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REVIEWS OF University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine IN Missouri

Nature's Beauty- Smith

Great place had dog catracts raken off lots of great doctors students techs

Emily Quas

State of the art animal health care

Justin Buckallew

Nice-looking College

Jennie Bayless

Took three of my cats here, yes, it is more expensive than a regular vet would have been but my vet said one of my cats had cancer and they ran a bunch of tests and found out it was just inflammation. Dr. Meadows worked wonders and now my cat is on the road to recovery. Took a diabetic cat there and they were able to stabilize her and she lived for many years after until heart disease took her away from me.

Carrie Call

Doctor Kristin Merril and students gave me my best friend back. When my husband and I brought her to the hospital we were sure she wasn’t going to make it. It was our last stitch effort to save our girl. Within 3 days of being there she started improving, she made an amazing recovery! And now 3 weeks after being discharged she is still doing amazing. They gave us our dog back. It’s almost like Dixie’s a puppy again, she’s so happy to be alive. Yes if come you here you may spend a lot of money and they may or may not figure out what’s wrong. We decided to try and that’s all us owners can do. Ultimately we walked into emergency center with a dog on her last leg, so close to death. And about a week later we walked out with a much healthier dog. We couldn’t be happier!! They gave us our Dixie back and for that we are forever grateful!! Thank you guys so much

Rock Bridge Meadows

We would like to offer our Apartment Homes to Veterinary Medicine Students. Rock Bridge Meadows Apartments 3717 Monterey Drive Columbia. We hear nothing but good things about this program and it would be our pleasure to offer reasonable, safe housing for you, while you study.

Michael Satchell

If my daughter who had to leave there empty-handed because, the dog that was put down. If, I hear her receiving a huge bill, it will be a huge problem. Besides what more could you do the dogs was put down per your guys recommendation. And if she wanted to save the one thing she have left from her father, after his passing, it woukd of cost $10,000. To me that's extortion. Especially, when we pay into taxes. I recently heard, from a very reliable source that the bills are so high because, we're helping to pay off other people's tuition at the expense of our animals . Because we were told 336, and anything past that will be a crime. ((Thats a crime , and no compassion)) why can't you be honest with her. Instead pretending to try to save the dog. And if, I find any experiments were done on that dog. That would be a sin of God. It was never authorized. I spoke to my vet. He would have done everything including, come in early for under 200.

Eileen Ortolani

bianca Maness

Bethany Thurman

They were very professional but charge so much :(

Kelli Johnson

We took our beloved dog here for a procedure. We emphasized on quality of life & did not want him to suffer at all. Instead of compassion, they used him as a guinea pig for their own teaching tool. Our dog endured terrible procedures & ended up developing more problems than he had initially. We lost spending the last week we could have had with him & he was stuck in a cage tortured. We lost him anyways after being charged nearly $5600 & he suffered terribly. We have to live with making the horrible decision of taking him here & putting him through that. We will NEVER take another pet there!!!!

Tricks and tracks

I am so grateful to the entire staff of this great Veterinary Hospital. I am especially grateful to Dr. Jaffe, Dr. Rogers, and Dr. Cohn (I listed them in the order I had the honor of meeting them). I am also very grateful to the rest of the specialists, emergency room doctors, pathologists, students, nurses, front desk staff, cashiers, and the social worker (sorry I am so bad with remembering names) who helped my Service Dog improve from a severe illness. You have all been stellar and I am forever grateful for your teamwork. Shadow was very, very sick when he was admitted to ICU and I was fearful that he might not make it or that I may have to do the humane thing and let him go. But he was saved by this wonderful team: they worked so hard to extend his lifespan and improve his quality of life. They researched and consulted with other universities, they listened to me and they addressed every concern I had. I am the type of owner who researches every single treatment action taken and challenges the decisions of the doctors all the time because I think it is my job to be my dog’s advocate and because I’ve ran into countless incompetent doctors (both medical and veterinarians). I have argued Shadow’s case so many times in the exam room because I wanted to make sure that his plan of treatment was the best fit for his illness. I think I agreed with Shadow’s doctors, especially with Dr. Erin Rogers 99% of the time. It was so touching when the staff threw Shadow a party after successfully completing a difficult part of his treatment and donated money to help with his medical bill... We still have a long way to go as his condition will have to be closely monitored for the rest of his life but we now have a fighting chance. Based on my experience, I heartily endorse and recommend this hospital. If I had to describe this wonderful group of people in three words those would be: compassionate, competent, and committed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Meghan Kagiwada

The woman who answered my call, Nora, was rude, abrupt, and sounded annoyed with ME, after I explained to her politely that I was told my dog's medication refill was approved, then called again and told it wasn't. (This was after making 3 other calls to figure out issues, and as my dog is in serious discomfort with probably a month or two left to live.) As I was explaining that my dog may need to be put down, she interrupts me and asks what number can the Dr call to contact me. Basically insinuating, ..all I do is answer the phone, I don't need to know, nor do I care. Well, as a vet school employee, I'd expect her to have a bit more compassion. I actually previously gave the school a wonderful review on their website because I was so blown away by my previous experience. So this review does not reflect the doctors or students, only the woman I spoke to.

Susheel Bhanu Busi

Ricky Epps

I took one of my cats to the clinic. He has mega-colon. After they examined him they said he was plugged up and would need an Enema - however rather because the cats was understandably upset - they woulld like to take x-rays - and my regular vet could do whatever else in the morning. I told them that I would prefer than they give him the enema tonight and I will take my cat to my regular vet in the morning. leaving the dirty work for myt Vet. Everything you do costs twice what my regular vet charges. - they seem more interested with their equipment than providing care - The Vet School is funded by student tuition - StateTaxpayer support - and fees for service - So why is it so expensive? If I provide the opportunity for them to teach using my pet - and support it via my state taxes - why am I paying so much to use the service.

Kristie Bogden

Mark Heffington

They ar the most wonderful doctors and staff here. They have taken such great care of our dog since we first started coming here 4 years ago. Our local vet referred us here to the cardiology department. They installed a pacemaker to fix his slow heart rhythm. He comes back every six months to have it checked and everyone is wonderful. So compassionate and so professional. We drive 3 hours to get here, but we wouldn’t go anywhere else! Simple the best!

Roger Pennington

There may be some good vets there but we never got one took our dog there spent over 800 dollars just to have them say we don't know but for another 1500 dollars they could run another test our dog died the next morning they just used her for a guinea pig they had to know she was dying I wish I had never went there


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