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REVIEWS OF Saint Paul College IN Minnesota

Young Lacom

Nice people, nice food, nice teachers! What isn't there to love about it?

Dana Green

Great place to learn, but limited online/weekend classes, and EXPENSIVE parking. Why so many bad reviews? Sometimes I wonder if these people are going to the same school that I am. I am a second year student, although I did switch from their Culinary program over to Esthetics. Love the setting, the atmosphere, and especially the instructors. Luba, if you read this - thank you for always being available and taking extra time to work with me! Parking guys, if you read this - why do I have to pay for parking? I am already paying plenty of fees, why isn't parking included? You are the only community college I went to where I had to pay so much! Inver has free parking and they don't police it like the Gestapo. At least offer 1 hour parking free of charge. Driving in, talking to a counselor, and filling out some forms took me about 50 minutes, and I was charged for it! Even aprking ramps have "grace" periods. Why are you so greedy?

heaven siewert

Fatma Hussein Iman

Jake Spiess

Yes the tuition is cheap but you get what you pay for. Completely under qualified teachers and the most incompetent administration you could ever deal with

Misko 1023

I love this school Ive been to normandale And KU before coming here and this place beats them both by a mile. Most of the teachers here are beyond awesome. There are some that feel like they dont have the patience to answer any questions. But most of them do have that patience. I'm someone who tends to ask alot of questions and almost everyone working there very helpful. Its just a friendly overall environment, which means alot to me. I recommend this to anyone wanting to take that first step towards bettering their lives. Saint Paul College has brought me to a hreat place mentally and has me excited for the possibilities the future holds.

Asante Simmons

Yes, a very cool neighborhood school! Tuition is reasonable. The new STEM building is going to be lit.

Lauren Phelps

Saint Paul college

Morgan Early

Great school and an excellent environment! A lot of programs to choose from and a TON of programs to help students pay tuition. You can tell they really care about their students and want everyone to do well.

Mr. Huddleston

Staff is so rude

Alex Tritabaugh

Gabrielle Thomas

Joe Conway

Wow its tough to hear some of the negative comments about this wonderful school! I feel the school has provided me with the flexibility that I need. If people are complaining they should take a look at themselves and see if you are following the expectations of the school. If you think because something came up in your life and you are unable to attend class that you blow off the school? Pick up the phone or have someone do it for you and just let them know. The school has a lot of students and they pride themselves on attendance. Sorry i just love this school and seeing some of the comments make me sick. I know people have different expectations on what they want. If you have a plan with your life make sure that the school is willing to help you before you do the work. Thank you!

Bianca Cervantes

I am so disappointed in Saint Paul college right now!! I was in an accident which I was out of work for 3 weeks and that unfortunately happened the last week of registration. I was unable to withdraw from a class on timing seeing as I was still in hospital and I appealed to have it taken off the tuition I owe them and was denied!!! What kind of school states that since I signed up in December I am still responsible!!! Things in life happen. I am lucky to be alive and the school still wants to charge me for a class I never took, even though I was hospitalized at the time I needed to withdraw. Had I not had an accident I would have taken the class, however that means nothing to a college institution I am so confused at how an institution can not see that !!!

Dorwatha Woods

I was impressed with this campus. I attended for an event that emphasized positive health habits for African American women. The building was clean and beautiful and the food in the cafeteria, delicious and nutritious. It was good that there was a parking lot even though we had to pay to park. The fee was fairly reasonable.

Malik Crespel

Shareem Jones

Antoine Page

Hello world is going to be a bit more about the company and the kids will be here for the next few days so we can get the ball rolling

Lucas Davies

kit kat

Overall this is a horrible choices of two year college

anaoyms 222

I reported my compliant haven't heard back from them. The school has a 'long unnecessary protocol'. They dont care about their students because they dont take student discrimination and student plagiarism seriously when it is reported. Disappointed by student administration, and at faculty. Rude, racist professors, and they are not as educated or knowledgeable as other professors who work at higher paid more accredited well known PROFESSIONAL colleges.

Kendra Radcliffe

Anewaral Abdi

D. Brown

Saint Paul college has the most racist and worst administration office I’ve been rejected several times and looked differently at that facility go to any other offices but not into the admin is no good people there.

Safaa Taha

i really liked the diversity.

