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REVIEWS OF Augsburg University IN Minnesota

April Brickviche

Awesome school

cheyenne kelly-moll

Kim P

My sister comes here. She loves the AASA there on campus. It's a family feeling. It's a small campus and everything is close by. It's nice having the U of M right across and you can go to all their events that they host. I'm pretty sure that this college is a suitcase college(students go home basically every weekend and it's usually dead)

Beth Gasser

Very impressed with admissions staff providing plenty of personalized help and information. Loved the personal tour from the LAX coach and the time she took to answer questions and get us accustomed to what to expect next fall. I am confident this is the best choice for our daughter.

Joseph Harvieux

A Abshir

If you met me you know me that I am a person who doesn't really care about what race you are from and I have lots of good friends that are from different race/religion. Tonight we were playing soccer at Augusburg college at Minneapolis we scored 3 goals the first half and the ref says from that everything we do is foul and from that place we started getting yellow cards without real faul. By the way they started kicking and hitting as until no one could touch the ball. So basically they beated as just because the ref was their side.. Now don't think this is I am angry about our loss tonight.. This will stick with me forever.. And the reason I am putting on Facebook is to let them know that I will not play with them again. For ever and ever.. Racism exists who ever I told them that there is no racist anymore, I am sorry. You were right and I was wrong. Basically do not go if you are colored.

Daniel Degollado

Steve Gasser

Progressive. Inclusive. Great college with friendly teachers, coaches and students.

Jim H

This college is racist sexist white supremacist and homophobic

Kelci Pacheco

Joseph Monbo-Babalola

Beautiful campus and great people


Oscar Bravo

Joel Huting

Augsburg provided a terrific education from passionate professors.

Ansel Erol

The cafeteria is subpar, not only in food quality, but in sanitary means. There is low variety and Augsburg encourages food waste by requiring that students' meals fit certain criteria, because they are paid to do so. As for cleanliness, the floors are sticky, and it is common to find a crushed banana or two on the floor. The tables and floors are not cleaned regularly, if at all, resulting in an unhealthy eating environment, full of bacteria. Not to mention, this school encourages unhealthful habits such as food waste and cleaning habits. This cafeteria should not remain in service.

Jamal Perkins

John Tomlinson

A lot of fond memories from very the 1980's. A very fine and affordable liberal arts college.

Hack Man

Good teacher-to-student ratio. Most buildings are connected by skyways (VERY nice in winter).

Adrian Ortiz Cervantes

Gage Matthews

Jordan Bell

Sid kaffer

I had a good experience here! Met greta people, learned a lot

Alec Samson

decent school

Farrel Timz

K Billmann

Augsburg University doesn't do anything when something goes wrong. Everyone sits around and waits for someone else to do it. Their food is awful. I have gotten food poisoning from the cafeteria 3 times this year! (I am a first year so I am required to have a meal plan). They have lost my mail, failed to fix my window when it was broken multiple times, and THEY WILL LITERALLY DO ANYTHING TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOU. If you are considering this school, run.

Allan Thoreson

I graduated from Augsburg in 1954. It was a great learning place then and it remains so today in 2016.

Michael Rae

I graduated in 1999 with a computer science degree (thanks professor petit) in large part to the money the airports commission paid with their employee enrichment (since discontuned) program. it was a hard 5.5 yrs at night and weekend college but i must say living in sc with a good job because of my good augsburg education was well worth the time effort and money. I would recommend anyone living in minneapolis to seriously consider Augsburg college. Its in the heart of the city several buses run right in front of the school and davnni's on riverside has the best pizza in town.

J Brown W.

