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REVIEWS OF University of Central Missouri IN Missouri

Rashed Alhajri

Gustavo Ribeiro

The campus is amazing! And there are a lot of facilities!

SrujanReddy EppalaPally

Can any one tell me how good is this university for compute science

Paul T. Backes

Chandra Neel

Greg Belk

Nolan Ellis

Opinion: Top 5 for The University of Central Missouri 1. Big school feel (14000+), Small School comfort/class sizes 2. Opportunity awaits ALL students who truly want to gain an education both in expanded knowledge but also real life experience. 3. Elite Division II Athletics Program; game day atmosphere 2nd to none 4. University Leadership is 2nd to none. Dr. Ambrose (President) is a game changer. 5. Diverse, multi-cultural student population. Meet people from around the world all in one school. (my favorite)

J Zielenski

Munuma Rajesh

Sooriya Neerukonda

Jovonna Mollus

The volunteers were so helpful and friendly when we took our daughter yesterday! Only complaint would be the slight musty smell in the dorms, but it's an older building so I guess it's to be expected.

Danielle Moore

Jim McAllister

I graduated in 1969 and loved the school after serving in the Air Force from 1961-65. However, I totally severed my association with them during the last couple of years after the phony appearance of Obama in Warrensburg giving one of his mind numbing, liberal nonsense speeches with the usual wallpaper of kids behind him. In this case it was UCM students wearing UCM tee shirts and looking more like Hitler's children than the students I knew there. It was a disgusting sight and I immediately emailed the school to obliterate any records that I ever attended the place. They can pedal their liberal mentality somewhere else; they are an embarrassment of which I want no affiliation. My satisfaction now is telling students who inquire about college to go anywhere but the University of Central Missouri. I would rate them "no stars" but this critique will not register without at least one star. When you read it, subtract the star so I give my real rating.

Ian Andrews

Timothy Emerson

Can not believe that you allow Matthew Barnett to be a student there. I would not be surprised if a female student files a class action against the school for not protecting her well being.

Icy Cube

The guy who sits in the booth at the visitors parking is EXTREMELY rude. Just a suggestion UCM, if you want more people to come to your college then at least have a decent guy sitting there at the booth, someone nice and helpful. Not some rude old guy. Thats going to give people a bad first impression of UCM

Justin Grandfield

The university provided me plenty of opportunities to enhance my education. The political science and history departments are great! If there is a point of criticism to be had, it is that the current president of the university is seeking to diminish the programs not to the favor of the board of governors, who are seeking a more business oriented school. We've lost degrees in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and my own history graduate program was on the chopping block, but was thankfully spared. We also need to see a greater number of relevant graduate programs in the STEM fields at UCM, as well as increasing the number of graduate programs overall, since UCM is such a nice place to get an education.

Sunny pabba

i want to do MBA in marketing in UCM. what are the job prospects after completing the course? im an international student.

kantheti srikanth

Surraj Ronaldo Kore

oji Isaac

this is an epitome of excellent

Huey Huynh

If you like small town and small school, this is the place for you. Music program is one of the best.

Jennifer Reid

It is a university that provides a quality education. I also am very upset about the injustice done to Daisy Coleman, but UCM is an educational institution not a judicial review board. All charges were dropped against Mr. Barnett. UCM had no grounds to deny him admittance. We need to be giving our poor review to local and state officials who allowed the charges to be dropped without review not punishing a university with no ties to the situation.


Jagadeesh Musali

Excellent university One of the best Libraries and great place to live on

Chandrakanth Gurram

Really Love this place!

Pradeep Kumar

Sterling Davis

They have a great sports and academic programs yet I didn't not get what I need it from it. My medical and financial aid Information was somehow missing at the end of the first semester. The way they had my classes set up I lost interest in school. My academic advisor advised me to quit school and not to come back even though I was passing most of my classes. This was between august 2011- December of 2011. I had a opportunity to keep going to school for my graphic design and visual communication dagree but I was so turned off by it that I gave up preferred being a working homeless kid. I made my way to IL and decided that I should go back to school now. But for becomes of my experience I chose to avoid it for 6 years.

Sukanth Gunda

Callista Bond

I graduated with a BFA (Graphic Design) from the University of Central Missouri in 2007. I loved the campus, facilities and the variety of courses available for my major. Tuition was affordable and scholarships were fairly easy to obtain if you completed the work and requirements for them. All these years later I still feel I received an excellent, well-rounded education.

Niveditha S

Richa Barua

Awesome Professors ! Small place . Great sports and academic programmes!!