Kevin Jack

There are some bad instructors here but overall, I think it is a decent school. Because I am in a program and not just completing general education classes, I deal with only a few instructors (I completed my generals somewhere else). With the few instructors I've had, they have been more than helpful with me. They sit down and answer my questions, whether its face to face, by email, using Skype or talking over the phone and its been extremely helpful. With all the instructors I have had so far, only one I have had one negative experience with but I'm not going to hold that over anyone else. One bad apple can't spoil the rest. Over all, I enjoy the school and their instructors and would recommended it to anyone.

Maria Schmitt

Love the instructors and small-class atmosphere here!

aaa 333

As far as I know save your money, invest in a higher education at a big public accredited university. This school is a "JOKE" the professor are a "JOKE" they are late dont show up cancel dont care. You waste your money with a school and staff based on fake morals. Might as well add more money and get a REAL education somewhere else.


Went in to turn in transcripts from a previous university I attended, what was supposed to be 20 minutes turned into 2 hours. I'm thinking twice on whether or not I would like to attend this college. The Qless system they're using to determine the wait time and position in line is extremely worthless. The little Asian girl in there is extremely rude and no help. The staff in general seems racist and no help, had no idea on what to do next. This guy called this girl in that wasn't next in line, which is fine we were both waiting but if you're going to call in one person or show favoritism to your own race, then you should also take in consideration the multiple people who are waiting in line. I guess we didn't matter because she was white and everyone else who were waiting was black. Not sure if I want to attend this school if that's what I'm seeing on my first time there, and nothing will change.

mefinja sosthene


I have a question is their a GED program?

Charlotte ThaiThai

Nequisha Bennett

Levi Murphy

Inexpensive for quality.

Gaozua Ly

Jasmine Butler

sagal warsame

pk allday

Let's start with the aesthetic appeal since that's what everyone seems to notice first. Casually observing the building, it leaves a lot to be desired with the basic rectangular structure resembling some type of office headquarters, nothing to get wet about. Perhaps the personnel will enhance the experience? They call the teachers instructors here and for the most part, they explain things sufficiently and are patient enough to deal with idiots. I've acted quite disingenuously degrading myself to the dogmatic teachings and while it is very passive, im sure you can get that degree to get a high paying job. And perhaps I really am dumb thats not out of the possibility. The college for me is more of a social experiment, and the people here are starting to grow on me a bit. Keep it up ill edit this later.

Emily K

I have taken 3 courses at SPC over the last 4 semesters. I was not full time and I already have a bachelor's degree. Although my in-class experiences were good, I didn't get good help from the people who were designated as the contacts for my certificate/degree. I found them to be mostly unresponsive and would usually pass me to others. For example, I wanted to know if I could test out of 2 very basic business courses due to my current work experience and was told to contact someone in the business department. I got 1 reply from that person and then no more after I asked what I needed to do. Because that person didn't respond, I didn't know where to go for help. Another thing - I filed a formal complaint on their website about this lack of direction and never heard a reply. Something didn't feel right to me, so I stopped taking classes. Kinda felt like it was a waste of my time and money.

Zeynab Zakariya


financial aid office staff are rude

Jasmine smith

wow I am surprised at the negative reviews sorry you guys had those experiences but I absolutely love this school, I've been here since 2013 summer in the child development program and love it the teachers are very smart and know the information, they go the extra mile to make sure their students are successful and I never had problems with any other department, parking is free with financial aid a lot of students don't know so make sure to check with the tuition office if using fin aid, I just switched my major from CDEV to entrepreneurship this spring and am so excited about it, took me a while to figure what I wanted out of life but hey it happens, but I love this school and encourage all to give it a try. I am a real person and not getting paid for this comment.

Iris Dahlia

I had recently transferred to DCTC (which is much better btw). I had been to this school a few times first for generals, second to complete the CNA program, and lastly to work towards my LPN. That being said-communication from staff is horrid to the point it will lead you to fail. Samantha Whalen and Rachel (health and development teacher) are amazing. That being said, I was told by Pam Berry I would complete the LPN within a year-but seats had filled up quickly and nursing students were failed to be informed that it would add a whole year to our program. Found this out when a woman came to talk about the nursing program casually to our free TEAS class. Both Pam Berry and Candace Robinson rarely-if ever responded to my emails-which dampered my success completely, Candace was my adviser at the time. Also the free TEAS class was helpful at first, until the teacher was writing incorrect answers on board. Rent your books off Amazon instead of buying them, because buying a $180 book for a 8 week class is crazy. There are also scholarship opportunities they don't tell you about.