The teachers are good and are passionate about what they teach, especially History and Political Science. Professors are almost always available and love to help. It is apparent that they are passionate people and have found their niche. For those whom enjoy being challenged, lower level classes may be boring but are interesting nonetheless. The StepUp Program is an unbelievable opportunity for young adults in recovery from substance addiction and with mental health issues. I couldn't recommend it enough for a person looking for a sober experience in college. Although it feels like treatment sometimes ('counselor' meetings once per week), they are not 'mandatory' if you are doing well. Augsburg's student body is very liberal---bleeding heart, I may say. Although far left views are not pragmatic, it is comforting to be in a community where 'doing the right thing' is emboldened in many individuals. If the students here demonstrate the best part about liberals, the administration manifests the worst. Augsburg is run like a public university. With only five-thousand students, I was expecting a more intimate relationship with the registrar and financial aid office. In reality, all of these offices are ran by students under work-study and none of them have any idea what they are talking about. There is more bureaucracy here than at a DMV. All of the upper leadership positions are only concerned about one thing: Rules. I had an issue where I was confused about how to drop and add a class. Nobody would help me. The deadline for the registrar passed and I assumed that this was no big deal, because I had not gotten help earlier. However, it was later I found out that not only was I going to be getting an F in the class I had intended to drop, I was not going to get credit for another class I been taking all semester long. Consequently, I lost my financial aid and was not reimbursed the 4,000 dollars for the class I received an F in. My GPA went from 3.89 to 2.89 because of this. I tried being reasonable with the Dean of Students and basically received the vibe that 'nobody cared,' even after I stated that I would not be able to continue my college career anymore because I had lost financial aid. All in all, this school is run more poorly than Apple after Steve Jobbs was fired. The administrators could care less about the students. And I sincerely mean it when I say that I felt like a burden to them. To anyone who is reading this and considering applying: make sure you constantly have your head on a swivel and be avid to avoid dealing with the administration at ALL COSTS. Basically what this school gave me was more sympathy for right-wing extremists and militant anti-bureacracy groups.

Tiffiney Biorn

My mother, sister, and I are all proud alumnus of Augsburg (Class of 97', 08' & '16). The professors are great - they are always willing to help a student. Every year, at the beginning of the Fall Semester, students go out and volunteer around the community. They invite well-known speakers (i.e. Bill Nye, Steve Wozniak, and Jimmy Carter) to campus; both the public and students are invited to attend. They are open to all regions, not just Lutherans. I would recommend this school to anyone, but consider going to Community College then transferring, it helps with the cost.

Jordan Parshall

Amy McDaniel

Jeff White

Ahmisa Cuadros

I am a proud alumni of Augsburg! Great, inclusive, and diverse uni!

Emily's Photography

Tracy Sherman

ryan tacl

Isa Felicia

I don't attend this school but I came here for a Youth Summit group in highschool. The students who helped us were all so kind and caring. We did a charity project for a Mosque that was wrongfully destroyed.

Steffen Berlich

Kevin Groh

Nex Gen OutDoors

Pierce Novak

Okay. Lacking in the faith department.

Jared Maple

Miguel Rodriguez

Chriss P

Bob Allen

My sibling goes here, great institution!

Gregory Lundberg

Subpar nachos

Jeremy Pooran

Gulled Badel

Maria Shatonova

Fredda McDonnell


Anika Clark

Augsburg College is an AMAZING school. Loved every second.

Sara Brown

I graduated from Augsburg with a double major in History and Religion, though my primary love in college was History. I am proud to be an Auggie and an alum of this small, quiet school that has served so many over the years. Augsburg College was once called by the Minneapolis Star and Tribune as "the Twin Cities greatest secret," and the school once had a campaign that read, "come to Augsburg and be yourself, leave completely changed." That's how it was for me. Augsburg was a secret little corner in the Twin Cities where tremendous growth was taking place and care being made into the lives of students. The professors at Augsburg may not write many books or publish in many fancy journals as often as other more "prestigious colleges" but that's because it's an institution where teacher's come to TEACH so students may come to LEARN. I came to Augsburg thinking I would be a journalist or an actress, but in the end I found myself, and it was there that I found my calling into the ministry and I have since served 6 years years in the ordained ministry. Thank you Augsburg College!

Samantha brugs

Had the best years of my life at this school

Alexa A

Loving it so far. Very good comfortable setting, I do love going to this school. Challenging yet interesting. You've always got support & the profs are wonderful!!

Zakariya Abdullahi

Jack Truax

Cam Haul

Awesome school if you want a small campus near a big city. -class of 2019

David Braun

Lovely College, harsh living quarters...

Anna Wu


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