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REVIEWS OF Metropolitan State University IN Minnesota

Cat in the Hat

I received my undergrad from here in 2015 and it was a mediocre education then. It was much better once I began taking 400 and 500 level classes. I was able to tell that the professors actually cared. I have recently gone back and the school is worse than it was before. Not only did I have a professor resign four weeks in to the semester but the school has no clue what they are telling students when it comes to financial aid. I was told after I began classes that I needed to switch my status to degree seeking and this was not a problem. Well I did that two weeks in and now its the end of March and they told me I can't get financial aid for the semester because I didn't have it set as degree seeking when I began. I was completely unaware that it was that important and that is the financial aid offices job and the advisors job to help you get everything in order. I'm like every other person at a school like this and now I'm stuck with a credit cared bill with 25% interest for 12 credits worth of classes. I truly feel that they know these things but want to have max enrollment so they are willing the screw over students in order to fill classes. Also, I don't know why I was surprised that my advisor was no help. I reached out to here at the beginning of the semester and it took her NINE days to respond to me. The school isn't going to approve time off at the start of a semester after winter break so where the hell was she even?? Lastly, my other two professors are amazing and do great work. Unfortunately they are being dragged down by a very poorly run system.

Jonathan Hiatt

I am a current senior majoring in English at Metro State. I anticipate a graduation date of April 2019. While the department itself isn't quite as strong as, say, U of MN (where I transferred from), there have been some solid classes. The only class which was a disappointment from the beginning was PHYS 100 (an introductory-level physics course) whereby the instructor decided to devote an hour's worth of teaching per week over an entire summer session for a 3 credit science course. Only other reason I rate it four stars is because my Humanities class was cancelled pretty much last minute due to low enrollment (8 students enrolled in a class that has 26 spots? Seriously?). Nonetheless, it is a good value for those looking to complete their degree. I just wish some classes were offered more regularly than once per year. Also, lots of community (non-tenured) faculty here, so there's that.

rod mason

Sean Jones people...HUGE plus the pizza place across the place to study ..

ouse m

Jaimie L.

Ryan Smith

I love to learn and Metro State university in Saint Paul is the best place for me. It's easily accessible from the freeway and it's beautiful scenery and the overall fantastic job done every day in St Paul area and floor to ceiling ideas and projects really bring creative and professional development for arts and crafts and the overall finished product is excellent. Im excited to see the kids and adults alike get educated together

Roberta Higgins

Larisa Kotova

Graciela Johanna

Pamski Luv

Bill Hughes

A very good school.

Nakeia pam

Very Racist school they will make you feel like you dont belong. I joined the video game committee and I got dogged out by the library staff as well as the video game committee they will tell the higher ups that you are causing a disturbance if you are just doing your job trying to get video game events set up. They will go behind your back and make complaints like you are just really trying to stop their business. When your just trying to do your part in bringing together students for the gaming events. Yes her name is Jennifer and she is white and she is in charge of the gaming committee and her and the rest of the staff are White and Asian and I was the only black one and I got treated like a trash because I am black! The asian students that are on staff in the gaming committee and library staff will help Jennifer and the other members to make you feel like you are just this huge problem. I really wish I had never joined because they will ruin your reputation and charecter and make you look like some kind of nuisance or problem. Black student DO NOT JOIN JENNIFERS GAMING COMMITTEE BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY RACIST AND WILL LET YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE BLACK AND THAT YOU DONT BELONG THERE AMONGST THEM ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! Trust me I know because I tried to be apart of the gaming committee and they will find a way to humiliate you and have library staff as well as other staff there at the school looking at you like you are some kind of problem or trouble maker just because you BLACK! Dont trust them, yes the asian students are minorities too but they are not going to be in your corner, trust me if you are black you are all alone with no friends or allies! And Jennifer and her white/asian gaming group WILL LET YOU KNOW THAT!

Andrew S

Metro is truly an underrated gem in the Twin Cities. I took a science course here in the summer while a student at UMN. Loved the school so much I decided to transfer and am glad I did.The hours of the courses are flexible, amazing profs, great parking, affordable stellar quality education. Diverse student body is a plus, I meet interesting people everyday. All around a great dynamic.Highly recommend

Jeff Lowen

Jesse Lindsey

Very reasonable price.

Mitch Jordan

Mow Issa

Logic and understandable tuition

John Dickinson

Samantha Freeman

Fantastic school with amazing professors (many UMN trained, I even had a profs from Ivy's -Princeton,Yale) , gorgeous campus and an all around great place to obtain a quality education. Highly Recommend. Science department is stellar.

Trey Hamilton

Honestly, very surprised by the amount of positive reviews. My experience at Metro State has been frustrating at best. The fact the professors "work in the industry," DOES NOT make them good instructors, maybe just more industry knowledge. I realize you get what you put in, BUT (there is a big but) there is a lot of "self-teaching" that is involved with being a student at Metro. They make it easy for working adults to finish their degree, or pursue a degree to help increase their income by having classes scheduled at night. This is about all they have going for them, unfortunately. The biggest issue is the instructor quality, and the quality of education Metro is providing it's students. If you have only attended Metro, then you won't know anything different. I transferred from Bemidji State, and the the quality of education gap is mind-boggling.

Gulled Badel

Jenny Lynn McBride

Bambi Watson

I love using the public library here... it's a really clean and friendly place compared to a lot of the area libraries

Hei Moo

Latrae Anderson

Anna J

overall amazing experience

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