I went there in 1988-1990 on the promise the school would have an A&P program.."it will be in place by the time you enroll in August 1988"...yeah that's what they had been saying for a few years, unbeknownst to me. I needed that license to make their Aviation Tech degree a valid degree, having quit my job and moved my family there, I finished the degree and just as I thought, I couldn't find work with a non functional degree, so I went back to the oilfield. I decided to get my nursing license and applied at CMSU's nursing program and wasn't accepted. I was accepted to Moberly's nursing program and 22 years later I'm still sending MACC money for their scholarship programs. Ironically CMSU sent me a letter asking me if I wanted a Master's in Nursing at their online program...I'm good enough to get a Master's in Nursing there, but not good enough to go to their nursing school....go figure

Tyler Janke


This is the most disorganized college I have ever had to deal with. For one it was a mess trying to even get admitted to get my bachelors degree. Second, after I earned by bachelors degree I applied for a graduate program. They denied me because they said I didn’t meet the GPA requirements when I in fact did. I was borderline at meeting the GPA requirement and I knew this. I waited until my final grades were posted before applying to ensure I would meet the requirement. Apparently the system they use to evaluate applicants does not update appropriately and it listed by GPA before completing the program. And when I shared my concerns with them they had the nerve to tell me that most applicants that get accepted have a higher GPA than mine. I get that the programs can be competitive but I felt that it was very unprofessional to tell me that after I had already been denied. Also, I met the program requirements so maybe they need to raise the GPA requirements if most accepted applicants’ GPA is higher. I gave them two stars just because their tuition rates are much lower than most universities in the area.


The school website is not user friendly (did they have a Junior High kid create it?). They are incrediably slow at posting transfer credit (do they only have one person working in the transcript/registrars office?). Out of my all the CLEPS I've taken, they have only accepted one. The military liason is most unhelpful (does she even know what she is doing?) in facilitating a smooth transition into the college. I'm trying to get everything set up to attend college at UCM but am beginning to wonder why I'm working so hard. There are other colleges near by with a similar degree. Maybe I need to talk to their Admissions Department and see if they are more helpful.

Morgan McCartney

If you are a parent, avoid this college at all costs. This is an awesome place for traditional students, no doubt about it. However, if you are a parent who has to miss class due to child-related causes (sickness, snow days, etc.) you will fail. The instructors are terrible about working with parents who have to miss class due to these reasons and the administrators support their decision. Would give zero stars if possible. It’s half-way through my first semester and I’m already transferring to a different college because they only seem to care for the traditional students.

Connor Doyle

An Absolutely Awful Experience... It seems to me that majority of the faculty and staff are there to make a buck and don't care about providing an education to the students. After many run ins with the Financial Aid Office, Admissions, Office of Accessibility and Disabilities, and many departments I realized that the whole school was just a big business that was in it for the money and I believe most of the issues that I faced were due to poor communication between departments, advisers, professors and students. I had multiple issues that occurred with class enrollment which was ultimately blamed on me. I was then required to pay for classes that I didn't even take. To notify me of these facts the Registrar's Office sent me a rude email about how these issues are not their problem and students need to be more responsible. I went in to the Financial Aid to pay this with a card and was then told that they only could accept cash or check because their system was down. I was able to pay online but then of course incurred a convenience fee. In other instance where I had issues I was run around between multiple advisers and departments unable to get answers and heard too often, "we don't have record of that." In my last year of school I changed my major from Aviation to General Studies. I hoped to change to a business major but the school didn't make this possible and stated the reason was because I would need to retake the businesses classes I had already taken. Supposedly even though the required classes and classes I had taken were the same title and course they were not comparable as there are classes of these courses specifically for business majors. The Aviation Department has a few nice people in it but has too few instructors and grounds students due to this. The department is very political and seems to only value students that are in the aviation clubs and organizations. I wish that my experience at UCM had been better as I met many friends and made some great memories. But students should only have to worry about passing classes and not how to escape the tangle of policies the school has in place making the whole college experience confusing, expensive, and unsatisfactory. I am disappointed...

Srikar Tej

Venkatapradeep Gopisetty

Matthew Macfarlane

Hmmm... to say I hated it would be the understatement of the year. Although a fellow student I came in contact with 'Matthew Barnett' was loving his time at the so called school for higher learning.

Nischal Rayamajhi

kiran k

nadimpalli varma


Eh yes eh

monique Watson


I did my graduation in computer science between 2008-2009 which was the best years of my life, filled with growth, excitement, responsibility, and the most amazing friends I could ever ever ask for god I loved the college.

