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REVIEWS OF Minnesota State University, Mankato IN Minnesota

Gabe Tupy

Honestly, never have I had to jump through so many hoops with professors, and staff members to get answers that should be straight forward and told to me on the spot. Nearly every professor I have had to deal with has sent me the run around on finding answers for my problems that I can't seem to find on my own. From being sent from one professor to the next to just be sent right back to the same professor I was just with. Or I have professors and staff members respond to me in such a way that is honestly very disrespectful and leads to no answers to some of the most mundane of questions, such as a simple question as if we have class or not from an unexpected schedule change from the professor themselves. In this case I would have just preferred no response rather than rudely told to go find someone else for the answer that could easily just been answered with a simple yes or no response. I would transfer out of this college immediately if I wasn't already a year in and stuck not knowing if credits will transfer to other colleges for other programs within the field of study I am taking as when I transferred down to MNSU Mankato I was told that taking a certain class at my current college would transfer and apply directly to the degree I was taking only to be lied to about the class. It did not apply to my degree and to add insult to injury I could have taken a class that would have directly applied to my degree instead. I would highly recommend staying as far away from this University as possible as they not only not help you as a student answer question concerning your degree and credits, but professors are rude and will make you do the whole run around. So if you are looking for a University that is willing to help you get a degree and get into the real world, look somewhere else because I thought I would be getting out of college at a reasonable time (2 years for a Bachelor Degree not including my years at my original college for my Associates Degree) its now going to be almost roughly 3 to 4 years before I get a Bachelor Degree from here.

george karam

Hannah Moldenhauer

Andrew Horacek

My advisor lied to me. She wanted me to go to grad school, told me I didn't need a minor. I was forced to go an extra four semesters. Alienated because I didn't adhere to the far-left groupthink within my major. Was kicked out of some classes for having different opinions with facts. Apparently college isn't for expanding and broadening your knowledge and horizons. GWS department hated my arguments that used facts to prove them wrong with no rebuttal. The logic that goes on behind doors is backwards, political, and maddening.

Tyler W

Alejandro Antonio Reyes Vega

Friendly security and great facilities


relatively less expensive tuition but decent quality in engineering education. :)

Eduardo Freitas

The best University ever!

Nhima Bhuti

Jessica Brouillette

Julia Kes

they have a great volleyball team:)

Christopher Hoskins

Marley Taylor

Matthew Kaproth

Mr aRRow

David Spearman

Absolutely amazing! Cant wait to attend in 2017!!

Kyle Maher

Byeongho Mun

Miss my university life there, even though it was incredibly cold during the winter.

Barbara Ellie

Andrew Condinho

Ryan Gohlinghorst

I can't complain. I got my degree here and most of my professors were cool.

Hack Man

Small-ish, well-laid out college. Decent parking. Students and faculty seemed friendly.

Hunter Bolte

An amazing college for what you pay for, this is truly a great college. However having teachers that do not speak English understandably is not acceptable.

Angel Perez

Alex H

Cheap party school

Alli Szewczynski

Ngoc Diep Pham

Victor Ndirangu

Surafel Ashagre

EriCosmos Tech

Ethan Duncan

I tried to appeal a grade, 5 months later still getting the run around. Also consider their wonderful Mechanical Engineering program thy enroll 90 students in the fall and graduate 20 in the spring. Keep searching, not hard to find a better university.

Abdullahi Sahal

The college was good but the tour wasn't good. I hope to go there again to give another try.

Yaman Pandey

GI Joe

Great school. College is not supposed to be easy, so you are challenged as a student. Minnesota State University offers a variety of advanced degrees backed up by lots of student support. Come and visit and see for your self; experience is the best way to see for yourself.

Grant Anderson

Sarvesh Parte

Awesome university

Lydia Henderson

(Translated by Google) this Minnesota school is the best hurdle I recommend them (Original) esta escuela de Minnesota es de lo mejor vallan se los recomiendo

Andrew Hanson

fahmida hassan

Very good school, quality education and caring Professors. In terms of integrating latest technology they are really ahead of most of the public universities around. Lots of support services for students and activities to get involved. Mankato itself is a quiet small town but majority of the establishments around are directed to the school and student life.

Ximena Garcia

Mark Drake

What a great environment here at MSU! The friendliest people in the midwest by far! So many things to do! If MSU is one of your college choices you have to come here!!

