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Shawn Donna

DO NOT ORDER THE ELECTRONIC TRANSCRIPTS BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPLETELY USELESS!!!!! I tried to order my transcripts for a job and they are insanely expensive ($10 for electronic and $15 for paper when I only play $5 for my masters transcripts at a different school). When you receive the email for the electronic copy it comes as a pdf download which is completely useless to employers because it's considered a copy. But before you order Bellevue tells you that the electronic ones are legit which you don't find out is a lie until after the fact. When I spoke to the registrar's office they told me sorry but if you want them sent to your employer you will just have to pay again. Like they are so cheap, right? What a scam!

James S

Bellevue University is an outstanding educational experience with top notch staff and professors. I graduated in 2005 and the education I received at Bellevue impacted my career in a positive manner. I have since returned to work on my Masters. The curriculum is up-to-date and reflective of the real world. Rewards in life come with hard work and dedication. I read the comments made and was surprised by the negative ones. However, I served my country for 30 years to protect the rights of folks to practice free speech. In exercising that right, I would like to say well done Bellevue University, you are making a positive impact on professional and personal goals of thousands. James S.

Carl Davis

srikanth chelikam

Dwand Hall

Tochtli MX

(Translated by Google) I had questions, I just emailed my professors and they answered back in a day or less. Enough and productive small homework and discussions. Plenty of tools and material available, and weekly short essays is sufficient to develop concrete skills and a strong learning experience. Each instructor works differently but they are always willing to help. As a student, I had an excellent experience in all areas. When it comes to financial issues, I got emails to correct stuff and to stay informed. I really liked this school, I took classes online and although it seemed complicated, everything was well explained, and if I had questions, the teachers would not take long to answer me. There is a teacher and a class every 6 weeks, and during those weeks there is a different topic. The tasks and discussions were very helpful to keep me informed. They have a lot of material available in the virtual classroom. Each teacher expects different things but in itself, all with the same purpose. There are papers to be given every week but they were not so long, and all this helps so that one is truly prepared out there. It went well, even being foreign / naturalized, because I thought it would be very difficult to obtain my Bachelors or bachelor's degree. It was less complicated than I thought, and everything was worth it. They are good to communicate with one, when it comes to any issue, even economic, and they explain how to solve it. (Original) Very organized information throughout the online courses, when I had questions, I just emailed my professors and they respond back in a day or less. Enough and productive small homework and discussions. Plenty of tools and material available, and weekly short essays is sufficient to develop concrete skills and a strong learning experience. Each instructor works differently but they are always willing to help. As a minority student, I had an excellent experience in all areas. When it comes to financial issues, I got emails to correct stuff and to stay informed. Me gustó mucho esta escuela, tomé clases en línea y aunque pareciera complicado, todo estaba bien explicado, y si tenía preguntas, los maestros no tardaban en responderme. Hay un maestro y una clase cada 6 semanas, y durante esas semanas hay un tema diferente. Las tareas y discusiones fueron de mucha ayuda para mantenerme al tanto. Tienen mucho material disponible en el salon virtual. Cada maestro espera cosas diferente pero en sí, todo con un mismo propósito. Hay papeles que entregar cada semana pero no eran tan largos, y todo esto ayuda para que uno esté verdaderamente preparado allá afuera. Me fué bien, aun siendo extranjera/naturalizada, pues pensé que iba a ser muy difícil obtener my Bachelors o licenciatura. Fue menos complicado de lo que pensé, y todo valió la pena. Son buenos para comunicarse con uno, cuando se trata de cualquier asunto, aun económico, y te explican como resolverlo.

Music Diary

Charged additional fee that unexisted. Low and bad student service. The only star is for those great friendly professors and career consult

Yousif Beeso

chakri chakri

Avik Das

Sauda Bledsoe

By far, the worst experience ever! I NEVER write reviews but I felt that it was absolutely necessary to write about my experience with this school. I was very ill last year for half of the year and attempted to remain enrolled in school. After not being able to stay on top of the work, I decided to withdraw during 2 Quarters. I was told after the 2nd Quarter that I would not need to file an appeal for financial assistance as my appeal would carry over into that next quarter and that I would receive financial assistance. Please keep in mind that I provided all of the documentation from my doctor and had provided numerous emailed communications. 3rd Quarter, 3 weeks into the Quarter and literally the day before my disbursement was supposed to be deposited to my school account, I receive an e-mail that my aid has been suspended. After many calls and escalations and weeks of pleading, I was told that I had 2 options: a) Pay $700+ that day to remain enrolled in the current course and pay the remaining balance within a few weeks or b)Withdraw from the University completely. Yes, those were my options. Instead of Bellevue owning up to the fact that they obviously had an incompetent rep, that is working in the financial aid office, giving out inaccurate information that could affect a student's livelihood, they basically told me too bad! If I could afford to pay $700 at the very moment that someone asked me to, I probably would not require financial assistance. I decided to withdraw from the University and I am now enrolled in another MHA program and thriving!! I absolutely WOULD not and could not stay enrolled with a school that obviously cares nothing about their students! If you decide to attend school here, best of luck! Please take all of the horrible reviews into consideration! It is not worth it!

