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Park was the perfect school for me. I had attended several different universities over a few years. Park accepted a majority of those classes as transfer credits towards my degree. The staff always went out of their way to help. I could meet one-on-one with my professors at least a couple of days a week. I cannot say enough good things about the professors I had at Park. Some classes I knew I was going to do poorly in but with the help of my professors I managed to get through them all (QRM and Dr Bell!!!). Very few of the professors I had in the Business Department were pure academicians. The vast majority of them had real world experiences to validate their teachings(Business Law with a real practicing lawyer). That made classes more relatable and added great value to the overall experience. I loved my time at Park and built some lasting friendships across a wide spectrum of people. I would recommend Park to anyone who is looking for a first class education in a personalized environment.

Garrett Haley

Scenic campus. Be sure to check out Parkville Underground!

Da Vitta Zekoll

Every single year I've attended there seems to be an issue and by the end of the fall term I'm being told my education has to be placed on hold again. Trying to finish my degree is like pulling teeth at this point. The advisors are no help the online classes are purely disorganized I find that majority of the time you are teaching yourself from outdated material that doesn't even support the objectives you're expected to learn. I'm over it at this point and amd considering other options for schooling at this point I've wasted so much of my time here.

Will England

Best value for a private school in the KC metro area. Great programs and instructors. Flexible online / in person schedule to let the working adult complete their degree. *Wonderful* campus with great underground spaces.

J. Parker

Love park! Great school.

Rebecca Holmes

Danielle Troop

Do not waste your time with this schools online program. It is a for-profit institution in that aspect, and is on par with University of Phoenix. This school should be taken off of military installations. Pretty much what Sara said. It claims to be for military veterans, which is a lie. Just about every education officer you encounter will advise you to not go to Park University. This school gouges you for money. They've developed Online programs that sound appealing to Military members, but like Sara said, you learn nothing in. They're priced appropriately to rob you of all the Tuition Assistance you earn, and quickly at that. The administration is a joke. There is no accountability and they just pass you from person to person if you have an issue. I have had Marines file student grievance reports against different departments and not have them ever be solved. They eventually just switch institutions. The phone clerks respond with e-mails and claim they have M.A.'s that they earned at Park. If you want to be a highly qualified phone clerk go to Park.

Audrey Langton

I love going to Park! The campus is so beautiful and I really like being able to take some of my classes online. For a private college, it's really affordable too!

Lavanuke 04

Great caring university lots of help.

Sheri J

Amazing campus above and below ground. Great history and cave system. Professor are good too.

Brooke Rhoads

I'm not saying this is a bad school. It is a really affordable option for people who want small class sizes and one-on-one opportunities with professors. But be warned, the small class sizes come with a price. Professors are required to take attendance and often grade for participation. The campus is nice, but quite small. Park does offer some clubs and campus activities, but obviously nothing compared to a larger school. The Copley Quad dorms are very nice and while there isn't a super large community of students who get involved those who do seem to have a great time. That being said, if you are looking for a "typical" college experience this isn't the place. Most of the students commute and many of them are non-traditional meaning they are older than the average student, part-time, or using their GI bill. I don't regret going to Park because it is an affordable school. However, I do wish I'd gone to a more rigorous school, or at least a school with more life. The students for the most part aren't sure engaged and don't have a lot of school spirit. I don't know many students in my classes who are going to drive around with Park bumperstickers or wear the t-shirts around after graduation. For me, when I imagined going to college I pictured a campus filled with the hustle and bustle of student life. I hoped there would be enough of a residential presence that some parties would take place and I kind of anticipated having my mind opened to the world. I thought I'd participate in lively in-class discussion and do research that would prepare me for grad school much more than I have. There's not much diversity and not much student activism (they brag about all of the international students at Park but they aren't integrated into the campus very well). I also thought going to Park would come with the added freedom and flexibility most students dream of after high school graduation. In reality, Park feels a lot like a grownup high school. I want to be clear Park is a good school, you should just know what you're getting into. You can only be as immersed in the college experience as you allow yourself to be and I will admit I didn't really want to drink the Park kool-aid. If you're looking for a school you can become deeply immersed in, this might not be the place. But if you're just looking to get a degree and get out for a good price I do recommend checking it out.