Wade Wu


Loulou V

I do have to say, I doubt not regreting going to this college. Sure the administration could be more helpful and sure the classes are rushed and your forced to learned things in fast pace. Your money takes forever to come in time to buy your books. But every single one of my poffesor's that I had was all wonderful and only encourage you and are willing to work with you afterwards to reach your goals. Heck! I saved tons of money by going to this school. So when I go get job interviews and comparing to my other co-worker who went to more expensive college learned half of what I learned. I only receive compliments from every job interviews. I'm very thankful! It definitely depends on the person how they've experience it. But I only remember meeting awesome people and receiving a great education.

kelly foxhoven

The One

King Solomon

Great school!

Barbara Monroe

Gebretatyas Haile

Fuseini Enusah

A great place to experience college life. I love the staff and students oriented. Very beautiful looking campus, nice location also near the Saint Paul Cathedral.

Tim Drake

The former Technical College offers a variety of practical programs meant to teach students trades and skills and then get them gainfully employed. It's a commuter school, so you won't find the bonding that you'd find at most college campuses, but you can't beat the price.

Ajeet Ydv

Very good ....I have been in this college since last year and I am really happy to be in this college. .

Princess sarah molokwa

Not that bad as I thought... my advisor Bushra is always ready and willing to help me.

Liela Morgan

Anthony Dantzer

I took a programming class here as a visiting student. It has by far been the worst programming class I've had to date. I would have dropped the class, but the first few weeks of the class were review, and once it got into the meat of the class, it was too late to drop it without paying for it. The class was 100% power point lectures that were pulled directly from the text book. There was no live demos. No live code shown, or no small group activities. The power points were literally just comprised of photos pulled from the text book. I basically paid for someone skim over the textbook for me. Several classes were also taught out of order, which makes things difficult since computer science builds upon previous lessons. The teacher marked homework late when I had the emails to prove it wasn't (was eventually fixed) and he took off points because he didn't print the entire proof picture I had attached (also later fixed). I will be re-taking this class at my home university because I do not feel I learned anything and do not want to be left behind if I try and take the next class I'm supposed to. I do not think I would attend classes at St. Paul College again, and if I could get my money back, I would.

Emily Momanyi

Julie W

Stay away from this horrible school. You are not even a human being, just a dollar sign. They will just take your money and kick you to the curb. I enrolled in the Health Information program and after completing my course work with a 4.0 GPA, I was to complete my two credit externship to graduate. I waited and never was contacted by the instructor and began with emails and phone calls. No response. I contacted the Dean of Business, Dean of Students (told me it was not his job to talk with students) and the president of the college. No response. I finally filed a compliant with the Better Business Bureau and the school had the gall to tell them they owed me nothing. I was supposed to walk away without a degree after I gave them my life savings. A ten month nightmare later, I finally had my externship. The Career Center is a joke. They have one person working in it and she's worthless. I was unemployed for almost four years after graduating and asked for help with my resume and cover letters. The career services person told me I was on my own and go to a temp agency to find a job. Once the school has your money they don't care. Also, if you are interested in enrolling in Health Information, Medical Coding, Medical Office, etc. don't do it. You are wasting your time and money because there are no jobs. I really regret ever coming to this school.

Adam Thompson

PaNhia Xiong

The instructor/advisor that taught this medical coding class could care less if they're teaching you right. It's hard for students beginning this career to have a good learning experience. They hand you homework that they don't even understand. They get confused and ask us students what we think is right because they're lost. If an instructor could get so confused in their subject of expertise, then don't teach at all. I highly suggest you not to start your medical coding career here yet alone HIT because it's the same instructor. If Anoka Technical College wasn't so far away from me, I'd switch in a heartbeat. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how some of these instructors are still employed there. I've been in Saint Paul College for 4 years and had more than 10 different instructors. Out of all those instructors, only 5 of them are fantastic. The rest are unorganized, they're ALL, when I say all i mean ALL of the rest, lazy to change their layout because of a change of system or book. They assign students stuff that are irrelevant, and dates are all out of order. IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT GOING CHEAP FOR COLLEGE, DON'T EVEN CONSIDER HERE. YOU'RE GOING TO WASTE YOUR FINANCIAL AID MONEY, AND IF YOU'RE PAYING FOR YOUR OWN EDUCATION YOU WILL REGRET IT!! All those successful stories you heard were BS now. Where did all those instructors go with all those successful stories????

