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REVIEWS OF University of Missouri-Kansas City: Volker Campus IN Missouri

Meg Hummel

One star until you apologize for insinuating Michael knowles is a bigot. The only bigotry I’ve seen is assuming all people need to share liberal views like your bogus university

Katelyn McAlister

Fabulous school- great class times and support.

Mike Lawson

"where we strive to create division by offering racist courses to those who can't find anyone to blame their problems on but 'angry white men'

Alec Shern

It has a nice campus.

Trisha Smith

Sai Krishna Pinnamaneni

Raja Sekhar Bale

Dave Haney

Ashley Chantal

Li Cifuentes

Good school in KC with some really nice professors.

Feisal Hagi

Saran V

The admission department is so lazy. They requested for all transcripts and recommendations. After providing everything and they said they had everything they need to make an admission decision, after a month they said they are missing document asked for a copy. That document is already provided. Called them two time in the weeks and they said their systems are down. After calling again, they said that is just a generic email and said they have everything they need. After one more month when contacted about the admission decision, they said they are missing documents and application is never sent to department. I cant imagine the studies there when their application process is so bad. half the times their systems wont work. Hope the university is not like their admissions department.

fiona isiavwe

UMKC has a lovely campus. Its non-academic staff are helpful and professors as well put in the extra effort to ensure that their students excel.

Healy Van

UNKC is the best thing ever happened to me. I am honored to be a member of one of the best university nation wide.

Ondrea Lapadino

J. R

Zulma Hernandez

George Cochran

kiran kalyan

swati singh

I love UMKC. Staff and faculty is very humble and responds to your needs. Level of Education is extremely well and campus is lovely and green

Ruvin Wilson

A despicable university not deserving of the funding it receives

Mua bán Xe Tải HCM

nice 5100 Rockhill Rd

วรรษวรรณ จันทรปาน

Zaheer Mohammed Siddique

Takeme away

I am proud

vishnu reddy

Lisaseanz D'Kimball

Troy Norris

The amazing people and programs at UMKC opened all kinds of doors for me in a town I had lived in most of my life. If you want to start a business in any field or build a network in Kansas City to accomplish your career dreams this is the place to do it.

abdu 427

Bad school ... really bad.

Katy dewitt

The only logical step after equating speech with violence is to allow speech to be met with violence. Diversity of thought is lacking at this campus and one could only imagine that lack of diversity is a direct result of the campus leadership. STOP using our tax dollars to fund these pseudo education systems.

Connor Tho

My experience in this University is worse then you can expect. I wish you ALL THE BEST if you are planning to take admission here. Dont waste your time

Jessica Moberly

Alex Simmons

I am here for the Bloch School of Business and I love it here! The faculty is very nice and supportive. They also are able to teach in a way that is fun and engaging.

Veritas Amantes Vocat

The school of Computing and Engineering has more jobs than it has students. Many graduates from the Mechanical Engineering program get to pick from multiple job offers. There are a few full-time professors who should be adjuncts, and a few adjuncts who should be full-time.

Matias Ponce

The absolute only reason this places deserves any stars is because it is truly a beautiful campus with great views. The professors with the exception of one were horrible and the advisors put me in classes that I should not have been and the administration is the absolute worst I can imagine. I left here in mid September and am STILL waiting to get my tuition reimbursement back as I dropped several classes before the drop date. Stay away from this place. If you want to go to college in KC go to JCCC and transfer somewhere better than this. You'll get a better education and save money

Ali Hashim


Very disappointed in this University. My advisor never responded to any of my emails, and only rarely did the overall department advisor. We did not have access to many of the tools needed for success in my degree. Many classes were only held once a year and a number of students were held back a full year for getting a C- in a class. In general if you were struggling in a class you were on your own.

Sheree Sims

open mind

I like my university!!

Roberta Iulia


Best time of my life started in the fall 2010 and ended summer 2014. Loved every single day spent at UMKC ❤️

Laura Jarvis

Song Du

สมหมาย อำพันธ์

Jason Sparks

shyam sai

very good university

Prudhvi Myneni

Although the campus is small and has less parking spots near to the classroom buildings , It is a pretty good university to attend

arjun devineni

Julia Haskin

Not a good choice for nontraditional students.

Paul Ready

They sent me an invoice after I dropped a few classes. It was due 4/20. I received a collections call on 4/9, almost two weeks BEFORE any payment was due. Not only was that infuriating, I don't think it's legal. Get your act together, UMKC.

Zachary Milbert

Students attacked a speaker by throwing bleach on him. The administration blamed the speaker because the topic was about how men are not women.