Anne Mckee

Hec Chavez

Such a great academic experience!

Jinny Bartley

Stephan Van Der Merwe

A hidden gem


abdirashid abdullahi

Going to Park was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I majored in Computer science and landed my first job even before graduating in my senior year at Cerner. Among the things I loved most are : -Flexible classes -small classes that gives u one on one to your instructors - job search - free parking -discounted meals even if your not living in dorms -very honest counselors list continues . Abdirashid Bashir

Rob Miller

I just graduated with a bachelor's from Park and I am very pleased with the school. I am active duty military and Park went above and beyond to apply my military training towards my degree, saving me over a year's worth of classes. Because of the positive experience I have had at Park, I am rolling directly into a master's program and am considering applying for a doctorate later. If it weren't for Park's military friendly schedule and academic programs, I don't know that I would have finished my undergrad, much less anything higher. Thank you Park!

anish rokka

Darlene Pettit

Park University is KC best kept secret and my daughter is loving school...excellent education opportunity

Peyton Hallquist

This university is a joke and thinks they can do whatever they please because they're a private university. Would never recommend.

4 Justice

Park University is a well respected University that provides an excellent education. Anyone who compares Park University to the University of Phoenix is ignorant. The university has exceptional accreditation, highly qualified professors, and an accomplished alumni history. It's a great private university that focuses on the student. If you are looking to receive a great education, with personalized interaction with your professor, then consider Park University. It's worth the visit. I am an alumni who has been accepted to several top 25 University MBA programs. I credit Park with preparing me for graduate school.

Puela Danielson

Nice teachers but the FAFSA employees are awful they don't know how to do their job at all .

Carlos G

Contrary to some of the reviews here, Park University is a Non Profit organization. It is nothing like university of phoenix. Every professor that I had emphasized the importance of the subject matter, making it easier for students to understand and acknowledge what is being taught at hand. At the end of the day, I can assure that me and my fellow classmates learned tremendously. This ultimately led into great knowledge of the course and a step closer to a bright future. I received my B.S in Management Computer Information Systems and I am proud to call myself a Park alumni.

Cordelia Brown

I'm not a student there, but I know that they have the best musical faculty in the whole area. When I was a KU student, violin professor Ben Sayevich quit KU as the head of the Strings Department to teach at Park University. And they just named Ingrid Stolzel, a fine violinist and internationally known composer, as the head of their music department. It's The Juilliard School of the midwest!

Brandie Reaves

dirtbike - sixthirtyone

Was eating at a small Taco Bell and the coach came in showing the tax exempt form and the girl didn't know what to do so he said yeah go get someone that knows what their doing. Most of the players were throwing F bombs and yelling and even the coach was yelling at the players and cussing. Very inconsiderate of others. We threw the rest of our food away and left.

Sara Johnson

This is the worst college I have ever attended or heard about. The program I am in is an absolute joke. Teachers don't care about the students and can't even explain themselves, administration gives you the run-around, and there is very little learning taking place. It is purely a place to exchange money for a piece of paper. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST. The masters program at Baker is much better. I believe any masters program would beat Park Hill.

Nathaniel Liddy

Ryan Walker

Juan Carlos Salazar T

Bhaarat Gahlot

Worst admin.

Audacity Knight

A positive and grateful person sees a half empty glass of water as half full. As Park's Alumni, the private and accredited institution instills strict educational discipline and offers plethora of subjects undergraduates need in order to succeed in his/her chosen field. The in-class instructors were knowledgeable and compassionate professionals - consistently and punctually provide students tools to assimilate the subjects. Online courses offer effective and efficient ways for students with ambitious/hectic lifestyles to attain the continuing education we've longed for. Because it is online, some in-class benefits were inevitably sacrificed: face-to-face interaction and promptness of feedbacks (Instructors are required to respond in 24 hours, they always do). That being said, Park University is number one in providing military veterans, professionals, and employers tools and services needed to reach their respective goals.

Kristie Brown

I love Park!

