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REVIEWS OF Montana State IN Montana

Caroline Gustin

andrew lommen

Allyah White

Shakayla Collins

I love this college, I wanna go to this college!

Isak Petersen

Great university for research and engineering



Peasley C

Two close family members graduated here. Rough climate in Bozeman but great skiing opportunities for the students, reasonable tuition rates, good professors and jobs available in labs doing research.

Brett Ray

Legendary place for legendary people

J John

Michael Oswald

Most of these reviews must be written by non-impartial or non-student individuals - counseling services are almost impossible to procure, health services are standoffish with students and miss obvious diagnoses - I have a 100% misdiagnosis rate there with ailments that outside care providers immediately (and correctly) diagnosed - because it was obvious. Administration is very eager to hunt down students that have a bad experience to remove them from campus so they can't complain. If you're not completely on the ball and can't guarantee that you won't have some sort of family emergency or tragedy (they will not move anything or have any mercy for these) You're taking a serious risk going to school here - especially if family isn't close. For your health - stay away

Jonathan Dupea

In the middle of year two studying engineering. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Great setting, helpful professors, and fun classes. Figured I should update this. Graduated in 4 years and had a blast doing it. 10/10 would recommend

Caitlin Jones

Ryan Scanlan

Tiffany Norton

Was going to move to Great Falls MSU but was having trouble registering for classes because of the money i owed to Bozeman MSU. After speaking to the DEAN, it was granted that i was in good financial standing and they allowed me to register. After deciding to stay in Bozeman, I was hoping to attend MSU Bozeman nstead. After trying to get a hold of the dean yet again, he denied ever saying that was ok, even after Great Falls had confirmed it. When explaining this to him for a FIFTH time all he could say to me was, "Maybe if you just pay off what you owe you could register for classes, have you thought about that?" AS IF. If i had the money to pay it i would not be trying to jump hoops to go to school. Definitely only concerned about the business side of things instead of a students education.

Peter Billman

M B.

Julian Gaub

Isabela Lizio


Campus is ok. Buildings need repair. Equipment for undergraduate science labs is scarce, old, out of date. I had questions about my financial aid so i called financial aid, got passed around to several people, still didn't get anything resolved. This has replayed with the registrars office, and advising. It's clear employees want to get you moved on and out of their space instead of helping you. The campus is not visitor friendly. Parking is a mystery and if you do happen to find a spot that looks legal you'll still get slapped with a $50 ticket anyway. Also you'll have to hike at least a mile to your destination only to find out their closed or have moved or the person you need to see is out. All ok but no one else seems concerned with stepping in and helping you. Students are rude. Cut in front, pushed, a lot of bad language out in public where there are small children. I was walking on a sidewalk and a young man pulled his vehicle directly over the sidewalk then sneered at me "to hard for you to go around?" and some employees nearby openly laughed at me. Yes, this was on campus. My impression is unkind, cold, uninterested, snobs, unhelpful, expensive for what you get. Bozeman is also really expensive and most jobs don't pay more than $10/hr.

Leif Wickland

Best university in town!

TJ Wilkerson

Yeah it's pretty alright I guess

Guy Sensei

Best school in the US

Will Nordahl


Zeid Rabi

pretty trSH UNIversity because it sucks very much


Beautiful campus. Modern and well taken care of. If you are not a student, there is still lots to see. The campus is covered in sculptures, artworks, historical signs and statues. Wonderful place to spend the day exploring.

Janet Jones

Great place for higher education

Tanner Schmitz

Kenneth Starr

Arash nk

Luis Alfaro


Kaleb Biladeau

Pat K

An outstanding University with a beautiful campus.

