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REVIEWS OF College of the Ozarks IN Missouri

Annie Boyd

Steve Giese

Hard work university. Awesome place to visit, they have a very nice restaurant, hotel, museum and bakery with delicious food and great service. I especially loved the ice cream.

Katri Weiste

(Translated by Google) Great place for dining! I recommend! (Original) Mahtava paikka ruokailuun! Suosittelen!

David dooley

I have been to the Jhon Foster Museum, the gris mill, the textile shop, the tractor museum, green house and the restaurant All located at this facility. any of these could be a photo shoot with lots of explanation. A person could easily spend a full day here.

Zac Loera

If you're looking for a place to oppress you and seal off the outside world, then Cult of the Ozarks is the right place for you! Not only do they force you to go to chapel in a country where you supposedly have freedom of religion, but they even tell you what kind of person to be! If you've ever wanted to find who you are on your own, CofO guarantees you won't do that here. Not only are they run by the donors who think this is still the 30's, but our president himself refuses to acknowledge the changing society. Once he banned ALL electronic use in the caf! You can imagine how that went. And another blessed thing about this school, is everyone is hypocritical! If you think partying doesn't go on here, I can tell you that you are DEAD WRONG. And the dorms are DISGUSTING, riddled with cockroaches and black mold, yet for some idiotic reason they raised room and board. If you want to major in something other than nursing or cows, you're screwed sir. Buildings are outdated and rundown. The buildings are comparable to a cow patty someone looked at and said, "I'm going to teach in that." Chapels are VERY DULL. The convos always suck, and the college spends thousands on renovating the cottages for guests, new china at the Keeter yet, I have a hole in my wall and my A/C is broken. THANKS FOR SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME COFO. Swine.

Rev Lasseter

Love the patriotic and faith based aspect of this college. Hate the way they handle tickets for their special event convo' s. Website crashes and then as soon as it came online all tickets were mysteriously gone.

timothy hutchings

Racism isn’t a good look for Christian community college.

Ben Bethel

steve johnson

By referral from a friend we. (2 couples) decided to eat Sunday Brunch. Sat. late we called for reservation and found they were booked up. HOWEVER, you can call Sun morning at 9:30 to be put on a wait list. Success! Are names were taken and were told as soon as we arrived to check in. We were there at 10am sharp and were seated right away. THE FOOD. WOW. What a feast. If you are not into 7 food stations with breakfast, salads, carving station, deserts, pasta and more, then probably not for you. If you couldn't find something you liked, please don't even bother writing a review on this forum. THE FOYER, wonderful shop of student made goods at one end, and an incredible War Memorial at the other end that you will need 45 minutes to see it all. We will be going back during the week to take the walking tour of the property. This is a "Must Visit" when in town.

Donald Peoples

Sounds like the Christian equivalent of a Madras. Promoting narrow minded intolerant "values" should have died out in the 1950's.

Trenton Fox

Richard Hall

Carole Phelan

Sonia Brumbeloe

Roman Golash

Fantastic programs, a big plus teaching patriotism and military history. Colonel Golash.

Christopher Wilson

Beautiful campus maintained by current students. Great view of Taneycomo from the lookout behind library.

Sean Mc

This is not a real accredited school. Their ‘diploma’ is worth no more than a sheet of copy paper in the real world.

Jake Buttram

Great place for some. Awful for others. Not what I would consider a real college experience. If you are simply considering going there because you are of meager means do your research. You do have a choice. If participating in the facade of the extreme religious right so they can maintain donations from the elderly this is a great place for you. I mean they had Gingrich speak on campus so how committed can they be to Christian values??If you are into further developing your critical thinking skills look elsewhere. Cafeteria food can be really good though!

Yeti Patch

This is nationalism and propaganda at a level I have never seen before. Despite all their foolishness they do some good. They really should stop burying toxic waste and students in the ground.

Mercedes Rich

I love this school. I am currently a first semester freshman and it's amazing! I have so many friends here that are like family to me and I know that God called me to this school! So thankful!

Jenna Lupicki

Jeffrey D

Clearly a Racist Institution. Good luck finding work Class of 19.

Ashley Wilkerson

Itzel J

Nick Lauria

A great school for the 1850s.

