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REVIEWS OF University of Missouri-St. Louis IN Missouri

Tristan Hundley

Better than I thought it'd be but still would not recommend going here if you don't have to. The Rec is amazing and some teachers I've had were great. But most teachers are not, I feel like they don't take into account the feedback you give, most offices in the student center are not very helpful and the school needs some serious parking, road and sidewalk improvements. Also side note, I had my license plates stolen in one of their main parking lots. How do they not have surveillance cameras? I think this school has potential but for me to raise my rating they need to improve their customer service, education quality and infrastructure. Instead of spending money on new buildings as well as incentive payments and over the top car allowances for executives they should fix up the buildings they already have and provide students with a higher quality education experience. I mean the goal ultimately is to raise attendance and make more money right? Building more buildings doesn't equal more people filling up those buildings.

David Wang

Personally, if you're political beliefs lean to the left, you'll probably enjoy it here. If you're like me and you lean far to the right, you'll probably hate it here. Keep in mind that I was at the south campus where all the nursing students are at. So this may not apply to the entire campus. This isn't my first time at UMSL, but it will be my last. I used to think that people saying that college campuses were liberal strongholds was a myth, I found out the hard way that its not. There are gender neutral bathrooms and the campus police even called me directly when they were concerned that I was concealed carrying on campus. So needless to say, they're not exactly pro 2nd amendment on college grounds for the sake of "public safety." In short, i don't think this college teaches you much in terms of being independent. Hell, the BSN program didn't even recognize the critical thinking and analytical skills I got from my history degree, and they sure as hell didn't like how troublesome I was in their program for being a dude. Jokes on them I suppose, I passed the NCLEX after not studying for 6 months, putting forth minimal effort, and after failing a class. YEAH!!! Passed on the first try too. No joke.

Heather Sparks

I am not a student here, but I have to take my LSAT test here. It seems like it has old buildings, and I do not like that visitors have to pay to park there. Also, the construction makes it really difficult to find good parking. It may be a great school, but this is from a visitors perspective.

Danielle Minard

prin jungvimuttipan

Jermaine Brown

Macy Jones

Elaine K Moss

Everyone that I have been in contact with both teachers and students have been of the greatest help, not only with their knowledge but also with their time.The person that said that the teachers do everything but teach is a person of very little knowledge and does not what the U.M.S.L. teachers do, on a daily bases, on their behalf. Am proud to have been associated with those teachers, especially in the department of physics.

Eli D

I took some classes from here, and it's a great way to get some college credit in high school. Very good value. The credits earned transferred completely to the university I attended.

Sam Holland


Paul T. Backes

A suburban and more modern day style college

Matt Recruiter

Brave Voice

I thought of attending UM- St. Louis and visited the campus. However one look at the surrounding community sent me running! St Louis is a crime ridden cesspool. I wouldn't send my dog there, even on a full scholarship. Part of the college experience is your education. Another major part is networking, maybe finding a spouse, and advancing your social and cultural skills. Unless your career path is stealing car stereos, avoid this school like the plague. There are simply too any other schools offering a life experience that will be many times more beneficial students than this dump.

M k

Rukaia Alwan

an johnny

good University of Missouri-St. Louis

Emad Alghamdi

Best school evaa!

Deja Miles

Lil Jerry Brandon

Sam Hill

Damenya M. Howard

Stephanie Bazuaye

I was there through my father Felix

Haris Voksic

Hairs voksic

santhosh elano

kim sanchez


I hate this school. I did every piece of homework and completed every test for a whole semester in my math class with an A average, only to be told that one test at the end would affect my grade. What was the point of all of that work? If I had gotten an F all the way through and received an A on the test, I would've ended with a B. What kind of backward nonsense is that? The teachers do everything except teach. The teacher's "views" are high and mighty and above any student. In my first semester I was belittled for not knowing a correct answer. The policies are corrupt and the math department is extremely flawed. The computer department was not specific on what they wanted and I ended up failing the course because the teacher could not speak English. In two semesters, I had teachers who could barely speak a lick of English. This is nonsense and I refuse to pay a dime for these useless courses. Thanks for nothing UMSL.