Zuhey Mendoza

Shawn McPherson

Musaad Alenezi

Coach Reed

At the time i attended, 1997-2001, two years as a college thrn throigh the transition and growth into the great university it is now...i tell everybyoung person i can about Park...i still have friends to this day that i went to school with. I am now finishing my masters!!

Andrew McCaffrey

Good University

zachary parsley

Good school

Carol Langley

My daughter went to school there. The counselors were horrible. They continued to have her take classes she had past, just to keep her full time to receive her pell grant to live. They had no one to help her when she went to complain. She wrote a letter wirh no response. She owes over 70 thousand in loans and still does not gave a degree. Did not receive help from anyone. One teacher told her she would never be a teacher. She is a pre school teacher and would like to get her teaching degree so she can get help paying on the loans. Any help woukd be great. I pray for her to get some help in this matter. Her name is Rebecca langley Thank you Carol Kangley

Fonte Stone

Park claims to be military friendly, that is not true. Park likes receiving government money though. I applied for graduation for my undergraduate degree and was not even put on the program. Park excuse was because I was in the graduate program they oops forgot. Every semester and dread dealing with them. I would not recommend this college for any military active duty, veteran, friends or family. If I hadn't gotten so far in with my MBA program I would have stop attending this school.

Rebecca Clark

Tom Kat

I have never been more disappointed in a business. The online program is dreadful. There is absolutely no teaching. Even worse, the professors act as if they are brain-dead, and can't answer simple questions. They are also rude in the process. I would heavily advise against this school's online program, it's not worth the hassle.

Wendy Pizarro

Jake Hamilton

I'm currently enrolled at Park. It's a beautiful campus and a great University. Unfortunately there has been a lot of construction this past year making parking a hassle.

Catherine Lockmiller

This university is a joke. i have two bachelor's degrees and an MA from a top ranked liberal arts institution. Going to back to school for my second graduate degree, I thought I'd try the online thing, and I wanted to stick with a private university. Clearly, Park was the wrong choice. Administration is riddled with bureaucracy, instructors have very little power over the course shells (if they care enough to bother), and e-courses are horribly disorganized and dated. I've yet to take a course with a completely updated syllabus. Neither have I had a single chance to take a course with actual tenured faculty. Nothing against adjuncts. They work hard, and they get almost nothing back in return for their hard work. But good grief; you'd think at least some of the upper-level classes would be taught by professors. In the end, I would never recommend this school. Thankfully, come spring, I'm transferring to a college that actually shows an interest in its students. I'm not giving any more money to the incompetent bureaucrats that run this institution.

Rebecca M

danny seymour

I cannot say enough good things about Park University. I read through a lot of the reviews. Anyone can have a less than perfect experience with any "business". My experience with Park has been exceptional. The admissions process was outstanding. I have email, called, and used the Chat function on the website and there has not been one time that my question wasn't answered promptly and with good information. While I am a non-traditional college attendee (in every sense of the word) It is refreshing to feel part of the college community and experience. There may be contrary opinions / reviews and I hope that those people are able to get some resolution . My experience has been exceptional and would certainly do it again and recommend Park to others in my situation.

GiGi Davis

I did my studies here and just loved it. Campus was charming, classes were organized and teachers were wonderful. Great experience.

Rahul Sen

i really wish to study here the admission counselor is very nice to me.gave me lots of information about admission I'll apply,let see what happened.!finger cross

Andrea Evans

Joy Briant

Cote Wilson

I am greatly enjoying Park. The online experience is not for the young or weak (age irrelevant); adults enjoy Park for its flexibility and convenience, not mention- Park's ability to educate on a realistic no frills timeline. Enter to learn- Exit to Lead.

Dominic Dinh


Jamie Alpaugh

Terra Buhman

Received masters from PARK and the experience was challenging. However, I would do it over in a second it was that valuable. I would recommend this University to ANYONE!!!!

Rebelde Albania

Great college !

Jeff D

A great experience! I can't wait to visit. Received my bachelors in management & computer information systems while on active duty Air Force stationed in New Mexico. Contrary to some other reviews, they do care about the military, instructors are very understanding and helpful beyond the end of the class.

Ricky Massana

Nicole Wilkerson

Angelo G

Great University

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