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REVIEWS OF Missouri University of Science and Technology IN Missouri

Dayton Bennett

If I could give negative stars I would. Everyone that works here is a flat out crook...even if you have a parking pass they will give you a ticket, if they get the chance they will give fake charges to your card, then deny that they can fix it! On top of making students pay tens of thousands of dollars to stay in degrated, overpriced rooms along with being forced to buy overpriced meal plans that are unusable anywhere but the university and on food that's inedible. They also lose records, skew test scores, and do not accept outside transcripts until you have passed their classes.

Skyler Lan

I drove all the way here from Springfield, MO to take my GMAT exam. And I got an email 15 minutes before the exam which told me that the exam was canceled due to the bad weather condition lol. And then I took a meal at McDonald and went back to Springfield. 5 stars are for the peaceful atmosphere around campus.

Droid Smith

Great school

Stewart Henderson

Great place! I went there for my undergraduate education and can recommend it at least for engineering. It is a really cool campus to visit as well with a mini-stonehenge and nuclear reactor on campus. There are several other sites there too.

Justin York

GQ Liu

Clay Dixon

Professor Otávio Rafael

The Diversifier

Soham Parikh

Ahmad Alzahrani

Ronald Richter

Joe Broom

I graduated almost 30 years ago, so my experience is far from recent, but I can speak to how the school prepared me for a career. I have constantly been surprised at how "poorly educated" my peers in industry have been, starting in graduate school, and continuing throughout my career. The truth is: UMR (as it was known then) demanded more, and taught more, to its students than the vast majority of engineering schools out there. Some of my grad-school peers had no exposure to math skills and analysis methods we were taught in our *junior* level courses!

Jim Stanthon

Love it

Leon Ali

Kenneth Perry

shixuan meng

Weifeng Pan

Great school for engineering

Hycintia Subash

Great school!

Kristin Walker

Tyler Nope

I go to school here it's amazing

Jeevan Karumudi

Manish Nikam

Ty Morrow

Sunil Kargaonkar

Logan Nielsen

Anna Marie Thibeault

Great all around University! Has everything you can want or need nearby!!

Keegan Budine

I don't know how anyone can go here and not hate it. It got me a great job, but I still feel completely empty inside.

Diablo Designs


Michael Walden

אתה ברטון

Pretty decent place for an advanced degree. I wouldn't say it's "cutting edge" or anything but they do have a decent technology department and staff.

rahul roy

Hi I am Sam really It's a superb University of Science and Technology what a Circumstances awesome really we students want this kind of environment so that we learn so many things as what we want to be and get Success in all aspects by the grace of J☆e☆s☆u☆s -)

Saidah Kindell


Kumaresan Pugazhenthi

Beautiful Campus, Extremely Helpful Professors and Staff, Well Funded Campus Organisations and lots of interesting things to do. Its not that difficult to get funded here and the university isn't that expensive of a place comparatively. The only downside is that the moment the holidays begin, you realise how bored you get if you are staying back. There isn't really anything much to do in Rolla without your own car. Oh, P.S- I am not from ChemEng but almost everyone I meet from that department hates it. ChemEng is probably the most hated department on campus (by its own students).

Jeanne Wiggins

Ashok Bhilavade

Zheng Zhang

Poor student support and administration. The public wifi is very slow!

Eli Last Name

Tuan Thomas

Great school!

Nguyen Thanh Binh

Kathy W

What an incredible school! Not only for engineering, but for business, psychology, biology, etc. I feel an immense amount of pride in my Alma Mater. What a challenging but rewarding 4 years I had here! Class of '14!

pappy papp

I Am glad I went here, you will too belive me!!!

Jimmy Shadow

Raj Kondaveeti

This place is used to hold the FTC. Very nice gym. Extra room, but there is a small pathway to go to the café. For this, I give it only 3 stars. If the hallway to the café was shorter, it would earn a 5.


its a good school especially for the price.

D Leyba

Took a few classes. Excellent Tech school.

Jill Lampkin

Adam Kennedy

Pros: Nice residence hall communities, many awesome instructors, appropriately challenging courses, recognition from companies and lots of job opportunities, and I got a job right out of college! There are lots of events and things to do on campus during the week, and lots of organizations and clubs. Lots of scholarships are available for strongly academic students. Facilities are well kept. The campus theater is great and offers lots of shows during the school year! Finally, a majority of the students here are awesome and destined to do great things in the world. You will meet some absolutely amazing people here with whom you will be lifelong friends. Cons: Difficulty in scheduling classes, mediocre dining and food, not much to do on the weekends other than homework unless you are on a design team, non-stop construction on campus (which could also be a pro, but navigating campus is sometimes aggravating).

