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REVIEWS OF Jefferson College IN Missouri

Rachel Genovese

As a working mother of 3, Jefferson College has been a wonderful experience. They have given me the flexibility and affordability that I have been looking for in a community college. I have experienced both on-campus and online learning, which has left me not only with a feeling of accomplishment but the tools to continue my education. I would highly recommend Jefferson College.

Tim Andress

Jeffco was a waste of time and money. Over 300 dollars for a class and hundreds for books. The Electives are a waste of time and money... who needs to learn about music or art. The instructors just read from a PowerPoint slide. I wouldn't recommend attending jeffco.

Katie Hutchinson

Community college greatness

Hannah Reinholdt

Zoila Calle

Shelly Jh

My daughter loved this college

Tara Brockgreitens

LadyAssassin 111

Belkis Beleño Rios

Gavin Clark

I was a student here. The professors for the most part were 5 stars. Unfortunately, enrollment was kind of difficult and confusing at first. I had to talk to multiple advisers to get what I was looking for. Even then, it was a chaotic schedule. Advice, look at your curriculum and choose your own classes that fit your needs.

Allison N. Capps

Jessica Busam

Ya Boy Schwarzy

Properly label each building so i know where im going for the semester. Please and thank you.

The EDM Soul

Alexis Leiweke

Emily Cain

Davis Johnson


Roman Dement

Chloe Vroman

I really shouldn’t even rate them 1 star. This is probably the most unorganized school in Jefferson County. I’ve been going here for years and have never had an issue with my financial aid loans but all of a sudden the financial aid department wants to act like they are new and have no idea how things are done. This entire fall semester has been nothing short of a headache. I went in before this fall semester was suppose to start and signed up for classes and did everything they asked of me and left. Then they contact me saying I didn’t fill out certain forms they needed when I did when I was there so they drop my classss without notice. Then I go back in and talk to them about it and sign up AGAIN to different classes and filled out the papers THEY SAID TO... then again I am contacted saying I didn’t fill out papers they needed AGAIN and they dropped my classes... at this point I’m starting to get aggravated. So I go BACK to the school and repeat the same process for the THIRD time.. at this point it’s so late to sign up for the classes that I have to sign up for a pending financial aid payment so the financial aid office won’t drop my classes again. So then I wait for the classes to start but couldn’t get my books because I could afford them without my loan disbursement. So at this point I’m participating in my classes without books just winging it. I call financial aid to find out when I will be getting my loan and they tell me since my professors haven’t told them I’m participating in my classes they can t give me my refund until that is done. So then I have to contact my professors to have them contact the financial aid department to tell them I am participating so I can get my loan. And that could then take weeks so now the payment is due for my classes which is $200.00. The whole thing has been nothing but a JOKE. I will definitely consider this when signing up for spring classes.

Lani Meyer

Jefferson College was a perfect place for me to start my education. Enrollment Services was always helpful in setting up my courses and helping me transfer to a university. I utilized the Academic Success Center at Jefferson College when I was needing extra help. The staff members I have encountered have been courteous and helpful in every aspect of my experience at Jefferson College.

Madoline Minnich

Single mom with a child on the spectrum, it's taking me awhile to get this associates degree, but everyone from the advisors, instructors, the daycare, etc have been nothing but helpful and have worked with me so much and been so patient with my situation. I love Jefferson College and highly recommend this school.

tawnya trautman

Brooke Williams

Tommy Mize

Chelsea W

I chose Jefferson College to begin my journey of becoming a teacher. I like the variety of courses to pick from, very reasonable priced tution, the professors I had were very nice as long as you did the work and showed up. I am glad I chose Jefferson College.

Paul White

Autumn Yeaman

They call owing money for classes at this school a "fine". My daughter was on honor roll all 4 years of high school. She is part of the A+ program. Careful about your teens participating in dual enrollment unless you can afford big bills. They wont let my daughter attend their school until she pays them for classes weve repeatedly told them we cannot afford. My daughter deserves to be treated better than this. She cried for 2 hours because we only have 1 car and i cant come pick her up until im off work.So an A+ student has to sit in shame because of affordability.

Kaytlyn Slotterback

I've loved my experience at Jefferson College so far. I really feel like the professors care about each and every one of there students and want them to succeed. The class size is small, and the professors are more than happy to help me if I need it. Personally, Jefferson College is considered home.

konray blamo

Jon Ogilvy

I had an easy time in the classes they weren't a problem. I had an A in all of my classes but one. The problem was that I was treated like I was still in high school by a few of the proffesors and I didn't like that. Plus I was supposed to speak with someone who could help me with a refund check but never got that. I was bounced to five different departments and no one could answer why.

Holly Gerlemann

Kaitlyn Bruns

Worst school I’ve ever been to the teachers are awful I wouldn’t recommend this school to anyone. You’ve been warned.

Ariel Simms

Jefferson College is such an amazing resource for our area!

Julie Doty

Seth Duncan

Dorm are nice and spacious. Variety of classes is great.


Great site!


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