Troy O'Neill


Steve Gregory

This rating relates only to the Aviation Program. If you are entering this school for the aviation program, be aware, the 4 year degree aviation program will leave you still needing another $20,000 in pilot ratings and at least 2 years as a flight instructor before any airline, even a regional airline, would consider hiring you. The 4 year program leaves students with a commercial pilot rating, instrument, multi-engine and complex aircraft endorsements. To become a pilot you will need to get your instructor and multi-engine instructor ratings. These will cost around $20,000 in additional flight training. There are no student loans students can get to pay for these. You will have to get personal loans or loans through the flight school you choose. The loans will carry interest like a credit card in the 12% - 20% interest range. The next step in flight training to become a professional pilot is building hours as a flight instructor. For most instructors this means 2 - 3 years of instructing. Unfortunately, flight instructors make between $15,000 - $20,000 a year. Here's the kicker, you won't be making enough to make your payments on your $20,000 loan for the instructor ratings. The school itself is nice. The city is nice. The location of the campus is nice. Housing is reasonable. I'm writing this review to warn only about the aviation program. It's easy for adults to "accidentally" leave out the part about needing another entire college degree worth of loans when talking with perspective students. I ended up going back to college for a master's degree in another field so I could get a job after my worthless bachelor's from Mankato.


Jimmy Crooks

Melody Softy

Stay away from this university.They want to get all your money.

Chris Klocke


I've been in this school for about three years and I will be graduating in 2020 in the Spring semester. This university is lazy, segregated, degrading and expensive for students to be in. Please to anyone who is reading this comment or review please do not come to this university.


This review is for the AET Department only. You will NOT get an actual engineering degree, instead, you will get an engineering technology degree, therefore you will NOT be able to get a "real" engineering job. The job opportunities that faculty tell you you will get are very unrealistic and highly unattainable. The department appears to have many internal conflicts that impede with the ability for their students to learn. If you have considered going to this school for this degree, don't. Either go to another university or take MET.

Doug Hart

Biplov Tuladhar

It is so good for study

Md. Rasheduzzaman

Sr. Marlquez


A bit spendy but a great learning environment. Highly recommended. The campus hub is GREAT for answering questions. Great activities and lots of close restaurants and gas station. Highly recommend.

Nyles Mosley

Ciara A

Love this school. I don't know why people bash it when its their choice to come here. Quality professors here :)

G Erg

Abdul Haseeb

Sadeq Alaqel


Stephanie Wolff

I finally graduated from here and have nothing positive to say. They will rape your money out of you and not care if you're here or not because there's so many people. Moat classes you end up taking 2-3 times. And good luck having any questions answered. Nobody knows anything or every replies to emails which is the ONLY communication method used there. They will all tell u different things so you end up doing something wrong, and they certainly don't stand behind it. Worst school ever!!!!!

Daniel Sheehan

I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Recreation, Parks , and Leisure Services with emphases in Resource Management and Program Planning and Management. A minor in Geography to boot. I studied hard and showed up. I got my monies worth. I paid all my loans off and have had many job opportunities. This place is affordable and the community is nice.

Pavan Gopu



Keziah keziah


Pat Bo

This school does not play well with others. That is they don't except a lot of classes from other schools. They are hard to get in, if your a transfer student. Your over all GPA does not count when they determine your transfer GPA, only what classes they will except as a transfer class. This impacts if you get excepted or not. So if your a transfer student, I suggest you look at another school. Your money will be better spent else where. By the way, I was also a MSU transfer student more than 15 years ago. MSU allowed me 13 credits for a two year technical degree. That is, they only credited me 13 credits for a two year degree. point is this is a long-standing policy of this college that has not really changed over the years it's still a problem.

Tabassum Andalib

Wild 4 Puck

Emma Gabbert

Todd Hanselman

udit kapur

This college made my life. I might come back for another degree.

Sam Traxler

Karl Stenerson

Ryan Peck

A good place for becoming more educated.

Eric Anthony Johnson

Great school and proud alum

David Jones

becarefull Baby

Dr. Margret thank you very much. Mrs. Alen you are a star.

Kevin Clifton


Gaurav Poudyal

Donny Reid

Christy Steinbach

umanga poudel

Daniel Thurston

Lots of younger teachers, but lots of good teachers. Obviously there are teachers that do not care of you learn. Would recommend for students to that want small town atmosphere, lots of kids from the city get bored of the small town, and just drink and complain how boring city is. Graduated and lived in Kato for a while. Really is a charming city

Sanghee Moon

I attended MSU from 2010 to 2013. Inexpensive tuition. Good quality of education. Miss this university so much!

Robert Cohenour

SaNish KhaDka

Anthony Thomson

Sagar Chand

best university...

Kayla Cremers

Jordan Freitag

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