Mark Southworth

Jacy McNulty

This is beautiful school in a beautiful location. I have not once regretted coming here for my bachelor’s degree. My first year, I lived in Hapner Hall. It was one of the nicer halls, and it was only girls. The dorm had many amenities and was always locked and secure. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with roommates. My first roommate dropped out of school, and because I wasn’t paying for a single room, they forced me to drop everything mid-semester and move everything with no help. I never really got along with either of my roommates so I struggled to make friends and still do to this day. The campus is moderately sized, but you can easily walk anywhere. If you’re not from Montana though, the winters can be long and brutal, and they take a toll on you and your car. For the most part, I’ve had decent and fair professors. There are a few foreign professors that I dislike because it’s such a struggle to learn from someone when there’s a language barrier. Most professors also have too strict of an attendance policy and some are still technologically illiterate. In the town of Bozeman, it is extremely easy to find a job, and there’s really no excuse not to work. On the other hand, the housing market is so limited that finding a place to live is really hard. Bozeman has everything you could really need in terms of stores, but lacks in nightlife and entertainment. They town draws a lot of tourists in the summer for Yellowstone, so traffic and hotel rates can be excessive. The school also tends to draw a lot of rich kids, ski bums, and farm kids from across the country. The school definitely favors agriculture and engineering majors, as they get all the new buildings and equipment. Parking and road maintenance is pretty disastrous but that’s pretty consistent among all colleges. Overall, I would recommend attending here. I would recommend finding a part-time job to meet new people and so you can afford to live off-campus. I would also recommend bringing a sturdy, four-wheel drive vehicle.

Espen Rodsjo

Pancasatya Agastra

The icon of Montana State University.

holly price

Toon Shader

They look like I 4 star college to me.i haven't gone here so it's probably safe to ignore my review. But. Who knows. Maybe I'm rite. Got to get that word count in though to rake in that Google dough. So, here's a funny story about a man named Rufus. He got his ru fussed? See pic.

Md Himel

Daniel Mills

I can't speak for the rest of the school, but the ECE department is one of the best in the world. The professors have incredible background in academics as well as workplace experience, the department is well funded (i.e. good equipment), and many, many of the graduating students are going to companies like NASA, Google, SpaceX, Micron, Boeing, and Los Alamos, just to name a few.

Phillip Foster

Ken Hamilton

Cathy Massimi

Just spoke with an admissions person. Great information!

Chris Little


Does anyone know if Montana State University does photographary?

Logan Olson

If you are a well-rounded person of any political leaning looking to enter the social sciences to have your ideologies and preconceived notions of the world challenged by being exposed to a wide variety of political thought, open discussion, and civil debate, this is absolutely not the university for you. If you're a rabid Leftist that's totally consumed by misguided social justice crusades grounded in the ideas of Marxism, simply looking for validation in your beliefs, you'll have a great time here. I graduated from MSU in 2017 with a degree in political science. I spent three years reading Marx, Chomsky, and Stuart Hall. Never once did any professor -- the supposed academic "experts" -- in the political science department offer up the likes of Solzhenitsyn, Bastiat, or Tocqueville. Any time I pointed out the glaring political imbalance of our reading load, they would say they "weren't familiar with any conservative texts relating to the subject." The social science professors as a whole are willfully ignorant at best and maliciously anti-conservative at worst. I attempted to start a conservative student group on campus that advocated for a position the University was vocally not in support of -- the Students for Concealed Carry. To be a student group on campus, you need a faculty advisor. I visited close to 100 faculty offices looking for an advisor. I was ridiculed by several professors for advocating such a "dangerous" and "stupid" position. I was called an "idiot" by more than one professor. I found 3-4 professors who agreed with our group's message, but felt they did not have the job security to represent our civil rights group. We were finally able to find a second year, untenured professor willing to sponsor us, simply because he didn't like the fact that we weren't able to have a voice on campus. After not backing down from several threats to his career by the administration for sponsoring our group, he was fired without cause two months into representing us. The University destroyed his career for sponsoring a student group centered around civil rights. If your son or daughter wants to obtain a degree from MSU in the social sciences, be sure they know to question everything. Every single social science professor has a readily-identifiable agenda if you simply look for it. It was devastating to see, especially in my intro-level classes, so many moderate young people being swayed by the one-sided political ideas presented to us in class.