Salmon 42 Times

Got hit by a car near campus. I was fine but some people who I'd assume are students came out to check on me and then bought me Taco Bell. Thanks James and Amanda !


Quality education with lots of opportunities.

deji adewale

Callahan Kovacs

Allen Gilliam

I went here 1972-1976 for BS/ME and again for graduate school in 1982 when it was University of Missouri-Rolla. It was difficult back then to get an engineering degree as course work was grueling but alas has only gotten harder. Mechanical Engineering is such a broad subject area that the degree can only give you the tools you need for a job where you apply talents and learn what the company expects. My career did not really take off until I got my masters, improved communication and writing skills and found my niche in QA. But the problem-solving skills I learned at UMR have served me well. I hope the school has improved their programs as I found Assistance such as tutoring non-existent when I attended. Study groups were popular for the harder classes like. Social life back then was the pits if you didn't drink..hope that has changed too.

Gautham Y

mani cc

best for ee

Austin Wall

Behzad Talaei

Very good school for engineering!

Emily's Photography

Well kept campus

Matthew Harris

Awesome classes, awesome professors, awesome campus. What more could you ask for.

Kheir Eddin

jinghui huang

Navid Rezazadeh

Hidekazu No

Called UMR

Le Quang Hieu

Ryan Reed

dheeraj tedla

JoAnn Schoenberger

Elizabeth Stryker

This University taught my Father to become an accomplished geologist and the BEST Dad, I am grateful for the opportunity to be his daughter!

عبدالله المفلح

Deja Shelby

Nihal Acharya

Did my Master's in Materials Science & Engineering here and research work throughout my degree. One of the best schools for research programs. Most of my tuition was funded and I received a stipend too. It has good infrastructure and the undergrad for Materials Science & Engineering is ranked #3 in the country! It is the perfect environment for students and researchers. It boasts one of the toughest curriculums in the country. The professors are extremely well-qualified and are good research advisors. The school houses a nuclear reactor, a mini-Stonehenge behind the Materials Science building and a solar city. The school not only excels research-wise but knows how to have fun too. St Patrick's is huge here and we're given 4-5 days off for it just before the week for Spring break, for which we get another week! There is a parade near campus. Celebration of Nations is another huge event at the start of Fall semester, which brings together various cultures and their food and dance and music - the people that make this school amazing! The closest city and airport is St Louis (90-110 miles away). Downside is there is no public transport in Rolla.

Francesco Betti Sorbelli

(Translated by Google) Beautiful American university campus (Original) Bellissimo polo universitario americano

Greg nname

I graduated in the 1980's. I enjoyed my years in Rolla. The academics were challenging, the culture was college town, the government was more relaxed about alcohol (a different era), the city was safe to walk around at night, the rivers were great for canoeing, and the national forest around rolla was a great place to explore and relax it. It would have been nice to have more women on campus but no place is perfect. In my years since graduation I discovered how good my education really was in my work with other engineers. UMR taught me how to think, analyze and learn. I've worked with engineers from some of the best schools in the country and I can keep up with them. At this point in my career the book portion of my education is dated compared to more recent graduates, but put us in a room with a problem and I'm asking the right questions, quickly determining which data is useful, which data is noise and what additional data is needed to determine the cause of the problem.


(Translated by Google) Very good use! Positioning is very accurate. (Original) 很好用啊!定位很准。

Zaine Ridling

Moved here from St. Louis in 2005 and while the university is world class, it's the students that come from all over the US and world that make Rolla a really special place to live. Rolla is so proud of MS&T students because they bring energy and intelligence to everyday life. I attended Columbia University in New York City, but that campus doesn't have camaraderie these students do. Best of all, every student event is easily accessible -- and affordable -- to the public, from sports to plays/concerts, lectures, and contests. If you're a student looking for a real education and not just schooling with a degree, then I urge you to consider MS&T.

kassan unda

Good Research! Helpful Professors!

Ekwoge Richard

melissa simpson

Mike Netting


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