Shilpa Mulpuru

Lynn Dempsey

Licia smiley

Hunter Paige Alford

I have never really been University of Central Missouri but to be honest I know what I want to do as my career I want to be a surgeon or nursing if surgeon doesn't work out for me but I have been online looking at colleges online for online schooling and going to school and when I saw this college I was like yup this is the college i want to go to, but I still have 4 more years left to go, I mean I'm 15 and just a freshman in high school. So it is going to be some big long 4 years for me to decide on if I still want this college and to be going to high school at the same time, but at least I have my high school guidance counslor! If you want to know more about this college go to their website at University of Central Missouir! :)

Marsay Triplett

Shawna Newman

I received many hands-on experiences related to my field as a student at UCM. I graduated feeling prepared and confident, and was hired to start my professional career the Monday following graduation! Alum-2006

Mekala Yugesh


I wouldn't trade my time at CMSU/UCM for anything in this world. The education was great and the overall atmosphere of the campus was excellent. As long as you can balance studying with social activities college is the best time of your life.

Mallesh B

I can't find anything less than a zero rating for the office of international students (OIS). The service is pathetic..., more worst than a govt.... They don't care about students... They charge international student fee and feels like doing a free service... The university should keep some real folks who work ... Not the dumb ones...who provides nonsense.

Shae Shepard

vinod prabhakar Dulam

Omar Lewis

Axel Velazquez

Nice place to study! I came here for an study abroad and i loved it!

Nathan Marshall

Rape University! Careful ladies, NO ONE cares.

Ram Ramesh

i am enjoying studies and other activities in college.

Kartheek Mummareddy

Really love the place.. Learning towards a greater degree suits well for UCM.

Mark Smith

No way will I allow my kid to continue to go to school here if the university doesn't take action, and make it public soon. I pay WAY too much money to send my daughter to a campus where known rapists sit next to her in class. In the next few days, I might just be sending her to UMSL.


My experience at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) was great! If you are looking for small class sizes, great student organizations, and a world-class education, you should visit UCM.

Tiffany Edwards

I love how this says David cook is an went here when he never did

Santhosh Muppa

Charles Walker

I graduated from then CMSC in 1962. I was not a good student. managing a 2.6 grade point average, while playing guitar, reading material which had nothing to do with my classes, and playing a baseball table game that I still play (we have annual conventions), and generally enjoying the night life. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, securing teaching positions in KC, then LA. Then I joined the Missouri Highway Patrol, where my English major benefited me tremendously. I'm now retired, but I wholeheartedly endorse the University. I'm sure it's changed tremendously, but still a great place to earn an education.

Amanda Trujillo

Enjoyed my visit

Glory Clover

Minister Stacy Schenk

Awesome professors!! ~Minister Stacy Schenk

sachin reddy

Jaydeep Singh Tomar

i came form INDIA and for me UCM is best thing i ever did, got graduation degree in CIS, i learned a lot. The best thing about CIS course is they educate you through hand zone classes and it feels like you work with industries. i am really thankful of UCM and all my faculty member who guide me in every step. Thank you UCM.

Joel Nee

Collin Carter

Lake Life

Students who come here are left vulnerable to any kind of attack. The campus police have stated the only tool for defense your allowed to carry is pepper spray. No tazer or firearm. I certainly wouldn't allow my children to attend any place like this.

lesme garcia

I got my degree in 1974, great school!! I am from venezuela.

Lisa Sullivan

Johanna Groves

Worst communication ever. Do not stand behind their word to ensure students have the assistance they need. Documented "direct communication" with my student even after he no longer was attending college classes. He literly had not been on campus or had communication with anyone at the university and his mentor documented 15 accounts of communication. When I asked them to explain the communication and brought to their attention my student Haden even been on campus or spoken to anyone. His mentor did not respond. I guess that means he didn't have a response or justification of the false documentation of dates. They talk a good game but in the end truly only care about the money and not the student. I would not encourage anyone to attend this University. Very poor communication and no one wants to take accountability for false information. In the end it is more about geting the tuition money and not about providing the tools the student needs to be successful. As I have begun and ended this journey with UCM I have spoken to several mother's that have had the same experience with their student. Very sad and disheartening. I would give a lower rating if possible.

Naga Praneeth

Rob I

Sandeep Yellambhotla


Kendal McGraw

Great small school that opens great opportunities


I like it the school is great my brother goes there :-)

Dave Jenn

Campus police needs improvement

Thomas Brower

Chaiyant Chinokul

Omer Ahmed UK


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