Kirkwood Donavin

Seems silly to rate a University as a whole. I got my Master's degree here and work for MSU still. It's a home in paradise (i.e., Bozeman).

Vladimir Levchenko

Alex Healy

Ken Huang

A great school in a beautiful town of Bozeman

Jacob Kerner

will cook

Awesome place im so excited to get back

Brett Archer

Whitney Orr

Great school, great location and very willing to work with their students.

W. Carl Ammons

Robin Snay

Don't waste your time or money.

Ahmad Alharbi

David Rogers

great school, great place, great people!

Collin Lewis


Great campus

Just Gregg

Aliyah Hoffman

Brett L

I wouldn't recommend MSU to anyone who has courses they'd like to transfer from another school. I'm hoping to get a degree in computer science from MSU, but If I don't want to retake all of the math, science, and English classes I've already taken, I'll need to send a course syllabus for every class that counts towards my current degree to the relevant departments, so that they can assess if the class is equivalent. I'm not sure if this is the case for all students, but it is for my situation. I've already spoken with the Registrar's Evaluator about this, and they confirmed that this is what I have to do. This is totally unacceptable for a full size university. It should be someone's job to assess course equivalencies, not the student's responsibility. It's also worth mentioning that their graduation rate is only 49.5%.


All about the money and have to "play their game." Very liberal and tons of pointless emails.

Rating Life

Joseph Munda

Gabriyel Neal

Lady was whispering to me on the phone and I politely stated I couldn't here he she starts raising her voice ridiculously loud. I asked if they had any online courses, just out of curiosity and she sarcastically tells me no I have to actually go to a class, then states two more times it's not online.. I'll be looking elsewhere thanks.

ahsan baized

Israt Jahan

They do not have good number of professors for a class. If you miss a course then you have to wait for 1 year to get that course. The residential system sucks big time. Bad choice for int'l students and they always tend to choose Montana native students over the int'l ones whenever they can. Waste of money and time.... The system is very frustrating at MSU, though some professors are good. You will hardly get an internship at MSU. Do not choose this university and go somewhere else.

Jay Szott

Andy Hodapp

Harlan Bell

Who needs a education when you got a six shooter and a train of horses. THIS IS MONTANA WEEEEYOOOOOHHAAAA

SN Jiku

Loved this place!

Nicholas Smith

New carpet and floor mats in Mt Hall!

John Durnal

Tod Standing

Know, sow, grow.......yourself. Be, see, lead....a community. Bake, cake, take......a life. Sarcasm? Poetry -JL (signature) -Post script: wrote this in the park other day, no edits, thought I would leave it as is. I think the beauty of words is itself a worship. And I worship everyday

Sam Hartman

Chris Werner

The ideal of this university is great but the actual attendance and practice is horrendous. And in my personal opinion the university sucks and is bolstering their rating by posting fake reviews.

Nicholas Brouillard

The school offered help and it allowes other students from out of state to gain residency while staying on campus in the dorms. Even though you may have to take a few summer semester courses to stay on a four year plan to graduation, it's still worth it. The Ecology program I think is not the greatest compared to other schools. But for the region it's definitely one of the better ones. Plus this school does have the only snow science course with an actual snow lab in the US. So if your into that go here. The two downsides are that the financial aid is a little tough but if your an out of state student like me. Gaining residency will help you a lot. Plus, the parking is kinda scarce bringing your car from home may not be a good idea.


Garrett Cornwell

Joakim Sandor

It's Not college of nursing it's simply Montana State University.

TiresomeEye 911

Oh yes

Kristin Gaughan

Wonderful school, world class faculty. Absolutely beautiful campus.

Andrew Nakas

Great learning vibe with an awesome community and locations to back it up. Seriously it's hard to imagine a better campus.