Justin Sharp

Outstanding college. Great place to visit.

J-Ro Rosiak

This place is phenomenal. Unbelievable. Nicest campus I've ever seen.

Nancy Morris

Great place to visit and EAT! Beautiful college! I'd love to go there. Top notch!

Teddy Smithson


Delmar Mejia

Super small campus. It’s hard to find help around the campus. The administration just wants you money and will forget about you once you pay


I attend the school 50 years ago. I am grateful for the education, work training, life experiences and spirtual values it instilled in me. The teachers were very caring and spent a lot of one on one time with students when needed. The 2 years I spent there prepared me for success in advanced degrees and my career. It is much more than a school.

Andrew Carson

College of the Ozarks is incredible. Most of these comments are negative and irrelevant, especially when discussing about a school that allows you to graduate with an amazing education, powerful wok ethic, and graduating with little to no debt. The Keeter Center is one of the best dinner and lodging destinations you will ever find. You will find incredible service, elegant decor, and a professional atmosphere the moment you walk through those doors. By replying to some poorly thoughtout comments, I would like to point out a few key elements: 1. The Keeter Center provides jobs for the Summer Work Program and is also a hotel which is the face of the school. With all being said, they must keep the building in tip-top shape in order to keep donors, supporters, and guests having the time of their life. 2. Air Conditioning and Dorm problems are(and should always be) the least of your worries when attending a school that provides you with such great potential.

Tony Bryan Ashworth

Ethan West

When you are so ignorant on the topic of police brutality that you replace your Volleyball Uniforms because of a Nike symbol. Congratulations for labeling your college to hicks only. I'll be sure to spread the word that only trailer-trash goes here forever. Sure hope it was worth it.


America at its best.

Mark Bolger

Kerry Counts

We always come to Keeter Hall at the school of the Ozarks (aka Hard Work U). The food is excellent and the service superb. Most items on the menu are produced at the school by students. I love hearing the wait staff where they are from, their majors and future plans. Many of the students are 1st in their families to attend college. So, stop by, enjoy some good food, and tip well...these hard working students appreciate your patronage.

Frank M

This college is now going to force students to take a "Patriotism" class. It won't do anything to prepare students for a career. Sounds like a scam for profit to me.

Randy Goss

Utotomi Charles Abalu

This is an openly racist institution. They do not represent true Christians. They should change their name to College of Satan.

joel baeza

A real college understands and teaches inclusion/constitutional law.


Steven Olsen

Hans Turner

melissa hoxsie

Andrew Jensen

Will Hargrave

I interesting university with a unique ideology and a great public restaurant. Best food we ate all vacation.

Fire_fox 55

They have the best ice cream and shows ever:):):):-D:~D;~D:D;~D

Angelique Meyer

I attend college here. Beautiful campus, wonderful program that helps students graduate debt free, and an incredible staff of professors and work managers. Has awesome memorials that are a must see!

Nelson Serna

Avi T

What can one expect from this place

Matt McLaughlin

The biscuits were delicious

Juane Chapman

Beautiful facility and great food!

Debra C

Wonderful college! Great fruit cake for sale at the Keeter Center.

Kelly Littrell

Sad, institution for "higher learning" teaching close mindedness.

nomadic K

A it's a quaint little place, nice and clean and looks safe when I visited .

Alexander Montanez

Excellent FOX And Friends Is There Tomorrow

Marcy Smith

5 stars for a beautiful campus and the whole "debt free" thing, but I'm glad my child has graduated and is free to be herself now and have her own opinions without fear of reprisal. She worked her tail off for that degree. I wish they cared as much about the students as they do their money.

Jake Eff

Unbelievably racist institution. Embraces public displays of racism and athletics officially run like children and have tantrums unless everyone does jingoist flag salutes like they demand. For Jesus. This place is run by clowns.

Jean Hetherington

I find it interesting that anyone would complain about a college upholding the religious beliefs of its founders. Its policies are clearly set forth in its literature and on its website. No secret what beliefs they adhere to in their structure. If you don't like them, you are not FORCED to attend! We don't force social re-education in America. Not yet anyway.