Erin Dix

Sai Chandra

Talha Mohammed Ali

Josh Roudybush

Priyah Mooby

Do NOT take foreign languages classes at this school. The program is atrocious

Raghupavan Vallamkonda

Nice place with quality education

Mahidhar Varma

Myrat Nesirov

Brian Bustos

I received my undergrad here in English- Creative Writing. Was constantly blown-away by the caliber of my professors. It was a great overall experience. Glad to be a Roo!

Chris Cerceo

No free speech allowed on this campus. Unless you agree with their ideology you are not allowed to speak. Teaching kids that they can continue to act like a pre-cooperative grade schooler when someone tries to discuss differing views with them. Universities attempting to close minds!


I’m so glad that I attended the The UMKC Henry Bloch School of Management. I enjoyed every minute of my time taking classes, had wonderful professors, and an excellent advisor. Everyone I interacted with in the school was willing to help and wanted me to succeed. I’m happy to say that I graduated this spring with my MBA and I would highly recommend this school when considering any degree.

Daniel Sucher

Beautiful campus. Lots of amenities around.

Austin Wallis

Creative place to think, but needs face lift from reality.

Cherie Phillips

This university accepted ovr 25 million Of other schools money.

Vincent Sexton

This campus took me by surprise with its beauty and wonder. A great place to liveout your college days.

Mazen Mansour

I love it!


abumaya jawhari


Lucas Borntreger

Very good medical university

Jerry Oldie

A little known gem is UMKC Luch Room. The general public is welcom to eat there. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is college students. The staff is friendly and eager to make your experience enjoyable. I highley recommend eating there. It is very resonable and the staff helpful and remembers you if you go more than once. I try to eat there twice a month. I went today and they were closed. Spring Break. Who knew? Well, I hope you give them a try. You will enjoy the atmosphere. Be sure to braket in enough time for a walk around campus.

Logan Parks

Sandeep Avasarala

Administrative Dept is so lazy. First of all they take long time for all the processes where other universities get it done with minimal questions asked. With abundant information provided they make mistakes and they make the process even longer. They wont respond to the emails and phone conversations they wont even explain the problem. It would be lot better if some one supervises the student affairs office.

Ryan Mathes


Transferred from Indiana best decision of my life I am a phisical therapist now at St. Luke's

Bader Alqdeer

Some teachers don't have any criteria for grading, if he/she thinks you're good, he/she gives you good grade and vice versa. Also, as an organization in the university I can't have food outside the UMKC!!! Which really conflicts with our events!!!

Ali BoAbbas

kishore yarra

Expecting an admit in this university. Hope I will do it :)

Mohammed Almansoori

I liked the applied language institute (ALI) and the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. They have a fine experienced and helpful staff. and this upon my special experience till now.

Luis Moreno


Robin Lenogue

SO MUCH WASTE in here. Not very environmentally conscious either. The campus doesn't feel the safest and I heard more than one racist comment roaming around the cafeteria at lunch time.... I wouldn't go there!

EvAngeline Draven

Very good college. They work with you not against you. Nice faculty.

A Sands

The Masters of Accounting Department is wonderful for students seeking preparation for the C.P.A exam. I was challenged in the majority of my classes, and it has paid dividends in preparing for the exam. Dr. Krueger is by far the most difficult teacher I have ever had, but enduring his class is one of the smartest moves one can do in terms of preparing for the financial section of the CPA test. The UMKC administration is very responsive. I would recommend the Bloch School of Business to any working professional. Go Roos!

Christopher Kosifas

it was bad


Got admission in this far the admission department is very helpful...thank u UMKC...hope great future ahead in this university..


A degree from this school is worthless. Employers will not hire you with a UMKC transcript on your record.

Logan McCormick

Mr Umut

Josh Howard

I had a horrible experience. One professor in particular, which for their sake will remain nameless, represented the University terribly. With the amount of tuition per semester students pay, you would expect the professors to care about the subject in which they teach. This particular professor however, would narrate the slides from a Powerpoint presentation that the publishers of the included text book compiled; not the professor themself. Similarly, all handouts were from the publishers of the same text book. Everything narrated would then be posted online for our review. Although the particular professor had a PhD, no unique knowledge was ever passed along in the least. Being as passionate as I was about the subject matter of the class, I was upset that I didn't get the opportunity to truly learn from someone that had earned their PhD but instead, I paid a small fortune to achieve something I could've achieved by simply paying for the text book and reading it myself.


It is a pretty good school, has quite a bit to offer as far as degree plans. Most professors will take the time to ensure you learn your material. Show up to class, do your work, and study. These are easy steps to pass any class here.