James Brower

Professors are hit and miss. counselling services are good. Buildings are in dire need of renovation. Living facilities are sub-par, with newer buildings being fine but older buildings being unsanitary (especially bathrooms). Dining halls offer little variety with everything tasting the same and occasionally being under-cooked. You can always tell when visitors are coming because that is when the dining halls put in actual effort. My biggest issue is that 70% of the faculty are vastly pretentious and rude; acting curt and caustic and treating most students like an inconvenience. Its sad because , to most, it overshadows the 30% of caring/kind faculty who do put in effort and time for students. (Some time later): Montana State University : For two years in a row, I've been one of the very first students to sign up for housing arrangements as soon as they are available. For two years in a row, I've set my preferences. I've looked the registration desk clerk in the eyed and said "anything besides Johnstone would be fine.". I get my preferences done verbally, on paper, and on the housing website.For two years in a row, i get an email saying I've been assigned to johnstone.

Haden Stordahl

Horrible. Do not attend. I attended this school for two years, so I can say with fair certainty that it is absolute garbage. The school itself is of decent quality, seen better. However, the teachers here are often pretentious and immature people. I decided to take an activity course, a dance class. It sounded like fun, a good way to let off some steam. However, the class is run by an angry, little old lady who takes offense to anyone trying to drop her class. I attempted to withdraw from the class, because I needed more hours at work, resulting in her berating me in front off the class, and taking away the paper she is required to sign by the school teaching conduct. Teachers are not allowed to deny a withdraw from a class, unless you're at Montana State University, apparently.

Maria Sacca

Visited the campus great time and everyone was friendly.

Luan Felipe Carneiro Rodrigues

Matthew Wildner

best college for environmental science


Would give 0 stars if possible. Every semester for the past 2 years the school has redone my charges mid semester and made me pay out of pocket up to $3000 after they said my financial aid covered it. Every time I asked why they "weren't exactly sure". Quality of education and the professors were also poor. If you want to overpay for a sub-par learning experience then MSU might be the place for you.

Chris Johnson

Hatem Jh

Trae Sebastian

Beautiful campus. Buildings look well maintained.

Leontia Dsilva

Mountains and Minds! Truly a wonderful experience to have been a part of MSU for one semester. Beautiful campus, great professors, amazing students, it really can't get better. If you want to experience nature's beauty to the fullest whilst getting a degree, this is the place to be! Oh and the dining halls and dorms are really good too. #GoCats #ProudBobcat

Dean Crowe

I hope you enjoy bloated tuition for professors to read off power-point slides to you. 90% of The staff acts like you are an inconvenience when you talk to them. housing facilities are in deplorable shape. Dining halls are just filled with generic food that sit under a heat-lamp all day. Only ran into like 3 professors who made any effort to teach, and they were not shy to state how much they hated teaching here.

Gurudatta Tawde

Amazing place to deveop yourself!

John C. Bruccolieri

Nicole Froelich

Do not go to this university if you do not plan on going into research later in life. That's all they spend their money on.

Mustafa Momin

Very expensive for international student. They don't offer any financial support.

Luke Waring

Terrible school, the education is a joke, includingg horrible engineering facilities, and the vast majority of the campus body are far right wing/christian/conservatives whose beliefs seem to be out of the 18th century.

Edgar Suchilt

great place

CJ Williams

MSU is very farbehind in many tech fields and there is a general sense of arrogance about most professors .

Jamie Mahan

I have lived in many different places all over the US and have to say that the MSU campus here in Bozeman is one of the friendliest places that I have ever been. Everyone here has been consistently resourceful, more than willing to help, sincere, kind, polite and upbeat. I am absolutely impressed!

Jason Bagladi

My daughter has just completed two semesters as part of her study abroad programme from Plymouth University in England. She starts her journey home today. Bozeman is a great city in an amazing location. Her professors have been really supportive and her exam results have be really impressive. The accommodation is clean and comfortable and everyone made her so welcome. She has made some special friends for life. Highly recommended.

Shane Delzer

Since MSU has refused to address the extreme hatred and prejudice towards conservative thinking students I will refuse to send my future students here. I am ashamed to be an MSU Alumni and will make sure to never support this campus of hate.

Rodney Ackerman

best students any where!!!