Droid Smith

Shannon Streif

Phyllis M Thomas

My child graduted, so happy his tenure was over be was very unhappy faced several race related biasing incidents, so saad thank hod he hung in their, he's now an apprentice of gm, managerial supervisor

Andrew Scherr

Maureen M

I was only at UMSL for a short time but it was very beneficial in helping me start my career. School is what you make of it and I was determined to make my two semesters count and I think it paid off. Taking advantage of the knowledge and guidance my teachers offered helped me greatly. I went to UMSL to supplement degrees I already had with a certificate and got the feel that UMSL was more than just an in-town university. It seemed to offer the same type of college life experience as you would see at most universities and that would make any student feel as though they got a full 'college experience', I was pleasantly surprised by this. There is also the added benefit that of the connections between the university and teachers with the St. Louis business community. Overall I had a great time at UMSL and would go back for continuing education classes.

Ryan Brooks

Erl Starks

deshwar mesto

Stacy Bueneman

Weijie C

UMSL Information Systems Department is growing very fast. I like the new Cyber Security Lab and the old IS lab. Many good IS classes are offered to the students, such as system design, system analysis, and JAVA

Andrea Rodriguez

Shani Blue

Prashanth Andugulapati

Christopher Snively

My Alma Mater. A great school that is getting better every year. I attended the Pierre Laclede Honors College where they ran classes in classic liberal arts curriculum as if it were grad school, i.e. small classes and three hour seminars. It helped be a ton once I made it to graduate school at Purdue University. For the most part the faculty and staff really care about their students. Highly recommended.

nuclear winter720

Scott Johnson

Enrique García

Tim Aubuchon

Matt Madden

UMSL is a great value. Good education at a low cost. I attended UMSL for my first year and a half of college before transferring elsewhere to finish my bachelors and would definitely recommend it. And to address people leaving bad reviews, I lived in the dorms at UMSL for my first semester and never had issues with the surrounding neighborhood or crime. Plus I have several friends who graduated from UMSL who are successful in their fields. One is a photographer at Brown Shoe, another is a mathematics graduate who is currently a web/mobile developer in town but also worked in Chicago, and another is an art director at Maritz. Your education is more about what you put into it.

Camille Cundiff

sudharshan s

Kim Hayes

The University of Missouri St Louis delivers the same quality education and has the same admissions standards as the rest of the university system. It just happens to be right here in our fine metro area instead of a dumpy little town in the middle of the state. I graduated from UMSL seven years ago and my education has served me well. I had fantastic professors and have been excited to see how much they have expanded and improved residential life since I lived on campus a decade ago. When I’m ready to start grad school, I have no doubt this is where I’ll go. They offer the best value and most options for working adults. Yes, parking is and probably always will be an issue. I was ticketed unfairly a few times in my day but every time I disputed a ticket, it was waived. The reality is that there’s a limited amount of space and a lot of people competing for those spaces so the police do tend to be pretty hard core about ticketing. Put simply, if you want access to a limited resource, you should be prepared to pay for it. There are some amazing economics professors on campus that would be happy to provide a lesson in supply and demand.


CandyMichelle Johnson

I enjoyed the tour of the campus. The bookstore offers a wide selection of audio books like Moneylion Predatory Losns A Damsel In Distress episode two by Sean Diddy Combs and Monkeys In The Wall

james dent

Best fitness center bar none.

Cairo Delgado

More impressive than first impressions put out. Definitely look into campus activities and do more than just commute to and from school.

Tran Nguyen

kathy wang

Christopher Aiken

Rachel Morgan

Mike Mike

I really like this school. It's my 2nd semester so I've had a bit of experience here but the parking is horrendous. Either it's a gimmick to take more money from students through parking tickets or someone doesn't understand the meaning of supply and demand. It's almost a bloodsport trying to get a parking spot, most of the time. Most times you have to park in faculty parking which is a risk. I really do like my professors and the extracurriculars. The buildings could use some upkeep but I'd rather get the good education for the lower price.