Joshua Hill

I completed my Master of Arts at UMKC in 2001. I am now involved with the E Scholars program at the Bloch School of Business and have realized a great deal of tangible business advice and overall benefit for my company and personal professional development. Joshua Sevier Hill

Hastimal Jangid

Great school to learn!!

sharath chandra

The best college!!!

Ismar E.

the Bloch school is the best!


Network infrastructure is improperly managed. WiFi only works next to dorm apartment doors and mandatory spyware is included (free of charge, unlike the gym). Dorms are sub par in quality, especially the water pressure and mattresses.

Sylvester Steele

krislena Amador

Love the food, fast service

Michael Jones

Carolyn Li

Kenny Loy

Benjamin Gans

James FitzSimmons

Busy, growing, campus and school.

Joye' Branch

I am going to umkc basketball game tommrrow

Tim Huan

I gave UMKC 5 stars since I emotionally hope my university to be rated well. This school has lots of support for students, such as library, there are enough funds for the students to apply for them to get their own equipment for class projects. But not many students go there for that. There are writing centers all over the campus that you can use for grammar checking for your paper or resume. As a student, you can also find a tutor or get academic help from student success center. Even though I didn't use those resources while I was a student, I think it is great for a university to have the resources. I earned entrepreneurship scholarship and attended that program for half a year. That program is awesome for you to get connections with attorneys, potential investors or coach from professor or volunteer business owners. As an international student, I love my school because the faculty is so helpful and the classmates are very nice. I think this school needs more time to grow and train the administrators to run the school better. But overall, this is a great school to attend. I hope to see the staff know better about their work and the university leader focus on improving the student service to another level to better prepare the students to meet their personal goal in the future.

Justin Karnes

I don't normally write reviews for places outside of retail and food; however, I happened to come across an anonymous review circa 2012 that really raised ire in me as a current student of the university. I am a father of an almost two year old. I have a girlfriend who works just under part time. I had my own business performing massage therapy. I still made a 4.0. Why? It's easy to explain: I was in class (on time) every day and made it known to the professors that I didn't just want to pass the course, I wanted my A's. If I missed class to attend to my daughter, I would receive an email from the professor THAT DAY with what we covered and any assignments that were given. When I needed help in Discrete Mathematics, the math resource center was quick to pair me with a graduate student and make sure that I received the help I needed. UMKC wants you to succeed and your professors want you to do splendidly... but you have to want to DO THE WORK. Judge the school on its merits just as it judged you on yours.

Jeremy Dougherty

It is a very good school with tons of degree options. Very good for medical, business, and music. Some nationally known professors teach there too.

William Browning

Mickey Mouse in nature and administratively.

Bob M

Need to take our tax dollars away from this racist pigsty! They do not give fair treatment to all!


I love this university. It is right by the Plaza, has a nice layout, and the landscaping is kept up very well. Everything is within walking or biking distance and all of my classes have been great besides the required Anchor classes (but I'm convinced it was bad because of the multiple teachers, not the subject matter). My classes have been challenging, but that's what I expect in uni and anyone who thinks differently is not prepared to dedicate the time and effort to higher education. I recently had a concussion and was unable to complete the spring semester, but my professors offered me incompletes in order to help me get back on track. One is even meeting me in the summer for a faux class WITHOUT PAY. She is doing it completely out of kindness and her love of teaching. I feel like this shows how dedicated the professors are at UMKC. I work two jobs on campus; they are eager to hire and help students. There are tons of resources on campus to help struggling students. I have met a handful of life-long friends here. Overall, my experience has been fabulous and I would recommend this campus to anyone in search of a college in KC.

Jason Sejkora

Don't do it!

Shao Xin

Shannon Hilton

Shaam Mohamed

Barbara Fines

Search of Abroad

gorgeous university in the world

Conor Schulte

yooo roo up

Roxana Ruiz

Matt Yale

Hetham AL

Christina Hazelrigg

Kevin L

Love it. Very quality education and the people are the best. Join some clubs - like Delta Sigma Pi. Very close to Westport, the Plaza, and P&L


Swaroop Chitiprolu

Vamshi Rajarikam

Excellence in teaching

Kayla Batson

grace nduta

Quality education. Great services. Kind employees and staff!

Jeremy B

Great school!

Ann Copeland

Shanise Washington

It's a good collage if u enjoy the college life this is for you

Ayse Nur Saglam

Leroy Ambrose

Worthless degree. Go to a real school and get a REAL education.

Ronda Cook

Tough school, but worth the hard work. Met lots of people whom I've developed life long friendships. 2001 grad


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