorrect information than what the "professional" faculty members have provided me over the past months. Very disappointed in this mass "education" mill.


This place is a joke as far as financial aid and rss they also like to lie about services and will send you in circles to find a service that hasn't existed for years Also what is the point of going to class on campus when the professors put all of the material online and teach it in person yet refuse any sort of paper ?

Marcus Majic

The graduation rate is under 20%. Like most community colleges it exists to profit from the government, namely the directionless recipients of Financial Aid. It’s just not a good school. The counselors aren’t even required to have degrees related to education. A lot of the students aren’t even on an adult reading level. Students expect easy passes and get them because the government dollars keep this dump going. However they pass them along just enough to keep the money train rolling. Even though the graduation rate is abysmal the dollars keep coming because like anything with the government there’s no accountability. Road to nowhere.

Marcos Jacome

Awesome school, affordable, great instructors, decent campuses, worth every cent.

Rachel Whitlock

Awful. I’m not the only one to have had issues with particular courses. Absolutely would not reccommend.

Damien White

I love going to this school. Its so new and well kept that I feel like I'm home when I'm using the computers or being helped by the great staff. This place is amazing!

Jorie Belgrave

Financial department is a joke! Also I have tried to call NUMEROUS times to speak with someone, Im instantly put on hold, wait for what seems like HOURS only to be hung up on! Metro can shove it! Im enrolling in IWCC!!

Jamal Salad

Financial aid process is so frustrating over here!!

Taylor Flurry

Just bad all around! Don’t let the low price and short time fool you. You don’t get any notice from the professors when you need help. I would never suggest this place to anyone!


I have already posted how HORRIBLY this financial aid office is run and how RITA, specifically (and among others), is completely unhelpful, rude, and incompetent. This is a follow up for anyone in need of a decent/well-run school (even though anything would be a step up). I have since transferred to Iowa Western and have had zero problems and nothing but good experiences. I already finished a Summer semester there and the financial aid process was fast and the school required no additional or unnecessary information from me. It's ridiculous how Metro's financial aid office refuses to help their students in need. I don't know if they get paid more for giving out less financial aid, but if not they are just lazy. I have been to four colleges and this is the absolute worst. I really hope you have restaffed RITA and most of the financial aid office. I could go on forever, but choose IOWA WESTERN. And FIRE RITA!!!!!!! SHE IS HORRIBLE!

Stephen Griffin

The financial aid office has no idea what they are doing whatsoever furthermore their online programs are in desperate need of improvement I did not like the two semesters that I took there online. With community colleges and state universities being so stuck up and incompetent as they are . no wonder people are flocking to for-profit colleges like the University of Phoenix and DeVry

Antonio Tellez-Jordan

Unethical behavior regarding fraudulent charges on my account. I was auto enrolled for classes that I was never aware of and now they are trying to charge me for a class i never signed up for. DONT TRUST THEIR ADVISORS. They never tried to contact me to let me know this was happening. This is a terrible college and I've spoken to the same rude and condescending woman every time i call the financial aid office. Ive been trying to dispute these charges for months but because I never dropped the class officially, even though i never attended once, they are trying to charge me $400. Save yourself the time and go to any other college.

Ray Mihulka

Up and coming school that has has really grown in the past 20 years. Highly recommend. All three of my children attended before going to UNO and other four year colleges.

Pete LeDoux

Financial Aid will not speak to me even in a medical emergency. Rita never returns voicemails. Other financial Aid faculty cant/wont help and im failing class with a huge penalty on my pell grant due to a medical issue I didnt cause. Because only rita can help (and she wont call me back) im being banned from Pell grant status on her account. Im currently in the hospital from someone else’s actions on drugs,and no way to try to fix the pell grant issue since the one person in power is an effin-worthless waste of space. Her actions have screwed me even though ive done everything possible. As a ceo of a media company, even with my health issue, im more responsive to my clients than she is and her decisions affect peoples life and future. Rita needs to be fired (out of a canon, into the sun).

Samantha Caroline Enriquez Sanchez

Awesome Culinary Arts program!

Emily Palestino

I've gone back and forth between UNO and MCC in order to get the classes i needed in the correct time frame. The teachers at MCC are mostly great, mostly. Some of them don't seem to concerned with actually teaching. The student website is enough for me to not want to go there anymore. I've struggled for years to understand how it is set up (I'm 23, I understand pretty much all technology). I will waste so much time trying to click one link, only to be directed to another page. Want to see your class schedule? Don't click "my class schedule" from the home page.. it takes you elsewhere. Also every link that is clicked opens in a new tab (this is not a setting on my browser). I don't understand how these websites are "new", or how they can boast technological programs when they create such an inept website layout.

John Craft

I'm loving there GED program!!!