Sam Fuller

Travis Eden

Jonathan Ansley

I graduated in 1999. It was a great experience. If you are interested in working hard and learning, this may be a good college for you. The staff and faculty were supportive. I studied in the Netherlands for a semester with a partner college. I had an academic scholarship for room and board. It was intended for use at C of O, but they allowed me to use it while in the Netherlands. That was was very generous of them. One of the college administrators gave me $100 of his personal funds to help with my trip. C of O gave me a great start in my adult life.

joe street

This is a true college who teaches their students the constitution I am a hard work ethic. No wonder the left the Democrats rats talk trash about this college. At least the students will have a job when they get out of college. I wish they had 10 stars I would give it a 10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cody Hudson

Excellent school,

Max Strato

Wry Grin

Not a place to learn about the importance of seeking justice.

Taylor Wallin

Denis Mikerin

Jasper Risenhoover

Frank Johnson Sr

All students work on campus and debt is openly discouraged. Hard working dedicated students.

AZboyinWI .

as a tourist we found this campus interesting with the Ralph Foster and Getz tractor, museums. Along with the Greenhouses, fruitcake and jelly kitchen it was easy to spend a half a day on campus

Octavio Gutierrez

Alex Weikel

Why isn't this place shut down yet? It's a joke!

Kathy Roberts

Liv and learn

I love C of O!! We have a gorgeous campus, and it's very clean. Recommend C of O to all of the students out there!!!

Elana Carson

This school changed my life. At College of the Ozarks, I received a wonderful education, formed deep relationships with staff and faculty, traveled with veterans overseas, was given many leadership roles, and was challenged in academics. College of the Ozarks is the real deal and deserves the utmost support and respect. Although many people complain about the small dorms and lack of heating and air conditioning. It is not the end of the world. Just because we live in America does not mean that we are entitled to a specific way of living. Just step outside of the United States for a couple of weeks and see if you still want to complain about the air conditioning. Another defense for this argument is that, the college will eventually get around to fixing things. They would be stupid to begin multiple renovation projects at once. Like any institution, especially one where tuition is FREE, they have to be good stewards of their finances and make wise decisions on when to spend money. The school MUST invest in revenue generating projects (AKA: The Keeter Center) in order to maintain sustainability. Any negative comments are from students that never bought into the vision of C of O and were unable to step out of their comfort zone for a few short years.

Chris Mobley

Gabriel Fox

Beautiful campus!

Tony Wolfe

Mckayla Andrews

Most classes are good, but don't go here unless you are a perfect, goody-two-shoes Christian that doesn't mind being told what to believe. The school is only concerned about appearances

Nikki Guinn

Ivan Salgado

Boo! NiKE! Nike!Nike!

Mark Morrison

Leah Hardin

Yesterday my son graduated "college" and is now a proud Kindergartner. I cannot thank all of the students and teachers at the College of the Ozarks Preschool enough for the amazing start they have given my son. From the safety locks on the doors, to the emergency drills, to the smiling faces of the students and faculty, to the anticipation my child had every day desiring to go to preschool every morning, to the field trips around campus that he talked about for weeks afterwards, to the summer swimming trips to the pool, to all of the wonderful friends he made while at your preschool. I could go on and on, so I think I will. The faculty: Kristy and her staff are absolutely amazing. You couldn’t have a more organized, more caring, more loving, more supportive staff. They are true leaders setting an exceptional example for each of the students that work there including the little ones they keep. I was always informed of schedules, things going on at the school, given great information about the community, and immediately contacted if there was ever an injury or emergency. I knew that even though students were watching my child, there was an outstanding leadership above them guiding them step by step and showing them how to succeed. The faculty was not only caring for my child, and not only teaching these students how to do this profession, but they were and are showing these students how to be parents. How to care for their future children, how to set up others for success, how to be true leaders for their community. Wow. What a responsibility and the faculty does this with the utmost of grace and true sincerity. They deserve to be applauded, again and again. The students: Holy cow. To know that “college students” have been caring for my child should make any parent run for the hills. However, the students at College of the Ozarks truly break the mold. We have always been greeted with a smile and a “Fin! There’s my main man!” or “Where’s Fin! I’ve been waiting all morning for you to get here!” From “blue room” to “yellow room” Fin has talked about each and every one of his student teachers and some have made such a big impact on him that he even invited them to his birthday party. And…they came! Now what other “college students” do you know that would come to a 4 year old’s birthday party? I’ll tell you who, College of the Ozarks students. Fin was so excited to see them and show them off and introduce them to all of his friends and family. Again, wow. What an impact each student teacher has had on my little boy. Now I know the cuddles are supposed to be rare and kids are supposed to grow up, go off, and do things on their own. But I have to say as a parent, sneaking in a bit early to pick up my kiddo one day and seeing my little boy sitting in the lap of a student teacher at age 6 while getting a book read to him? There’s something special about that. He loves his student teachers. He loves the faculty. And even though he never wanted to “go to Ms. Kristy’s office” he loved Ms. Kristy too. For 4 years they have helped mold my child to be a great patriot, with great Christian morals. They have taught him to be a great leader and a truly great person. My husband and I will always be forever grateful for their care, love, and support. From the deepest part of our hearts, we thank College of the Ozarks Preschool. We highly recommend any parent to bring their child there whether they are age 2 or age 18, College of the Ozarks Campus is an impeccable facility with an outstanding staff.