Aaron Gilliland

Needs some work. Only a few classes were challenging. It really depends on the professors you get.

David Wood

I finished my undergraduate degree in 2014 from Bellevue. I think it depends on a number of variables such as timing, program/major, individual instructors, etc. that determine one's experience at any school. My experience was pleasant and the professors were experienced and knowledgeable. The coursework was intense. I particularly enjoyed the KSS. It gave my degree a liberal arts component that gavethe degree a worth beyond the typical college degree. I knocked off one star because of the expense.

Troy Bevans

This is an absolutely wonderful educational institution. I am currently working on my Masters in Leadership and Coaching with them and could not be happier.

Dylan DiGiovanni

Another reviewer described Bellevue as "predatory" and that is 100% true. Until this "university" decides to stop requiring 9 credit hours for their Kirkpatrick Signature Series, they will remain illegitimate and undeserving of anything more than a 1 star rating. 9 credit hours on top of the requirements for a degree potentially adds an additional semester and nearly $5,000 in tuition expenses when accounting for all the hidden fees associated with each class. What a scam. Go to University of Nebraska Omaha, which has almost the same acceptance rate and lower tuition, and enjoy a real college. Bellevue is a joke.

G Blanchard

I am attending Bellevue now. Key knowledge for applicants: They went the extra mile to accept my existing credits from a fully accredited school in the Midwest. I'm in the online program. Once you understand the drill, the process works beautifully. I work on my classes when I want to, I've learned key things for my degree, and they are fully accredited. This is a fantastic way to get your degree. I was ecstatic to see the Kirkpatrick series was part of the curriculum. Like every student, I want my study to work toward the future I'm planning in IT. But this should be a requirement in every school, starting in grade school. It's what's missing from most curricula. You get such generous acceptance of your existing credit hours, and it is so easy to knock out what remains that you aren't losing anything vs another school. Other schools will also have curricula to round out your education, but it's in something less useful. If you hate our country, you can always go to another school and learn to be a societal ingrate. They teach that everywhere. The cost is not the lowest, but somewhere in the middle. Everyone I've spoken to at the school is extremely helpful. About everything. Bookstore, Financial Aid, Student Services, etc.

Ori Mai Smith

Well I am not sure where to start. 1. They force you to take, and pay full tuition for, a program called Kirkpatrick signature series. I get that, except there is no way out of it if you have had constitutional classes in the past and/or also worked in law enforcement and military. Most people need a lesson on the constitution but it should be waived for those who have had extensive experience with it. That is $3000.00+ I do not want to pay for something that has nothing to do with my major. 2. Communication is basically non existent. They never once sent me an orientation packet or any documentation on how online classes work or what we have to do to set up to take classes online. Other forms of communication such as email and phone calls had a 48-72 hour turn around. Finally, they just don't seem to really care about anything except your money, otherwise they would take good care of students.

sai chand

Larry Banks

They are so unprofessional the person who tried to help me didn't help me at all she didn't explain to me about the Business program but she chose to ask me questions about my personal life and my school experience sad!

Jackie Sparkles

This is my first year of school here at Bellevue & I am extremely happy so far. I am most impressed by how helpful the faculty is ; and how much the professors are willing to go out of their way to help you get the best education possible. There is a lot of resources and facilities available for free not to mention how much money they give in scholarships on top of how affordable it is already. If you are looking for a school that provides the best experience or opportunity Bellevue University is the school. GO BRUINS!

Esso Nador

Bir Bahadur Kunwar

Damon Smith

Worst experience ever! I took a class, withdrew from that class and had to reimburse my employer via direct deposit. Bellevue also sent me a bill for the class stating my balance is the result of a Sallie Mae loan!! I’ve never ever had any student loans. Sallie Mae has no record of an account for me at all. Each time I speak to a rep i get told different information! Lastly I was told basically I’m being double charged for the class. Even though I paid my employer back, Bellevue is also charging me for that class and I’m forced to pay them $1000 for a transcript with a “W” grade! Highly frustrating! Do yourself a favor and avoid Bellevue University at all costs!!