Samantha Williams

Great school! Variety degrees offered Genuine professors (some are understanding and others are more firm and not so nice) Great area (15 minutes away from everything-- Delmar loop, forest park, downtown, galleria, etc) Safe Affordable Diverse Con: poor parking... Very tedious


Lone Wolf

daniel simone

Crooks!! All about money. Sold the katy trail land trust. What scum

Hank Connory

George Busieka

Wonderful University with great professors

Dajah Ranae’

zeina arnouk

Jin Zou

The youngest of four Universities in UM System (Mizzou 1839, Rolls 1870, Kansas City 1933 and UMSL 1963) but with the advantage of locating in great St.Louis!

Linze Aya

I choose UMSL.

Rosella Ledermann


Amit Jha

I was here for MBA info sessions and it was not easy to find ssb401. They need to work on maps and routes

boya meng

I am an UMSL student. However they has a really bad billing system. I have to look at my bill every month! If you are late, you will be billed $25 late fee. And they don't care how busy you are. What a school!

li wen

s noori

Eric Wilson

Brought a group of kids on field trip. They did a great job teaching the kids.

Abdul Khan

Wonderful advisors, campus is showing its age, but the staff make up for it.

Jenna Alexander

Dakota Dancy

A great institution. If you're an undergrad (or not this still applies) become as involved as you possibly can and get to know the administrators and any professors you may have. They're there to help you out and will do everything in their power to do so as they want their students to succeed. I'm truly glad I chose UMSL for my undergrad.

Ji Woo

This is my first semester and let me just say that the classes are good so far. The teachers seem genuinely interested in what they are teaching and have fun doing so. Now, I have beef with the parking. IT IS HORRENDOUS. And don't get me started on the stupid out of shape cops that drive around and give out tickets to the students. People have their late days and don't have time to walk a freaking mile. The faculty, on the other hand, have designated, close to school parking, but I even met a teacher on my first day of school that parked in the student lot cause there wasn't even enough for them.. They are currently building a rec. center over what was revered as the best parking. And there are two spots I park in now that are close, but will also be taken out eventually for a business building.... very very frustrating. Get your act together you so called head honchos!

Brandon S

The UMSL Recreation Center is loaded with all the right exercise equipment but goes downhill after that. Unhelpful staff. Terrible trainers. Archiac rules. Some weird prohibitions relsted to weight scales, apparently they trigger young people, elevation masks and Olympic lifting. A juice bar that was promised, but was open for less than a year and pushed into a hidden corner.

alyssa wind

The new rec center is awesome. It is never too crowded. My favorite is the indoor track, it is perfect for running when it's hot outside.

Ian Richards

Stephanie C

mohammed A

Great school with the talent experienced faculties who care about the quality of education.

Jason Dodson

Love my school.

Thejanie Hettiarachchi

Matt G

Alex Fischer

Lauretta Hanes

Christianah Akinduro

I went here as a student back in 2007! Now I work here and I ❤️❤️this place even more!! The school looks amazing and sometimes, I wish I could be a student again, but super glad I get to witness the growth!

Patrick Smith

Delta Parker

Jaleesa Brooks

kinda racist

Dave Jenn


anthony yu

Omotoyosi Odukomaiya

Nice school environment

Eddie Trenary

Great college! Lots of good programs for cheaper than other schools in St. Louis.

damola opejin

Nice Sun

Avoid this campus, professors and employees are racist and unhelpful. All details regarding their misconduct toward students will be sent to the state officials and will provide proof. Students are unable to file a complaint in the student affairs because D'Andre Braddix who is getting paid over $90,000 annually does not want to do his work and he just want to sit around and chew gum and laugh with his female coworkers! UMSL staff and faculty are getting paid by taxpayers and we parents care where to send our kids, we want them to be healthy and get good education not to pay money to be abused.

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