Marten Kuebler

Highly recommend not attending this school.

Ermiyas Abebe

See Vang

Sheronda w

Robert White

Before you read this review, I want you to realize how cranky I was when we came in. I was fighting off a killer cold that literally had me in bed for over a week, and then we found out that I had to bring my daughter here so that she could register for classes. Something about her starid wasn't working and we were asked to come in. I was already in a terrible mood and upset that no one could help us over the phone but I guess security policy prevented them helping us without seeing a picture ID or something silly like that. Who would want to even pretend to be a broke student? So we went to the IT department and were "helped" by the lady at the front desk, then sent to the enrollment services department where a PHENOMENAL person named Lore tried to help us out. We tried a few things and even resetting this starid thing again, but failed. He told us that we would need to go see IT and I told him that we just came from there. He quickly picked up the phone and contacted someone. He then told us to go see Alex in IT and that he would take care of us. Now at this point I was about ready to call the whole thing off and do it later, but we decided to go back to IT one final time and see what they would do. We show up and tell them we are here to see "Alex". The young kid at the front desk goes all the way back into the little cubicle village and the two of them come walking back. I explained to Alex exactly what had happened and how upset I was that they could not do this whole thing over the phone. I really let the poor guy have it, and I felt terrible after I was done. He sat there through the whole thing, apologized, and said he will take care of everything. While he was working on whatever it was he was doing, he even made a few jokes to try and cheer me up. We struck up a conversation and laughed about a few things. After about 10 minutes he told us we were done and logged in as my daughter into everywhere she needed to be. He showed her how to do everything, at every step, and was just super helpful. We went back to Lore and that was it. He helped us take care of everything else! We signed up and my daughter is now a student at Saint Paul College. Really the two people that helped us out here. Lore and Alex were simply phenomenal at both their jobs and customer service, which is a very rare combination. If you read this, I would like to thank you both dearly from the bottom of my heart. I know I couldn't have been pleasant to work with that day, but you handled it unbelievably well. I also want to give a very special thank you to Alex for saving me $200 that Geek Squad wanted to fix my daughters laptop. He suggested a free antivirus program called Avast that found and got rid of all our problems. Thank you both, you are simply a credit to this institution. - Bob

Yang Nachia

First of all, I would like to say that the instructors at SPC are very good! All instructors I ever had there was willing to go the extra mile to help out each and everyone of their students. The only problem I have with them is with the Financial Aid office! They are rude, rarely ever pick up their phones or call you back, they don't respond to emails, but the worst thing is when you actually go visit them at the Financial Aid office, they'll pass you around from one person to the next without even trying to help you out. It was really frustrated every term for not only me but many others due to this office's lack of caring or professionalism. If I wasn't in their LPN program, I would have left a long time ago, but I stuck around so I can finish the program. Its really sad that this school have some of the most caring and smart instructors around but sadly, due to the Financial Aid workers, I would recommend people to look else where for schooling!


Abdi Khali

Devin Eicher

The negative reviews on this institution are entirely misleading. I'm currently in my second semester, and have been having an overwhelmingly positive experience. The classes themselves are very high-quality, and are taught by instructors who are very passionate about their disciplines. With a combination of traditional, hybrid and online courses, programs and degrees are structured to appeal to a variety of learning styles. This goes for hands-on programs as well (such as Automotive Service Technician or CNC Machining.) Contrary to what others have said, the campus staff and faculty place a very high emphasis on student diversity, and encourage any student to speak up if they believe they have been discriminated against. There is also a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment, and any case in regards to such is taken completely confidentially and seriously. Overall, I'm overjoyed to have chosen this college to gain my Associates w/ Criminology from. Experience the campus for yourself before trusting the naysayers in these reviews.

Raul Hernandez

Dante Hoyos

Dr. Othman

Gujir Hasan

Angel Lee

Unhelpful when it comes to building schedules for full time students. Does not care or try to help students understand which classes they need to take and why or how many credits they should be taking. Provides no information on how to pay for college to potential/incoming students. Incredibly slow at processing financial aid as well. Whoever is hiring staff should re-evaluate what the college stands for and what they want out of their employees because right now, St. Paul College is looking like a scam and that is unacceptable.

chris tina

I honestly love the professors but some of the workers in the building are no help and mean...if you lost no one will really give you a hand. Your on your own. The president is cool and awesome though. Classes are so easy. Affordable school. Get your degree & transfer!