Subrata Aich

I love this university. Affordable and has research opportunities for undergraduate students.

sa ha

Jose zé'

Michael Ruiz

A Google User

Elisa Boyd

Horribly incompetent administration that "had no record of my attending there" for my undergraduate degree, then lost my letters of recommendation for my grad school application. The grad student office doesn't pay fees until half way through the semester leaving its students unable to use campus facilities such as the gym and health center.

Anna Peterson

Beautiful town and campus. However, the staff is useless if you want any help. I tried to figure out who my adviser was by asking about 6 different people; not only did they continue to pass me off to other people, they started ignoring my emails. I, unfortunately, will not be attending.

Chris ONeill

Vega Von.Fluxer

Erin Sturman

Pat Pannell

Don't know about the University itself but the engineering students were quite impressive!

Zach Gartner

Horrible Financial Aid Support and Rude

Taylor Wisler

Beautiful campus

Angel Murphy

Mohammad Alkhaled

Great place.

Etienne Fontaine-Lavoie

Amazing campus. Nice little town. Great outdoor. I went to MSU for one semester as part of an exchange program. Should have stayed for a year.


Jamie Dushin

Jake Wenzel

It's the best I go here

zander thompson


Mrs. LAS

We drove three hours from Missoula to get there and because we were going home the next morning the head of the department made sure that we had all our questions answered. Everyone was real nice. It snowed which was real pretty. The university itself is a very gorgeous place. Not sure if my kids going to go there, but they made a really good impression on us.

Brian Hillard

Right in the middle of the best region in the world.

Google User


Maelynn Merrill

Sanaa Yaqoub

Ryan M.

A huge regret.

Ethan Hall

Beautiful campus

Forrest Gump

(Translated by Google) Beautiful school building (Original) 綺麗な学舎

James Ha

harold lamont


Mariah San Carlos

Great campus, great school spirit. Love the areas and the beautiful Montana mountains.

James Zaksek

Eddie Ramos

Nahian H

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Gomez

(Translated by Google) Excellent place to study. Very comfortable and with a kind of life of small town. Perfect to concentrate on the objectives to achieve in a chosen university career. Large rooms; green areas and great facilities both in accommodation; food; Gym, sports, library, laboratories, transportation. If my comment was helpful, please give me a * Like *. (Original) Excelente lugar estudiar. Muy confortable y con un tipo de Vida de pequeña ciudad. Perfecto para concentrarse en los objetivos a lograr en carrera universitaria escogida. Amplios salones; zonas verdes y grandes facilidades tanto en alojamiento; comida; Gimnasio, deportes, biblioteca, laboratorios, transporte. Si fue de ayuda mi comentario, por favor darme un * Me gusta*.

Matthew Oswell

Zach Eedy

Steven Freitag

Tyler Hagan

Nice facilities

Rita Cain

Zommi Vanessa

Harry Jahnke

Do not come to this school. Everything is a hassle, teachers make you jump through hoops and then offer you no help, and nobody who works here cares whether you live or die. Go to literally any other college, this place is a trash fire.

Hadi Saad

Puu Donkis

For a handful of years, people of Montana State University have asked for a parking-system overhaul. What MSU did was rename lots, and vastly displace affordable parking with Premium Parking (tm). The higher tier lots have more than enough room to spare, and are located on, or near campus. To get that sweet deal: you'll have to pay $440 to $840... or circle the few/nearest $250 lots for 45 minutes until someone leaves. The high-tier parking lots are vacant while the (few and far-between) affordable lots are overflowing ; forcing students to fill the parking lots of nearby local businesses. The neighboring grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants have their parking padded with students. Parking aside, the residence halls are unsanitary, much like the secondary dining hall. the 2 separate occasions I had eaten an omelette there I spent the rest of those days fighting stomach cramps and vomit.

Jeffery Hatcher

Alex McFarland

It's not U of M. Lots of research opportunities. Lots of guys if you like that kind of thing. Some of the tenured professors seem like they don't really care anymore. The campus is nice, kinda sprawling.


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