Grace Bradford

While I enjoy my classes and most of my teachers are great, the financial aid department is abysmal and I can get from past reviews two or three years ago, it still hasn't changed. I called Student Accounts and spoke with an horribly rude, older woman. I hadn't received my pell grant fund yet, they tell me I don't get funds back because I barely had enough to cover for the semester, but the website specifically shows I'll be disbursed the remaining amount on the 28th, she told me that was incorrect. I asked if they could tell me what I could expect for the 1st half of my loan, because it shows 1,300$ for the fall quarter I'll be getting back and she said and VERY rudely I might add "You are barely getting any money back for your loans and we can't tell you over the phone" I was floored, she talked down to me like I was an idiot and was incredibly disrespectful, unhelpful and extremely apathetic. I'm thinking about transferring to IWCC instead because I was appalled at MCC's awful behavior in the financial aid department.


Financial Aid Department is run so poorly. If you want to get things done you have to manually call the Financial Aid counselor who runs the entire thing. Wait more and more weeks for an answer from her. Their website always has problems and things just aren't organized. Professors though are great but I'm only a freshman here and the way this school is ran things could be a lot easier if Student Services/Financial Aid department were more involved and motivated to actually help. Instead of sitting and looking miserable for shifts to be over with.


I like my professors, all professional in their fields and Teach at other colleges as well. I feel like I'm getting a top notch education for a fraction of the cost!

Fun Plus

i hate it! computer science program is a joke! teachers don't give one bit of a shyt ! they just throw a bunch of freaking homework at you and they upload a few power point slides to look through.. go ahead and try it... BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

seth quillen

In order to receive financial aid I was asked to sign and date a form sent out to me along with an explanation as to why my last name had been changed. I wrote on this paper that I had gotten married, signed, and dated it and then mailed it in to the address given to me. A couple weeks later I had received another paper asking for the same information on it so I called them. They said they never received the old document and to go ahead and redo it and try sending it in again. So I did. I figured they got the statement because I hadn't heard from them and this time I had sent it in their envelope that had been addressed by them and did not require a stamp. I then called to verify a couple weeks later and they once again told me that it was never received. I never got either one of them returned to me, so this to me is when it started to feel like they had been scamming me. When I had talked to a woman on the phone this time she told me that I could just come down to Omaha and sign it. I live an hour away with young kids and my husband and I worked opposite schedules, not to mention that we didn't have the money to drop on gas at that time. I let her know that we are not able to do that. I asked if there is anyway I could do it via email and at first she said no and that they can not except a signature unless I actually sign it, not just type my name. I then asked about using a program where I would actually sign my name but through the computer. She told me that would work out fine and that they then could process my information since that was the last form needed for it to be complete. On November 9th I completed the form and signed it by hand on my touch screen laptop using a program called Docusign. I didn't hear back and she let me know she would call back if there were any problems, so I had assumed everything worked out okay. Months later I get a bill in the mail. Nobody had called me to let me know anything had been wrong and this was the third time I had submitted this document. I called them again and I had even talked with the manager of financial aid on the phone. She was very rude and said no matter what they can not award the financial aid and that they expect the bill to be paid. I told her that I have proof in my email that they "never received" and I told her I will bring it up to Omaha Friday and she said she will be in the office all day Friday and that I could come speak with her but there would be no guarantees. My family and I went down there on Friday and we ended up going to the wrong Metropolitan campus. the manager was not there, but I had talked to another woman in financial aid and she said my case was valid and that what I had in my email was proof. She told me to print it out. I handed her the email with the document dated November 9th. She called and spoke with the managers assistant and she told her to send it in but there argument was that I had turned it in too late. The quarter ended November 23rd, I had sent it in November 9th. The lady I was sitting with had told them that. The managers assistant had then told her because I had failed the class that financial aid wouldn't do anything. But, if the financial aid were processed on their end when it should have been the class would have been paid for regardless of passing or failing so I know that that is untrue. When that didn't work for them the lady I had spoke with got off the phone, faxed the documents, and had asked that the manager call me. I waited in Omaha for over an hour and finally got a call back while we were at lunch. It was her assistant and she was very rude and told me that this document is not an acceptable document and that they do not take any electronic signatures. I was told to do what I did, I did it in a timely manner, I tried three different times, I went to Omaha to work it out in person and have proof of the time it was sent in. Plus the electronic signature is my real handwritten signature. I would not recommend this college to anyone.

Desiree Davis

They tricked me into sighning over my check from my tribe, they didnt tell me what quarter this check was for so they pay for the bookstore credit i owe and send it back to my tribe. They admit it was they fault but didnt do anything about it. Not only that... they have received my other check back in april and i call my tribe to confirm when the check was delivered she said april 9 . So i called students accounts to see whats going on and they act as if they never recived it until i told them i tracked it. Then gave me some bs excuse why they havent been able to put it in my account. So now its june 9 and im just now getting my money. Great school just not very good staff.


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