Imani Sangster

Gimi Boru

Patty Crabbe

Terrible school that offers no help to students. Professors don't care about their students either and refuse to help when asked.

Becky A

I am very sorry to see the negative reviews lately. I do not understand why some people had a bad experience. I can certainly say that I had one bad experience, but the problem was solved. First let me tell you about the good things. I have been here for a year so far, and I really got a lot out of the programs. I went into the Child Development program, and it's very excellent! The instructors are amazing, helpful and very knowledgeable about child development. I have taken a few general courses and they were excellent as well. One perk that I like about the school is that they offer art classes, and I got into oil painting. As an artist, I enjoyed it immensely and the instructor was very good. I have not taken drawing or water coloring, but I have seen examples of other students work, and it looks like a lot of fun. So, essentially I have learned a lot, and I am more certain about my career and feel confident with the knowledge that I have gained. As for the school itself, I would say the staff is friendly and helpful. I have had no trouble with financial aid, although I was confused the first time about how it worked, but I figured it out. The cafe' has pretty decent food. The library is alright. A little small, and the students there tend to be gaming or listening to music really loudly on the computers (they do have headphones, but still). I much prefer to use the computer labs on the third floor. I like the atmosphere better. Also, the parking is great now that they added a ramp. I can find a spot easily. Parking is expensive but it's a good deal if you are on a contract card. I think it's worth it if you don't want to walk so far off campus. As for my bad experience, it was completely unique. I had trouble applying, because apparently some other girl with the same name as me and exact same birthday, "mistakenly" used my SSN to apply, in which she was denied. However, I never applied to the school! I had to prove that I graduated from a different high school, and had to show my SSN card, and driver's license to show them I wasn't that girl. They still had her name in the system. A lady scanned my license, but then somehow they changed my birth date. I had to go back again and tell them the birth date was wrong. It was such a big mix up and I was so frustrated. But again, I don't exactly blame the school for that. It's over and hopefully I won't have the problem since I will be getting a name change next year.

Andrew Terwilliger


Libra Girlie

First of all I do not know what all the bad reviews are about! I have gone there for almost 2 years so far I have had nothing but the best educational experience ever. The teachers are helpful & know what they stuff very well. The only complaint I have is about the food . I think they need more variety then they do now. But over all I must say this school is awesome! Compared to NAU which is a waste of money.

Najaha Yusuf

kosai Alsamman

Claudia Milum

Took ochem II here and learned so much more than I did paying much more money at a private institution.

Salman Moe

angela white

Huda Adam

lori freeman mcgee

Henry Cordon

Sarah Warner

This school is quite honestly one of the worst community colleges I've been to. They like to screw people over.

Matt Xiong

Took an accounting class there. Instructor literally found YouTube videos online- played them on the over head and told us to take notes. This went from the 3rd week of class up until I had enough and dropped out. Nobody in the class knew what was going on, and the most frustrating part was having to shell out $250 for an online code to an online course that was bugged to the max. It was very discouraging going to that school. The staff (financial aid especially) was blasé & there are always kids clicking away in the common area playing computer games.

Sherman Vue

Terrible school with terrible help. Worse than what I expected

Mrs. Mimms-Howard

helpful staff

Jus Perkins

M Wiley

I was let down by SPC. Ended up signing up and attending two classes during a semester just to find out I didn't need them and they didn't count towards my graduation. I was told something far different in the beginning. When you bring up any issues with them its "oh sorry to hear that" with no help offered. Definitely consider your options before choosing Saint Paul College. You do not get any help from them.

Brian Yazzie

I just completed my first semester at SPC and I'am glad I pick this college. My instructors were awesome and I can't wait for fall semester. *I'am in the process of starting a Native American Club at SPC.

Angelique McClain

Salman Ali

They never pick up their phones. Literally wait times for the smallest question take a minimum of 45 minutes.

Mohamed Mohamed

Ibrahim Jama

The security personnel are horrible, they don't treat their student well.

Chou Yang

Homework center won't even help with the homeworks

July Paw

Zakariya Abdullahi

Nice place. Great opportunities

Carly Quast

Amanda S

ive been going here for a few weeks now and am not impressed at all. the staff is lazy and they don't answer any questions. other schools ive gone to were helpful and went out of their way to help. ive been on my own completely here to figure everything out myself including signing up for the classes im taking and buying my books because the financial aid staff still hasent done their job. I wont be going here next semester I guarantee that!!!