Todd Clements

Excellent brunch at the keeter center. The campus is nicely landscaped and you can go thru the tractor museum and greenhouses.

Chris Bernetich

Nathan R

Great University

Barbara Newhouse

Frank Parth

Debt free is the way every university should be!

Dennis Ragsdale

Hammer1234 56789

I graduated here. It was amazing, the people you meet and their dedication to studies, religion, and work ethics. At this campus students truly get to do things that otherwise they never would have had the chance to do. I loved it.

Kathy Barry

Traveling in the area many times your campus name was familiar. I want to comment how happy we were that the College stood up to Nike. You have set a Commitment to Valor in your beliefs. A multitude of Americans are very proud of you. Many Blessings for strength with fortitude.

TrueMen FromWOT

Joel Sjerven

Demand to see job placement info before enrolling here.

Joruth Borror

Michaela Jones

Good for some, not so much for others. I was in the category of the not so much

cassaundra brown

Taylor Angel

Jeremiah Davison

jeremy burns

Help you and shows you around like your already a student

Courtney Brown

Absolutely a wonderful school. I am so grateful for my education received here. The college does nothing but provide opportunity to the students to succeed. It is hard work, truly, but it is wonderful.

John Wilson

Impressed with the whole program.

Susie Jacques

Alvin Hill

Attended in 1971. There are fewer Black students now than then. Appears that they still suffer from the same arrested development. Thought control was so entrenched that you couldn't eat in the cafeteria on Sunday unless you went to chapel services where they issued tickets at the end of services. Peace signs & ecology symbols were deemed subversive. Locked in a time warp!!

Clara Pilier

peter covino

This is a charming campus, full of history, very nice restaurant and much more. Very much worth a stop

Kraig Cole

Weak academics

Nick Tarter

Love this school! Students are able to work as they learn and have the potential to graduate debt free. That's a win in my book.

Devon Hunt

Excellent food, beautiful place, excellent service. The students work very hard to serve you,

Josiah Gelatt

I LOVE this college, I am going to attend in 2020 spring. It’s an amazing place. And such a creative idea to get a great education and to be a hard worker!


I requested information for a program I was interested in and never received a letter or any emails regarding my interest. After reading these reviews here I see why. I have a foreign last name and maybe that has something to do with it. I also found it strange that on the website it said the students who are accepted are “worthy”... what on earth does that even mean? I’m glad I changed my mind about this college.

aletha mcdaniel

My husband & I have stayed at the Keeter Center numerous times, and we LOVE THIS PLACE. It is quiet, beautiful, with excellent food, a relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful, respectful students who work there. We think it is one of the best hotels in the nation.

Bub Wilcox

We ate in their restaurant while on vacation. The students were awesome food was great love the place and want to support it.

Tad Jones

Mr. King Kitty

I know 5 people who have attended this school. It has a fantastic program for high performance students who have no treasure hoard to pay for modern day tuition. However, like many religious institutions, CoO has a few arcane rules and policies. They lock up freshmen vehicles during the weekdays to indirectly cause them to study. They will expel students for the simple, qualitative suspicion of consuming alcohol. Everyone is afraid of simply posting a picture holding a disposable Solo cup on Facebook for fear of being accused. No proof needed. I understand that public image is everything to a Christian school but doing the just and reasonable thing will impress the right kind of people.