Karen Gomez

Awesome university. Helpful staff and great options for the working student

Lanny Hupka

Jason Holland

arnell carmichael

I completed my Bachelor's degree here, as well as my MBA. I can completely vouch for the programs that I accomplished within this University! While the online courses seem easier from a topical vantage point, I would caution one with saying do your due diligence! If you are not organized and self-motivated, then you may want to consider the brick and mortar delivery. I think I've accumulated more gray hairs throughout the MBA program; than the three combat tours that I completed in the military. Additionally, if one is also concerned with the validity of the online courses, I assure you that for the MBA you will take around four or five "proctored" tests to satisfy anyone's "in-class" hunger. Overall, I am satisfied with the curriculum of the university and have, as well as will continue to recommend this school to anyone I come in contact with.

Raylee Hahn

Bellevue University makes it unbelievably difficult to earn a Masters degree. Tuition is up to over $1,700 per class. Each class will also cost you over $100 random fees. Also, Bellevue's classes do NOT count for credit at any other institution. Trust me, I have tried. I've never failed a class, yet they discontinued my federal student aid and have forced me to pay out of pocket. Were talking $7,000 a year to attend online classes (one at a time). There is very little educative takeaway here and they rob you blind. Bellevue ONLY cares about money.

Quita Thomas

I've had the worst experience with this school. They will not explain anything to you, they expect you to know. They never stated my tuition wasn't covering my books so I found out on my own by inquiring because books were needed for a class that I did not have .After finding out the advisor was like oh well it's all on you. The advisors are the worst at responding to calls. They are no help in any form .Overall I wish I could unroll and find a different school but it's too late so I am stuck making the best out of a situation the school doesn't care about .This school is only about your money. Do not attend this school! Find a different oneone !

prashanth .kanthi

Jhoanna R. Jones

One of the best schools in the US for working adults.

Cam Code

The admin side is fantastic with this school; however the course curriculum and classes are definitely not worth the price tag.

Andrea Wayne

Mikal Allen

Just started here so far it's great!

Jason Oliver

David Galvin

Bellevue University is a private, non-profit institution that provides high-quality educational programs. The University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Both online and face-to-face classes are available. Bellevue's faculty is composed of highly qualified individuals who care about the success of each student. The admissions and financial aid procedures are streamlined and hassle-free. Credits are easily transferred from other schools. A previous reviewer commented negatively about the requirement of the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. Bellevue is very clear from the outset that those courses are required as part of its liberal arts program. If that is a deal-breaker, then I'd recommend choosing another school. There was also a complaint from a reviewer about not receiving an informational packet in the mail. It is true that Bellevue does not generally send printed materials. Unless you are attending face-to-face courses, all information is easily accessible on their online learning portal. If you like to have hard copies, you can simply print the course materials at home. The bottom line -- I graduated with a B.S. in Business from Bellevue, and I highly recommend this school.

Jesse Holland

Expensive, predatory, not military friendly! I got stuck in transit on the way home from a deployment and could not attend classes for almost a month. After several attempts, I was not able to retake the courses or have the classes refunded, but they finally dropped the failing grades. I was 3 classes from my degree so I reenrolled. I got to my last class and they informed me that they changed their mind and I now I had 3 more classes.

Dan S

I am just finishing my first session for B.S. in Software Development, and it was great. I have been writing software for 18+ years, and the curriculum is up to date and will prepare you for work in the industry. The professor is very helpful and always responds quickly. I would refer this to anyone who is working full time and can't go on a traditional schedule with school. Bellevue does have a large campus in NE, from what I have seen using Google Earth, it looks nice. But the online curriculum is what hooked me.

Elko Kouete

Cade Mccue

Well my dad works there and there are so many benefits

Robert Hightower

This school only cares about fees. Every fee from the transcript fee, student fees $900 a year now, everything is Ivy League priced. They just want more and more money. The student fee has gone up 375% in the past 5 years, it's impossible for a single income family to pay. Just when education is supposed to be more affordable, Bellevue is raising the price bar. Complete rip off

Max Johnson

Best university ever. I learned a lot and was able to find a job right after graduation.

sairam nova

Lauren Peck

I have had a horrible experience so far with Bellevue. Beginning with the application process now through the first term there is a consistent lack of communication from their staff. I missed application deadlines for scholarships and now have had large loans taken out on my behalf without my knowledge. When you try to contact to get issues resolved no one is available to take your calls.

Collin Messersmith

If there was a zero it would of gotten that low, terrible experience. The "professors" do not even hold a Ph.D., The cost is 10x that of more credible universities. Absolutely a disgrace to the Omaha metro community.

Ayman Khudhur

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