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Disclaimer: I speak as someone who is not a student. I've just been in the theatre/music complex a lot for classes. Concordia has some good facilities. As college theatres go, the E.M. Pearson is in the top five I've had the pleasure of working in (as a musician). The Buetow auditorium is a decent recital space, even if I've usually done theatre in it (not a fun thing). And finally, the black box theatre is well designed and pretty easy for performance. My main quibble with Concordia is with their legal department. Outside groups cannot set up their own tech for performances; a Concordia employee must do it. That's great for the liability insurance policy, but not always easy when you're trying to set up a show quickly. (I also love doing tech, so it's always disappointing to be forbidden from helping with a show.) I can't be too hard on them though. I understand the risks that would be involved in allowing anyone to set up the ceiling-mounted lights.

Holly Ringsak

pls don’t go here it is an absolute scam . counselors are absolutely no help & financial aid is no help. the food is upcharged like 150% and it makes me sick almost every time i eat it. it has pictures of gorgeous 5 star dishes at the entrance of the cafeteria which is just insulting. everything on campus closes at like 9 pm so if you feel like staying up later than that this is not the school for u. also if u don’t like being scammed this is not the school for u. it functions as a community college but has the price tag of a private university. also there are shootings on campus and the security is a joke. they are absolutely no help at all & the few times i’ve seen them “patrolling” campus they’re just walking around with earbuds in. it’s absurd

Robert Martin

Matthew Hanson

Gloria Stiehl


An excellent master's program.

Ahmd Abufoor

Eric Holmstrom


Pierre Klee

Concordia is a wonderful school to further your future. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and they respond to your needs and are very professional as well. I highly recommend this school for everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. I am learning about my field and myself.

Wendy Niesen

I received my BAS Accountant degree from Concordia. When I received my diploma, it only stated Bachelor of Arts, and doesn't indicate what field I graduated from. When I contacted someone about it, the response was "That's just how they come unfortunately." I can say that this is negatively affecting my career right now. Not only that, but I feel since I paid A LOT of money for this degree, the least they could do is put the field I graduated from on my diploma.

nura ali

I agree with Truth seeker about their Financial Aid Office. Someone answers the phone and tells you they will call you back, they don't answer questions. The process time for the disbursements of the loans or grants takes longer than the dates they wrote on their website. Concordia has the worst financial aid staff.

David Tomenes

Great campus, but because I went to Hamline 4 stars.

Ronke Dairo


Daniel Kraft

Laurel F

A private college without the overpriced feel. Caring faculty and staff - relevant degrees and a well-respected school. Plus - great athletics!

Akhil Divi

Dalton Siedschlag

I am a student here, it's a good school. The wifi can be slow and parking a pain but the people are pleasant enough.

tony valerio

This is by far the worst run school I have ever seen. First, the front offices can’t tell if you’re coming or going. They tell you everything is in order but then come back to you after classes are starting and tell you they forgot to submit your paperwork. They also like to have you sign up for programs they have zero possibility of even having get off the ground. So once your registered they pull a bait and switch on you and drop you into a program until your desired program eventually starts. Hint: the program never starts so you owe them a lot of money and never even get the degree you originally desired. This place definitely treats you more as a dollar sign than a student and couldn’t care less about your goals or future. Only that you pay them on time. There is some serious shady business that takes place in this school. Especially in the business programs. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that they will be under investigation for secretly operating as a “For profit institution”. Hint: they will be soon because they have been reported. Also, don’t expect them to offer you any form of apologies, even when they know they mess up. When three students in a program confront the administrators and program chairs about their desire to learn, and the lack of cooperation from instructors, the entire management team runs and buries their heads in the sand. Honestly, my best advice is to cross this school off your list if you value your future, or have any interest in a real education. Front office: if you read this, we’re still waiting for an apology and some acknowledgement that you hosed us.

chris tina

Took a class during high school and I loved it! Went back during college year but it's freaken expansive so I dropped out. Not diverse at all also.

Cole Clark

Good skool

LeSeanda Brunson-McFadden

J Dog

Bill Navarro

Mutluru Yugandhar

Gulled Badel

Musu McGill

The South East Asian Teacher Program (do not have to be Asian - for all minorities) is the BEST. Wonderful teacher program - a well kept secret. Program sincerely prepares you to become a cultural competent teacher. Great professors and staff. Provided me the skills and knowledge to work effectively with my students and their parents. Hats off to Concordia, St. Paul. Great educational master cohorts - check them out and affordable.

Edward Andrada

Get an education here and you will get more than you expected. I did.

Truth Seeker

This is not an honest university. They lie to students just to get their money and do not help students in any way. They even try shady tactics to steal your money like not allowing you to drop all your course within the drop/add period which is odd because that time frame should give you the authority to do so. They try to keep courses on your schedule so they can charge you for it. The financial aid department is rude and can never keep their information straight. You will always get a different answer with them. They are only nice to the students who get duped into giving them money, but if you ask them about your financial aid they get upset as if you are only supposed to be seen not heard. The staff are very unresponsive they do not pick up the phone, return phone calls and do not answer emails efficiently. An example if you ask them how much will it be for four courses and will it be costly. they will answer an answer like how many course do you plan to take. A lot of their answers either don't answer the question, don't make sense or are answering a question with a question. Plus, the cost per credit is very high for the type of school it is. Better schools have a lower cost per credit like schools on the east coast, south and west coast. The President ignores students and doesn't respond to them. Plus, a lot of the staff is lazy. A task that only takes a day or two to complete with take them three weeks. Upon admission they omit a lot of important information to lure you into their program. DO NOT ATTEND THIS UNIVERSITY! THERE ARE BETTER SCHOOLS OUT THERE FOR LESS. CONCORDIA- UNRESPONSIVE. UNREAL.IRRELEVANT.

Katie Delano

Abby Sterken

Went there to be fingerprinted after trying at 4 other places. They were very kind and helpful people and got the job done well. Have heard great things about the school also.

Andy Galles

Nice campus. Friendly people. Convenient location and a large selection of majors.

Zachary Morris


Martene Ackland

Great place to get your Masters or MBA while being a full time working adult! I chose the hybrid (half online - half in person) program for Human Resource Management and graduated in 18 months for a really reasonable cost. Since graduating in 2013 I have doubled my pay thanks to the education.

Zakariya Abdullahi

It wasn't the greatest experience. I went there for a college visit twice. Both times were just awkward and long.


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