Donna Smith

Joohwan Kim

Grant McNeill

The Zohan

Alice Night

Haven't been there, but I like it and I'm coming

Ryan O'Connell

Pathetic, racist university populated with the most dangerous threat to American society - scared white people.

Diane Terry

Juan Carlos Gutierrez

Its disgusting when people try to force their personal political views on the student population as a whole. This may start a horrible trend where colleges force boycotts on their students and force inferior products to those students that paid alot of money to attend their institutions. This school is going down the wrong path by forcing a Nike protest on their student volleyball team. I am sure they would be the first people angry is all liberal colleges banned Chick Fil A from their campuses over the Christian view. Kapernick did not harm anyone yet they are attacking a company as if he did. Its disgusting.

Neil Campbell

Rusty None

A bunch of discriminatory people, even those who changed their lives. A worthless school.

Jolene Burgess

Sebby Shaw

John Roberts

Superficial Christianity, more concerned with moralism and appearances than the Gospel.

Anabeth Kenost

Attended this College. Experience was most valuable experience of my life-reinforcing work/learning experience that has lasted throughout career. Most unique college I have heard of.

Kevin Tilley

An incredibly unique college that instills faith, academic knowledge, and patriotism, along with an emphasis on work ethic. Students graduate from here with a sense of direction and without any debt. A great place to visit if you are in the Branson area.

Glenda Ritter

We have ate here before, the food was good,as was the service. My husband and I were there yesterday at 4pm the place was almost empty. We ask for a table, they said it would be a 30 to 60 minute wait. Really there were no people waiting to be seated, and only a few people seated. Shame on you! We will never send anyone there. Nor will we ever be back.

Mark Young

Terry Newman

A lot of haters leaving one star reviews who have never been here. Google does not allow this with organizations that are considered left wing.

Andrew Patino

Sheila Bias

Christopher Kaspar

This university is such an amazing opportunity for the students who attend. Because of the support of donors, grants, as well as the hard work of the administration, most students graduate with little to no debt...a feat unheard of in the United States. The opportunity to attend here is truly once in a lifetime. There is a reason they have a 9% acceptance rate. The boundaries that are set are very reasonable and rooted in a true Biblical perspective rather than a legalistic one that many other Christian universities adhere to. The boundaries that are in place are carefully and purposefully chosen as necessary for the maximum amount of growth for students. If a student wants to succeed, apply themselves and grow as an individual, this is the place to go (if you can get in). If somebody can't respect a loving authority and wants to squander time and remain unchanged by their college experience, don't waste the blood sweat and tears of the people who have put so much of their life into creating this thriving environment. After graduation, most students are extremely hard working and dependable and are snatched up by local employers. If you truly take a minute to step back and look at the big picture, this school is unlike any school in the world.

Robert Ramirez

Karen Hancock

Not sure how the policies they have posted on-line for everyone to read are not supported? If you are looking for a college to honor and progress students this is NOT it. Very disappointed with the whole experience. Not an institution worth investing time and money in.

jonathan minner

College of the Ozarks is a fantastic school. I attended here and was kicked out for poor life choices, but i turned my life around and they let me come back to complete my degree. The faculty and staff are compassionate and genuinely caring toward the students. Expectations of students are made clear upon applying and the bar is a lot higher at CofO than most schools.

Brian Yearling

What a surprisingly fun stop on our tour of the Ozarks. Talking with college students working over their spring break, and learning that many of them would not have had the means to attend school and earn an advanced degree without the programming offered at College of the Ozarks (where students work off their tuition with on-campus jobs) was inspiring. Left us feeling as if young people really do know the value of hard work, provided they are given an opportunity to show what they can do!

Max Bledsoe

Went there on a tour and now its on a list of colleges I would like to go to. It has many places on campus where students can work to pay for tuition on campus.

Lee Pemberton V

Always a very pretty college. Walked through the new Veterans Memorial at the entrance of the college and it's very well done.

Levi Rightnowar

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