Jamisha Powe

Greatest Teachers for the most part but the One stop thing is totally an invasion of privacy and a little bit uncomfortable for a person to sit there and have their personal business displayed in front a packed room full of people. More than often the administration seems more concerned about getting money than the actual students themselves. Best of luck to the students though. - my advisor Bushra is awesome. She truly shows her concern and confidence in helping with whatever problem I may have had 5 stars for Bushra

Kiera Duncan

I decided to register for Saint Paul College because they had good reviews. I haven’t started any courses as of yet, so my review is based on the initial process. It SUCKS. I’ve attended two different public colleges in the past, and not sure I had a waiting issue like I’m having here. The services are walk-in which sucks because I have a full time job. I literally had to take a PTO day off from work just to take an Accuplacer test, which was almost two hours ago, now I’m waiting to discuss my results. Maybe it’s kist public college in genera, but I would think if they’re services are walk-in, there would be more than one staff member assisting peopleZ there currently a 1.5hr wait still. I’ll review again, once and IF I’m able to actually start classes. I sure don’t know how many more days of work I will have to take off before that happens.

Shaw Reh

No word to say!!!!!

Waruny ST

I think, life in college is on your own. The education is the investment. The institute wasn't do anything to you. But you just have to taking action and doing thing not just wait for somebody give that you you. A successful is for the who study hard.

Mao kanz

I'm not sure about the rest of this school but I can say this school's nursing program is very prejudice towards anyone else but the Somalian people. I applied to this school's nursing program with a 3.75 GPA and a score of 81 on the TEAS V test and yet was denied while tons of Somalians were accepted with lower GPA scores and scores of 50 on the TEAS V test. I will say that the reason is because the people in charge of the program are Somalians and trust me when you registered for their seminar you will see what I'm talking about. DO NOT apply for their nursing program if you're not Somalian!

Olivia Johnson

Kelsey Childers

Erin L

I don't like writing bad reviews, especially for some place that I spent so much time and was supposed to help me move forward with my future. However, while I liked a couple of my instructors a lot, I cannot recommend St. Paul College's massage program. If you are looking for a massage program, especially if you ever plan on relocating out of state, avoid St. Paul College; spend a bit more to go to Centerpoint or Northwestern. St. Paul College's massage program is not accepted in all states, so it may be possible that you relocate outside of MN and are unable to get licensed, as I am dealing with in Washington state. The heads of the massage program have been unwilling to assist in the matter. I don't believe alumni should be treated so dismissively. Other states that have stringent standards include Vermont and Oregon, and an education from St. Paul College may be inadequate to get a license (it may cost significantly more to obtain an initial license and/or you may need to take more courses at an approved school to meet state standards, if you are able to pursue licensure at all). The plus sides to St. Paul College in general were that the financial aid and counseling offices were helpful. A lot of the instructors do seem to care about seeing students succeed and there are free tutoring programs. There are plenty of comfortable places to sit and study and the cafeteria offers good and cheap food. The location is convenient, although parking can get pricey and finding street parking is a challenge. However, the school is easily accessible by public transportation. As far as my experience while I was in the massage program, it seems to operate to meet minimal standards and appears more interested in keeping graduation rates up for funding purposes. A couple of the instructors were great and caring people (Nick Bohrer and Karen Kraus), but the other instructors within the massage program were disorganized and substandard. A lot of techniques are glossed over, although this was more due to the set-up of the program than any inadequacies with the instructors. The techniques taught by Nick Bohrer and Karen Kraus were great, although there was not enough time in class to go in-depth (again, more because of the set-up of the program). There is minimal instructor interaction during massage clinic. The massage certificate program does not require a pathology course, which is required in most jurisdictions, but does require a holistic nutrition course. I would recommend taking pathology as an elective so you can meet the standards of other states. Overall, I can't recommend the massage program, but perhaps the other programs offered by Saint Paul College operate better and meet higher standards. Seek your massage education elsewhere.

Abel Negga Tesfai

the school is really good school, but the financial aid and enrollment service workers don't care about their students.

Ahmed Coder

It has limited numbers of courses and the financial advisor is rude.

Vito Xiong

Thinking about coming to Saint Paul? Don't. Their payment plan is bullshit and the professors don't teach good. They jacked me 500$ and couldn't give me a refund. If I could rewind back time and switch schools, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Smfh

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